Barber shop

Hair Salon - Barber Shop

Smartphone or tablet: incompatible game

Hair Salon - Barber Shop

Posted on 27 January 2008 - Played 26,653 times.

Barber Shop is a game where you have to help Jeanne run her hair salon.

Smartphone or tablet: incompatible game

Barber and rhythm game

Published on January 28, 2016 - Played 959 times.

Barber Chop, not to be confused with Barber Shop, is a barber game that appeals to your sense of rhythm. To cut the beard of your service beard, you must listen to the music and press the X or C key on the keyboard as the circles cross the broken line. Note that this also works very well with directional arrows.

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If you're a guy and have a hair, you gotta try Jude's! -Ben H. (Zeeland Customer)

You can trust us with your hair.

MORE THAN JUST HAIRCUT! -Jon V. (Kentwood Customer)

"An unexpected value in today's world is better than it is."

-Dan D. (Fuller Customer)

"Jude's Barbershop ... A place you can go to for a great relaxing service." Every time I'm in love with a haircut I'm greeted with a pretty smile and a warm hello. "

- Mark M. (Kentwood Customer)

"What a great organization you have." I'm currently at your Byron Center location. I started at the rental location and I've been to the Plainfield location. You can depend on Jude's "

- Dan M. (Byron Center Customer)

"Disneyland + Hooter's + Your favorite barbershop = Jude's"

- Kevin M. (Byron Center Customer)

"It was my first time at Jude's and I will not go anywhere else."

- Joshua C. (Kentwood Customer)


- Charles W. (Cottonwood Customer)

"The experience was just beyond words" My first time was amazing, I can not wait to tell my friends.

- Elbert D. (Saginaw Customer)

"I just had my haircut at your East Lansing location and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I can say with certainty that I found a new favorite barbershop for anytime I am in Michigan."

- Jason F. (Saginaw Customer)

"A haircut that feels this good might not be legal ... but while it is, I'll be back back. The service provider that cut my hair was sweet, pretty and personable. I would like to say that it would be easier to do so because it would be easier to do so.

- Tedrick S. (Fuller Customer)

"I used to live in Grand Rapids near your Cheshire shop, but recently moved to Phoenix, AZ.I'll be back in Grand Rapids for a work trip and I look forward to coming in for a shave I want to get back to where you're going to be in the world for the last couple of years. towel shaves so much, I know my razor and rely strictly on the skilled hands of my barber here. "

- Chris T. (Plainfield Customer)

"Customer Service at its best."

- Michael R. (East Beltline Customer)

"This was my first time at Jude's and it will not be my last !!"

- Bruce S. (W. Main Customer)

"I have a Jude's haircut this morning at your Cascade store, I am sold!"

- Daniel B. (Cascade Customer)

"I'm glad my hair grows fast, I can not wait to go back."

Freeman's Barbershop recognized by Prince George's County NAACP, "20039quot;

Freeman's Barbershop wins $ 1,000 in USA's Barbershop Competition: Get Kojak'd

NEW Hair Braiding is now available by appointment.

At Freeman 's Barber Shop our mission is to provide a high quality service for the satisfaction of our customers. In an effort to obtain and maintain a satisfied customer, we offer a variety of products and services.

As a leader in the Washington DC area, we will continue to support the community and our youth through our constant involvement, as well as various self improvement seminars and scholarship funds.

Through continued teamwork and positive relationships with our clients, we are committed to professional haircutting and quality service.

At Freeman 's Barber Shop, our focus is on you! We realize that without you, we would not exist.

Not just a local barber shop! Freeman's Barber Shop is quickly becoming a landmark in the Capitol Heights, Largo, and Laurel areas.

At Barbershop Jack you will find an atmosphere of old school sophistication with modern amenities. We cater to gentleman on the go. So stop in on your lunch break to get an old-fashioned straight razor shave or a haircut top of the line. Or just stop in for a shoeshine.

When you walk into our shop you will see 1950's chairs, marble countertops and dark wood stations. We can focus on complete relaxation so you can leave your troubles at the door and have a fresh start to the day.

At Barbershop Jack, you will enjoy a high-end experience at a reasonable price. Whether you are a regular customer or a first time customer, you will receive top of the line services. We employ professional barbers with high quality skill sets.

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