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Here, 6 variables (A-F) seem to be accessible (even 9, with M, X, Y).

The constraints are as follows:

- Use the three-quarter view (as in the picture above)

- Use a tileset whose dimensions are between 8 × 8 and 16 × 16

- You must animate at least 4 tiles!

- You have the right to draw any visual effect, including flying leaves that can not be represented by the tileset.

- All characters are not obliged to move at the same speed or to have the same occupation. Vary the pleasures

- Four colors will not represent very finely the light outside. Play on the shapes instead!

Many academies have reported that a significant number of students do not currently have a calculator that complies with these new regulations. All the candidates will therefore compose under the same conditions as at the 2017 session and with the equipment of their choice.

Good, or bad news, because many graduates had to spend in the 70 € for a mid-range calculator (Graph 35 + E or TI-82/83).

It is therefore possible to take its old calculator without examination mode (and for those with the review mode, you do not have to activate it, whatever the supervisors of room). Indeed, the messages sent by the various academies clearly stipulate that:

During the tests, it will be clear to the candidates equipped with a calculator with mode of examination, that this one will not have to be activated, this in order to avoid any rupture of equality between the candidates concerning the access to the memory of the calculators and the data they contain.

Just like the old sessions, it is allowed to put any data into the calculators, be it programs, formulas, demonstrations, or complete courses. Be careful therefore to supervisors who could mislead you.

Can you create a new look for this girl? She needs some help with her makeup and she has no clue what outfit to wear. You can also change the color of her eyes and make this game for girls.

You never know what you're harvesting in this magical online game. Combines the elements of the earth, the wind and much more to create new objects.

You never know what you're harvesting in this magical online game. Combines the elements of the earth, the wind and much more to create new objects.

Can you create a new look for this girl? She needs some help with her makeup and she has no clue what outfit to wear. You can also change the color of her eyes and make this game for girls.

This ambitious grandmother is determined to turn her grandchildren into a web superstar. She locked them in their room and will not let them out until they have a million followers! Can you help them achieve fortune and fame as a popular vlogger in this crazy simulation game?

Solve the mysteries of genetic engineering in a futuristic laboratory. Create absolutely crazy new animals and make sure their DNA is well coded in this scientific mobile phone game.

Usually, this princess is very nice but today she decided to be the opposite. She wants to disguise herself as a bad character. Help her create an absolutely evil outfit in this online game!

The Shee is one of the best scientists in the world. He's a genius, but that does not mean he does not need an intern. Enter his futuristic lab where he is creating a new kind of Norns, fascinating creatures to customize and craft in this unique simulation game.

These young fashionistas are looking for a whole new look. Help them choose from different types of nail polish and hairstyles, each one more trendy than the other in this makeover game.

Playing with knives in real life can be very dangerous, but it's a lot of fun in this crazy online game. Throw this knife and discover if you can achieve impressive turns and many other maneuvers.

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