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Free download and legal site, Free Download allows you to download Video Games from selected free maps. In this section you can download free card game among the best of the web. The download of free video games is free and free version for Windows (XP and Vista).

Free download site, Download Free allows you to download free and only the best of free (1 need = 1 free product offered).

You can charge only the best. without having to test x games or x software before finding the right one since we tested it and approved it before advising you to download it for free!

Download Free UNO Card Game:

Play the UNO Card game for free. we say first that this is not possible since UNO is marketed by Mattel. It turns out that we are in the False since Claude Toupin to create a free legal version, so enjoy it. If you do not know this card game, know that it is simple (you have to get rid of his cards first (and shout "UNO9quot; !), but the method and the cards of the game of UNO are very particular and deserve that one is interested in it so much game is full of spirit. And you will probably buy the version "Carte9quot; more friendly to play with family or friends.

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Played 8 063 047 times

Played 3 478 762 times

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× Strategy Game

× Reflexion Game

× Reflexion Game

× Reflexion Game

A game in the line of Half-Life 2. You play as Gordon Freeman in this action game on several levels with different weapons such as an anti gravity gun. The dialogues can be selected in French.

Played 400 884 times

An excellent game of Japanese fights in arcade mode or versus and offering a dozen fighters each with its own attacks by combination of keys. (The keys are configurable)

Played 280 282 times

An action game where you will play Captain Binarny and you have to save the land from extraterrestrial invaders. You gain more powerful weapons during fights.

Played 207 983 times

blip Blop is an action game a bit violent where you have to exterminate the heroes of our childhood: The Stroumpfs, Lemmings, bisounours.

Played 161 231 times

An action game where you will move by swinging on an electric rope. In each level you will have to collect objects and avoid the mines before reaching the exit. A very good game created by teamphobic.

Play rummy on your PC

There's better than this version

"this software is not the less the best rummy game on PC"

I do not do pubs, only when I have a comment that there is no better, and that I know better, I try to give my opinion.

Download Free Apps and Games for PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first-person shooter that invites you to play the role of an elite sniper. In full guerrilla war in South America and you must manage to dismantle as of the drug traffickers in the world.

You have at your disposal an elite camouflage outfit that allows you to go unnoticed. You will have the mission to infiltrate camps and kill with a single shot your target and without getting noticed.

In the jungle, you have to systematically manage to pass in forest areas to not be noticed.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior offers you a graphics engine called Chrome 4 which faithfully copies the tropical atmosphere and shaping characters. The physics of the game is also irreproachable thanks to the 3D engine that gives you the opportunity to see the destruction of frames that is closer to reality. Go through the four levels of difficulty. Check out this game

Logo Quiz 2015 is a guessing game that lets you name the different brands of cars, products, drinks and more. This application for Android at the base has been downloaded more than 40 million times in the world. It is a funny game in which you have the mission to guess the names of a multitude of logos concerning several companies.

In fact, this game comes to test your memory to know if you know the logos of brands that are part of your environment or those you see on the street, in newspapers and everywhere. Also available on PC with Bluestacks, this application offers more than 1000 logos to guess through 16 levels filled with passions.

This game will give you food for thought because it is based on the memorization of images. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, this game is easy to launch. Then recognize the different logos of the most important brands in the world. Then you have to name them and associate them. It should be noted that in Logo Quiz 2015 the difficulties across each level are increasing. And when you pass a stage, you move to a higher level.

You can benefit from some clues that will help you when you get stuck. An in-app option will allow you to request help from your friends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter. These will give you answers to name certain brands. You also have a question that allows you to play better and better understand the game parts.

Developed by the Bubble Quiz Games studio, this jheu gives you plenty of time for a game on your PC. And thanks to Bluestacks you can rediscover the pleasure of this game on PC.

How to install Logo Quiz 2015 on a PC

If you want to live a unique experience with this game by installing on a PC, you must download and install before BlueStacks, an emulator that can run any Android or iOS app on PC. Then you need to download and install Logo Quiz 2015.

Flyff: Fly for Fun is a very multiplayer online game that allows you to embody an adventurer to explore the wonderful world of Madrigal. Offering a manga and colorful world, Flyff: Fly for Fun gives you the opportunity to move with a skateboard or a magic broom to visit the world freely. Totally free, Flyff: Fly for Fun is a MMORPG that you can play freely and play with many players.

According to history, for some time, the gods of lais have created a harmonious universe called Roika. With them the earth, the water, the living and the animals appeared. After spending quiet years, the gods in question made the decision to leave Kingka, which led to great difficulties.

So become a citizen of Roika and take control of a warrior or a traveler with whom, you will learn the basics of the game. When you arrive at level 15, you will meet formidable opponents and take on impressive challenges. As is the case in most online games, you can form clans, groups with other players to conduct missions. Everything takes place in a graphic universe rich in color with visual effects and impressive characters.

BlackShot is a first-person shooter with an advanced atmosphere in an excruciating world. You are in 2033 following the explosion of an atomic bomb. Two groups are fighting constantly to take control of what is left of the world.

You have many game modes with Death Matches where the surviving group wins the duels. You also have modes of catch of flag and a mode of defenses in which, you have the mission to get away from you with the attacks of characters managed by the artificial intelligence.

The atmosphere of the war is recopied faithfully in BlackShot with mostly a mystifying graphics engine and impressive sound effects.

Download BlackShot for free on your PC via the link below. You will not be disappointed by this game that like any kind of shoot is quite addictive.

You are a racing game lover, Driving Speed ​​2 is the one you need, because you will ride in powerful cars and play a game with graphics well done. On the other hand, you will face other players, because as you will understand, Driving Speed ​​2 is a multiplayer game.

You can choose between four cars with V8 engines that will please you and therefore you will conquer multiple circuits. Driving Speed ​​2 offers impressive and realistic graphics, perfectly modeled car circuits, especially reflections on the bodywork that make a beautiful effect. Note that this is a game not easy to find and that displays a quality chart.

Driving Speed ​​2 offers wonderful gameplay because you can use your computer keyboard to take control of cars. You can also use a joypad to play.

Ability to play against 11 other players, whether real players, or artificial intelligence through the internet or a LAN. Driving Speed ​​2 is a pretty marvelous, easy-to-play racing game that allows you to entertain for hours on end. Check out this game on your PC.

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