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R8 - manufactured by Audi ($ 133,443).

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Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld Turns the Runway Into a Data Center at Paris Fashion Week

Paris' Grand Palais dedicated to wires, cables, and black data boxes.

Greeting by a huge sign that said "Chanel data center," designer Karl Lagerfeld presented with a complete collection of blinking handbags, iridescent tweeds, and fluorescent rays of color splashed on flowing dresses and caps.

The show opened with an all-white tweed with a round of plastic helmet and boots reminiscent of Star Wars warriors (dis).

"We all depend on it," Lagerfeld, 83, told Reuters TV after the show, referring to technology. "Imagine your life without the phone and the next step will be artificial intelligence and robots."

Add to cart Add to Wishlist Chanel tweed suits and jackets completed with metallic ballerina shoes.

Accessories included a small black handbag that was effectively a plastic robot with blinking square eyes.

Chanel, which is privately owned, traditionally organizes some of the most striking shows during Paris Fashion Week. The events help the brand preserve its image which is crucial for retaining customers and wooing new ones.

According to figures filed with the Amsterdam exchange, the French luxury goods maker was hit hard by the luxury spending slump last year.

Check Out This Luxurious Condo That Karl Lagerfeld Is Designing

Residential real estate in South Florida is about to meet the king of haute couture. The Miami-based Trump Group recently announced that Karl Lagerfeld-the head designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi-has attached their name to their new luxury condominium project in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The Estates at Acqualina, set to break ground later this year, will feature lobbies designed by the fashion maestro himself.

Trump-who runs the Trump Group with his brother, Eddie (no relation to The Donald) -said that Lagerfeld was an obvious choice when it came to designing one of the property's most intimate spaces. "Karl Lagerfeld" Trump Explained In An Interview With Fortune. "So we approached him through a mutual friend. We wanted something extraordinary, and we went to a man who was extremely extraordinary. "

Although The Trump Group has been commented on, the style has been stated to be a "lager" and "lager". Lagerfeld drew inspiration from a range of sources: "The construction , Florida, the mood of the moment. All kinds of elements. "And while the prolific designer is an expert in the field of extracurricular projects-from directing Magnum commercials to creating a collection of fountain pens I [designed] too many houses I never used, and I can not make another house for myself. "

Scheduled for completion in 2020, The Estates at Acqualina included two 50-story ultra-luxury condominiums with 265 fully-furnished residences. The development follows the sell-out success of the Mansions at Acqualina-the Estates' sister project that debuted last fall. Catering primarily to well-heeled families ranging from $ 3.9 million to $ 40 million-a dog park, and 24-hour valet service. The Estates will also feature bowling lanes, an ice-skating rink, and a Wall Street Traders' Club room complete with ticker tape and a board room.

2016 may be the most auspicious year for high-end real estate in South Florida. A report published this past April by Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers & Miami Beach and the Barrier Islands 7.5% in the last 12 months, to about $ 905,000 and 10% of the condos plunged by 14.5%. But Jules Trump says he is confident that Lagerfeld's star power will only ramp up the enthusiasm that prospective buyers have already expressed.

"We've already got about one of the building reservations already, so we're optimistic," Trump said. "And the announcement about Karl has considerably increased his interest."


One day last month, just before he left for Washington and a fashion show benefit at The Home Free House, Karl Lagerfeld got a phone call from his fortune teller. "You will do something very new in September," she told him. She's never been wrong, he says. She's over 90 now and almost blind, but she wants to know what she should know. "One day I was with my lawyer and I was going to have a fortune. " Lagerfeld asked how she said she could "see" it. In fact, Lagerfeld says, there was a mistake in the contract. On Page 4. But now he is curious about his new project for September. There's the Chanel couture collection to be shown in July. The ready-to-wear collections for Chanel and Fendi will be shown in October. More the advertising campaign and catalog for his own collection. And maybe the start of a new magazine. The fortune teller unquestionably has special insight for Lagerfeld. But, in fact, something is always about to happen for him. Take last month. He produced a special issue of Figaro Madame, the magazine packaged with the Sunday edition of the Paris newspaper. More than one million copies were produced. In recent years, Isabelle Adjani, Christophe Lambert, and Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Adjani, have been in charge. Last month they could Karl Lagerfeld in charge. "The first time ever for a fashion designer," he says proudly. Actors or actresses have made suggestions, and had input. Lagerfeld did everything. There are his photographs, his written insights into the art market. He gave one of the columnists suggestions to whom to interview. There's an interview with Lagerfeld himself on books, plus his sketches for an upcoming children's book - "The Emperor's New Clothes" - his sketches with an article on the changing shape of women's bodys, a self-portrait and portraits of three young actresses and the roles they dream of playing. Princess Caroline, modeling clothes from 1900, 1914, 1925, all remade in her workshop. "Old clothes really look tired, so we remade them." They were to be fresh. " Included is a coat created for Chanel Chanel now Chanel. (There was no chance of Caroline wearing the original; Caroline was taller than her grandmother was.) Remarkable is a photograph of Caroline in pajamas Chanel herself wore in 1930. Caroline is photographed in the same way Chanel was when she was photographed wearing the pajamas at the opening of the Monte Carlo beach. Lagerfeld is obviously thrilled with the results. Unfortunately, only those who bought The Figaro that Sunday or got a copy of the issue from Lagerfeld could fully appreciate the pictures. Some days in France, but Lagerfeld did not think much of the reproduction. It took the Lagerfeld team to make the most of magazines. "I have a bigger crew than most magazine staffs," he explains. He has been assisted at Chanel and Lagerfeld, including the people who work on the beauty and fragrance products. "I'm used to a fast working speed," he says. Lagerfeld is proud of the results. "You do not like it, it does not look homemade," he says. "And imagine, I've been doing photography just for three years." That is how long he has been doing his own ads. "I am doing," he says. And it is interesting to make your own ads for your own clothes. "It makes you look at you with a different eye.You learn from your own work.You learn what to do and what not to do.It is very important. From his travels, his friends, his photography, he senses a change coming in fashion. "The old idea of ​​glamor, with high heels, low-cut dresses, jewelry, big shoulders and too much hair, that's all very demoral" What is coming, he says, is more relaxed, more refined, more intellectual, less flashy, more subtly sexy than aggressive. He does not think of anyone needs ball gowns anymore; rather, evening dresses, the kind of easy things they wore in the 1930s, he says. Like dinner and fashion show recently. He looks like something else next. "I'm always going to kill my own stuff." "I would not like to do anything like it if I liked it." And so there must be new projects, as the fortune teller says. It will not be menswear. He has given up his Italian tailor - "I got bored with those clothes though I still have them." He now makes his own suits, including the tuxedo that he wore here recently. But making them for others? "It does not interest me enough." Lagerfeld's fortune teller called him, and he said that he would not be able to do anything. "Two days later I hear the family that hired the other couple had to let them go for stealing." Finally he admits he has another project under consideration: an art review to be published four times a year. Will it happen? "My fortune teller has never been wrong," says Lagerfeld.

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