Crazy zombie games 8

Player 2 >> Movement 1 Attack 2 Jump 3 4 Attack 5 Ultimate 6 Energy + Running

(The control keys are configurable in the options of the game)

The living dead are moving more than ever and their numbers are steadily increasing in this version of the famous beat'em up Crazy Zombie 9. To help you fight the thousands of monsters, two new characters have to Added. The first of them is Iori Yagami, one of the main heroes of the fighting game The King of Fighters. The second fighter is Ichigo Kurosaki who is the main character of the Bleach series. Prepare to defeat hordes of enemies and fight incredibly powerful and formidable bosses.

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  • my favorite frizer goku chicken ichigo and hulk

    Crazy Zombie, the famous beat'em up crossover, is back in a version 8 adding 3 new characters: the inevitable Naruto, accompanied by freezer in its golden form (Dragon Ball), as well as Dou Wa, a baby green bean mascot of several Chinese games. Crazy Zombie now has no less than 22 playable heroes, ranging from Super Mario to Goku (DBZ), to Asuna, Kirito's delightful companion in Sword Art Online. A rich and varied cast and characters each with their own attacks.

    D + K: Special Attack

    In constant development since 2010, SSF2 is the improved online version of the fighting game on.

    Very anticipated return of this excellent fighting game in a version 3.1 adding a new one.

    Not bad for the heroes of Fairy Tail and One Piece that come back to us with version 1.1 of.

    Anime Battle is back with a grand update adding no less than 17 new ones.

    The saga continues with this version 2.9 of Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting adding 2 new ones.

    Anime Battle is already back with this version 3.4 adding no less than 7 new ones.

    Play as Goku, Vegeta, Trunks or one of the 70 other characters in the Dragon Ball Z saga included.

    Start the tempest in this new Naruto fighting game featuring one of the 8.

    DBZ Battle is nothing less than the sequel to the famous Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting series. A .

    Considered one of the best flash fighting games in the world, KOF Wing 1.9 is based on the.

    New version 1.7 of the most complete fighting game around One Piece, adding the 2.

    Released in 2004 on Game Boy Advance, Supersonic Warriors was the first combat game worthy of this.

    Among the fighting games that have marked the history of the video game, Mortal Kombat certainly figures in.

    While Mordecai and Rigby were quietly drinking coffee in the park's bistro, the demoniac.

    Play the great game Crazy Zombie 8 on our totally free online games site, one of so many Fighting Games that you can enjoy here.

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    Then we offer games that work on mobile devices or tablets.

    Your favorite heroes from the worlds of video games and Japanese cartoons will face an army of the undead! Join them in a grand battle in this old-fashioned fighting game.

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    The mythical characters of mangas and anime need you in the following of Crazy Zombie! Take part in unprecedented battles and combine your strength with those of your friends. Many game modes are available and many characters can be chosen. You will be able to have fun and also let off steam. Good fight! Player 1: Use WASD to move, U and J to attack, JK for a life spell, I for a single spell, K to jump, O and L for extended spells. Player 2: Move with the arrow keys, press 4 or 1 to attack, 1 and 2 to cast a life spell, 5 to cast a single spell, 2 to jump, and 3 or 6 for an extended spell.

    Size of the game: 24.4 MB | 2 players

    • Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.7
    • One Piece VS. Naruto 2.0
    • Mixed Macho Arts
    • Crazy Zombie 7.0
    • Anime Fighting Creation
    • Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.9

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