Free penguin bandits

Ben10 must turn into an aquatic extraterrestrial to pursue a horde of bandits. Use the.

A simple one-armed bandit (or "slot machine") online. Nothing special to say.

Today, the near bankruptcy of France's leading press distributor directly threatens the survival of PC duck. We have solutions to dodge this deadly trap, but we need you, our readers, to achieve them. So we are launching a fundraising campaign on Ulule.

PC duck needs the help of his readers

We have been alerting you for a few months: the distribution of the newsstand press and the merchants, on which we still largely depend, is seriously threatened by the near bankruptcy of its main actor, Presstalis (ex-NMPP).

Update from 07/03/2018: Presstalis' recovery plan has been slightly amended: MLP publishers will also have to pay, but up to 1% (for 4 ½ years) instead of 2.25% (for 5 years on the other hand). That lightens the note for PC duck (moved to MLPs for 2018), not for PC Hardware Duck (blocked at Presstalis). Does not change the fact that 25% were collected (and probably never returned) on December and January, while PC duck was still at Presstalis.

Update from 01/03/2018: At the beginning of March, a Presstalis hearing at the commercial court will validate or not the distributor's recovery plan. We will wait for the outcome of this hearing to launch our Ulule campaign.

Whether Presstalis is saved or liquidated, it's Duck PC that will drink

(Summary of the previous episode) While they have ventured for 15 years to make live a paper magazine which they feverishly furbish a brand new formula, our fiery heroes learn that their distributor, the Duke of Presstalis, has authoritatively decided to keep by him a fourth species hard and fast that he owed them a fair return for their proud efforts.

Distribution of the paper press on the sinking

In recent months, the main player in the distribution of the paper press - Presstalis, formerly NMPP - has very big financial problems. To ensure its own survival, Presstalis decided on December 6 to take radical measures that directly threaten the survival of small magazines, PC duck including.

Update: a paragraph was added at the end of this article after the new measures decided on January 25th.

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The procedure for using a one-armed bandit is usually always the same. Simply insert your bet into the slot and press a button or activate a lever. The most emblematic representative of games of chance, the one-armed bandit has diversified by offering poker or Tactilo among others.

The one-armed bandits have almost all the same type of appearance. They contain different rolls with several symbols. To activate their rotation, it is advisable to press a button or to pull on a lever. To make money, just train the right combination.

The heady part of random plays a lot for the popularity of one-armed bandits. Another element is also important: these gains. Indeed, this game offers you to win big, why not even a jackpot, from a very low stake. Winning thousands or millions of dollars or euros with a bet of a few cents is perfectly possible. In France, the biggest gains for the one-armed bandit amount to 1,600,000 euros. It was won in 2007. In England, a gardener won £ 700,000 with a bet of only 20 cents.

The one-armed bandit, what is it?

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We offer you the best settlements

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An adequate customer service

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