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Free games to play Video Poker online and have fun immediately

Here is a selection of the best games free of online casino for immediate fun playing the machines of Video Poker online. Each game usually has variations in rules and / or winnings, for more details see the help (Help menu, or Pay Table or Payroll.) In these casino games.

We rank the games according to their rating, the most popular Video Poker machines first.

The Video Poker is based on the rules of Stud Poker 5 cards, the principle is very simple: your goal is to try to get the best poker hand possible for maximum earnings. After choosing the amount of coins (0.02 cents, 0.25 cents ...) and the number of coins you want to play (usually a maximum of 5), you start distributing cards. The machine then randomly distributes you 5 cards from a pack of 52, faces uncovered. You must choose if you want to keep cards in this first hand, and which ones: you can keep 0 to 5 cards. You then ask the machine to distribute again cards to replace those you do not want to remember: once this distribution, you get your final game. The machine identifies the best hand in your game, for example 2 pairs, and you pay the amount provided in the paytable displayed in the machine. The possible hands are the classics of poker, but there is obviously always a minimum hand to get a win, often a pair of jacks: if you do not have this minimum hand you lose your bet. The possible paid hands are usually:

  • 1 pair (Valets or better): if you get 2 cards of identical value, for example 2 Ladies. But if for example you have only 2 Ten you lose
  • 2 pairs : if you have 2 pairs of identical cards, for example 2 cards Three and 2 cards Ten
  • Kind : when you have 3 cards of identical value, for example 3 cards
  • A After or Fifth consists of 5 cards with values ​​that follow each other, in any color: for example, 3-4-5-6-7, or 9-10-Valet-Dame-Roi. An Ace can count as the number 1 to start a 1-2-3-4-5 Suite or as an Ace to finish a 10-Jack-Queen-As-Ace Suite.
  • A Color or Flush consists of 5 cards in the same suit, ie 5 Spades, 5 Trefoils, 5 Tiles, or 5 Hearts
  • Full : This is a hand that has a set plus a pair, such as 3 cards Four and 2 cards Ladies
  • A Square is a hand containing 4 cards of identical value, for example 4 cards Ten
  • Color Suite or Flush : This is a suite obtained with cards of the same color, like 7-8-9-10-Jack all of Spades
  • Royal Flush : usually the highest hand is a Flush ending with an Ace, for example 10-Jack-Queen-King-All of Heart.

All paid hands variants are shown in the machine pay table.

Some Video Poker contain special type cards "Joker", that is to say that can take the value of any card of the package (the one to get the best possible hand). It can be a Joker, or a Two (Wild), or both in some machines. In machines with Wild cards, there are in principle extra paid hands like 4 Wild cards, or 5 Wild cards, again refer to the paytable of the machine for all the details.

This is an additional game that is offered in the Video Poker: when you get a win, the machine offers either to cash your money, or to try to double the gain. If you agree, the machine will randomly deal 5 cards: 1 face-up card, and 4 face-down cards. You must choose a card from these 4 hidden sides, the machine then returns it: if the card you have chosen has a value greater than that of the machine, then you double the winnings of this round, otherwise you lose them completely. If the 2 cards have identical values ​​there is no winner, and you can either stop and cash your winnings or try to double again. If you have won the Quit or Double, the machine offers you once again to try to double: the winnings can therefore quickly go up, but you also often lose your winnings!

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Video Poker Wild Joker - flash game Free Casino

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Played games played: 57920

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Take on the joker and get with this free online video game poker game. in this video poker game, the joker is wild!

is your "game" at the casino video poker? discover our wild jokers online video poker game. he will not fail to please your sense of the game without losing a dime. (no game here that fun.)

mouse button

Take on the Joker and get free online poker game. In this video poker game, the Joker IS wild!

Is your \ 'game \' at the casino video poker? Check out our Wild Jokers video poker game online. It \ 's sure to please your gambling sense without losing a nickel. (No gambling here Just fun.)

Goodgame Poker joins the big family of free multiplayer poker sites, in flash. Thus, you do not need to register to play for free, even if you can still create an account to save your stats and evolve your character.

Play poker for free now!

But before you introduce this poker game in more detail, let's start with the technical characteristics of GoodGame Poker.

The game is made in flash and requires no download. The interface (entirely in English) is very simple and perfectly adapted to beginners. The graphics are very simple, not really elaborate and are reminiscent of those of the Wii. Players looking for a cool and relaxed atmosphere will be served.

The free poker variant offered here is Texas Hold'em, the significant advantage of this game is obviously that it can play for free. For these different reasons, the site is more reserved for a public of beginners and amateurs of free poker.

This is a great way to practice poker for free without being plucked! It is possible to attend the parties as a simple spectator.

More experienced poker players who are used to playing poker with money, may turn quickly in circles. Indeed, during our test, we had the opportunity to discover that the overall level of play is not very high: we no longer count the players who were carpet on the first flop, or even before. This type of practice can quickly make the game more difficult, there are tables where you play poker better but you will need many chips before you can participate.

The credo of GoodGame Poker is undoubtedly usability. And the site has deployed great means for poker lovers to meet in a friendly atmosphere. Players have access to a cat, can afford gifts with a simple click (drinks, food and even ... teddy bears and alarm clocks!) And even become "friends" virtually.

You will also be able to customize your avatar with a wide choice of outfits and accessories. Be careful, however, if you do not speak a word of German or English, you may have trouble building relationships with your gaming partners. Indeed, there are more players in these languages, although there are a lot of French players since Poker Team has made known the game in France.

But despite these points, GoodGame Poker remains an excellent poker game if you want to play poker for free. So why not try ? To convince you, the site even offers an exceptional offer: it offers 500 dollars fictitious in the first part! and renew this sum each day.

  • A free poker game in flash, so no download
  • Simplified interface at most
  • Ideal for beginners who can practice playing poker for free
  • A friendly and friendly game thanks, in particular, to a chat in real time
  • Many customization options for your character

>9gt; Click here to play poker for free

Free Online Poker Game: Very Funny Texas Hold'em

Have you ever heard of the free poker game Very Funny Texas Hold'em?

If this is not the case, do not panic, it's normal! This game of Texas Hold'em (as the name suggests) is still somewhat unknown, but begins to take off on the web. It is in the right lineage of the Governor of Poker, GoodGames Poker and other flash poker games. Flash games are those programs that do not require registration and no download.

And, icing on the cake, Very Funny Texas Hold'em is completely free. Another advantage: the loading of the game is very fast, just a few clicks to access the tables. The interface and the graphics (apple green and flashy blue) are simplified to the maximum, which allows a quick start, thanks to a very ergonomic gameplay.

This simplicity and this extremely easy handling make it an excellent "tutorial" for beginners who will find a rather nice atmosphere. Indeed, this is the best way to train: without registration, without real money. However, I must warn poker players confirmed: it is not on Very Funny Texas Hold'em that you will find opponents at your level.

Indeed, the site is really reserved for all beginners and despite the possibility of choosing the level of play, you will never reach the level that can be found on other sites. Another black spot of the site: it is not a multiplayer game. You will play against computers. Rather boring in the long run ... Even if the creators of the game did their best to personalize the players by adding "personality cards".

But we must still grant Very Funny Texas Hold'em that such simplistic games are generally rather disappointing, while it remains rather nice and successful ... As long as you speak English! Indeed, the interface is entirely in English and the language can not be modified.

  • An ideal game for beginners
  • Perfect for passing the time when you can not install software
  • A very simple interface
  • A level that leaves something to be desired
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