Free video poker with joker

World-famous poker version. The goal is to succeed.

As its name suggests, it is no more, no less, than a game of.

Shoot-up type game where you have to shoot everything that moves.

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Video Poker Wild Joker - flash game Free Casino

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Take on the joker and get with this free online video game poker game. in this video poker game, the joker is wild!

is your "game" at the casino video poker? discover our wild jokers online video poker game. he will not fail to please your sense of the game without losing a dime. (no game here that fun.)

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Take on the Joker and get free online poker game. In this video poker game, the Joker IS wild!

Is your \ 'game \' at the casino video poker? Check out our Wild Jokers video poker game online. It \ 's sure to please your gambling sense without losing a nickel. (No gambling here Just fun.)

Free games to play Video Poker online and have fun immediately

Here is a selection of the best games free of online casino for immediate fun playing the machines of Video Poker online. Each game usually has variations in rules and / or winnings, for more details see the help (Help menu, or Pay Table or Payroll.) In these casino games.

We rank the games according to their rating, the most popular Video Poker machines first.

The Video Poker is based on the rules of Stud Poker 5 cards, the principle is very simple: your goal is to try to get the best poker hand possible for maximum earnings. After choosing the amount of coins (0.02 cents, 0.25 cents ...) and the number of coins you want to play (usually a maximum of 5), you start distributing cards. The machine then randomly distributes you 5 cards from a pack of 52, faces uncovered. You must choose if you want to keep cards in this first hand, and which ones: you can keep 0 to 5 cards. You then ask the machine to distribute again cards to replace those you do not want to remember: once this distribution, you get your final game. The machine identifies the best hand in your game, for example 2 pairs, and you pay the amount provided in the paytable displayed in the machine. The possible hands are the classics of poker, but there is obviously always a minimum hand to get a win, often a pair of jacks: if you do not have this minimum hand you lose your bet. The possible paid hands are usually:

  • 1 pair (Valets or better): if you get 2 cards of identical value, for example 2 Ladies. But if for example you have only 2 Ten you lose
  • 2 pairs : if you have 2 pairs of identical cards, for example 2 cards Three and 2 cards Ten
  • Kind : when you have 3 cards of identical value, for example 3 cards
  • A After or Fifth consists of 5 cards with values ​​that follow each other, in any color: for example, 3-4-5-6-7, or 9-10-Valet-Dame-Roi. An Ace can count as the number 1 to start a 1-2-3-4-5 Suite or as an Ace to finish a 10-Jack-Queen-As-Ace Suite.
  • A Color or Flush consists of 5 cards in the same suit, ie 5 Spades, 5 Trefoils, 5 Tiles, or 5 Hearts
  • Full : This is a hand that has a set plus a pair, such as 3 cards Four and 2 cards Ladies
  • A Square is a hand containing 4 cards of identical value, for example 4 cards Ten
  • Color Suite or Flush : This is a suite obtained with cards of the same color, like 7-8-9-10-Jack all of Spades
  • Royal Flush : usually the highest hand is a Flush ending with an Ace, for example 10-Jack-Queen-King-All of Heart.

All paid hands variants are shown in the machine pay table.

Some Video Poker contain special type cards "Joker", that is to say that can take the value of any card of the package (the one to get the best possible hand). It can be a Joker, or a Two (Wild), or both in some machines. In machines with Wild cards, there are in principle additional paid hands like 4 Wild cards, or 5 Wild cards, again refer to the paytable of the machine to have all the details.

This is an additional game that is offered in the Video Poker: when you get a win, the machine offers either to cash your money or to try to double the gain. If you agree, the machine will randomly deal 5 cards: 1 face-up card, and 4 face-down cards. You must choose a card from these 4 hidden sides, the machine then returns it: if the card you have chosen has a value greater than that of the machine, then you double the winnings of this round, otherwise you lose them completely. If the 2 cards have identical values ​​there is no winner, and you can either stop and cash your winnings or try to double again. If you have won the Quit or Double, the machine offers you once again to try to double: the winnings can therefore quickly go up, but you also often lose your winnings!

History of free video poker online

A very popular casino game, online video poker is a slot machine that fascinates many netizens who love gambling. Based on the same principle as poker, it is for players to build hands of this famous card game on an electronic machine. Although easy and very profitable, play video poker requires some mastery of the game strategies.

According to some sources, the ancestor of the current video poker would be a slot machine created in 1891 by American scholars Pitt and Sittman. Unlike modern video poker machines, this device did not have a screen but the principle was the same as that of casino poker. It was not until the late 1970s that the first video screen machines appeared. Thanks to the evolution of computer technology, the first modern video poker devices are developed, making video poker online one of the most popular games. casino poker the most popular nowadays.

Rules and tips for winning online video poker

The principle of video poker online is the same as the card game of the same name. It is simply for the players to have the best possible hand at casino poker, and this in two data. So, to ensure steady gains over the long term, here are some helpful tips:

Identify the right machine : The most common video poker machines generally offer some benefit to online casinos. This is particularly the case of Jacks or Better video poker machines, which are very common in virtual gaming rooms. There are others on the other hand that favor the player, such as Deuces Wild machines. With these machines, the player can replace any card with a 2, this card can be used as a wild card.

Also think about choosing a full payment machine, to benefit from significant gains.

Bet the maximum number of chips : When you carefully check the maximum payout column of the winnings table of your video poker machine, you will notice that it is much more interesting to bet the more chips possible to maximize your chances of winning.

Be on the lookout for bonuses or progressive jackpots: these are advantages offered by some free video poker machines, allowing players to increase their winnings. Thanks to these bonuses, players will be able to play longer and possibly multiply the amount of their winnings.

Get the perfect strategy This is the only condition that you can win in the long run. You can help yourself with free online video poker games or consult online strategy tables available on the websites of certain online casino gaming guides. You can print a copy that you will be sure to have with you during the game sessions.

Joker Poker is a game inspired by video poker. This application is actually a demo for safe fun and practice mastering Texas hold'em basics. This flash game presents some nice surprises thanks to a gameplay similar to the traditional arcades available in land-based casinos.

To play Joker Poker, you must complete several steps. We start the game by clicking on Distribute to display 5 randomly selected cards. Depending on the winning combinations you want to obtain, you must designate the cards you want to keep before using the Distribute option again.

Cards that have not been retained will be instantly changed. If at the end of this second distribution the player manages to form a winning combination, Joker Poker automatically launches a mini-game. The purpose of this additional phase is to double the current gain or half the gains. The game is simple, a card appears and the player must make a click on one of the 4 cards presented face down. To win just choose a card more powerful than the one exposed at the beginning of the bonus game.

Joker Poker

The minimum bet of Joker Poker is $ 0.05 and $ 5 for the maximum value. You can multiply your winnings by choosing 5 levels of bets. Thus, bets range from $ 0.05 to $ 25. At the beginning of the game, players have 2000 virtual dollars that they can spend at will.

Thanks to the Joker Poker app, fun fans will be able to train before getting into the real world. No need to use hack software to unlock an infinity of credits since we just have to refresh the page to recover all of the $ 2000 virtual offered at the beginning of the game.

Joker Poker

Some tips on the free poker game Joker Poker

The special feature of this video poker software is that it takes into account the wild card that can replace any value to increase the chance of forming a winning combination. The presence of this map brings a more strategic dimension to its parts.

Joker Poker is a free game that offers web users fun graphics, intuitive handling and dynamic games. We start winning a prize by forming a pair of kings or better. To win the jackpot, you have to achieve a natural royal flush that is to say without the help of the joker. Good fun to all!

Deuces Wild 4 line is a free flash game inspired by the rules of video poker. This nice application allows Internet users to discover the subtleties of video poker thanks. (after)

Aces and faces 25 lines is the name of a game inspired by video poker. This app allows Internet users to spend hours of fun on an application to the gameplay. (after)

If you find that poker and video poker games are fairly standard and you're looking for new rules, you'll be thrilled to discover that flash. (after)

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