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Welcome to the best online site that offers to play directly for free simply and most often without registration to more than a hundred of specially selected CASINO games ! Go ahead for totally free games and quite nice all different, discover and choose your favorite game:

It's very often the games most often proposed and where the selection is sometimes difficult to do, because the many slot machines offered are very often the same. But it is possible to choose among the different Slots Traditional Machines, for mobile, 3D, and the new versions regularly made available.

Casino scratch games

Also very popular players, the various games and scratch cards online where you can actually earn large sums of money have the advantage of being rather unique and very different.

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A couple wins a million euros at Euro Millions

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Marc Baudet

La Française Des Jeux has just donated 1 million euros to a very lucky couple. They participated in the draw of February 23 at the press hall of Thouaré-sur-Loire near Nantes. Being regulars of the establishment, they ...

China: Justin Bonomo wins the title of Super High Roller Bowl

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Marc Baudet

Today, China becomes the territory of poker by organizing tournaments on an international scale. At the Super High Roller Bowl China, the stakes are high and attract many professionals in the field. Figures that give the ...

A player wins the jackpot on the NetEnt Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Machine

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Marc Baudet

Mega Fortune Dreams, the creation of NetEnt, has yet made a millionaire player. Member of the online casino Unibet, this lucky winner has pocketed an exceptional amount of € 4,084,430.35. With this sum, it goes without saying that this last ...

A new partnership between IGT and HTC Vive

Posted on March 24, 2018 by Marc Baudet

Virtual reality is coming soon into casino games with the collaboration of the world's leading slot machine, IGT and HTC Vive. The Virtual Zone platform now offers the majority of players to participate in tournaments ...

What kind of free game are you going to find on our site?

We grouped free casino games by type of game which you can consult from the main menu of the site. You will quickly find your favorite games and here are all categories present:

  • Slot machines : still called slots or penguin bandits, free slots games are the most famous casino games in the casino world. Whether it's 3 reels or 5 reels, with 10 or 30 paylines, a free slot machine is always a new adventure and story. Since a few years we have many 3D slot machines that are absolutely beautiful, we let you visit our category and use our filter "3D game" to find them quickly, you will not be disappointed!
  • Blackjack : this is the most famous card game in land-based casinos, it is not to present! You get closer to 21 without jumping and so beating the bank ... but nothing like a good workout on a free blackjack game, and you can also master the rules and strategies to have fun and make money.
  • Roulette : the most popular table game! Especially for players who love martingales and game methods, the game of roulette intoxicates and remains nevertheless a very simple game. Lovers of simple odds, dozens, columns or even playing on simple numbers, everyone finds his style according to his risk aversion. Place your bets, no more bets !
  • Video Poker : a subtle mix between a slot machine and poker. Very effective these games are interesting because there is a little more strategy than a simple slot, trying to keep the right cards as and when prints. Varying the bets and trying variations will help you increase your enjoyment.
  • Keno : Keno is a game best known for its physical version with a draw of balls broadcast on TV. Online casinos have quickly realized that this game was appreciated and have implemented online versions of Keno.
  • Scratching games : the scratch game also takes the physical version of scratch tickets, and it is therefore very simple to play by scraping with the mouse symbols.
  • Craps If you have never tested craps online, do not hesitate to discover it. Less known than its neighbors, the free craps offered on our site will allow you to increase your pleasure.
  • bingo : a game at the base rather played by the elderly ... it is the idea that one makes of it. But online bingo is now accessible to all and has undeniable advantages.
  • Baccarat : the direct competitor of roulette but with a faster pace. The game of baccarat online is a certain stimulation and allows you long hours of fun ... and reflection!
  • Sic Bo Sic Bo comes from China and is played with three dice. A bit like roulette we bet on various chances and the draw of the 3 dice tells us if we won or not.
  • Poker : the most poker version is Texas Hold'em but playing poker online will allow you to discover new variants and without wagering a cent of your pocket.
  • Various : finally in this category we have gathered all the free games that do not have a possible category, so they will be very varied!

What will you find on our casino guide?

We do not only have free online casino games. We also publish news in the field of online games. You will be notified of new games, besides do not hesitate to follow us on social networks. And especially many files, gathered in one real online casino guide to make you discover this world of games with the experience of several professionals. One goal for us, to share our passion and allow you to earn more by playing smarter, and this without eliminating your pleasure, on the contrary!

We will also analyze all software, casino game publishers to help you to know who are the main players in this market. You will know what it means when you hear the term "Betsoft slot machine", or that an online casino uses software like NetEnt, Rival, RTG, etc. With these additional information, you will have a complete casino guide allowing you to better understand the world of French online casino.

Finally and most importantly we will bring you a comparison of the best online casinos. We will give you a detailed and objective opinion for each casino that we operate and retain for their qualities. We will negotiate for you exclusive bonuses, for example no deposit bonuses that allows you to have a real account on an online casino and play with real money that you have offered, or free spins on slot machines. So if before you master free casino games, you can expect to earn money in real life.

You might ask yourself this question but in the end the benefits are many:

  • It's free, without restriction, you can play as much as you want! A Free casino game does not engage you in anything.
  • This allows you to learn the rules that can be sometimes complex, and it is better to learn them on free support before investing.
  • It's just entertaining, even if you really do not intend to invest money one day, you can play hours on a roulette wheel to have fun with strategies, or titillate slot machines. and discover the 3D slot machines that are nowadays sublime games.
  • This is also a reason to discover new games without necessarily logging into your online casino, you are free to navigate here among a collection trying to bring together the best of all the best casino software available. The collection is therefore more open than a casino that is limited to only a few game publishers.
  • And then maybe one day it will bring you to a possible financial opportunity. You have to remain responsible, a casino game is not a financial investment, but if it is practiced with wisdom (and dexterity) it can be a good gift one day at the arrival ... it is therefore to place at the same as an investment in a lottery game except that you really enjoy yourself!

How to win at free casino games?

By definition, a game is made to be won. At least, have fun with a goal of winning (or victory) to the key. Whether it's a board game, a lottery, a bingo or any other type of game, the common element is the intention to win.

And our site will be very useful for this purpose, because it will allow you to avoid having to create a multitude of accounts in online casinos to find your favorite free casino games. Here it is, fast and without registration, you can filter games by software and find the ones you like to practice to master the rules of games and their subtleties.

Here are some tips that will help you win:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the rules of the games! If you do not control the rules of a game, never play with real money, it will necessarily be a shortfall, and we are here for that, you bring information and bring you supports free then it would be stupid to deprive it.
  • Experience yourself! The games were created with a multitude of new scenarios and surprises, including slot machines. You have to play for many hours to discover the many bonuses and their subtleties, and for that, no solution, spend time on your favorite games to have a real experience that will allow you to ensure in real game.
  • Establish a mathematical strategy. It's not just chance, but most of the winners are those who come to mix pleasure with a rational approach. There are notions of gaps and trends in all games because they are fundamental notions at random, and those who try to exploit natural tendencies come close to a game that generates more gains than loss. It is necessary to know how to vary the bets because to many games such as roulette, change the selection of winning strokes could not change anything but vary the bet according to trends is an approach that allows to extend his playing time for the same defined capital. At slot machines, if you manage to make your capital last, you will increase your chances of reaching a jackpot! In other words, you do not always have to play maximum bets, but learn to ride randomly ...
  • Finally, most importantly, have a discipline. Discipline does not mean not taking pleasure and being like a poker player, without feeling, in "robot" mode. On the contrary, you can very well have a lot of stimulation without being tempted. It is simply necessary to be in good spirits before starting a game session. You should therefore avoid committing money if you are too tired after work for example, or too stressed or with trouble in mind. Prefer a moment of freedom, a Sunday at rest or when you are Zen, because the enemy of the player and the gain is the tilt. It happens much more often than we think ... who was not disappointed to lose money and wanted to rebuild at any cost? And when it has not worked we are ready to go to the end of its capital play see redo a deposit? This is the thing to avoid at all costs because the difference of the gains and losses will remain negative only because of the tilts!

Free Online Casino Game

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Who will be the winners in the US online poker market?

The indictments that led to the banning of three major poker operators in the United States are opening a door to American casinos. They have more than ever the chance to make money in a billion-dollar industry.

By creating their own poker sites, the casinos will fill the void created by the repression, but we must wait for the game to become legal in the United States. This would give them free access to tens of thousands of consumers who have seen their favorite hobby endangered by the hostility of federal prosecutors.

But Americans play poker online despite numerous attempts to stop them. Thus, casinos also argue that governments could instead use the tax revenue from poker games.

The move gained momentum last week after casino mogul Steve Wynn, chief executive of Wynn Resorts Ltd, and his counterpart at Caesars Entertainment Corp. spoke out for the clarification of federal laws, in order to authorize poker on the Internet.

If, in the end, the legislator sees things the same way - it is unlikely that PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker are allowed to return to the US market when their leaders face allegations of bank fraud , money laundering and illegal gambling.

Caesars CEO Gary Loveman expressly said it was the right time for casinos to persist publicly in legitimizing their will.

"Our industry needs to modernize to allow its services to be delivered electronically and not in these expensive brick and mortar facilities," Loveman said. "It's more and more necessary, if you want to address a younger audience. "

While companies such as Caesars and Wynn have already embraced the idea of ​​online poker, others have also begun to look at the issue because they think regulation of online gambling is inevitable.

Other, smaller companies are worried that online poker will hurt their current income.

Taxes, too heavy a burden for operators

The regulatory problems that have undermined the price of shares in online gaming companies over the last year have deepened this spring 2011. The troubles are the governments of the German Länder, who proposed a tax 16.7% on online sports betting, while reserving online gaming services only to hardcore gaming operators.

The harsh conditions proposed by the regulations seem a clear concession to state casinos after the success of pro-monopoly parties in state elections. If France can serve as an example, the consequence will be that many operators will simply stop having activities in the country in the absence of a reasonable profit.

In addition, the Länder plan to issue only seven regional licenses and end live betting, an increasingly important revenue stream for many online gaming operators.

The ads proved particularly bad for Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, which currently draws between 27 and 30% of its revenue in Germany and saw its shares lose a third of their value as a result of the news.

Given this weakness, the worst-case scenario for the group would be the total loss of gains from Germany. According to analysts, there is a strong, but not guaranteed, possibility that the Länder relax their position before the regulation passes into law. This is scheduled for the date on which the inter-state treaty on gaming expires, ie, the end of 2011.

This turned out to be the case in Spain and Greece, where the initial proposals for a turnover tax were finally watered down by the choice of a gross profits tax, which is commercially viable. "The legislation does not seem to comply with EU open market law," said analyst James Hollins. But a possible change can not be made in good time, before the adoption of the law.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein is the only one of the 16 states of Germany that does not support the proposal. In exchange, he proposes a smarter 20% tax on gross profit.

Grand Duke Casino, a new brand under the Playtech umbrella

A new online casino powered by major gaming provider Playtech opened last week to players around the world and promises to be the next big Playtech Casino.

Grand Duke Casino, operated by Integra Gaming Limited and based in Malta, offers more than 150 advanced casino games and a loyalty system like no other virtual casino. The casino can be downloaded, but it is also accessible in flash. In both cases, it offers slot machines, video poker and table games with 3D graphics and perfect audio technology.

The most popular Playtech casino games have been included in the repertoire of Grand Duke Casino, including the latest big hit in slot machines - King Kong. Mathew Silverman, spokesperson for Integra Gaming, said the quality of the casino and the unique bonus program would meet the demands of players in a professional manner.

The theme of this new online casino is the elegance of the rich English royal courts. Taking its theme from the history of aristocrats in ancient England, who would gather in exclusive gaming clubs to relax playing, Grand Duke Casino will try to recreate this historic period with style and class.

The casino has a four-tier VIP program, offering prizes starting at $ 7,000 and rising to $ 22,000. Advancing on the VIP ladder is certainly worth the time you spend at the casino!

Titan Bet Sportsbook receives license from Arjel

In an exciting round of events, Titan Bet Sportsbook, based in Paris, has received the necessary license to offer services in France. The Regulatory Authority of the Online Games (Arjel) has recently granted the authorization.

The owner of the new license is The Nation Traffic SAS - who owns the domain name. The company already has an online poker license issued by Arjel. This happened at the end of 2010, when joined the iPoker Playtech network.

Previously, the former Budget Minister, Jean-François Copé, established the "Advisory Committee for the Implementation of the Policy of Control of Responsible Gambling (Cojer). This committee was responsible for ensuring the security, integrity, accountability and reliability of online gaming activities.

Since then, there has been encouraging progress in France. In summary, the government announced the opening of the market, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union. Budget Minister - Mr. Eric Woerth introduced the bill regulating the French online gaming market. Since then, market dynamics have remained stable.

During 2010, Arjel granted several licenses - approximately 17 licenses to 11 gaming operators, for sports betting, horse racing and online poker games. The beneficiaries were mainly French companies, but the Austrian company Bwin, Everest Poker of Canada and BetClic of Malta were also beneficiaries. Online poker providers have had to wait, while sports betting and horse betting operators have begun in force.

PokerStars sets the stage for the legalization of poker

A week after the state of Nevada announced the introduction of a bill to regulate online poker within the state, PokerStars has taken all possible steps to ensure they are well placed to take advantage of these legislative changes.

One of the steps taken by the world's largest poker room was to hire two experienced individuals, Randall Sayre and Richard Perkins, as consultants to help expand PokerStars' sphere of influence in any future market. American poker online.

Former Nevada Game Control Board member Randall Sayre and former Nevada Assembly President Richard Perkins have already earned a reputation for being a supporter of regulated online poker. Therefore, their decision could also be seen as a means by which influential executives can bring the issue on the agenda to help the Nevada gaming industry.

As Perkins explains, "I see Internet games as the way Nevada reinvents itself. It's the growth vehicle for the global gaming industry. "

Randall Sayre reiterated his colleague's position, while cautioning against the dangers of the adjournment. He added that "PokerStars is a major company that is looking to advance its program. "

Another step that PokerStars has taken to gain a foothold in a future regulated online gaming market has been to announce a "strategic relationship" with Wynn Resorts.

"We are excited about the possibilities that the partnership with Wynn, a pioneer and game innovator, will spawn for PokerStars in the United States," commented PokerStars President Amd Mark Scheinberg.

In the event that a law is passed, the two companies announced that they would then operate an online poker site called, which aims to provide quality games, tax revenue and lucrative jobs.

Corporations are now hoping that the "AB 258" bill will be well received at the next Judicial Assembly Commission, even though many analysts are not giving it a great chance to pass.

Online Casino: The Guide to the Best Casinos

If you are a newcomer on our website and you discover for the first time Casino Lemonade, let me briefly introduce our guide dedicated to the entire universe of online casinos and more particularly to the games offered by these famous virtual rooms .

Created in 2006, Casino Lemonade simply stands out today as the world leader in the game of free online casino. It is also the only guide at the international level to contain no advertising. Thanks to this strong editorial policy, the site enjoys a total independence that remains unanimously recognized in the world of gambling on the web. It offers you information as well as unbiased reviews, which is unfortunately not always the case with other guides living solely through their advertising revenues.

To learn more about Casino Lemonade, I now suggest you read a more detailed presentation later in this welcome text.

From the online casino to the slot machine, the origins of the guide

The website titled Casino Lemonade was created in 2006, as already mentioned in the introduction, by a group composed of players as well as professionals from the music industry. online gambling and offline united by a common passion for the universe of the virtual casino as a whole. All members of our team were unanimously disappointed by the many guides that are multiplying on the Internet. Indeed, they are content overall to offer simple advertising and promotional content often requiring registration to have the right to test some too rare games. Thus, we had the idea to launch our own website that would gather all the online casino games market accessible for free, without registration or time limitation.

The idea was to design an unregistered website that would bundle all online casino games on the market for free, with no download or time limitation.

A guide focused on online games

As a general rule, the various guides that are currently on the web are more like real Christmas trees, because of all their banners that keep flashing by inviting players to register on this or that room. Virtual. From the home to the inside pages, they are too often content to publish endless lists of online casinos and tirelessly insist on the various promotions offered at the expense of what we consider to be the most important to know the games on offer.

On the contrary, the vocation of Casino Lemonade is not to promote online casinos. Our website is more for the purpose of discovering the wealth of games available on the web and to give them the central place they deserve. Much more than a mere bias, this is a true editorial policy and a priesthood. Thus, Casino Lemonade is really needed as a website dedicated to gamers with an orientation online casino. To be convinced, just browse its various pages devoted in large majority to online casino games.

Players ourselves, we did not appreciate the fact of having to register on a multitude of virtual casinos to discover the best games of the moment, leaving each time an email which received at the same time an incalculable number of spam.

An art deco design and a very practical lobby

Attracted by the visual arts, all members of the Casino Lemonade website team chose a steampunk art deco design that was put online at the end of 2009, along with innovative features accessible after registration. They allow you for example to put your favorite games in favorites so you can find them more easily from the lobby. The latter also offers you a ranking of all the other titles, according to the notes you have given them. In addition, he recommends the casinos that should please you the most according to your tastes. Becoming a member of Casino Lemonade also allows you to share your impressions, to comment on different games, to receive exclusive information and maybe even to win one of the T-shirts offered every 50 registrations.

All other guides have the annoying tendency to resemble each other. To mark our difference in editorial policy, we also wanted to offer an eye-catching and original design inspired by art deco style with a hint of steampunk.

News, reviews and tips

If the main objective of Casino Lemonade remains to allow all Internet users who wish to find free of charge all the casino games available on the web, the entire team of the website takes care to set up many texts offering important information on the world of gambling.

Thus, through the Blog section, you will find many tickets dealing with the news of land-based casinos but also the online gambling market. We announce for example the construction of new complexes in the four corners of the planet but also the exit of the last virtual slot machines. We also deal with legislative issues as well as big issues progressive jackpots picked up all over the world.

Of course, we also invite you to discover the best online casinos that will allow you to enjoy real games on our website. On this occasion, you will discover uncompromising reviews that will dissect for you the conditions of the various promotions offered, which will analyze the seriousness and professionalism of the virtual rooms in question and which will stop at length on the proposed games.

Finally, for each type of games, you will find a section dedicated to it. The latter allows you to discover the history, rules and best strategies for making money. Thus, no need to browse the web for texts on roulette martingales, blackjack card counting, the history of slot machines or the rules of video poker for example. Indeed, it is possible to easily find all this information in a few clicks since they are together on Casino Lemonade.

Designed primarily for gamers, Casino Lemonade offers in addition to a wide range of games many information to enjoy a maximum.

Online casino discussion forum

In the last months of 2013, the whole team of Casino Lemonade website worked hard to offer a nice surprise to Internet users. It was a forum, put online at the beginning of 2014, to exchange with other players and members of the website on topics related to the online or offline casino. To access it, just click on the Forum button at the top of any page of the website. If you are going to participate, you must first be a member, even if you are already registered on our website. To do this, simply press the Register button to the right of the different discussion topics. Thanks to this forum, you will be able to exchange on the universe of the virtual casino but also brick and mortar, on the various methods of payment and of course on all the games like the slot machines, blackjack, roulette or video poker in particular. This is a great place to find interesting tips and get answers to all the questions you ask yourself. Of course, this can also allow you to discover new gaming techniques and learn more about the most effective strategies for making money safely. In short, it is a place of discussion bringing together many enthusiasts like you and me.

In order to make our website even more lively and user-friendly, we have added a discussion forum that allows all our members to share topics that they are passionate about.

More than 1,200 online casino games totally free

On Casino Lemonade, you will find all the casino games available on the market. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy for free the largest game library, with more than 1,200 games, as I write these lines. We offer the most important free games library currently in desktop games with a transition to mobile casino.

You will find all possible variants of video poker imaginable, many castors and a lot of blackjack as well as poker and baccarat for example. The ball, the craps and the wheel of fortune are also represented, as are other card games or other dice games. We also offer many lotteries such as bingo or keno, scratch cards and even virtual horse races, some of which have great 3D graphics. However, we do not offer games for sic bo, so we advise you to go to to play sic bo online as the name suggests, and for free what you will discover and learn this very popular game in Asia very simply and without any constraint.

Of course, the widest category of games is slot machines. You will find all that makes the diversity of this type of titles. You can count on the presence of advertising slots, mechanical slot machines with 3 reels and video slots latest generation with 4 or 5 reels. In this last category, we invite you to discover games with 3D graphics that have nothing to envy to the best animated Hollywood movies in computer graphics. Others tell you a true interactive story through impressive cinematics and innovative features. Finally, know that some titles are inspired by cult works in the field of cinema, literature, comics or even video games for example.

By trying these different games, you will be able to discover the most talented editors of the market like Betsoft, Netent, Playtech, Microgaming, Rival or Cryptologic among others.

Our goal is not to promote online casinos. Our goal is to introduce Internet users to the wealth of games available on the Net.

In short, as you have already understood from this little presentation, the website titled Casino Lemonade is for all players, from the most novice to the most expert, wishing to enjoy the widest range of games possible and imaginable in a totally free way. The whole team hopes that this will allow the games to find the central place they deserve; while they are too often relegated to the background by the other guides on the web, behind the promotional offers and bonuses.

Of course, we also offer a selection of the best virtual rooms on the market but only for the purpose of allowing Internet users who wish to discover the free games offered on our website.

Also, be aware that you will find many tips and tricks, rules and history relating to all existing online casino games. We also offer you regular news to know everything about this dynamic industry. You even find a discussion forum to exchange around your passion with other players.

The Casino Lemonade website is therefore the ideal place to discover or maintain your love for online casino games.

Here are the presentations now completed, so I wish you a new welcome and I hope you enjoy all our advice and our game library particularly rich and varied.

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