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Take care of someone's welfare, be careful to prevent them.

Take great care of oneself, one's person, one's.

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(francic *sunnjôn, to take care of)

  • To take care of the well-being of someone, to be attentive to anticipate his desires, to make him happy: to treat his guests. Look after your relationships.
  • Carefully take care of something, be attentive to its good condition, its appearance, its cleanliness or its proper functioning: Look after its outfit. To care for your garden.
  • To provide the necessary care for the healing, the improvement of the health of someone, an animal: To treat a wounded person.
  • To try to make disappear a disease, to eliminate it by care, remedies: To cure its cold.
  • Be careful to do something and present it as best you can: Look after your pronunciation.

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GAME - MALO CHIKO - Treat the Wolf without being bitten :) - Board Game

Swan and Neo play MALO CHIKO a board game action and reflex :)

Purpose of the game: Such dentists for animals we must treat without being crunchy!

This wolf has eaten anything, full of objects are stuck in his mouth ... With the aid of a pair of pliers, you have to gently remove the objects. But beware, if his braces are touched, he crunches!

In this Dora game, Dora just had an accident. She hurt her arm very hard. To get better and get treatment, Dora the Explorer went to the doctor's. She is in so much pain that she cries a lot. Fortunately Dora is not alone in her misfortunes, her friend the monkey, Babouche, keeps him company to cheer him up and make her feel better.

In this game of Dora, the kind doctor takes good care of Dora. He uses the various instruments he has to properly heal all the small wounds Dora has made on his arm. She has blemishes, scrapes, scrapes, blisters, and she has hurt a nail that has become all black. Fortunately the doctor has everything he needs to treat it, he has bandages, tweezers to remove all the dirt from wounds and clean them, disinfectant, ice ... So he can do everything that he can take good care of Dora and help her to smile again.

Come and play this game of Dora quickly and with the help of the doctor you will be able to completely cure your patient. In addition, with this game you will discover all the secrets to know to treat injuries after an accident in the best possible way. So do not wait any longer and come play this doctor game with Dora the Explorer.

This Dora game is very easy to understand. Dora sits in the doctor's office on a chair in the center of the room. At the bottom right of the screen, you have different instruments to treat Dora, you just have to click on one of the instruments to select it. When you have selected an instrument, then you approach Dora's arm and in the bubble at the top right, you can see the image of the type of wound to treat with the instrument you have selected. To use an instrument hold the click of the mouse and when you have finished healing the corresponding wound, release the button to return to the cabinet view and choose a new instrument. If you are lost and you do not find what you need to do to cure Dora, do not hesitate to click on the question mark on the right of the screen to open the index window. When an action is fully finished it will be checked in green. When you have finished all the steps of this Dora game, you will have finished healing and you will have managed to smile again.

So come play Dora's game and become her personal doctor to help her heal all her wounds.

Heart medicine: time to treat

It's Alison's first day in this busy clinic. Will you help her learn the ropes? She will have to figure out how to treat each patient while keeping an eye on her colleague's guinea pig. He keeps escaping from his cage and running into the waiting room!

Need help ? watch our guide for this game

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Racing horses are fragile animals, we must take care of them and feed them properly if we want to make good results with our horses. Girls Games would like you to learn how to treat this horse, it is quite docile and is not complicated, it is necessary to feed it correctly and to brush it every day, come to see if you are able to do it!

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Ashley is a little girl having respiratory difficulties for several years.

It's a Sunday like the others for the little Hazel who is relaxing on the couch while watching.

Miley Cyrus, our beloved Hannah Montana, has a real fear of the dentist and his job.

Create a cute little animal, give it the appearance you want, then take good care.

The big day has arrived, tonight it's Christmas, and little Hazel is going to have a busy day.

Make the show and enjoy the public come in large numbers especially to see the show.

Very complete doctor game in which you will visit an ophthalmologist to change.

Candy is a big candy lover, she owns hundreds and she is a little lost.

This game for girl proposes to you to embody a nanny at home and you will have to take care of the best.

Welcome to your new farm, where you will be able to raise your own animals, produce food.

Baby Hazel wishes to enjoy Valentine's Day to thank her parents for all the love they have.

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