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Find out here the best free fashion games that you can find on the net.

Thanks to these games, you will be able to train to become stylist. Models are not lacking in this selection of girls games. You will have the heavy responsibility to find the perfect look for the models who participate in spins like real stars. But you will also help girls looking for their style in very full makeover sessions: dressing, makeup, hairstyle. Everything must be perfect for fashion girls. Some also like their pet to go with their own outfit. You will have the mission to dress a dog or a cat. It is rather original but so nice as a beauty game. Babies also now can be super fashion and wear cool outfits. Moms have a good time creating the perfect wardrobe for their little ones and you will also have a lot of fun dressing them up. To test!

Besides, do not forget the accessories B to finalize the outfits of the girls and boys who will need your talent as a specialist in clothes and accessories.

Will you be a very fashionable girl? Are you going to take advantage of all these fashion games to learn the stylist's profession? I do not know but one thing is certain, you will really have fun!

Are you passionate about fashion, so much so that you would like to work in this field later? While waiting to realize your biggest dreams, here are many Fashion Games that will allow you to develop your imagination and your creativity. More about our 411 Fashion Games

You love fashion, these games are made for you. They will allow you to fully live your passion and have a good time. Fashion comes in all its forms: dress up models, create your own line of clothing, jewelry, swimwear and even tattoo! After the creation, what better than a shopping session in the biggest capitals of fashion. Window shopping, shopping bags, wallet, integral happiness! «Reduce

On this page of the site GAME info, discover the 411 best free fashion games and new fashion games 2018. These games of the fashion section have an average rating of 18/20 awarded by 219269 players.

Free virtual online games for girls.

Currently, a lot of free virtual girls games with registration have become popular and have blossomed on the net.

They allow to play online games of fashion or style virtually between girlfriends.

Updated, Friday, July 01, 2016.

Some of these games put you in the shoes of fictional characters to become a model or a virtual designer and live a real life of star. Others play more on the deco, to have his apartment and decorate it as you see fit with different objects made available.

Still others simply invite you to live a simulation of virtual girl life, to make it evolve with challenges. To go shopping to dress, make up or play seduction to flirt and find a boyfriend to live a love story (virtual).

Try them to see which ones you like, just register for free for each of the sites below.

A virtual fashion game or styling in general.

Enter the arena of fashions fashions and modeling. Only, the one who will have the most talent or will be the most creative, will be able to climb the steps to reach the podium and stay there.

Aside from the challenges on the art of chic design of clothes and its trendy styles in vogue. Build your life next door, including playing on the seduction, flirting and finding a boyfriend who has appeared in this new version of lady popular.

It's a virtual girl game, oriented life simulation.

Once on the registration page of the game, re-look at your character in the virtual clothes shop, visit the city of all the modes of it-girl called ST-BarthZ and perfect your tan at the beach . A chat is available to chat with girlfriends and even the possibility to create a blog.

As for the virtual life, you can also raise a baby or a small animal, in the evening, go out in box and meet people or make trips with your boyfriend and especially to be the first one on the different podiums.

It is also a free game for girls who like to play with virtual dolls and decoration.

A doll game where you become an aspiring stylist, you dress up your doll, arrange her loft and become a virtual star! To advance in the game, you will have to access to different kinds of things like dancer, top model, nurse or else actress of series TV, designer haute couture, stylist, etc., that you will be able to exercise with the grace of different quêtes. To find out more, you can check out the blog ishizu of an enthusiast of this game;) And see also the Oh My Dollz page! How does it work?

A free virtual gaming community site for girls and boys who love fashion, shopping, or decorating.

In the program reignition session, hairstyles, makeup and accessories. Have fashionable clothes at Starplaza and try new styles. To have the possibility to draw your own creations and to sell them. To decorate your suite with elements that resemble you and to register to clubs to celebrate! Or why not become a party organizer.

In addition, there are free games on the mode for mobile Iphone and Andro to download via this page.

It is a fashion game or virtual styling in which you can create different styles of dress and hairstyles with fashion accessories or charm to collect.

And become the popular lady of the net by reaching different objectives such as: to change hairstyle, to find you and to seduce a boyfriend, to obtain an IQ of at least 65;), to rent you a new one appart 'bigger, etc.

But also, to find him activities such as for his independence to find him a job, to play sports, to go to clubs to dance and to have fun. Besides that she can also have a virtual pet ^^.

A virtual game where you make a modern bimbo evolve over time.

You'll have to feed her, dress her up, comb her hair, find her a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a place to live.

Complete your goals to become the most popular babe!

This game is also available for free for mobiles and tablets, Iphone and Ipad via Google Play or App Store.

A simulation game in which you will play your own virtual character, girl or boy.

Between shoppings, casting, friendship and paparazzi or love, marriage and divorce.

You will have to change your avatar to become the star of the moment in this game that is also suitable for boys.

The easiest way is to go through the game guide.

On this fashion game for girls and boys, to become the biggest star, you have to realize goals one to one to be the one or the number one in the different categories.

You will have to participate and vote on the fashion shows, realize the look of your character and share it. To shoot photos to create your book and criticize that of others ^^. Well, sure above all, make friends;)

So, minivie is a fashion, drag and deco game. A virtual girl game what! ^^

To create his own clothes to be trend, to redecorate and to furnish his house.

Not to mention the missions to accomplish to become the superstar in vogue.

A virtual life simulation game where you will aim to manage a character, girl or boy.

You will have to live his life: find a business, buy a house, get married, make children, defy other players and become one of the stars of Lil-city!

Set of top-model roles for girls.

A virtual game that lets you choose a virtual girl and manage her day after day to become a fashion model.

Take care of your own virtual girl.

And make it become a real top model!

Doll and the City.

A virtual game of fashion and design, in which you just need to create one or more В «Doll В» as well girl as boy, see a baby, why not.

On the program: make-up, hairstyle, shopping to dress or decorate your home, in which you can add as many rooms as you want, besides you can also have a virtual dog.

Find more virtual games for girls next page , like the game of sweet love which happens in a high school and to play high school girls.

To enter a new life or reign fashion, intrigues to unravel with hidden objects in the game at the scene of Elite dollz or even the game HiDolls based on the fashion mode.

If you would rather enter a musical world to play in Popmundo, this one offers you different simulations of life.

There is also the game Ma Super Star / Zinger to become a star of the music and run the castings. In the same genre, but for movies, there is Moviestar planet, this game offers you to become a creator of movies;)

On the other hand, if you want to create a virtual family, Micropolia should help you without counting the virtual baby games to learn, with a baby in which baby bottles and diapers are in the program ^^

Our selection of games you enjoyed?

Do not hesitate to share it on Facebook or on your blog, the link to copy / paste on your blog or site is as follows:

Welcome to this page, you will be able to register to kooliz. To register, go to the homepage and fill out the registration form.

Kooliz is a fashion game, online and free. You will be able to create your personal and virtual avatar.

It's up to you to choose between a boy avatar or a girl avatar first.

It is also a game of drag or you will be able to flirt other players or players to be in a relationship.

It is also a decoration game where you have a house to decorate with furniture, objects, carpets, floors or walls.

Every me there is a contest of the house to be the most beautiful.

In kooliz, you will be able to create your family, have children, a wife / husband and live together in the house. It will of course be necessary to do daily activities, like shopping in the virtual shopping center, shopping in the game to buy beautiful clothes, both in the official store of the game, or in shops. player modes.

As its name does not indicate, kooliz is a fashion game mainly. The goal is to dress with the clothes of the shops and to be the coolest player in the city to make friends. You have clothes for different places and situations, like for example clothes for the beach, or everyday clothes like to go to the garden or the parks.

You then have fashion outfits to go to discotheque, that is to say in general dresses for balls or costumes for boys. It is necessary to be rather elegant in disco, because it is also a place of dredge to put you in pair, the competition is rough.

Many fashion contests are held on the site in order to win prizes when one is in the first and becoming more popular. There are topics in the competitions, so you have to respect them!

Kooliz is a flirting game, you will be able to contact other players to flirt and put you in couple with. Then, if it goes well, you'll be able to marry that person. To chat, you will be able to send gifts for example, or send messages of love by private message or on the cards. But in a drag game, do not forget to offer flowers to the love of your life so that it is small, and of course do not forget the fashion, to have a sacred look to make crack the person.

Kooliz is a decoration game, you will be able to make decoration in your house, decorate the living room for example or the kitchen. You will also be able to do room decoration, or garden decoration, you have thousands of furniture available to decorate.

There are furniture like tables, chairs, frames to choose from and many other types of objects. Sometimes there are room competitions to know which one is the most beautiful.

It's up to you to choose the one you prefer.

Several themes of decorations and places like the garden, the kitchen, or simply the living room or the room, to you to see which one inspires you the best!

Kooliz is a disco game, you go to have fun in virtual disco like in real life. There is dance music and a bar to go and drink the drinks you want. If you like disco games, come on fast.

The players can discuss in the part discotheque, to move their avatars in order to dance with the others and to discover the places in 2D.

Since it's a fashion game, it's also a way to go out and show off her best clothes to get her on her feet and even to flirt and train couples.

Kooliz fashion contest game

Kooliz is a fashion contest game, regularly, there are fashion contests where you will be able to participate and can win competitions. There are, for example, Christmas fashion contests, or fashion fashion contests, where you have to be the coolest person.

So if you like fashion show games, come and sign up, you'll be the king of fashion! But if you want to win the competitions, you have to choose the right clothes to put on.

Free online flash games without registration

Welcome to SmartGames! On our site you will find the best free flash games online. You will be able to play all these mini games for free without registration and without downloading. Our flash games are for girl and boy. You will find below all the new games of the main categories of our website.

Mahjong Liaison is a classic mahjong game qu.

Celtic Mahjong is a mahjong game that tackles.

Find your 12 favorite levels without limitati.

Assemble the pairs that go together in this Mah.

Click on two identical shapes to make.

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