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Slot machines for real money

Below, we list the best casinos to play slots. These casinos have been chosen not only on the basis of the quality and variety of the games on offer, but also on the reputation of casinos in how to treat their players well.

Slot machines for real money

Finding high quality casinos, with slot machines for real money, is essential if you are hoping to make real money. The good news is that there are now excellent online casinos that feature high quality slot machines.

Many casinos offer games of all kinds, so to get a good idea of ​​what is available online, you may want to try a few.

Among the producers of online slots (those who design the games) there are companies like IGT and WMS that manufacture the machines that you find in Las Vegas. However, there are also producers who make slots games that you can not find in land-based casinos.

A good example of a producer who only plays online games is Betsoft, with its superb range of 3D slot machines. Its games cover all kinds of themes, ranging from ancient Egypt to sympathetic cartoon-style games, or video-type games with bonus rounds and classic 3-reel machines.

Another good example of a producer of slot machines available only online, and that is very popular is Playtech. His games feature famous characters including heroes drawn from Marvel comics, such as The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman or Superman.

Spin Palace online slot machines

Online slots are probably the best of all online casino games thanks to their great variety. Whatever your preferences or level, our Spin Palace software will have a slot machine that will be perfect for you. Our selection of games includes:

Based on the famous slot machines created over 100 years ago, classic slot machines will keep you entertained while making you win. These games are very affordable because of their unadorned simplicity.

Some of the greatest movies, TV shows and comics come alive in the online slot collection at Spin Palace thanks to agreements with rights holders. This includes but is not limited to:

What more can you say about these incredible casino games? They are by far the most popular of our repertoire and include some of the most technologically advanced games ever created. They are fun, attractive and known to offer big jackpots in new ways.

These are the slot machines that change lives by making millionaires! Slot machines at progressive jackpot at Spin Palace can make you a millionaire instantly but you will have to learn how to bet big to win big. Consult the payment charts to develop a strategy before you start playing.

Tournaments on multi-player slot machines

Play against players from around the world at our multi-player slot tournaments. Always keep a high rank; in the rankings and you will be seen as one of the best. It happens regularly that free tournaments are scheduled. You can participate for free and earn real benefits.

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How to make money with online surveys

Are you desperate for something to make ends meet? Online surveys are a good way to provide you with a source of income at times that work for you and with minimal effort. Register to find serious sites and follow these instructions to have the opportunity to answer surveys.

Note: this wikiHow may not work in your country. Please check the rules in force.

First method: be selected to participate in online surveys Edit

Second method: find legitimate survey sites Edit

Make money online: 15 sites that pay on the internet

What are the websites that pay?

There are several kinds of sites that pay but like in life, the sum proposed is proportional to the time spent or the complexity of the task.

Some will earn a few cents with clicks, it will repeat the task many times, others will pay for a job, a task or a production. For the latter the selection may be more fierce but the gains will be greater.

In each proposed theme, the sites are numerous. I made a selection based on different criteria to keep only the best and make money online for sure.

  • My opinion, that of bloggers I trust, positive feedback on the net.
  • Ease of use, the interface in French, ease of registration.
  • Good remuneration.
  • Proof of payment.
  • No charges.
  • Easy payment by check or paypal.

Make money online, on the internet with sites that pay.

In a previous article I also talked about how to make money online but only with paid surveys.

I made a short list but for those who missed the article or are interested in these polls here are some examples of serious sites where you can earn money by giving your opinion: a site to test products and answer Surveys: Marketing opinion (3 euros per survey), other paid surveys like Greenpanthera (4 euros offered at registration), Toluna (from 16 years old), or MySurvey.

Sites to make money online:

Moolineo exists since early 2015, it is recent but it is really the buzz, we see everywhere.

The payment threshold is 15 euros, that's a good point.

The site is serious and there are many testimonials and proof of payment.

How to make money online on moolineo?

There is still something to do it seems to me!

This site is the new kid, the little brother of moolineo. They are the same owners.

So it's the same principle as the previous one but it's worth the cut to register for both as you will not receive the same offers so you multiply your chances of winning.

For these two sites I advise you to use a different address than your main address but that you can consult regularly.

on Loonéa you earn money in many ways

  • First by reading mails, it's fast easy you click on the mail and voila. It does not take much time and you get paid.
  • By visiting a site
  • By sharing a facebook status
  • By registering for a paid offer
  • Sponsorship: Sponsor friends and make money

Thanks to all these little tricks you accumulate little by little money.

Gaddin looks a little like Qassa, he offers several types of tasks that pay.

Registration is everywhere free, I specify it anyway and there are also a lot of opportunities.

You can make money:

  • Responding to surveys
  • By testing and giving your opinion on polls
  • By visiting partner sites
  • By buying on the internet with the cashback system
  • By sponsoring.

As you can see both sites are very similar, Gaddin is newer than Qassa but just as good.

More information and registration: Gaddin

With clictune the principle is totally different: you make money online by clicking on links. There are lots of ways to create links if you have a website, a blog or other you create links and you get paid according to the number of clicks:

2,5 euros the 1000 clicks. It is also possible to spread links through your social networks or perhaps by other means, to see.

Payment threshold at 5 euros.

As you can see on the capture image you are paid by Paypal. if you do not have a paypal account it is not difficult to create one and it will always be useful: Purchase on Ebay, sale or purchase remotely on The good corner etc.

It is also possible to sponsor for clictune.

More information and registration: Clictune

Mailorama is in the spirit Moolineo and Gaddin, as the name suggests he is best known for his paid emails.

Not very complicated to read mails, probably you already receive a lot of mail often unwanted ads, so be paid to receive no?

  • To be paid to read mails
  • Cashback (possibility of having an extension which marks for you, the partner sites during the navigation)
  • Coupon codes
  • Offers a forum to share good tips
  • Sponsorship

The site is in French and for the first payment you will be paid and sent by check for a payment threshold of 20 euros

Awbarre is a site to set up on his internet browser a paid surf bar.

The principle is simple: you click on the ads that appear in the surf bar.

Very simple but the pay is low too, so you have to spend time on it. Which is not necessarily complicated when you work all day on your computer.

It's one of the oldest business to make money online. More than 20 years ago I tested this kind of site and I won 20 euros I still remember. What is always nice when you're a student, that's pocket money.

The advantage of Awbarre is that the payment threshold is 10 euros , so to your clicks! it's small but not very complicated

For the followers of the sponsorship, the site proposes a sponsorship on 7 levels!

For more details and to register: Awbarre.com

Make money online by filing documents!

And yes, what is the wealth of knowledge is a good thing…

This can be interesting for a teacher, a student who is doing a dissertation, an employee who has knowledge on a pointed subject, or if you have special skills thanks to your experience.

It's a good way to monetize your knowledge and skills. How can you make money online with your culture?

Example of documents deposited on the site:

  • A vehicle loan form form
  • Model Business Proposal Letter
  • Dissertation
  • A psychology dissertation
  • A course on the right of health
  • Model Letter of Real Estate Loan Redevelopment

You can earn on average 7 euros per sale, and the payment threshold is at 10 euros.

In the same style there is also the site Oboulo and Academon which are very well rated.

Sell ​​your images: Photography, graphics.

You then touch copyright on the sold images.

It is a bank of images used by many professionals, we can of course also buy images if we have a website or for any other professional reason.

Payment threshold: 50 euros

In the same style, a big site of the image sales sector: Shutterstock.

This site allows make money online by watching videos .

You are storing pixies, and yes each site has its own custom points system. You can then of course exchange these pixies for money. Like all the sites proposed in the list, a paypal account will be useful.

Payment threshold: 1 euros

More information and registration: Winpixies.com

It's a multigain site like Qassa, although this is a serious site, I find the interface much less pleasant than the others, as can be seen in the screenshot above.

more detail and registration on the site: chtiflouz.com

This very original site pays you for test sites.

Not bad the hourly rate no?

About 15 minutes of work.

You test orally with a microphone or in writing.

This site offers you to make money online by sharing the small prices that you find.

You give your good plan and the discount you found, the site then shares its advertising revenue with you.

Sell ​​your creations, the handmade can be very appreciated.

You create your shop for free the site does not take commission or subscription as on some others.

All that has a relationship with the child is very popular: dolls, stuffed toys, soft toys etc ...

But there are also many themes such as: accessories, fashion, decoration and many other things

This site offers you sell your photos or videos if you have filmed or photographed interesting news stories. They offer images to all its networks and pays you for 50% in copyright.

We regularly see information from people who provide videos, during major events, why you would not be a reporter for a day? Why not sell these pictures, these videos?

Do you like to cook? to invent new recipes for your friends? This is another way to make money online.

He offers to pay you for your cooking recipes.

How to proceed? write a good recipe, apply to make great photos and submit all this to the site.

There is of course a selection. It is paid about 13 euros per recipe.

My opinion on multigain sites:

Focus on the tasks that seem easy to do and the least painful so you do not get discouraged quickly and do not scatter. For example reading emails, clicking articles or links requires little time. This can be done everywhere if you have a smartphone: in a medical waiting room, the train, the bus stop, or in the office if you have timeouts at meal times.

To make money online, you have to stick to it, diversify your sources of income. Be organized: put the sites that interest you in your favorites, we can quite quickly register on several sites and if we are organized we can not disperse if we focus on a selection of things to do .

I regularly test sites and see very quickly if the site interests me or if it does not suit me according to my lifestyle of my tastes, ease of use, earn money etc ... Similarly I can find interest for a site and not you, and vice versa.

If you want to go further and find more web addresses, I recommend three sites:

As we have just seen it is quite possible to make money online while avoiding scams. The selected sites are known for their seriousness and really pay. Beware however the payment thresholds, it is better to focus on low payment thresholds to cash quickly sums. As we say the small streams make the big rivers: The small amounts accumulated quickly of a click will accumulate and you will see that at the end of the month the sum will be already more encouraging. Feel free to test several and make feedback in the comments below, this can be a good way to share tips with others. Do you have other sites of the same kind that you have already tested?

15 trades that pay well: with or without diplomas!

Income Supplement - 15 Ideas for Increasing Revenue

Igraal: Notice and tutorial to earn money with his purchases

Create a niche site to supplement your income: My Experience

How to make money on Youtube or with a blog?

How to make money easily and quickly: 15 tips without scam

Passive income: make money without doing anything?

How to make money easily with your real estate tips.

I am booked on the sites from 1 to 6. (besides the images do not work until 7)

Indeed, I see what it looks like I tried several of this style (including mailorama) some time ago and unfortunately aside from the cashback, you do not win much compared to the time you there ...

For others, I do not know them but for food lovers, photo, etc ... it can surely save some money to put butter in spinach.

Hi romaric, it all depends on the use you make of the sites actually, This article presents all the opportunities, after as I explain in the article, sites conviendrony to some not to others.

You can make money with sites 1 to 7 and increase your earnings by sponsoring too. The concern is that people always want to make money fast and big money. There it is in time that it accumulates, at the same time it does not take too much time every day.

I experimented with multigain sites like mailorama, qassa, moolineo, and it's not just the cashback, we can read the mails: You roll the mouse it takes 2 seconds, register for paid surveys, where just register on partner sites: Small gains but very quick to do.

There are experts to make the most of these sites. Some who sponsor tremendous and who are good for it. Others who have websites and find ways to click on links or other etc ... There is a multitude of ways I think to exploit this kind of site.

Ps: For the pictures they are displayed at my place, maybe a little big first I would look at it

Article well documented and very interesting.

I am very skeptical about all these sites that tend to put us in front of a computer for hours if we want to get a few extra euros, without learning anything more concrete and more.

I am rather adept to build a small (or big) activity in relationship marketing for example where you can really build your future by becoming better.

But very good article on the bottom

Thank you for all your advice

Thank you Eric, actually this kind of article requires a lot of time ...

Hello, the sponsorship can be a real passive income as you say, unlike many other income that we say passively wrong because they are not totally: Example the blog not passive at all, it requires work, real estate we can delegate it's true but we must deal with it too. The stock market does not talk about it. Besides, it would be interesting to see what is really a passive income ...

I did not know your site thank you for this addition.

I think the sites that you have are very good, besides I use them all - some since 5 years as Mailorama and Clictune for example, except Chtiflouz him I do not know him.

I see that you have fairly mixed feedback in the comments ... so I will give my point of view.

Gaddin, Mailorama, Moolineo and Qassa are sites for paid emails, sponsored offers and cashback. We can hope to get between 15 and 30 euros free per month, without talking about the money that can save us money. They may even allow us to make better use of our time than many full-time jobs, to be aware of it you have to get used to these sites, then arm yourself with a stopwatch and calculate the ratio of time invested / earnings , then we calculate what it could give us over an hour, and often the results are good if we are quick to perform certain tasks (reading emails, paid registrations, OfferWalls, visits to sites, etc ...). While the potential gains are limited, but this is in no way a waste of time, it helps people to earn some extra money and free, not a salary of course.

Regarding Clictune, it's a very good site to earn money with links - a good cashlink as they say - personally I have a godson, Linkbucks who is a cashlink too, who won $ 11 000 on last month thanks to this kind of site. I know because I won 20% of its earnings through sponsorship. Regarding this site, you must have good visibility on social networks and / or a site. On the other hand, it is a kind of advertising agency rather intrusive, so to use in appropriate places.

Regarding the site "Testapic", quite recent and very interesting, this site pays € 7 per test site, each test lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, it is quite effective to round the end of the month for free. The tests are not necessarily numerous, but the time is profitable.

Fotolia, can also be very interesting if you know how to take beautiful photos or you are comfortable with software like Photoshop. Here, we talk about passive income, and the potential gains can be simply enormous.

The site, "the price hunters", is quite original in its kind, he offers to pay us by finding good plans. I tested it, it pays relatively well.

Citizenside is not bad too, it can allow us to win a lot of money if we are lucky to get a good scoop (info, photos, videos ...) where we are good in the field. In addition it makes us easier because Citizenside sends us an email when there is an interesting event in our city, it chews us the work somehow.

Regarding the site: "Home Made", the success of the sale of handmade objects is more to prove.

Regarding the site "AW Barre", it's pretty funny because I have their bar open on my screen at the time I write this comment. With this site do not expect to earn more than 5 euros per month ... cons it is 5 euros without doing anything.

And finally, the sale of informative documents or articles is no longer proven, with regard to encyclodocs and company.

So here, this kind of sites is by no means a waste of time. I myself have godchildren to whom it allows to have a small supplement of interesting income and I myself am a follower of the web paid since now 5 years. Today I am also a professional blogger, especially thanks to my referrals on this kind of site, so I understand the mixed reactions that I can read above. The thing is that we do not all want to create a blog, learn to blog, or blog time, moreover 99% of bloggers will never make a living with this activity, and we also do not have the means to invest.

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