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We told you on our homepage, we are a guide to casino games for French players and more widely, French speakers. Poker, blackjack, bingo, but also craps, keno and roulette: we provide you with a complete and accurate info on table and card games!

As online gambling professionals and gamers on our free time, we feel it is our duty to offer you certain possibilities that other guides, perhaps a little less proficient or less concerned about the development of their readers , would not put up.

In this section "Casino Games", you will from now on find a great thing: the opportunity to play for free the best casino games of the moment. It is exceptional and it is only for you, so enjoy it and above all, do not hesitate to tell us your feelings about the casino games that we offer. This will allow us to implement a scoring system that will benefit other players who will visit these pages.

Remember, if the casino gaming community is so rich, it's thanks to everyone's comments and sharing of experiences. So do not hesitate to add your stone to the building by communicating your opinions on various topics: registration, live universe, bet and jackpot ...


Looking for free casino games with bonus? A superb world of rewards is waiting for you

Looking for free slot machine casino games? You are in the right place ! On this page, you will find a multitude of slots free trial, signed by the best publishers from the world of Gaming.

To hell with the free casino games 770, free casino games slot Partouche or casino games Barriere: Casino Legal France, we offer you the best of the online casinos free version for you You can become familiar with these games, before attempting the jackpot in real mode.

This means that to play, you do not need to register with us, or create a player account on online casinos to spin the slot rolls. No, you can play for free in fun mode. Treasure room, Magic Forest, Gold Versailles, Cash Wizzard: you will find a variety of incredible casino games.

In addition, we have credited the machines with at least 1000 chips each time so you can really take the time to play. Here, the best penguin bandits are available. The editors are multiple: you have Betsoft machines, Sheriff Gaming machines but also Rival Gaming and others as well. Everything is there to put you in conditions: wild, ackpots, lines ... It really feels like Lucky 8, Spin Palace, or like in Vegas.

Are free and mobile casino games compatible? The answer is yes !

We have integrated our slots, so you can try them for free. You can find this set of "casino games example" in online casinos that we recommend in our review. Remember that the casinos that we put forward on our site have all been tested by ourselves: the comments are therefore genuine and relevant.

The free slot machine games for fun, but are they easy to access? We tell you everything

We had a lot of testimonials from players who told us that it was very annoying for them to have to register to try the casino games before making a deposit. Because many of you test casino games before you start in real mode, congratulations, it's a good reflex. Indeed, if you do not like the casino game, you will feel like you have wasted time registering and you will still lose precious minutes trying to unsubscribe.

This gave us the idea to set up the "free games" section to avoid this inconvenience. Now, thanks to us, when you sign up for a casino, you will have already had time to read his offer and will be certain to want to make a payment, to try to earn money in real mode.

If you want to play without spending, know that free games are not the only solution. Another choice is offered to you. You will be able to find on the sites of games of chance - especially if you are a new customer - free bonuses, like the famous "casino 770 no deposit bonus" and freespins ... A chance to pocket real winnings blackjack tables, video poker or Texas Holdem.

And then for the casual players, because we think of them, who do not want to make the steps of registration but who just want to play a few minutes, a few hours, well we have only one word to to say to you: HAVE FUN!

Still more and more casino games? Do not hesitate to consult our "bonus" and "casinos" casinos to enjoy even more entertainment. Remember this last piece of advice: The more informed you are, the more chances you have to win. So. grow, play, have fun!

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Your No.1 web guide offers to make you real money gambling experts online. To do this, visit our very comprehensive reviews on a wide selection of casino games from the best developers or learn more about table games through our section!

Player wins at casino thanks to his deceased friend

Max Anderson was passionate about casino games, especially free casino games. Unfortunately, the man never won the jackpot that could help him realize his dreams. He died on February 7th. It was very difficult for Tyler Morris to mourn for his friend, with whom he shared everything. On the day of the funeral, the septuagenarian decided to go to the casino the last time as a tribute to the memory of his friend. But, once inside the complex, Tyler Morris felt an indescribable presence, which pushed him towards a particular slot machine.

Sitting next to the slot machine game, the man introduced some chips and pressed the "Play" button. After a few seconds, he realized that he won the much desired jackpot by his friend. Did the $ 5.5 million that Tyler Morris got in the casino, in which Max Anderson came to play almost every day, a coincidence or a sign of fate or providence?

"Max wanted to give us one last gift before he left, he's sure," said Tyler Morris's wife, very touched. This donation will allow both to repay the loans and save money to ensure a secure future for their grandchildren.

Grandma stolen by her dependent granddaughter at casino games

A scandal in Britain has worried authorities struggling to find solutions to reduce the risks of gambling addiction. Brenda Lowe, a 46-year-old British woman, stole over £ 140,000 from her 90-year-old grandmother to satisfy her gambling addiction. She was sentenced to three years in prison and will have to repay the stolen sum.

It was his brother who noticed the theft while checking the funds for the 91-year-old lady. Victim of a robbery a few years ago, the nonagenarian decided to sell the property and retire to a home for the elderly.

A total of £ 141,000 was diverted and used by the resident of the small town Reddish to ease her gambling addiction. And the worst is that her grandmother now has a £ 6500 debt to the asylum.

At the end of the police investigation, Brenda Lowe testified that she stole her grandmother's money to play the online casino. She also took advantage of her savings to travel and even buy a car.

But Brenda Lowe is obviously far from the first scam. She also sold fake concert tickets on the Ebay website to twenty-four naïve men, making them believe she has tickets to one of George Michael's latest shows in England. This fraud will bring him another eight months in prison.

Rivers Casino wins 18 awards from Strictly Slots magazine

Rivers Casino received 11 top prizes from readers of Strictly Slots Magazine, but the casino won in 18 categories. All of these are highlighted in the November issue of the journal, available now.

Rivers Casino was honored with first place in the following categories:

"Best Casino for Progressive Slots"

"Casino with Best Penny Slots"

"Casino with Best Nickel Slots"

"Casino with Best Quarter Slots"

"Casino with Best Dollar Slots"

"Casino with Best $ 5 + Slots"

"Best High-End Slot Area"

"Best Slot Club Promotions"

"Best Players Club Lounge"

Craig Clark, Managing Director of Rivers Casino, said, "These awards are the result of the hard work of our team." "This honor demonstrates that customers from across the region visit Casino Rivers with our unrivaled gaming and entertainment experience. "

Rivers has also received awards in categories such as "Best Overall Casino", "Casino with Best Variety of Slots" and "Casino Where You Feel Luckiest".

Rivers Casino is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh and has become a top entertainment destination since it opened in 2009. The casino offers players 116 table games and more than 2900 slot machines. Rivers has nine restaurants and bars, as well as daily promotions to live shows and games.

Play for free and without download

Discover the famous characters of slot machines

A very nice surprise to see some famous characters of the real or imaginary world scrolling on the reels of slot machines. They have even been devoted to the entire theme with neat graphics in order to recreate as much as possible a pleasant story that arouses the interest of all casino gaming enthusiasts.

A slot machine dedicated to the Hollywood star of the fifties, Marilyn Monroe. Who has not heard of Marilyn Monroe? Half a century after his death, the legendary actress continues to fascinate. We meet her in the virtual world thanks to the slot that bears her name. With 3 reels and a single pay line, the game offers a jackpot of 1000 coins and two options to place your bet. Start the game now!

Count Dracula between myth and reality. He existed for real or it's just a legende? Yes or no, this complex character has invaded the cinema and other areas of representation: literature, comics, video games. Dracula is also known as a vampire who allegedly lived in the Carpathians, in Transylvania, a region of west-central Romania. If you want to meet him, play this slot machine which has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Look forward to the bonus game that will be triggered once you get 5 Dracula symbols on the same paid line.

James Bond, a fictional character created by British writer Ian Fleming has captivated the general public over the years. Secret Agent 007 led an adventurous life, full of difficult missions and has always been displayed in the company of very beautiful women. We see it on the rolls of the 5-reel, 9-payline James Band slot machine, developed by the B3W group. You can bet from 1 to 10 coins per line. The game features a wild symbol (the silhouette of James Band) and a scatter (the target). If you manage to get at least 3 scatter symbols, you win free spins. Enter the skin of this character and complete your mission.

The Hobbit - a character who will be absent from slot machines?

A conflict between Warner Bros Studios and JRR Tolkien's heirs of cultural heritage took a dramatic turn, affecting the launch of new games inspired by the famous fantasy stories "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit".

In short, Warner Brothers appealed against copyright holders JRR Tolkien for obstructing a licensing agreement with a casino gaming company. The object of this agreement was the production of slot machines based on The Hobbit.

In its appeal, Warner Bros. argued that they lost "millions of dollars in license fees" for online games and The Hobbit slot machines, because of the confusion over rights. This move comes in response to the lawsuit initiated by Tolkien's succession against Lord of the Rings producers and the Hobbit in November 2012. As a result of this lawsuit, the studios had exceeded their rights when they entered into copyright agreements. license for slot machines based on the trilogy The Lord of the Rings. In addition, the lawsuit was supposed to prevent this from happening again with The Hobbit.

In return, Warner Bros. suggests that the lack of slot machines in casinos (terrestrial and online), has damaged the profitability of the first film of the trilogy The Hobbit, released in December 2012. To this day , the fantastic 3D adventure produced just over a billion dollars, being currently rated as the 14th greatest cinematic hit of all time.

"Warner has invested a lot of time and money in plans for future (Tolkien) works, which have now been delayed, reconsidered, and perhaps canceled for good.

Because of the repudiation, Warner has not entered into licensing agreements for online games and slot machines in relation to the story of the Hobbit - a form of exploitation already used for the Lord of the Rings trilogy - which at night in Warner, both in the form of financial losses and in terms of less exposure for The Hobbit movies.

We are now waiting for the testimony of the other party, but in the initial complaint it has already been pointed out that the exploitation had gone too far. The author's son, Christopher Tolkien, has publicly denounced the commercialization of his father's works.

Canada, early in the game industry

The online casino industry is not new in Canada. In the summer of 2010, the online gaming company Play Now tried and failed to enter the Canadian market. It was decided that this online casino was not yet ready to meet the requirements of the Canadian market and was immediately removed from the online gaming market after a few days of operation.

However, Canadian provinces have learned from all the mistakes made in the past. Canada is starting to see the benefits of this industry, which will lead to new money for deficit budgets. All of Canada's provinces have been affected by the economic downturn and so some see the online gaming industry as a potential capital to exploit.

Several provinces have refused to accept the online gaming industry in their markets to solve their budget deficits. One of the main factors behind this decision was the uncertain quality of Quebec's first attempt to enter the online gaming market. The Play Now incident highlighted the current challenges facing Canada's gaming industry, such as security issues and player loyalty. Moreover, in general, the game is still seen in Canada as a "societal evil".

Because of Canada's size and large population, there is real potential to cultivate and control the online casino industry, but only if the country sees it as a priority. Quebec's first attempt to open a gaming market must be seen as a small lesson learned when the Play Now site was still a novelty.

The mobile games market is flourishing

Over the past year, the mobile casino industry has been the fastest growing segment of the global gaming market. Jupiter Research recently completed a very detailed analysis of the mobile gaming market, and expects the industry to be worth more than $ 48 billion by 2015. As mobile devices and operating systems evolve at an astonishing pace, Gaming software developers have begun to plan the release of new games specifically for this sector of the industry, exploring everything including 3D technology.

Around the world, more than 4,000 unique mobile devices have been created. Each device, from the latest smartphone model to the older generation of laptops, has specific limitations that prevent it from being able to accept certain casinos and mobile games.

Each mobile casino has a unique list of mobile devices through which players can connect to their sites. Since a new mobile casino opens every day, it would take hours of intensive research to identify the mobile casinos that accept the brand, operating system, and model number of your mobile device.

The Mobile Finder Casino is a web-based tool that does not require downloads, registration or installation.

In just a few seconds, this tool will provide you with a list of the most reputable mobile casinos that explicitly accept the mobile phone you use. The Mobile Finder Casino, next to Mobile Game Finder Casino, which finds mobile casino games compatible with certain operating systems, is accessible from standard computers or via mobile browsers.

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein says "yes" to the games

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein has broken with the other Länder's common policy, developing its own law on online gambling. After the statutory standstill period granted for the examination of the draft law, the European Commission approved the draft, making only one minor stipulation, namely that only the big banks acting on behalf of gaming operators in line give guarantees, no other inferior institutions.

The highlights of the bill are the 20% gross profit tax, the eligibility of all online gaming sectors and the granting of an unlimited number of licenses. The adoption of the law in its final form is expected this summer 2011, when the parliament of Schleswig-Holstein will meet for a second reading and a final vote. Hopefully, the licensing process could begin as early as the fall.

Some of the leading online gaming operators serving the German market have already expressed their joy at hearing this news. A spokesman for Betfair has named the EC's approval a "decisive step in the political process to modernize the regulation of gambling in Germany". He said that the Schleswig-Holstein bill had a more pragmatic approach than that of the other Länder. The spokesman also added that it was very likely that Betfair will apply for a license to operate his business in Schleswig-Holstein after the adoption of the new law.

One of the other operators who responded in favor of this initiative was It should be noted that the company resulting from the Bwin - Party Gaming merger has been affected by recent legislative developments in Germany. It will be remembered that the price of shares fell by 16% in April, when the majority of German states proposed a very restrictive and untenable online gambling bill.

As happened during the week in which the new company was born, the result was all the more dramatic. Representatives of have also confirmed that if the law of Schleswig-Holstein passes, then they will apply for a license. John Shepherd, director of corporate communications at, said CE approval was a clear signal sent to the other 15 German states who must understand that Schleswig-Holstein is going in the right direction.

The joint proposal of the 15 German Länder only opens the sports betting market and puts forward a tax of 16.66% on turnover. Beside that, other unacceptable clauses include: a five-year trial period for seven sports betting licenses and the licensing of online casino games to only land-based casino operators, again for a trial period of five years.

The official statement of the ruling Liberal-Conservative coalition in Schleswig-Holstein says that following the approval of its draft law by the EC, the proposal submitted by the other 15 states will not be acceptable. In December 2010, the experts predicted that online gaming in Germany would be regulated individually by each state. Now this forecast seems to be coming true.

The WSOPE 2011 calendar has been established

The World Series of Poker Europe has announced the schedule for this year's season, which will take place in France, in Cannes, in October.

The WSOPE will be composed of seven bracelet events, organized at the Barrière Casino Cannes Croisette and at the Majestic Barrière Hotel from October 7th to 20th. This is the most bracelets series ever offered at a WSOP Europe.

In a WSOPE news release, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said:

"Our new location in Cannes and the partnership with Barrière Poker will offer players the best experience we have ever had for WSOP Europe. For two weeks, participants will enjoy plenty of action and entertainment in Cannes, in what will be the perfect poker vacation. "

The main event, a € 10,400 buy-in event, will start on October 15th. To date, WSOPE's four-year history champions are Annette Obrestad, John Juanda, Barry Shulman and James Bord.

The series also provides for a single tournament, in mixed format, that will last four days, starting October 12. On the first day, nine players will gather around a no-limit hold'em table; Day 2 is dedicated to six-handed poker, while for the last two days, heads-up of the final table have been scheduled. The buy-in for this event will be € 10,400.

Here is the full schedule and buy-ins of the respective events:

Friday, October 7, Event # 1: No Limit Hold'em with six hands (three days) - € 2,680

Saturday, October 8th, Event # 2: No Limit Hold'em (five days) - € 1,090

Monday, October 10th, Event # 3: Pot Limit Omaha (three days) - € 5,300

Tuesday, October 11th, Event # 4: No Limit Hold'em Shootout (three days) - 3,200 €

Wednesday, October 12th, Event # 5: No Limit Hold'em in mixed format (four days) - € 10,400

Thursday, October 13th, Event # 6: Pot Limit Omaha with six hands (three days) - € 1,620

Saturday, October 15, Event # 7: WSOPE Main Event (five days) - € 10,400

Saturday, October 15, No-Limit Hold'Em Ladies Event (no bracelet, one day) - 550 €.

First results on the liberalized French market

The first revenues from online gaming in France have been made public and betting operators have paid close attention to this fact.

Things do not look good for online sports betting, but there is an improvement for horse racing and a great evolution of poker on the internet. The only online industry that has seen real benefits is poker.

In May 2010, France imposed a form of regulation for online games. Any online casino wishing to operate on the French market must have a license, which is issued by the government, and submit to very heavy taxes.

That's why betting operators believe that this experience may ultimately prove to be a blow to the government, instead of generating the taxes that politicians hoped to see. At present, this means that the online gambling market is open exclusively to French operators rather than competition involving foreigners as well. Only poker is an attractive investment for everyone.

The value of the bets placed on the French poker sites reached approximately € 1.9 billion, with taxes amounting to € 271 million.

Horse racing has kept its value from the pre-regulation era, standing at € 241 million for the first fiscal quarter of the year. The sports betting sector is one that has seriously felt the effects of the new legislation, experiencing a decline in activity from players by 40%.

Even though the French government ended up taking largely planned measures as inevitable all over the world, it seems that the approach is not as profitable as expected.

iGaming Business joins forces with G2E

iGaming Business, one of the oldest and most established media companies in the world of online gaming, announced a partnership agreement with Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the trade show and the first international industry conference games. Thanks to this cross-promotion opportunity, it is likely that these two giants will be able to reach audiences in both the world of online and offline gaming.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with G2E," said Alex Pratt, Head of iGaming Business. "G2E is the largest gaming conference in the world and we look forward to working together to educate and educate the public about the game."

Since 2001, the "Industry for Industry" event has been organized by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and Reed Exhibitions. G2E has grown more and more every year.

In 2010, 24,941 people attended the G2E event in Las Vegas, giving gaming professionals access to cutting-edge products and technologies, providing them with valuable networking opportunities and unparalleled educational programs.

To date, more than 300 companies have registered for the 20,000 square meters of space available for the G2E 2011 exhibition.

"Internet gaming continues to generate a lot of interest and debate in the United States and around the world," said Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., President and CEO of the AGM. "This partnership between iGaming Business and G2E will provide online and onshore casino operators with the information and insights they need to understand how this industry will shape the future of our industry. "

G2E and iGaming Business will also be partners in future events and conferences that bring together online and hard gaming professionals.

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A couple wins a million euros at Euro Millions

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Marc Baudet

La Française Des Jeux has just donated 1 million euros to a very lucky couple. They participated in the draw of February 23 at the press hall of Thouaré-sur-Loire near Nantes. Being regulars of the establishment, they ...

China: Justin Bonomo wins the title of Super High Roller Bowl

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Marc Baudet

Today, China becomes the territory of poker by organizing tournaments on an international scale. At the Super High Roller Bowl China, the stakes are high and attract many professionals in the field. Figures that give the ...

A player wins the jackpot on the NetEnt Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Machine

Posted on March 25, 2018 by Marc Baudet

Mega Fortune Dreams, the creation of NetEnt, has yet made a millionaire player. Member of the online casino Unibet, this lucky winner has pocketed an exceptional amount of € 4,084,430.35. With this sum, it goes without saying that this last ...

A new partnership between IGT and HTC Vive

Posted on March 24, 2018 by Marc Baudet

Virtual reality is coming soon into casino games with the collaboration of the world's leading slot machine, IGT and HTC Vive. The Virtual Zone platform now offers the majority of players to participate in tournaments ...

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  • Keno : Keno is a game best known for its physical version with a draw of balls broadcast on TV. Online casinos have quickly realized that this game was appreciated and have implemented online versions of Keno.
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  • Craps If you have never tested craps online, do not hesitate to discover it. Less known than its neighbors, the free craps offered on our site will allow you to increase your pleasure.
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  • Baccarat : the direct competitor of roulette but with a faster pace. The game of baccarat online is a certain stimulation and allows you long hours of fun ... and reflection!
  • Sic Bo Sic Bo comes from China and is played with three dice. A bit like roulette we bet on various chances and the draw of the 3 dice tells us if we won or not.
  • Poker : the most poker version is Texas Hold'em but playing poker online will allow you to discover new variants and without wagering a cent of your pocket.
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We will also analyze all software, casino game publishers to help you to know who are the main players in this market. You will know what it means when you hear the term "Betsoft slot machine", or that an online casino uses software like NetEnt, Rival, RTG, etc. With these additional information, you will have a complete casino guide allowing you to better understand the world of French online casino.

Finally and most importantly we will bring you a comparison of the best online casinos. We will give you a detailed and objective opinion for each casino that we operate and retain for their qualities. We will negotiate for you exclusive bonuses, for example no deposit bonuses that allows you to have a real account on an online casino and play with real money that you have offered, or free spins on slot machines. So if before you master free casino games, you can expect to earn money in real life.

You might ask yourself this question but in the end the benefits are many:

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  • It's just entertaining, even if you really do not intend to invest money one day, you can play hours on a roulette wheel to have fun with strategies, or titillate slot machines. and discover the 3D slot machines that are nowadays sublime games.
  • This is also a reason to discover new games without necessarily logging into your online casino, you are free to navigate here among a collection trying to bring together the best of all the best casino software available. The collection is therefore more open than a casino that is limited to only a few game publishers.
  • And then maybe one day it will bring you to a possible financial opportunity. You have to remain responsible, a casino game is not a financial investment, but if it is practiced with wisdom (and dexterity) it can be a good gift one day at the arrival ... it is therefore to place at the same as an investment in a lottery game except that you really enjoy yourself!

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And our site will be very useful for this purpose, because it will allow you to avoid having to create a multitude of accounts in online casinos to find your favorite free casino games. Here it is, fast and without registration, you can filter the games by software and find the ones you like to practice to master the rules of games and their subtleties.

Here are some tips that will help you win:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the rules of the games! If you do not control the rules of a game, never play with real money, it will necessarily be a shortfall, and we are here for that, you bring information and bring you supports free then it would be stupid to deprive it.
  • Experience yourself! The games were created with a multitude of new scenarios and surprises, including slot machines. You have to play for many hours to discover the many bonuses and their subtleties, and for that, no solution, spend time on your favorite games to have a real experience that will allow you to ensure in real game.
  • Establish a mathematical strategy. It's not just chance, but most of the winners are those who come to mix pleasure with a rational approach. There are notions of gaps and trends in all games because they are fundamental notions at random, and those who try to exploit natural tendencies come close to a game that generates more gains than loss. It is necessary to know how to vary the bets because to many games such as roulette, change the selection of winning strokes could not change anything but vary bets according to trends is an approach that allows to extend his playing time for the same defined capital. At slot machines, if you manage to make your capital last, you will increase your chances of reaching a jackpot! In other words, you do not always have to play maximum bets, but learn to ride randomly ...
  • Finally, most importantly, have a discipline. Discipline does not mean not taking pleasure and being like a poker player, without feeling, in "robot" mode. On the contrary, you may very well have a lot of stimulation without being tempted. It is simply necessary to be in good spirits before starting a game session. You should therefore avoid committing money if you are too tired after work for example, or too stressed or with trouble in mind. Prefer a moment of freedom, a Sunday at rest or when you are Zen, because the enemy of the player and the gain is the tilt. It happens much more often than we think ... who was not disappointed to lose money and wanted to rebuild at all costs? And when it has not worked we are ready to go to the end of its capital play see redo a deposit? This is the thing to avoid at all costs because the difference of the gains and losses will remain negative only because of the tilts!

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On the internet casino sites could be terrific based on check out specifically for new online gamers that would like to try their luck on online wagering. [...]

Damien Welch - October 9, 2017 January 8, 2018

On the internet online casinos are the net variation of the standard gambling establishments, which allows gamers to win online games. Called as [...]

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