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Railway comes from medieval times and is considered one of the most elegant games played in casinos. Its appeal lies in the contest against the bank and the balance of skill, ability and just a little luck.

Players sit around the table and the game is played anti-clockwise. One player is the banker and the next player is the challenger. The role of banker passes from one player to another on losing the wager.

The aim is to reach 9, which is the highest possible hand value.

Points are calculated adding the card values ​​together. When the sum is over, the number one is the number of counts (eg, if you have 12 of adding 7 and 5, 2 is the value points) - the same figure may be arrived at by deducting ten (or multiple thereof) from the total of all the cards in the hand.

Is the highest points value and is the lowest, which is called "baccarat".

Baccarat - Chemin de Fer is played with 6 decks of 52 cards. After shuffling them, the croupier places them on a dispenser called a "hoof".

In turn starting from place number 1, each player has the right to hold the shoe and therefore be the banker. The banker controls the shoe and can continue to win after every winning wager. The banker also has the right to withdraw, even after just one winning wager.

The banker distributes two cards to the next player and two cards to himself (dealing alternately) starting from the player. Both banker and player can make use of a third card, which adds to the first two, gives the total points. To obtain the points total, 10 or more will be subtracted from the sum of the cards.

A player with 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 points will always ask for a third card; with 5 points he is free to "stick" or "twist"; with 6 or 7 he will "stick", and with 8 or 9 he must show his cards and the banker can not take a third card.

The banker has to turn his cards following the player's decision and will decide his move accordingly.

The sum of money the banker can be matched by one or more players. In the former case, precedence goes to the player on the immediate right of the banker. If both player and banker have equal points, the hand, called "equality", is considered void.

Chemin de Fer is essentially baccarat, a casino game that has come to prominence thanks to James Bond. In several Bond movies can be found at the Baccarat table, most notably in Dr. No and Thunderball. Chemin de fer refers to the original baccarat version which has its origins in France. The name translates as 'iron road' because of the cards.

The game uses six decks of cards which are all mixed together, to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the shuffle, both the dealer and all the players shuffle the cards before the croupier shuffles them again. Once you've done the player to the croupier's left cuts the deck.

Railway proceeds by one player at the table becoming the banker. Everyone else is punters. The banker is responsible for dealing with each other. Once the banker has decided on the amount of money to be 'wagered', the other players have a choice, they can match the current banker's budget - this is called 'go bank.' Crucially only one player is able to 'go bank' per round. If nobody decides to 'go bank' in the round then players take turns to make their own wagers. Once all the players have made a decision on how much to wager, the total amount of the player's wagers is measured against the amount of the bank. If there is less than the total number of people in the world, the number of people in the market is so high that they can put in their own money to make up the difference.

Once all the cash is on the table, the banker deals two cards, two for the banker and two to be shared among the rest of the table. In every round, the player who has the highest wagering becomes the representative for all the rest of the players at the table. Both the banker and the players then take a look at the cards. Here are the most important cards are eights and nines. If the player or the banker has either of these cards, then it is immediately made clear and the hands are compared. If not, the player can accept another card which is dealt face up. The banker then also makes the same decision, and the banker has done just that, the hands are compared.

If the player has the best hand, then every player gets their own money back along with the same amount of money, so they effectively double their money. The position of the banker is then passed to the next player. If the banker has the best hand, then they retain the position of the banker and all the wagers make their way into the pot.

Railroad - The Baccarat Game Where Players Bet Against Each Other

Chemin de Fer is a baccarat game where players bet against each other. The one who holds the bank sets aside an amount of money. Punto Banco (Nevada Baccarat) and Baccarat Bank, where the bank is always held by a casino.

If you are not familiar with baccarat games, which are common for all three baccarat variations. Except of Railway there are Punto Banco (Nevada Baccarat) and Baccarat Bank.

Railway is an original version of baccarat that appeared in France. Literally the name of the game means "railway9quot ;. The Railway is usually played with six shuffled card decks at a typical "kidney-shaped9quot; table. The table can be occupied by 8 to 12 players. The race of the play is controlled by a croupier from a place between the first and the last player. Opposite to him there are two dealers who handle the bets.

There are two squares on the table in Railway. The first one, titled Bank, is named for the bets on the Banker, the second one, titled balance, for the part of the banker's bet, which is not covered by players. In the middle of the table there is a slot for used cards called Basket and another slot called Pool Funding for casino's 5% baccarat commission of the winning bets.

On the beginning of the game the cards are shuffled by a croupier and then by the players in the order. Finally the cards are shuffled by the croupier again and the player at his left side splits the deck with a blank card.

Bank Handling in Railway

The player sitting on the right side of the croupier, who is based in the middle of the table, is first to be Banker. Other participants of Railway are the players. The players take turns in the role of the Banker. The Banker puts ahead an amount, which he is willing to risk. Now it is players' turn. Each player may announce Banco! and go all-in against the bank. Of course the all-in can be done by one player only. When more players do so, the priority is given to the player at the banker's hand and he can call Banco prime!

If no player announces Banco !, they bet one by one at their discretion. If the bank is not covered by the players' bets, then they can be covered by the bets of the spectators around the table. If the bets go beyond the bank, the Banker may agree to raise the bank. Otherwise the redundant are removed from the table in the opposite playing order.

The Player's Banker's Rule in Railway

The croupier deals four cards in total, two cards to the players and two cards to himself. The player who makes the highest bet is the best player in the world.

The Player and the Banker look at their cards. If any of them (or both) has the total 8 or 9 (Natural), he announces so, shows down the cards and the game is decided immediately (the higher total value of cards wins). If the win is not on the hand (Natural), then there are the following rules of Railway.

Railroad Tutorial - Gioco da Casinò

Railroad Tutorial - Gioco da Casinò

Il gioco i vietato ai minori di anni 18

Il gioco not responsible può creare dipendenza

Railway - Baccarat is played with 6 decks of cards and is regulated by precise rules. It is an easy game to play and no prior knowledge of the game is required.

Any inexperienced player can sit at the table and ask the dealer to play according to the rules, play according to Rule. The dealer will make the best of the best

The game begins with the dealer placing his bet, which is not less than the minimum established for the table. The game consists in scoring the highest point, 9, while 10 (or multiples of 10) matching the minimum point, known as baccarat. The dealer deals two cards for the player and two cards for himself.

AT point is obtained by adding the two cards together and subtracting tens of the total. Face cards count as 10 or zero. A face card and a 9 add up to 9 points, while two or three face cards add up to zero (Baccarat). Tens are disregarded in the total, thus, a 6 and a 7, totalling 13, counts as 3 points.

When the cards total 9 or 8, the punter must announce slaughter and reveal his cards; he wins the hand natural hand. If they both have the same points it is a tie. If the punter scores 7 or 6 and stands, he simply says - NO; while if he scores 5 he is free to stand or draw another card; with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 points, if the punter exposes his cards and does not score 9 or 8, he may ask the dealer for a third card.

The dealer does not have a card if he scores 7, but with 0, 1, 2, he will always draw another card.

Other scores will be regulated according to rule, which is available from the dealer.

The amount of money that can be put into the game by the dealer can be completely reduced to one or more players and the punter seated to the right of the dealer.

The game inspector is available to customers if any further information is required.

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