Free legal french movie download site

Download sites for movies, free and legal. [Solved / Ferm9eacute;]

Do you have internet download sites for movies (sites, free and legal) Thanks in advance.

You will not find anything free AND legal .. It's either one or the other ..

Top 5 sites for direct movie downloads 2018

Discover the ranking of the 5 best direct download sites of movies, series, MP3s, games and software used by pirates. Direct download or DDL is not controlled by Hadopi, which is why many hackers use it to download copyrighted content. Also on these sites are links to content free of rights but in smaller quantities.

This pedagogical article refers to platforms offering the downloading of legal content as well as content protected by copyright. Note that the downloading of copyrighted content is prohibited by law, even in respect of private copying if the source is not lawful. We therefore decline any responsibility for the use you could make of the techniques presented here. You must always make sure that the work you download is free of rights, otherwise you must turn to the legal offer made available to you.

Reminder on download methods

There are 3 great ways to download movies, series, MP3s.

This protocol is based on the principle of sharing. The well-known Torrent is a P2P solution. To download, you have to share your downloads. This downloading method is monitored in France by the government via the Hadopi commission. The hacker is penalized in case of downloading a content protected by several mails then a cut of his ADSL access. But this monitoring does not stop hackers who have a very simple trick to download in P2P without any risk: Using a VPN. VPN is a small pay service, but very affordable, which allows downloading in a completely anonymous way. We can quote NordVPN, one of the great leader, recommended by TorrentFreak, optimized for downloading. See the VPN User Guide for more information.

Download content by Newsgroups is a bit outdated. Nevertheless, this popular method ten years ago was rather efficient and secure. To download in Newsgroup you need a paid subscription to a Newsgroups server. The principle is to download on your computer fragments of the desired content by searching in the various groups proposed. Then a software can re-assemble the pieces and voila.

Direct download [Method presented in this article]

The latter method is to download directly to a host specializing in data storage. The direct download is done in HTTP, the same protocol as for consulting Internet pages. It is not controlled by Hadopi when downloads are made to servers located abroad. Because Hadopi does not have authority over these servers. Hadopi can not recover the IP address associated with the downloaded content. This method is thus widely used by pirates in grass because it is both simple and perfectly safe.

The hosts, although many and pay, allow almost all to download for free with some limitations (number of downloads, volume of data downloaded daily and download speed). The most popular are Uploaded or Uptobox because all their servers are located outside France and there is almost everything.

Some hackers make direct download on Free or 1File servers while the servers are located in France and therefore potentially monitored by Hadopi. To secure their connection they do as with P2P / Torrent, they simply activate before a VPN like ExpressVPN / PureVPN or NordVPN. They launch the VPN, connect to a VPN server located abroad, and become completely invisible to the eyes of the Hadopi commission. They can then download their movie quietly and with impunity.

The hosts are happy to host. They do not reference what they are hosting. To search for media to download to the hosts, you just need to find a site referencing links to these hosts, this is the purpose of this article, with a bonus demonstration for you to understand. I remind you that all this is illegal, it's just for informational purposes.

But all this does not tell you how do the hackers to download free movies, we come.

The 5 best direct download sites 2018

Here is the selection of the best direct download sites. These are the most popular sites, pleasures of hackers to download just about anything

Despite his regular setbacks with justice Download zone is still alive and remains one of the most popular Warez sites in France to download a movie or series. He dethrones all his competitors from a distance. You will find 90% of your favorite content.

This site references links BitTorrent (use a VPN to download a movie in Torrent allows not to be caught by Hadopi) but also direct download links and links Streaming. By clicking on the heading Direct Download we discover tons of content to download.

This board was born in June 2016 following rumors of closure of Wawa-Mania. Well Wawa-Mania finally closed last October ... Phoenix-Warez's dazzling success, which then reached 30,000 members. To avoid overloading the forum administrators have decided to block registrations. I am one of the lucky ones registered. Cool.

A Download Zone clone that started to get content when ZT experienced setbacks on November 28 and 29, 2016. But since the real Download Zone is back there, the popularity is lower.

The site is particularly ugly, but there are many movies, documentaries and series to download.

How to download a movie for direct download?

Rather than a long speech, even if downloading a movie ern direct download is very simple, I propose a small demonstration.

[DOWN] WaWa-Mania : This is a forum where registration (free) is mandatory. The advantage of the forum is that it is the users who enrich it with content and replace the dead links with valid links. Wawa-Mania is a reference of its kind and you will certainly find your happiness in movies, music and ebooks. It replaces perfectly Down Paradise and is in my opinion certainly the best current download site.

NEWS OF 10/10/2016: Technical breakdown since early October, hope this is not anything else ...

[DOWN] Planet Series : This site specializes in series. Registration, which is not mandatory, offers a few more options, such as the selection of several links at the same time.

NEWS OF 01/06/2016: The administrator of Planet Series has been arrested in Marseille. At his exit he immediately stopped the site hoping for leniency of the judge during his future trial. It should be noted that he faces 5 years in prison and 500,000 euros in fines. Not to mention the damages of the majors who will charge him as they charge the price of the daubes they sell us in the trade.

[DOWN] Down Paradise : This is a forum where registration is required. Moderation is rigorous quality is at the rendezvous! The forum system significantly reduces the number of dead links and increases the dynamism of the content. When a content is appreciated, leave a comment to put it back in mind. The different sections are constantly moving to offer only the best. Only downside, the forum, victim of its success is sometimes down ... wait a few hours and retry your luck you will not regret it.

NEWS OF 29/11/2014: Down Paradise is currently unavailable. It seems that one of the animators has some problems with the justice so that the company owns domain name to make unavailable access to the site. It smells of the tree for Down Paradise, which already knew a lot of financial problems. I leave it in the rankings ... for the moment because if it returns it remains an EXCELLENT site of direct download.

Looking for a good web hosting provider?

All these sites refer to download links. The sources are stored at a host specialized in storing large files.

The subscription is not mandatory but it allows to lift certain restrictions (number of daily download, advertising, limited flow, ...).

Free legal french movie download site

With : Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron

Kind : Musical comedy, Drama

The Greatest Showman celebrates the birth of show business and the wonder that comes when dreams come true. Inspired by P.T Barnum's ambition and imagination, here is the story of a visionary who started from nothing and created a show that has become a global phenomenon.

  • admin
  • 24-03-2018, 22:37
  • 2659
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With : William Gallienne, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins

Paddington is happy with his adopted family, Brown, in a quiet part of London where he is appreciated by everyone. While looking for an exceptional gift for the hundred years of his beloved aunt, he spots a beautiful animated book, very old, at an antique dealer. No time to lose: he chained the odd jobs to be able to buy it! But when the precious work is stolen, Paddington is wrongly accused and incarcerated. Convinced of his innocence, the Browns start an investigation to find the culprit?

  • admin
  • 24-03-2018, 10:25
  • 1417
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With : Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Glenn Close

Kyle and Peter Reynolds have always believed that their father died when they were young. In any case what their mother, a woman eccentric, told them? But when they learn that she has lied to them, they decide to go in search of their father, discovering in passing what they probably should never have known about their mother?

  • admin
  • 23-03-2018, 22:43
  • 5068
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With : Ok-Bin Kim, Shin Ha-Kyun, Bang Sung-Jun

Trained from childhood to the most violent fighting techniques by an intelligence agency after the assassination of her father, Sook-hee is a formidable weapon. In order to win her freedom, she is engaged as a sleeping agent. But one day, she will discover the truth about the murder of her father.

Insiders: Escape Plan French BDRiP

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  • 23-03-2018, 16:02
  • 4659
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With : Alain Hernandez, Javier Gutiérrez, Luis Tosar

Victor, robber lonely and mysterious, shows a long career of breaks earned. His secret? He excels in the art of piercing the walls. His palm? S does not delay a? make noise in the middle: is it approaching? by a Russian mafia group to achieve hold-up of the sie? cle. His mission is simple: he must drill alone the only way out that will allow them to escape from the safe of an international bank. But the operation is complicated when the driver of the van recognizes it. Because Victor is not the one he pretends to be.

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  • 23-03-2018, 16:02
  • 2111
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With : Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Neal McDonough, Blake Anderson, Chloe Bridges

Kind : Comedy, Adventure

In this action comedy, three friends who are busy financing their video games learn that their patron has been kidnapped by terrorists.

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  • 23-03-2018, 16:02
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With : Mahershala Ali, Nia Long, Edwards Mitchell, Elvis Nolasco, Curtiss Cook

The story of rap champion Roxanne Shante. She grew up in the tough neighborhoods of New York in the 1980s and made a name for herself with the title "Roxanne's Revenge".

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  • 23-03-2018, 08:56
  • 2775
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Director : Kerry Carlock, Nicholas Lund-Ulrich

With : Vicky Jeudy, Shawn Parsons, Jason Antoon

During a first night patrol, a rookie emergency doctor and his partner help a wounded man with a strange mechanical arm.

5000 free movies to download (100% legally)!

Posted 31 Jul 2012 at 5:20 pm

You do not know what to do with your vacation and do not have enough budget to go to the movies? Bring 5,000 movies for free right to your home!

Download free and legally nearly 5000 movies, it's possible! No need to watch your mailbox for fear of having received the little message from Hadopi who is watching you for your illegal behavior on the Internet. 5,000 films, which have fallen into the public domain, have just been put online for free on the website, along with videos, audio recordings, books (more than 3,000,000!) And thousands of software .

A phenomenon that should increase in the future since the site wants to increase its status as a global digital library. Of course, do not expect to find the latest movies. But some great masterpieces of cinema are already available. Among the most essential, let's note The Kid Charlie Chaplin (1921), Mr. The cursed from Fritz Lang (1931), Dementia 13 Francis Ford Coppola (1963), The thirty-nine steps Alfred Hitchcock (1935), The night of the living dead of Georges A. Romero (1968) and Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley (2009).

And the library will continue to enrich in the future works that will in turn fall into the public domain. What to revisit with pleasure (and without spending a dime) the masterpieces of world cinema!

Free legal french movie download site

Neïla Salah grew up in Créteil and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Registered at the great Parisian university of Assas, she confronts from the first day to Pierre Mazard, professor known for his provocations and his slippages. To redeem himself a conduct, the latter agrees to prepare Neïla for the prestigious contest of eloquence. At the same time cynical and demanding, Pierre could become the mentor she needs ... Still, they must both overcome their prejudices.

Release: The.Brio.2017.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD-FuN (700 MB)

Maryline grew up in a small village. His parents never received anyone and lived shuttered shutters. At 20, she "goes to Paris" to become an actress. But, she does not have the words to defend herself. She is confronted with all that this profession and the world can have of humiliating but also benevolent. It's the story of a woman, a modest woman, an injury.

Release: Maryline.2017.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD-FuN (700 MB)

This film is presented in opening out of competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. On the eve of the filming of his new film, the life of a filmmaker is turned upside down by the reappearance of a lost love ...

Release: The.Fantomes.d.Ismael.2017.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD-FuN (700 Mo)

A middle-class house in the middle of nowhere. A city in Sète. A mother and her daughter. Two childhood friends. A disappearance. Blackmail. The confrontation of two worlds.

Release: Tout.Nous.Separe.2016.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD-FuN (700 MB)

A cat under the arm, closed doors, nothing in the pockets, here is Paula, back in Paris after a long absence. Through the meetings, the young woman is determined to make a new start. With panache.

Release: Young.Woman.2017.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD-ACOOL (700 Mb)

At the height of her career as a lawyer, Lucie goes on a business trip to Morocco, away from her husband. Arrived in Tangier, she is struck by the chaotic bubbling of this city where everything seems to be able to happen. When, from nowhere, a Nigerian teenager entrusts her baby and asks her to protect him, she is completely confused. In the slums of the city, Lucie will however seek to save this girl from dangerous traffic. It is without counting on the attachment more and more strong she feels for the child ...

Release: By.Instinct.2017.FRENCH.HDRiP.XviD-PREUMS (700 MB)

At almost fifty years old, Simon is a violinist emeritus and disillusioned. For want of anything better, he failed at a Parisian college to teach the violin to Farid's 6th class students. His rigid teaching methods make his debut laborious and does not facilitate his relationship with difficult students. Arnold is fascinated by the violin, his gestures and his sounds. A revelation for this child with sickly shyness. Gradually, in contact with Arnold's raw talent and the joyful energy of the rest of the class, Simon lives again and again with the joys of music. Will he have enough energy to overcome the obstacles and keep his promise to take the kids to the Philharmonie?

Release: The.Melodie.2017.FRENCH.HDRip.XviD-ACOOL (700 Mo)

The story of a young psychorigid worker whose only reference point in life is her work. When she learns that her factory is being relocated wild, she agrees, to the astonishment of the company, to continue her work in India. Accompanied by two colleagues, she will undertake an absurd journey by car to the end of the world that will turn into an improbable personal quest.

Release: Crash.Test.Aglae.2017.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD-FuN (700 MiB)

Nothing is better with the approach of New Year's Eve: the 92,000 goblins responsible for making children's gifts all get sick at the same time! It's a blow for Santa (Claus), better known as Santa ... he has no choice: he must go to Earth urgently with his reindeer to find a cure. Upon arrival, he will have to find allies to help him save the magic of Christmas.

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