Euromillion 29 January

Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

Wir aktualisieren die Ergebnisse immer direkt nach jeder Ziehung, so dass sofort bestens informiert bist. Neben den Gewinnzahlen, findest of the auf dieser Seite die Gewinnquoten der von Dir gewählten Ziehung. Der Jackpot der nächsten Ziehung am Dienstag, 27.03.2018 wird bei 46 million euro.

Yesterday findest of the Dienstag- und Freitagabend der die der der die Gewestnzahlen der EuroMillionen. Mit 5 Richtigen und 2 Sternzahlen Knackst Den Jackpot. Zuletzt wurden die 5, 7, 11, 46 und 50 und die zwei Sternzahlen 8 and 11 gezogen.

From kannst die EuroMillions-Ziehung dienstags um 22:25 Uhr auf ORF2 und Freitags um 22:35 Uhr (GMT + 1) auf FDJ (The French Two Games) verfolgen. Wenn Duke schneller die Lottoergebnisse einsehen möchtest, dann bietet sich ein Besuch unserer Seite an. Unmittelbar nach der Ziehung der Lottozahlen stellen wir die Ergebnisse online, sodass From the Deine Zahlen mit den Gewinnzahlen sofort vergleichen kannst. Außerdem kannst Du alte Ergebnisse in unserem Ergebnisarchiv einsehen, da wir alle bisherigen Ergebnisse archivieren. Bitte beachte, dass Du zu 180 Tage nach der Ziehung der Lottozahlen Zeit hast Deinen Lottoschein einzulösen. Nach Ablauf der 180 Tage wird der Gewinn an Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen oder für andere gute Zwecke gespendet. Bei einer Online-Tippabgabe musst Dir darüber aber selbstverständlich keine Gedanken machen.

Die Zeiten, in denen sich die gesamte Familie vor dem Fernsehschirm versammelte, um die Ziehung der Lottozahlen gemeinsam zu verfolgen, sind längst ein Relikt der Vergangenheit. Mittlerweile lassen sich die Gewinnzahlen deutlich schneller im Internet abrufen. Auch die sozialen Netzwerke, wie Twitter und Facebook bieten sich an, um als einer der ersten die Gewinnzahlen der EuroMillions zu erfahren. Wir wünschen viel Erfolg!

Euro Millions: Friday 29 January draw results

  • Writing

    The results of the Euro Millions draw on Friday 29 January have fallen. Two players found the five good numbers, as well as the two star numbers. And among these two winners, one has validated its grid in France! Each of the two winners wins the tidy sum of 66,188,316 euros. Here are the five good numbers and two stars:

    1 - 5 - 23 - 29 - 32 Stars: 1 and 7

    The next Euro Millions draw will take place on Tuesday 2 February. A prize pool of nearly 15 million euros will be put into play.

    In total, nine countries participate each week in two Euro Millions draws for a minimum jackpot of 15 million euros. It is put back into play each draw until it is won, but can not exceed 190 million euros since a change of regulation dating from 2009. An amount that has already been won twice since: by a British couple in August 2012 and a Portuguese player in October 2014.

    For a stake of 2.50 euros, a simple grid, each player has a chance on 116.531.800 to find the right combination. Since the creation of this European lottery in 2004, nearly 400 players have won the jackpot, including twenty for gains over 100 million euros.

    This bet also makes it possible to participate in the My Million draw, unique to France (including Monaco). At each Euro Millions draw, on Tuesday and Friday, a My Million code is randomly drawn and allows the lucky lucky to win one million euros, whether or not he wins with his or her number grids .

    EuroMillions results of Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Calculating multiple game reports

    Nearly 20,837,080 Euromillions grids were validated in this draw, less than the number of Euro Millions grid usually played (39,217,200). The amount announced for the Euromillions jackpot of this draw was € 15,000,000.

  • winners:

    178th Euromillions draw with at least one winner of the first row, 2 players join the club of the happy millionaires of the Euromillions!

    This result Euromillions has made no less than 1,592,355 happy having won at least one of the 13 ranks of the EuroMillions, a number close to the lowest number of winners at the Euromillions which remains at 1,391,540.

    The total percentage of winning Euro Millions grids in this draw is therefore 7.64%, which is very close to the average Euromillion theory (


  • Statistics numbers:
    • 60th out of 9 that we had not seen since 13 Euromillions draws.
    • 62nd out of 16 that we had not seen since 14 Euromillions draws.
    • 57th outing of 26 that we had not seen since 2 Euromillions draws.
    • 61st out of 36 that we had not seen since 7 Euromillions draws.
    • 48th out of 39 that we had not seen since 2 Euromillions draws.
  • Star statistics:
    • This is the 119th time Star 2 has been drawn after its release last week.
    • This is the 109th time that star 6 is drawn after 13 Euromillion draws without showing up.
    • The couple of stars "2 + 6" is released for the 7th time after a lack of 21 prints Euromillions
  • (1) : These statistics and observations on this Euromillions result are based only, unless stated otherwise, on the Euromillions draws which took place until 29/01/2013, the subsequent Euromillion results are therefore not taken into account in this information.

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    Friday, March 23, 2018:

    No jackpot winner

    to win in the next draw that will take place on Tuesday.

    Evolution of the jackpot

    Saturday, March 24, 2018:

    Winners not yet known

    Evolution of the jackpot

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    In the last draw that took place on Friday, March 23, 2018, the 37 million euros in play were won by no player in Europe. In the next draw, € 46 million will be up for grabs! is the site created by players and for players of EuroMillions and Lotto! It's simply the best site on the subject. Consult the results, do statistical analysis, or use our tools, the most complete resources are here.

    The result of the draw of the EuroMillions and MyMillion is published every Tuesday and Friday evening around 9:45 pm, well before the television. As for the Lotto, the results are available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday around 20:35. The reports, statistics and analysis of each draw follows.

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    The statistics on this site are unmatched on the web. Everything is available for you to do the most thorough analysis. The numbers statistics give you the most and the least out numbers, the latest ones, the most and least watched order, and so on. Earnings statistics allow you to know the maximum and minimum earnings for each rank, the number of average winners per day, per month or year, the numbers that earn the most and the least, the evolution of the number of players, etc. Finally, the statistics for the 9 EuroMillions countries give you the number of jackpots won by country and their date, the average number of winners, etc.

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    The little story of Euromillions ...

    The Euromillions is a European lottery whose draw takes place every Friday (as well as every Tuesday since May 10, 2011). The first took place on 13/02/2004. Only three countries participated in the game: France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Since then, 6 other countries have joined the Euromillions for more players and bigger jackpots. Speaking of jackpot, the record of winnings at the game is currently held by Adrian and Gillian Bayford, a couple in their forties from southeastern England. He trades and she nurse, they together won 190.000.000 € on August 10, 2012 (see the ranking). You probably also remember the famous Dollores McNamara who made the news in 2005, at the beginning of the European lottery. She now sits in tenth place on the podium with her 115 million won.

    The draw of the Euromillions is recorded every Tuesday and Friday nights at 21h, in Paris. It is of course placed under the supervision of a bailiff. After the registration of the draw, the result and the video are sent to the participating Euromillions countries. Everyone is free to broadcast the draw whenever they want. Thus, in France, the result of the Euromillions draw is proposed by TF1 around 23:30. As a reminder, you will find the result on this site every Tuesday and Friday around 21:30.

    The price of a Euromillions game grid has been set, by mutual agreement between the participating lotteries, at € 2. Nevertheless, two countries do not have this currency: the United Kingdom, which has the British Pound, and Switzerland, which has its Francs. Since exchange rates vary daily, the conversion of € 2 in Swiss Francs also varies. However, it would have been in bad taste to charge a different price each week to the British and Swiss for their Euromillions grid. A convention has since been adopted: rounding to 10p for the English, and 10c for the Swiss. As a result, the conversion is more stable and the price of the Euromillions currently stands at £ 2.00 and CHF 3.00 per grid.

    Finally, there is a complementary raffle to the EuroMillions, but whose participation is mandatory, in England: Millionnaire Raffle, and in France: MyMillion since 2014. This raffle guaranteed at least one winner per draw in France and costs 0, 50 €.

    This site is independent of any gaming operator. Only the results published in the Official Journal are authentic.

    There was no winner of Friday's EuroMillions Jackpot. Tuesday's jackpot is heading for € 45 million.

    Most / Least frequent EuroMillions Numbers

    Most Frequent Numbers

    Least Frequent Numbers

    There was no winner of Friday 's EuroMillions Plus top prize.

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