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Why are free games so successful? we can think that the first phase of the child, the player likes to practice free play even imagining a friend who does not exist.

as it would be to play the gendarme and thief, here is one of the first free games that any player could know in his life.

As it would be for a girl who plays the mother with her doll, this one also practices her first free game.

In fact in all free games the player remains the master of the situation.

It is by evolving that the individual goes on to play more social game while continuing to play free games except that these are governed by rules.

This comes to define rules in his free games that lead to defining roles to give answers to the actions of others.

In free games, the roles are not related to each other, unlike free games, free games allow to escape the constraints of the rules of society.

And to be able to leave in an imaginary world where all the free games do not have aggravating consequences according to the acts.

Free Software Foundation

> Welcome to openESub, the multi-player online (asynchronous) submarine game 100% free and free. You can register and play from this site without installing anything on your computer. The only prerequisite is a browser sufficiently recent and. to have read the rules!

> E-Sub is a partner game of the association Ludimail. If you want to support the games by email, if you want to help the openESub team to pay the hosting fees so that the game remains free or if you want to enjoy more around the game, join Ludimail!

> OpenESub is a game:

  • on submarines,
  • multiplayer,
  • strategy / tactics,
  • which is played online,
  • via a web interface,
  • turn-based.

> And all this is:

> The game counts at the moment:

  • 0 active players
  • 132 active submarines
  • 0 games in progress
  • 3 guilds

> Last official news:

> The other news:

> Find the news on our RSS feed.

NB: a "server cache" of 24 hours can lead to some temporary shifts

between the different pages of the site. This is normal and does not require bug reporting.

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At the wheel of your Renault will have to finish the 3 levels proposed by the game. In order to achieve this you will have to complete each of the missions that are entrusted to you at the beginning of the stage and that in time. Try to respect a minimum of the rules of the road to avoid being slowed down by a policeman or another vehicle.

Click on 'Let's Go' on the lower right and then on 'Play Level 1'. then accelerate with the arrow up, brake with the arrow down and turn with the left or right arrows.

Just click on the "Like" button below.

This time it is along the sea that your off-road is brought to cross a whole series of dunes and obstacles without overturning you. Completed .

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Hi this game no pity we can not put it in French

Too bad is gibberish so it's a 0 / we can never understand

I think the game can even flat because there is not too much choice of accesoir and color but c even free as the name indicates but I give the rating of 4/20

Too bad no pff I do not understand anything in this game it is hard to do too bad ben I give it too good no good good holiday to you the girl azule

He is bad I understand nothing. i just but one .. uh .. 5/20 i think i would be good already in french and made that hair no?

I do not like the game of doctor alor I give the rating of 9/20 even if I have never put one of 9/20 his do you bisar

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This is a game that is chu agree with you I did not expect his and I but a big donut wholesale is my worst game desolate for those who love hi the cocines

I love free play too coolj love her make me practice my creation so good day to all girls 18/20

Hello girls this games and naked lil sere a nothing me I'm going to put 5sur20.bisous has more

Cc girls this game is really bad it has nothing to do in 50 s c already finished I put the score of 0/20

This game is mega too bad I do not like it because you cut him the hair you curl him and that's all so I him but the score of 0/20 has more girls

Too bad to have games we do not have much choice and besides the girl she is ugly and bug when you want to curl her hair I am the score of 0/20

We are not in China so why it is written in Chinese we are in France it is necessary to write in French so for his I put 0/20 and in addition to the language the game is too null

This game is super bad there is nothing to do it is great enuir so I him my score of 0/20

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