Buy paysafe card online

connection to white-label

prepaid card issuing

From consumer spending and travel cards

management, Paysafe is the trusted partner

that want to issue their own prepaid cards.

As a leading member of MasterCard and an FCA authored e-money issuer - Paysafe provides compliant, white-label solutions to organizations that wish to issue their own prepaid and e-cash products within the EEA.

From physical to virtual prepaid cards, we offer the expertise and know-how to manage bespoke programs from scoping right through to delivery.

Credit card and FCA license for e-money issuing

We evaluate the prepaid program from a risk, a regulatory and mastercard brand compliance perspective

We hold all program funds in ring-fenced accounts

We receive, reconcile and manage the settlement of funds

We are connected to a leading business card and payment processors

We offer in-house acquiring services for card loading options

Prepaid cards are not longer than the last resort for the underserved; They are a wide range of payment challenges, across a range of sectors, around the world.

Prepaid cards provide the convenience of a credit card with the risk of debt

Multi-currency cards provide a convenient method to save money by locking-in

Corporate cards reduce operating costs and improve efficiency when used for payroll and expense management

  • Travel Cards (single and multi-currency)
  • Campus and Transit Cards
  • Reloadable Gift Cards
  • Digital Wallet Companion Cards
  • Youth Cards
  • Payroll Cards
  • Branded Payout Cards
  • Expenses and Travel Cards
  • Incentive and Rewards Cards
  • Physical and Virtual

Whether you need a solution or a bespoke requirement

for your individual needs, we can help.

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  • convenient online purchase
  • immediate use
  • online consultation at any time

Choose the value of your card, log in and select the desired payment method

Once the payment is made, you receive the code of your paysafecard

Enter the code of your paysafecard to pay for your purchases

paysafecard is the world leader in online prepaid payment solutions. With paysafecard, payment is just as fast, simple and secure as cash payment. paysafecard is the ideal solution for consumers who attach importance to the security of their data, want to limit their expenses or for all those who do not have a credit card.

Mollie allows you to easily and quickly accept each payment made via paysafecard. Paysafecard is a payment method that consists of a prepaid card and is used across 43 countries. In just 10 minutes, you can start collecting payments made via Paysafecard. There is no hidden fee and only successful transactions are charged.

Accept payments from customers around the world.

Mainly used by shops specializing in games and technology.

Payments are 100% guaranteed as soon as they are authorized by the customer.

Your customers can pay a single purchase with multiple paysafecards.

paysafecard is a payment method allowing buyers to use a prepaid card to pay for their purchases online. They do not need to fill in their personal banking information.

Its use does not require the possession of a credit card or even a bank account. paysafecard is the European leader in prepaid payment cards and paysafecard cards can be purchased from over 500,000 distributors. The available amounts are 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 euro. It is possible to buy other currencies. paysafecard is a preferred method of payment for young consumers or consumers who do not have a bank account. These prepaid cards are often used for online purchases of games, movies, books or software. Other services include spending on social networks, dating sites, VoIP services, web hosting providers and online travel agencies.

How does paysafecard work?

When a customer chooses to pay with paysafecard, he must already be in possession of a prepaid card or use his paysafecard online account. At the time of payment, he will be asked to enter a code on the back of the prepaid card or his paysafecard account. The amount paid will then be deducted from the card. It is possible to use multiple cards to pay for a single purchase.

Why use paysafecard with Mollie?

Using paysafecard with Mollie allows you to make available to your customers an essential method of payment, thanks to a single integration. With our streamlined integration process, you can quickly start accepting payments without having to go through lengthy administrative procedures when you install a connection yourself. Simple and intelligent, our API makes it possible to develop a solid integration, even in the event of heavy influxes on your site. Our API and Dashboard allow you to make direct payments and export your data in a variety of formats to make your accounting work easier. Our offer is competitive and contains no hidden costs. With Mollie, it's very easy to integrate paysafecard on your site. You will not waste time registering, and we provide you with all the necessary data and tools for the easy integration of this method of payment. Our prices are transparent, and we charge only a small percentage for each transaction. In addition, we provide you with a Dashboard giving you access to various data and statistics related to your transactions. Mollie is undeniably the simplest platform for effectively integrating paysafecard as a payment method.

This payment method is available with Payments. Learn how to integrate these different payment methods and accept payments and donations online with Mollie.

Here are the paysafecard codes available online

Use paysafecard only on sites listed on

Do not give a paysafecard code to someone you do not know

whether by mail or phone

Codes valid only in Belgium with all the advantages of the moment

How to buy Bitcoins with Paysafecard? Our Complete Guide 2017

You want to buy Bitcoins with Paysafecard?

As a reminder, Paysafecard is a prepaid card that will allow you to make online purchases (including obtaining virtual currencies).

Edited by the Paysafe American company, this payment method is very easy to use.

All you need is:

  • Find a point of sale: tobacconist, newsstand, supermarket.
  • Buy a card at 10.25, 50 or 100 euros. You will then get a unique PIN code to make your payments
  • Pay at an online store accepting paysafecard

But which trading platforms can exchange Paysafecard code for Bitcoins?

To help you find your way around, we have a list of reliable brokers that you can order with confidence.

The 3 best sites to buy Bitcoins with Paysafecard

virtual currency broker

No (max 90 € / day and 270 € / month)

Bitcoins broker

Buy / Sell ads of Bitcoins

No with some sellers

Before using your Paysafecard PIN to place an order, we recommend opening a Bitcoin wallet. This is the safest way to store the cryptocurrency you are going to get.

VirWox, Linden Dollars against Bitcoins

VirWox is not a bitcoins broker like the others. Indeed, the site was first thought for the players of Second Life. It allows them to get the currency used in the game, "Linden Dollars" (SLL).

But since a few months, it is possible to convert these SLL into BTC.

You want to get Bitcoins with Paysafecard on VirWox? Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Buy a Paysafecard card at his tobacconist
  • 2. Register on Virwox in a few minutes
  • 3. Purchase SLLs using the PIN code of Paysafecard prepaid card
  • 4. Convert SLL to Bitcoins
  • 5. Send the Bitcoins obtained on an external wallet, or the wallet of your exchange platform (as for example Coinbase).

By following a similar method, VirWox can also allow you to get Bitcoins with your Paypal account.

Our opinion on VirWox is available on this page.

Bitboat, to easily buy Bitcoins with Paysafecard

Bitboat is a British site, which wants to make accessible the purchase of Bitcoins. And for that, one can resort to many means of payment (Paysafecard, but also Toneo First, Neocode and Neosurf).

Very simple to use, this platform is far from being reserved for experienced investors. It will allow you to take your first steps in the world of virtual currency, ordering securely.

The LocalBitcoins site: buy your Bitcoins to private individuals

LocalBitcoins is a bit special. This platform will connect buyers and sellers of Bitcoins. They will be able to carry out transactions between them.

The advantage? Many payment methods are possible. You can easily find a Bitcoins seller accepting Paysafecard payments.

Simply register on LocalBitcoins and select the paysafecard payment method:

Ok, ok, but is not there a risk of never receiving Bitcoins?

You can first be cautious, and read carefully the listing of your seller. You will find a lot of information, including the notes he received from other buyers.

Be aware, however, that LocalBitcoins will act as a trusted third party. The site will keep Bitcoins of the transaction. It will pay you once Paysafecard payment has been obtained by the seller.

Other sites like Exchanger-Bitcoin or Bitcoin Central could also be mentioned. However, we have not yet had the opportunity to test these platforms, and we invite you to be more vigilant with these sites.

That's it, we hope this guide has helped you get virtual currency with your prepaid card.

However, pay with Paysafecard is not the best way to buy Bitcoins. Indeed, prepaid cards usually involve high fees.

The solution ? Privilege Bitcoin brokers that allow you to pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Here are other reliable trading platforms, on which you can get your Bitcoins at cheaper prices:

  • Coinbase, the world's number one BItcoin
  • Coinhouse, the platform of La Maison du Bitcoin
  • Zebitcoin, a powerful French site

And you, have you ever thought about buying Bitcoins with Paysafecard? Or do you intend to rely on another payment method?

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