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Popular Free Slot Machines

If you have never played slots at an online casino, it may take time for you to become fully familiar with the world of online gambling. But we will convince you instantly with our free games and soon you will not want to leave home to play casino.

Looking for images, sounds and animations worthy of a real casino? No problem ! All our games meet the latest standards. You are not ready to spend money right away in a casino? No problem ! You can play our slot machines online for free for as long as you want.

Free Slots: 100% Free Fun

In order to familiarize yourself with the different slots, you could start playing without money. You can try our free games, or with our "play money", which require no deposit or download. So you can slowly get used to all games without any obligation, since you do not need to register to play our free games, which use technology flash, accessible on your browser. In this way, you will be able to study all the details of our graphics software entirely without risk and for free. And, if you lose all your "gambling money", the "bank" will give you back, without asking any questions!

There is another way to limit costs: free spins. Again, you do not have to spend your hard earned money; you can convert your winnings from free spins into bonuses. You'll be delighted to see that our free games do not take up space on your computer, thanks to our no download option, and that you can, in a few steps, play on multiple platforms until you find your slot machine favorite. You do not have to register at an online casino; you are just starting to practice and play online on our website filled with free slot machines. As a regular player, you will enjoy our games that do not require deposit. Keep an eye out so you do not miss all our promotions for our free slots! Finally, whatever your favorite game, the rich selection of our Online Casino section will offer you a very large choice. Why not try all our slot machines, one by one, to find the one that suits you best?

In case you decide to open a player account at our online casino, you will be happy to hear that many bonuses of all kinds are offered to you by registering. Almost all online casinos today must offer their customers bonuses when they make a deposit. However, you must read the fine print of their offers. Often, the offer will look attractive, but certain conditions could cause you surprises. It does not hurt to find out! After getting familiar with our free games, your bonuses will give you plenty of time to apply your new knowledge to real slot machines with your own money.

One of our bonuses, free spins for the best slot machines, will bring you the real atmosphere of a real casino, since you could win real money or even win the jackpot! Also, for example, our no deposit bonus, immediately applicable to your registration. So even a beginner can easily learn the rules and strategies of slot machines, make new experiences and, in addition, have the chance to earn money.

Slot machines in "play money" mode

One would be inclined to think that there are many ways to play slot machines, with all these online casinos on the internet, but these games are very simple, and of two kinds: normal and progressive. Of course, the variations on these two themes are multiple; however, the basic principle is the same. "Normal" slot machines pay predetermined winnings based on the combination of symbols on the screen. Thus, there is no doubt about the type of gain expected. It is therefore possible to offer versions in "play money" for these games. This "play money" can be used by anyone, anytime, for an unlimited period.

The philosophy behind slot machines is simple: all the player has to do is register with his favorite online casino which offers this type of bonus. In addition, some casinos pay additional bonuses at higher stakes, which can be used throughout the casino. When the free game time has expired, the player may keep his winnings and transfer them to a player account, or withdraw the true money gains. For beginners, the obvious advantage is to try as many games as possible for free. Play for free without financial risk ... brilliant!

Well-known online casinos grant a real money credit, or offer you to play for free for one hour. This allows you to get a good idea of ​​the casino and its games, without having to spend your money. Is there nothing better than being able to improve his playing skills without putting a penny in it? Most of these offers are limited in time, but others are constantly occurring. All casinos strive to keep their customers with free spins, bonuses at deposits, and promotions of all kinds.

Flash games: download not necessary

Casino software is available in two versions: downloadable or no download. The most popular is still the download version, which contains software to be downloaded directly to your personal computer. Even though most of these software programs download quickly, it is nevertheless unpleasant to realize that they occupy a lot of disk space. Games without download offer you the advantage of accessing the games of your favorite casino in seconds. These games are perfect for players who can not download the software on their computers, or just want to save time. What's more, slot machines and other favorite games are available instantly, with or without registration, at most online casinos.

Graphics, videos and animations play a crucial role in your appreciation. Recent 3D graphics and high definition (HD) graphics create a unique gaming experience, and animations, constantly enhanced, complete the game to perfection. The beauty of no download games is that they can be tried for free, with or without deposit, and that all offers are available without obligation.

Many people would like to play at an online casino, but they are afraid of having to send their personal data by registering. In order to accommodate these players, more and more online casinos offer games without registration and often without download. Although it is impossible to play with real money, which would require opening an account, this is an interesting option to discover the games on the site and see if they suit us. In fact, it's almost the ideal situation ... try all games for free without registering!

Without a doubt, slot machines remain the most popular online casino games. There are all kinds of them, starting with the classic three-wheeled machine, through the multiple wheels, to the video machines, with their progressive lots. It is not uncommon to see new slot machine players try them all.

Fortunately, online casinos offer free slots as a perfect solution for those players who want to continue playing for free. The player chooses his game, the casino transfers the "money" into the player's account, and he can test, play and have fun. This prepares very well beginners to play with real money. Obviously, here the ultimate plan is to play your favorite game with real money ... and earn real money. After you have become familiar with your favorite game, and after ensuring the security of the online casino, it may be time to take the first step with money because the big winnings are available only for "Real" players.

Free Slot Machines Online

The official website of online slot machines. Play for free at our slot machines without any download.

The big screen inspires game creators

Cinema buffs everywhere will now be able to find in casinos so many reasons to satisfy their love for films and cinema. The novelty is that three new free slot machines inspired by cinema have been launched in the online casino environment. These are the following titles: Shock of the Titans, The Time of the Dinosaurs and Batman.

Clash of the Titans

It's a free slot machine with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game is entertaining and exuberant and full of quotes, images and video clips of the film. This leaves the player with a feeling of cinematic magic. During the tours, you can listen to excerpts like "There is a God in you" "Stay focused", and "Ask what you want to know".

The time of the dinosaurs

This is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot that is making waves in the casino industry. The game is packed with opulent graphics, sounds and animations allowing the player to be immersed in the film of the same name.

This slot machine offers an interactive bonus game Raptor Clash, Free Spin Explosion and Combo Completer. These three game modules are just a small sample of what this slot machine offers players.

The Black Knight is the last one who brings the big screen to the screen of a video slot machine. The game is based on the latest interpretation of Batman (The Dark Knight Rises). The blockbuster has captivated fans and they want more! Intense graphics and video clips from the movie built into the game make the perfect combination of entertainment for all fans of this movie.

How to enjoy games tournaments

Slot tournaments are not all created according to the same criteria. You will have to examine them to determine if a tournament is a good deal for you.

Below you will find details on the three main types of tournaments:

Free and Invitational Tournaments

Invitational tournaments usually take place as a reward for loyal players or big bettors. These are tournaments inaccessible to the public. However, some casinos organize free tournaments open to the general public, as a way of attracting players to the casino. If you have never played in a slot machine tournament, then these free tournaments are a great way to test them. Plus, if you can spend time playing for free at a casino with the chance to win a prize, it must be a positive experience. If you do not win, you will still have the opportunity to have a good time without the risk of losing your own money. Other tournaments require participants to pay an entry fee.

Tournaments that return all registration fees

The most lucrative tournaments are those that give all entry fees in the form of prizes. The casinos display tournament rules and both the prize structure. So you can take a look at the prize structure of a tournament and you will see how much has returned to the players.

If the registration fee is $ 100 per player and for prizes you take into account a total of 200 players, you can expect a total of $ 20,000 in prizes if all the money is returned. If all the money is not returned you must evaluate what additional benefits are obtained in exchange for your money.

Some casinos offer, next to the tournament, a package containing additional stimulants, gifts and discounts. These may include: discounts or free hotel rooms, welcome parties, banquets, door prizes and raffles.

There are even tournaments where the value of the gifts and other benefits exceed the tournament participation fee. These are valuable offers for players.

Tournaments that benefit casinos

This type of tournament is organized by a casino just to make a profit. The casino takes a large part of the registration fee, but offers little or no benefit in exchange. This type of tournaments should be avoided. As winning prizes at a slot machine tournament is a matter of luck, you want to make sure that you are rewarded one way or another for your money. Take a tour and find the tournaments that suit you the most.

Initiation to slot machine tournaments

Game tournaments are very popular events. Competition attracts those who are competitive. For some, winning a title is almost as important as winning the prize money. Some players prefer tournaments because they know ahead of time the costs and their potential losses.

Among the tournaments, those of slot machines are very popular so far, because of their easy nature. Free slots tournaments do not require special skills, which makes the odds even better and makes them attractive to all players. Here is what includes such a tournament.

Slot tournaments have a simple format. When someone signs up, it is assigned a number and a play interval. When it is his turn, the player finds the machine with his number and waits for an employee to give him the signal to start. All players have a fixed amount of credits that must be played within a certain period of time.

A common format is to give each player 1000 credits and 20 minutes to play them. Each time you press the Spin button, the amount of credits for a maximum bet (usually three credits) is deducted from the starting credits. The earned credits are displayed on a separate meter. We can not replay all the credits earned. When the time is up the machine will lock and the game is over. Credits that have not been played will be lost. The score on the meter will be compared to those of other players to determine the winner.

Once the game is finished for a player, an employee records his score. Once the score is recorded, the player leaves the machine. Most casinos have only a limited number of machines set aside for the tournament. As a result, there are usually several game sessions to accommodate all players. Most often, after each round the casino updates the list with the ranking.

Fortune Lounge Slot Machines

The Fortune Lounge Group regularly announces the most popular games in its online casinos through the "Hottest Games" list. Usually, the games in this list are either novelties or popular or high-profile games. But the last list of April 2011, which has just been published, includes some games we have not heard about lately.

One of the names on the list is "Double Magic", which really comes as a surprise. Double Magic is a classic three reel slot machine. It is rarely that three-reel slot machines are on the list of the most popular games.

Double Magic is a simple game. He has a single payment line.

Normally, at three-reel slot machines, players can bet up to three coins, but at Double Magic, players can bet up to two coins. By dint of hitting all the Stars on the pay line, we release the jackpot, which represents 800 times the stake. The Star is also the wild symbol and doubles all payments.

Another game on Fortune Lounge's "Strong" list is "Reel Strike". This is a five reel video slot machine, whose theme is fishing. The symbols on the rollers include fish, such as yellowfin, barracuda, lutjanus, sea bream and sea swallow. The wild symbol is the symbol of the roll. By aligning five such symbols, we get a jackpot of 10,000 coins. Reel Strike has interesting background music, making sounds like the sound of the sea, the engines of the boats and the sound of the fishing rod.

"Pedal Power" is another interesting slot machine on the list. Its theme is the bike race and the game was launched on the occasion of the event Tour de France 2009. The graphics and animations are superb and in the free spins, players have three options. The game does not normally appear in the list of popular slots virtual casinos, but perhaps during the Tour De France 2011, Power Pedal will see a revival.

"Dolphin Coast" is another slot machine that has not got the popularity it deserves. It offers 3125 ways to win, being one of the few slot machines with this kind of structure.

The Fortune Lounge online casinos group includes popular brands such as Royal Vegas, Platinum Play, 7 Sultans, Vegas Towers and Desert Dollar. They are all powered by Microgaming software and are licensed by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

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In a real casino slot machines can not be free, right? Yes, but on the Internet everything is possible and the software works without being thrown under it - it's beautiful, right? Today 33% of people have fun playing on their phones and spend about 18 hours a week. Wait, it's 10% of your time! That's why moving to a slot machine at the casino seems natural - why not enjoy your free time and win while having fun?

But ... play without winning - what's the point?

There are several reasons why one prefers the free version of gambling. Here are some:

1. It's Free Like any other game, a free slot is a way to relax after a long day at the office. As long as you pay for your access to the Internet, these games are at our disposal and do not ask for anything from our credit cards, which is wonderful.

2. I am under the age of 18. As gambling is only allowed for adults, minors must have a way to try it without being persecuted. That's why free slots games are not only entertaining, but useful.

3. Just to see. Sometimes we need to test the machines before getting into the game for real. This helps to better understand the principle, the probability of a jackpot and make a choice. Most online casinos offer the opportunity to play for "fictitious" money, that is, free of charge, with an amount of credits offered by the system. A fabulous advertisement for them - an advantage for the players.

4. Manage your time and deposit. The free slot machine games is an extraordinary instrument to learn to play and to set restrictions: to not become a compulsive gambler one needs to have some. Before playing the real game, you will have the chance to evaluate your casino behavior, see how much time you spend there and if you can stop in time.

5. When the budget is small, and the appetite huge. Many casinos have gigantic toy libraries with more than 400 or even 800 machines. If you have a lot of free time, but a little tight budget, it is not possible to try everything, so ... long live the free slots games!

The task is very easy. If, to play online and make money, we had to find a reliable site, which offers fair playing conditions and secure payment, with free platforms, the choice is much wider. You no longer have to worry about security (at least, if you do not go to questionable sites or catch a virus). You have two possibilities:

- Various sites with free slots.

The only question you have is, "Do you want to gamble and make deposits later?"

If so, opt for reliable sites and sign up for a real casino. Otherwise, do not complicate your life.

You can play by downloading flash versions of slot machine games or just have fun online without cluttering the memory of your device.

Warning! Remember that by downloading an executable file you risk the security of your computer or phone (viruses and secret software can easily steal and transmit your personal information, passwords and documents to strangers). So choose safe suppliers and reputable sites that will not spy on you later.

What free slot machine games to choose for fun?

It's your taste and your preferences that decide. According to some polls, women practice scratch games more often - they make up 54.9% of the players, the students are the most enthusiastic sports bettors - 26.5%, and the young men are permanent casino players - 17.8%

Most people do not always play the same games - we come back from time to time to have fun and have fun. This is why it is important to have a fairly diversified toy library and know where to go if needed.

If card games are more fun in groups and parties are formed during parties with friends, roulette and slot machines are rarer distractions in the real world. That's why we're going to offer you a range of free slot casino variants.

- "Classic" machines;

- Video poker machines;

Conventional machines are widespread - they are no longer mechanical rolls with numbers and shapes. Everything is in color and is projected on your screen. What is most appealing is that this fun does not require intellectual effort, no strategy - we rest without getting bored!

There are several free slot machine themes: geometric shapes (including crystals: More Gold Diggin 'and Mega Gems by BetSoft and also Astro Magic), numbers (Frogs and Files, Angel's Touch by NYX), movie topics or cartoons (such is Aladdin's Loot, Zorro). One of the most popular themes are animals: starting with fantastic shapes (Crazy Cows) and even classic images, as in Bavarian Forest etc.

You can also experiment with the types - see if a 3D slot machine or a "video" machine will be a more interesting option (especially if you play on your PC).

Scratching games are also very popular: they sporting subjects (like Soccer Scratch and Lucky Numbers), cowboys (Guslinger's Gold) or pirates (Pirate's Pillage), others like Itchin to Win or Penguin Payday ( which is really fun and well done).

So, make your choice and have a good time in front of the computer!

We all thought, once young and stupid, that the army was just a joke at the same time and none of those who wanted to do anything with their lives wanted to go to the army.

Well now is the time for everyone to recognize that the Marines are some of the best people to count on, especially when it comes to the Slots Marines. You will be going through all types of goals, missions, and wars in bonus games continue to earn important cash money in this slots game.

While the day just goes by as if you're out of luck because you have a lot of way to fun while playing a simple and easy Slots game, you'll be raking in a lot of money and not even paying attention to the time of the day. clock.

This game also gives you other ways to help you win big as multiple paylines to hit more often.

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