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League of Legends: how do you know how many times you have been postponed since your debut on the game?

What if you could have access to all the data collected by Riot since the opening of your account? Thanks to a European law on the collection and protection of data on the web, it is possible.

Thanks to a simple email, it is possible to recover all the data collected by Riot since the opening of your account, like the number of reports, your statistics in game, and your purchase history. This is in any case what recently discovered a player, who was eager to share his find on social networks. By sending an email to [email protected], he learned that he had been notified more than 400 times by his teammates, while having himself written; postponements more than a thousand times. In reality, Riot has the legal obligation to make this data accessible to users because of European laws regarding online data collection.

After receiving countless emails, the American studio felt compelled to react on Reddit: "Recovering all this data is not that easy and extremely time-consuming," says RiotLomor. "If it's just curiosity, we will not have the opportunity to respond to all requests." He continues.

I launch a debate on the theme of "Did you know?" LoL version. I start with some:

Gnar the next champion has been proposed by an invoker named Lunarwind (http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=803767)

When "Leona Valkyrie" is in the bush her dress seems to become transparent showing her underwear!

DR.Mundo's dance is inspired by an episode of DR.House where Hugh Laurie dances on the song "fight the power". (Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpzBLUDnQik)

We show you the most wacky!

League of Legends Guide - All about mobility

There are many ways to get around that it is faster or instantly. Likewise, you may be the victim of an unwanted change of position.

Mobility is a key factor in League of Legends! Whether it's to catch up with an enemy, to modify his movement or to flee, there is a battery of skills that can be divided into several categories but especially into two groups: the spells that allow you to move faster in order to to catch or flee an enemy and those who affect the movement of opponents.

At first, we will dedicate ourselves to analyze the abilities helping you and your allies to move - then in a second part we will see how you can disable the movement of your opponents by sending them in the air (without inappropriate words!) or pushing them away.

  • Spells that will simply temporarily improve your movement speed: speeds.
  • Those that will allow you to hit a target: dashs.
  • Those who are quite similar to the dash but will allow you to arrive by air: the jumps (Jumps)
  • Finally, the teleporting spells (tp or blink meaning "blink" therefore disappear in the blink of an eye;

Each group has differences, in particular in their functioning as for example: the interactions that they will have with the rest of the mechanisms of the game.

Each category has its own functioning - that is, how they interact and can be used in game, some will be very close, others will be clearly distinguishable.

Improved movement of speed (speed), will only consist of temporarily increasing your statistical movement speed and therefore to give your champion the opportunity to move faster.

A dash, will go from point A to B by walking the path between these two points (imagine that your champion crosses a rope from one place to another).

Similarly, the jump is considered; like a dash because it's the same mechanism although there is visually "the impression of jumping" rather than moving on the ground, League of Legends does not have a pitch parameter (the famous z-axis). That's why even if you throw a projectile on a target temporarily in the air it will not pass under his feet but will touch it (it works from the heart with the hitbox which we had talked about much earlier! You see an animation showing your character flying away from point A to land at point B but in reality; the operation is identical to the dash).

Difference between a dash / jump and a teleport spell

Conversely, a cellphone charm takes you from point A to point B without making a path from A to B. While you could be hit by a projectile or other spell during your dash or jump, you do not go through this famous "corde9quot; you just go from an initial point (A) to a final destination (B).

Interactions with the elements of the decor

These skills have unique interactions on the map with the exception of speeds (a speed will never be able to give you the opportunity to cross an obstacle). In order to know how to use it at any moment one must understand how they work and react.

Walls (and other elements), like champions have a hitbox (n # 3; h9eacute; do not plan to refresh your memory if you do not know what it is), it is from this aspect that it will be determined; whether a skill will be able to overcome this obstacle or not. The calculation will be performed9eacute; in a general way (although it is more complex than that in reality), regardless of the type of spell. Do not rely entirely on the scope of your skill because overall even if the total reach of your ability seems lower than the obstacle to cross, you can sometimes pass it.

(A) If you cast your spell at less than half of the hitbox, the system will search

the nearest position for you to take out of the wall

and you will have the impression of bumping against this obstacle.

the system will place you at the closest point

Two main cases will arise. The first is the simplest, you were on one side; the obstacle, you have targeted a position on the other side, so you will naturally leave point A to find you in point B.

The second case is more complex! Your point A is always the same, nevertheless your point B is no longer at the exit of the obstacle but in the obstacle itself. It seems logical that you can not appear in one element, the main concern being that you would be stuck, which is not the goal is not it? That's when the hitbox really intervenes. In addition to checking your A and B points, the system will check which position you are on the obstacle. Overall if you have crossed more than 50% of the obstacle (theoretical value !), it will be considered that you have passed and therefore you will cross it, conversely if it is not the case you will simply bump against it.

The most glaring example is when a player tries a Flash and hits the wall instead of crossing it. You are going to tell me that it is because he did not stick enough to this one and you are right! Nevertheless, at the base Flash did not have enough reach to cross this famous obstacle and yet it is possible that it is possible. This is because when the system calculates everything, it checks to see if you have passed a sufficient percentage of the hitbox of the 19th to let you pass it. Sticking to the wall, you increase that percentage of hitbox crossed and therefore the chances of crossing.

Beyond the walls (which are the most used obstacles), we must not forget the towers, the inhibitors and the Nexus which also work in a similar way (a hitbox).

Similarly, on the old map, there were visual cues where it was easier to pass (hitbox weaker), c # 3; 9acute; specific interaction points defined to facilitate the crossing of a wall. Although they are no longer visible from now on, they still exist! The new map has not changed anything in terms of gameplay and interactions that were available (if not some shadow points (fog of war) that existed and that no longer exist and vice versa). Only the visual aspect has changed, in no way the operation!

It remains true that this can be disturbing, not seeing the same things as before may mean that everything has changed but it's just an illusion, the mechanisms remain. In summary, we must not rely on what we see, but understand how it works to better control this essential aspect of League of Legends.

The majority of these displacements are interruptible using the forced displacements that we will treat in the second part however there are (as always) exceptions, Some competences will not be interruptible or only that by certain types of spells. There are many interactions with these spells and it can quickly become complex to identify exactly what happens during a team fight where a large number of skills are used simultaneously.

How wall / spell interaction works with hitbox

We have discussed in detail the interactions with the different elements of the scenery and know that depending on the skill you will use it will be able to pass the eleventh according to various conditions. There will be spells, for example, that will have the ability to cross a wall that is being disturbed; a specific place (because the hitbox will be smaller, that the interaction of the spell itself will be simplified here).

Nevertheless, there are too many specificities that may or may not apply depending on a specific capacity that's why to simplify it is good to identify in addition to the Nexus, towers, inhibitors, three types of walls: small, medium and large.

In addition to these walls there is the enclosure surrounding the base which corresponds to a small, slightly thicker wall (ie where most of your spells will pass on a small wall they should also work on this pad but the hitbox being slightly worse there will be exceptions). It's a bit like the edges of the river in the middle of the map that it is possible to cross quite easily nevertheless some skills will be able to do it by finding the frame exactly where hitbox is the weakest) making the exercise much more difficult, at this level, it is sometimes difficult to know if it is a bug or mechanism voluntarily implemented.

So do not take it for granted because one skill crosses a wall, another will do just as well. Sometimes you will need several tries, try specific locations and try to find visual cues in order to successfully execute the movement afterwards all the time.

There are two borders of this kind on the map

These are not spells available on a specific champion, but they are skills that offer mobility depending on the situation and which are very useful, and can be a formidable weapon.


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