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Hello Coco, today a highly anticipated tutorial on how to have a dream team and strategic at the same time.

Lippouti, Granivol, Rozbouton, Balignon, Machoc, Tropius, Tortipousse, Elecktek, Bulbizarre, Arcko, Elekid, Carvana, Corayon, Azurril, Lixy, Skitty, Tiplup, Gobou, Kaiminus, Carapuce, Magby, Dianovolt, Dinar, Tarsal, Limagma, Salameche, Ouisticram (Kikie), Poussifeu, Hericendre.

We present you a tutorial to play Pokemon Go on PC. Whatever your reasons, whether for cheating or just testing, we explain in this folder tutorial how to play on your computer and without leaving your home.

Pokemon Go does not exist on PC or Mac. It is exclusively an application available on mobile and tablet on Android and IOS platforms. But it was not counting a trick that allows to run the app on pc. The trick is to use an android emulator. It is a software to install on your pc and simulates an android device. In a window, you will have the screen of a phone. It's not beautiful? Follow the guide, we detail the different steps for the installation and configuration to do. If all goes well, it will not take more than 5 minutes.

STEP 1: Installing the emulator

In general, it is better to download a program on its official website but in our case, it is not advisable because it pushes us to install other software. We will therefore fall back on a serious site: 01net.

The file is almost 300 MB so downloading can take a long time.

Once you have the file, click it to start the installation. Your antivirus or Windows may display a window. Give your permission, there is no virus, rest assured.

That's it, the emulator is installed.

STEP 2: Software Configuration

Click on the wheel on the top right to access the software settings:

In "General", enable "root" on "on" and "language" on "french":

Validate to close the window.

Click on the icon "virtual location" (4th from the top):

And choose the place where you want to play. You can browse the map by zooming in, enter an address or enter the GPS coordinates. Once you have found a place, click on the map to put a pointer. Click on ok at the bottom to validate your position.

So much for the minimum to do. You can have a look at the rest of the settings if you wish.

STEP 3: Installing Pokemon Go

It is not possible to install Pokemon Go from Google Play. We will have to download the APK via another site.

Go to Apkmirror: link and go down the page to "all versions":

Click on the most recent version (first in the list).

If there are variants, click on the most recent one (the date is indicated below):

Click on the red button "download apk":

Click on the "apk" button (9th from the top):

Look for the APK that you downloaded and validate. The installation of Pokemon Go will begin.

Open Pokemon Go. To play you must have an account. If you have one, enter your credentials otherwise it's time to create one.

Once you are signed in, you can finally play.

  • W key to go North
  • S key to go South
  • A key to go West
  • D key to go to EST
  • Q key to slow down
  • E key to accelerate

The software can simulate the walking (2m / s), the bike (6m / s), the scooter (10m / s), the car (25m / s), the train (50m / s) and the plane (100m / s).

Do not change the GPS coordinates too much at the risk of making you soft ban!

Rom Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Rescue Team - Download game Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Rescue Team (Nintendo Ds)

Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Rescue Team is a nintendo ds game that is to be downloaded in rom rom NDS Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Rescue Team.

To play the Pokemon Dungeon Mystere Blue Rescue Team game on android, iPad, PC or any other support, you will need to download a free-emulator.

Even if playing Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Rescue Team is on your site, you should know that downloading Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Rescue Team rom is not legal.

  • Name: Pokemon Donjon Mystere Blue Relief Team
  • Category:Nintendo DS Roms
  • Emulators:Emulators Nintendo Ds
  • File size: 10.83 MB
  • File name: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue
  • Number of players: Game downloaded 18024 times

Download the best emulators of Pokemon Dungeon Mystere Blue Rescue Team game:

Forum dungeon mystery red and blue rescue team or you embody a pokompїЅmon and lived an extraordinary adventure

The current date / time is Mon 26 Mar - 9:26

If you need help

Your forum pubs ect.

Put your presentation here

To which team do you want to belong blue or red

Trainers are dragging there, they will try to capture you!

The kecleons sell you useful objects

Place and remove objects

Deposit and withdraw money

Link abilities or remember.

Buy reception areas

A rigorous coaching.

Barbicha gives good advice

A small forepїЅt (5 пїЅtage)

A cave filled with electric pokopodium (8 sections)

A big mountain (12 пїЅtage)

A large dark wood (15 pieces)

A deep and dark valley (17 stages)

Mountain or reigns a lpїЅgendary electric PokómpїЅon (20 їЅ)

A hill watch (21 stages)

A small cave filled with diamond (14 pieces)

A Mountain of Magma (20 places)

A huge glacial forest (22 pitches)

A frozen mountain or Feunard lives at the peak (23 sections)

Dreadful depth or magma reigns (26 spots)

Huge tower located in the areas (34 floors)

a home watch that humans have give up

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Create your pokemon team online

End of validity: 29/03/18 Individual code available on the PGL for those who registered their USUL game before January 30, 2018.

End: 10/31/18 Connect to the Pokémon Bank with a 7G game, the starters with their Hidden Talent will be directly transferred on it and will be to recover from the deliveryman in a Pokémon center.

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Start of registration: 15/03/18

50 PCo if at least 3 games played.

Championship Points for the best. "> Start fighting: 23/03/18 Awards

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