Free card games without registration

Free online flash games without registration

Welcome to SmartGames! On our site you will find the best free flash games online. You will be able to play all these mini games for free without registration and without downloading. Our flash games are for girl and boy. You will find below all the new games of the main categories of our website.

Mahjong Liaison is a classic mahjong game qu.

Celtic Mahjong is a mahjong game that tackles.

Find your 12 favorite levels without limitati.

Assemble the pairs that go together in this Mah.

Click on two identical shapes to make.

The solitaire: free online card game

Solitaire is a game of patience or success that, as the name suggests, is played solo!

The board of this card game consists of three distinct spaces:

  • the "board", with 28 cards spread over 7 columns of increasing size.The 1st column has 1 card, the second column 2 cards, the third column 3 cards, etc. until the last column which has 7 cards. only the top card is face up.
  • the "Reserve"(also called the" pick "or" hoof ") where the remaining 24 cards of the game are stacked face down.
  • the "foundations"consisting of 4 free cells when we begin the solitary.

The purpose of the solitaire is to fill the 4 foundations with ascending card suites (as, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, valet, lady and king) and of the same family (clover, spades, diamonds or hearts).

  • on the columns of board , create descending sequences of cards (king, queen, valet, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, as) alternating colors (red or black: the family of cards does not have of importance here).
  • on the free cells of board , you can only place kings.
  • you can move descending sequences of multiple cards to another column of board, or move an entire column.
  • when it's useful, you can take a card from one of the 4 foundations, and place it on the board.
  • draw a card in the Reserve if there is no more movement on the board.

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Relive the mad poppies of the Klondike Gold Rush with this classic solitaire game.

Play for fun at 150 online casino games, among the best on the net.

Play online the famous card game "The Queen of Spades" in front of 3 players controlled by.

In addition to the classic solitaire game, this game offers you in fact 18 variants including FreeCell,.

Make yourself comfortable for a small game of Uno against 2 opponents controlled by.

A small game of solitary cards on a golf course, do you mind? Match them.

Sail the 7 seas and play the pirates in this solitaire card game to the realization.

Classic Spider Solitaire game with 3 levels of difficulty (1, 2 or 4 colors). Train.

The oldest card game in the world has been stolen and it is up to you to find and collect.

Very addictive solitaire card game in which you have to eliminate the pairs of cards forming.

Governor of Poker 2 is a free online poker game conceived in the form of an adventure game at.

Freecell Solitaire is a well-done and addictive online solitaire game. The rules of this game.

Flash Blackjack allowing you to play up to 3 games simultaneously. Start with one.

Freddy's Fazbear Pizza is a pizzeria that kids love for its puppet show,.

This new version of Galactic Gems transports us to unexplored planets.

In constant development since 2010, SSF2 is the improved online version of the fighting game on.

Play online the famous card game "The Queen of Spades" in front of 3 players controlled by.

Very anticipated return of this excellent fighting game in a version 3.1 adding a new one.

Not bad for the heroes of Fairy Tail and One Piece that come back to us with version 1.1 of.

If your heart did not die after playing the first game, know that FNAF 2 is even more.

Find a maximum of French words, from a random draw of 6 letters, and find one.

Monopoly is no longer present, arguably the most well-known board game in the world, including the goal.

Card Games on

Fashions go by but online card games are timeless and remain a very popular category among flash games. The rules are often known to all and they allow you to relax as soon as you have a free moment.

Free card games without registration

and if you want less ads.

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Free Poker without registration

Play at free poker without registration is a possibility that we offer you, knowing that to play the best poker you will usually need to register (but this is not necessarily as complex as you think).

Here are different options for free poker, depending on the type of registration you want.

Free poker games totally without registration

We offer on our site 3 free poker games, without any registration, which will allow you to discover poker online.

Rather simple overall, these games do not require any registration and allow you to play poker for free, at least the time to learn to play poker. Of these 3 games, Good game poker is the most elaborate and will propose (only if you wish) to register easily and quickly to save your scores and preferences.

Excellent games to start poker, even if the following is still more advanced ...

Play free poker without registering more than an email address

The free online poker game we offer is another way to practice the free poker with an inscription limited to a very simple and fast formality.

Indeed, just enter a valid email address to receive your access password, and you will be able to play unlimited way with the community PlayPokerFree. Friendly members, a simple but complete game with different variants of poker (hold'em, Omaha and Stud 7 cards). Impossibility of playing money and totally download-free game in the background an excellent opportunity to start poker.

Register quickly and for free in a poker room

Finally, if you want to play in real poker rooms online, be aware that the registration is rather simple and fast and it does not commit you to anything. In a maximum of 5 minutes, you can register in a room that will then offer you different types of free poker games.

This will allow you in particular to participate in freeroll tournaments, free, allowing you to win cash winnings sometimes very high or tickets for other tournaments. Know also that PlayPokerFree offers many tournaments of this type with partner rooms, which you can find the schedule detailed on our page: freerolls PlayPokerFree.

Ultimate advice in this section, choose a room offering a software free poker without download will allow you to take only a few minutes for formalities and offer the advantage of not having to download and install anything on your computer. Things are thus simpler, faster, and less restrictive if you do not want to push your experience further.

The best rooms to play poker online.

  • For Windows, iPhone, iPad or Android. Enter promo code / benefit MAXBTCL at registration and participate in our private tournaments every Monday.

  • The room we recommend if you want to play on Mac. A sure value.

  • A historic operator in France who has created a real global offer in parallel with its horse offering.

  • A discreet alternative but very interesting if you already have accounts at the operators above.

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