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Ladybug the superhero and Black Cat the superhero are very keen to kiss! Help them spend a romantic moment without making Chloe and her friend jealous in this kissing game.

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Ladybug the superhero and Black Cat the superhero are very keen to kiss! Help them spend a romantic moment without making Chloe and her friend jealous in this kissing game.

These two teenagers love each other, but their friend is very jealous. Help them fall in love without the latter noticing it in this game of kisses!

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Click on the boys to make them love faster than other girls.

Love is in the air ! And what better place to kiss than a sunny beach?

Ladybug the superhero and Black Cat the superhero are very keen to kiss! Help them spend a romantic moment without making Chloe and her friend jealous in this kissing game.

It's Valentine's Day! Will you manage to steal a kiss without being spotted? Discover it in this game as romantic as it is delirious!

Wait until your boss has his back turned to kiss your co-worker.

These two teenagers love each other, but their friend is very jealous. Help them fall in love without the latter noticing it in this game of kisses!

This loving couple is yours! Make him kiss wherever you want, whatever you want.

Emma has the cutest boyfriend. but that does not mean she did not spot someone even more cute! With your help, she can get away with a little flirtation and a few kisses in parallel, without losing her main friend in this dating game.

These two lovebirds are about to say goodbye at the airport. And if you make them up again for their last kiss?

Ready for a close-up kissing passionate?

I swear daddy! We are only friends.

Kiss tenderly your mermaid adored as long as possible!

These two office colleagues definitely have a crush for each other. Can you help them escape for a few stolen kisses during their workday? They can only kiss each other when their boss is distracted in this romantic stealth game.

Going to the movies has become even more interesting than before.

Kissing at work is good. As long as you do not get caught!

Use your charm to get the heart of this beautiful kid. Let the best flirteuse win!

This couple would like to spend an ultra romantic moment, but what to wear for the occasion?

There is love in the air among the Equestria Girls! Twilight and Flash are in love, but will they manage to kiss each other without being spotted?

The power of love has no limit and it can achieve real miracles!

In the land of unicorns, love is not a long, quiet horn!

What is the best way to wake up a sleeping princess? By a sweet kiss, of course!

What is the most romantic place to spend a magical evening? A flying carpet, of course!

A mermaid in love is the guarantee to receive lots of passionate kisses for this sailor!

Kisses in the classroom? What next ?

Whoever says in the city of love says necessarily tender kisses!

Part of Twister is the perfect opportunity for Gwen and Duncan to kiss each other. But beware, they must not be caught in the act!

The Snow Queen and her boyfriend spend a romantic moment under the stars. Help them find the missing hearts in this rooftop garden of this hidden object game.

Ready for a session of interstellar kisses?

Continue your quest for charm to win the hearts of all the boys in the area!

Kiss your boyfriend sweet and do not be surprised especially!

Linda and her husband are finally both and want this moment to last a lifetime. Help them kiss each other out of sight and make sure that the bride's diadem stays in place! Have fun with this awesome family game, Kiss The Bride!

Your talents in the game of the 3 identical make you Cupid kissing lovers!

Jessica the rocker is in the center of the stage. and in the center of a love triangle!

Nothing is more fun than games of kisses.

  • New The best kisses game for girls 99%
  • New The Snow White Kiss Game 99%
  • New LoveLoveKissKiss 99%
  • New Snow White and Prince Charming 99%
  • Best Loving Kisses 99%
  • Best Princesses Kisses 99%

Kisses on the cheek or mouth, kisses in secret or in daylight. There is love in the air in this section. You will have to help these lovers to kiss each other in all the most delicate situations.

At work or at school, kisses are often forbidden, but love is stronger than anything and couples do not resist long temptation. Be careful that he does not get caught by the supervisors.

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