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On, parents and teachers can play their children or students and see their results.

Have your students play games of all subjects, in class, at the CDI or at home, and see their scores.

Register all your students in a few clicks, play on TBI, on a computer or tablet, organize tournaments, and keep the results of the students.

Your kids can play at home games related to their programs, and you can track their scores.

Regardless of the class of your child or children, there are games that follow their program on Gamespedago. They can play on a computer or tablet.

A lot of games are waiting for you on jeuxpedago. Games made according to the programs of your level.

Play directly by choosing the games in the menu at the top, or between the class code (or student code) that your teacher or parents gave you.

talk about gamespedago!

Here is a beautiful article entitled "Bac 2017: the best websites to revise history-geography otherwise" published on the website of the newspaper Le Monde.

"The Gamespédago site offers quizzes, maps and chronologies for all levels, including the final.Among the proposals, a quiz on" China and the world since 1949 "or a map on" the territory of the United States " It should be pointed out that a teacher can create accounts for his pupils and modify the proposed exercises by removing, for example, questions from a quiz, or map locations. "

French Spanish Dictionary

French German Dictionary

Spanish French Dictionary

German Spanish Dictionary

Spanish phrasebook

German French Dictionary

German Spanish Dictionary

German phrasebook

Your French language questions

Your questions in French / English

Dictionary History of France (2005)

Great Encyclopedia Larousse (1971-1976)

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Display in the field of view of an instrument.

Burn or write something so that it remains, we.

Write something in your mind, in your memory

Write, write, write something on your tablet

A spell checker and free grammar to correct all your texts

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  • Completing the formalities to appear on a list or be admitted to a group, an organization, an institution: I enrolled in evening classes. Registered voters.
  • Take a place in something, insert it: This measure is part of the campaign against rising prices.
  • Register in the mind, memory.
  • Speaking of a state, of a character, to be marked: The age fits on his face.

The Petit Larousse 2017 on iPhone

  • More than 63,000 words and 28,000 proper nouns
  • 2,000 photos, drawings, maps
  • The famous pink pages
  • Help with letter games
  • The dictionary game to have fun finding the right definition of a word.
  • 9,000 citations by French and foreign authors
  • 6,000 practical articles to thwart the pitfalls of language

This application is universal, once purchased, you can install it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at no additional cost for an interface adapted to each device. This application installs completely and requires no internet connection (except for sounds).

Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

The time has come to play the online version of the famous card game. There are different modes full of challenges that you can try. If you have never played Spider Solitaire, try the easy mode with only one sequel. Experienced players will be delighted to play in hard mode with the four suites.

Ellie has taken the challenge of finding a new style that is unique and fashionable. But she really needs your opinion. Can you help her choose a super makeup and a pretty outfit so she can create a fresh look that will impress her friends?

It's crazy in this first-person multiplayer shooter. Team up with other players around the world while trying to eliminate your opponents. Will you fight for the West Team or will you join the East Team?

Cindy is about to present her latest collection in a parade inspired by actress outfits at the Oscars in recent years. Can you help her and her friends get ready? They will have to choose beautiful dresses and accessories before the show starts!

This simplified version of the board game is perfect for beginners and pros alike. You will not have to worry about time limits or bonuses to be earned while matching the tiles. Instead, you can predict each move before acting.

How long will you be able to keep your car in one piece in this wild racing game? Jump behind the wheel and head into the arena for the next crazy competition about to start. Find out how long you'll be able to last in the free tour event or fight against everything from tuk-tuks to buggies in an exciting demolition derby.

Do you like manga? This girl loves them! She is now ready to recreate certain styles and modes of her favorite characters. You can join her as she designs super outfits inspired by some of the most famous Japanese manga in this girls' dress up game.

For this elegant wedding, guests are asked to wear shiny clothes. That's why these two princesses want to make sure their bridesmaids dresses sparkle like stars in the sky. Can you help them choose the perfect dresses before they wear makeup in this girls' wedding game?

Jessie's hands and nails are in need of care. Can you help him by giving him a relaxing manicure in his pretty salon in this online makeover game? You will have to moisturize your skin, nail it and choose beautiful colors of polish.

Spring is here and these princesses revisit their wardrobes with new top class outfits. They can not wait to share them on their fashion vlog, but they do not know where to start. Will you be able to help them choose from all these flashy dresses and accessories and more?

Will you be able to direct this green block in all the right directions? Get out of the way in this challenging puzzle game. The faster you play, the more points you will score.

This little giant is not as big and strong as the other giants of his kingdom. Even worse, they do not stop making fun of him! That's why he decided to go on an adventure to show what he's capable of and to nail them down. Can you help him avoid the dangers when exploring a strange field in this challenging online game?

In this freewheeling driving game, you can perform tons of super stunts. Fly away from ramps and loop 360-degree balloons on old pick-ups, military vehicles or whatever. If you really want to show off all your talents, get behind the wheel of a 70s car or a modern sports car.

These two girls team up to take on a challenging new challenge, full of style. Can you help them make good use of their gift for fashion to create great looks? She will have to choose the right makeup and outfits to show that they are super girls in this online dress up game.

These two super friends have planned different things for the weekend. One of them has a date, while the other will just stay quiet at home to read. Can you help them relax and have fun in this online game for girls?

It's madness in this warehouse! Can you quickly find a place for each of these blocks before it's too late? In this game io, you will also face players from around the world. Prove that you have what it takes to prevent the situation turning into a nightmare.

There are tons of gold coins and diamonds in this temple. There are also plethora of undead soldiers with sharp swords. But that will not prevent this brave knight from entering to recover this precious treasure. It tells you to join him for this crazy epic in this adventure game?

It's a beautiful afternoon for an English tea in this online game for girls. Help these princesses to prepare everything in their garden. Which dresses to choose and how to style? They must also find ideas of delicacies and decorations.

What's better than bubbles? Jewels and bubbles!

Ellie creates a style inspired by her favorite cartoon characters in this online dress up game. She is a true Pegasist, an absolute fan of the series. Can you help him choose a colorful wig and magic clothes and accessories to go with?

In this online design game, you can create your own manga character. What nose will she have? Will she be happy or mysterious? And of course, what outfit will she wear? You will decide all that and more.

Vikings: War of Clans

Blondie has just arrived in Europe where she is about to spend a dream vacation. But what could she wear in this dress up game for girls? Help her on her first day of fun and adventures with makeup and a great outfit.

Do you know the world and its most exciting places filled with interesting things? Look closely at these big cities, activities, kitchens and so much more. Try to find their name using tiles in this fun game of general culture that also makes your spelling work.

Put yourself behind the free throw line and try to put as many baskets as possible in the nose and beard of players from around the world. Will you be able to score more points than your opponents before the end of the time in this exhilarating game?

Which of these princesses will become the new star of the college? They have just registered in the first year and want to start with great outfits that will amaze their classmates. Can you help them choose the best in this dress up game for girls?

This star has a busy week in front of her and she is running out of ideas as to what to wear. Can you make her an outfit for each day in this fast dress up game for girls? He will need a perfect outfit for a gala evening Wednesday and cool clothes to go dancing Friday night.

This hungry cat does not want cat treats or tin cans. And sardines, do not even talk about it! All he wants to eat is good chocolate! Can you help him nibble on tons of sweets in this crazy but so cute puzzle game?

You'll have to stay on your guard if you want to survive the gunfights that await you in this 3D multiplayer shooter. Plunge into a relentless world of action and try to eliminate your enemies with everything that comes to hand, from knives to machine guns. If it gets too intense, you can still grab your sniper rifle and shoot them from a safe distance.

Do you like mahjong? Then hundreds of challenging levels and dozens of platters await you in this XXL version of the classic game. Match the tiles as fast as possible and try to beat the clock.

Ellie is looking for a new job, but she does not know which one is right for her. Fashion blogger, interior designer, something else? Can you help her make her choice in this online game for girls? She wants to try a few different trades before deciding what is the job of her dreams.

It's not easy every day when you're a little fish in an ocean filled with grumpy jellyfish and other dangers. That's why it's important to stay agile and travel with friends. Help this brave fish to stay safe in this cute action game.

These princesses love to travel and can not wait to discover the most beautiful destinations in the world. But when it comes to fashion, they would need advice. Can you choose three pretty outfits for their next vacation in this dress up game for girls?

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On, there are entertaining games for the whole family! Hundreds of free games are at your fingertips whether you're a child or grandparent, beginner or expert. Try our action games for adventure seekers, our cooking games for gourmets, our creative games for artists or the favorite games of the whole family like bubble shooter, bingo or the series games of 3 ! If you like challenges, get your brains on with our complicated puzzle games like mahjong or invite your friends to fight against you in one of our online multiplayer games. Play games that are simple to understand but subtle to solve. With a lot of games for kids, games for girls and sports games everyone will find happiness. Discover the countless free online games on GamesGame! offers the largest collection of free online games. New games are added every day!

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Games for an animated Christmas Photographer: iStock Author: Chantal Dauray

This article is also part of the files:

Here are some ideas of games for parties that can be adapted to the office party, family, friends.

We change places or tables at each service. This is the perfect opportunity to multiply the discussions during the meal.

A colleague's (friend's, relative's) name is found in a festive top hat (or other funny container). The mission: to toast this person during the evening by formulating personalized wishes for her.

Rather than a kiss, we exchange thanks under the mistletoe. The leader of the game brews a dice and places the mistletoe sheet (or a mock-up, available in holiday accessory stores) over the head of the 2nd, 3rd, or 6th person to his right or left. his left (according to the result of the die) and expresses a thank you to him or testifies to one of his qualities. In turn, the one who just received the honors brews the die and so on.

Each writes his resolution for the New Year, without inscribing his name. In turn, one draws and one must associate the resolution with the person to whom it corresponds. For example: "Who wants to improve their English or stop smoking?" Variation: This is the theme of a gift exchange on the spot. On the piece of paper, one then adds his name to him; of its resolution. By doing the freelancing a few weeks in advance, it allows to find a gift to help the other to maintain its resolution.

Play photojournalist

The challenge: to extract an unusual story from our table neighbor during the meal. When the holidays return, a souvenir diary of the holiday dinner is created with photos and anecdotes.

For a small group or in teams per table, we answer the questions of the game Brin de jasette. Discoveries in perspective!

We go brainstorming and have fun

Quiz fun on life at work (family, friends). A questionnaire is prepared on historical facts or funny anecdotes that have marked the organization over the years, stories of solidarity, customers (parents, friends) furious or delighted, colleagues (parents, friends) who have outdone themselves (or embarrassed!), etc. The one with the most answers wins a participation prize.

In the same vein, we associate the "quotations célegrave; bres9raquo; colleagues or relatives to the right people.

We make a montage of photos of baby9eacute; of each one, we photocopy and distribute. Whoever has the most associations wins!

For those who believe in it or simply for fun, we group people at the table by astrological sign, we distribute the predictions of the coming year or we make our own bets, or ... we invite a card drawer !

Classic animation games

They have been proven over time, such as charades, karaoke, dictionary (each offers a definition of an unusual word), truths and consequences (we must answer the truth to a question posed to us). or suffer an imposed consequence), riddles on celestial personages (this name being written on a cardboard placed on our head) or associations (for example, finding cities that begin with the letter B). Use the letters of the name of your department!

Exquisite corpse and variants

The classic version? Have an absurd sentence composed by several people by amalgamating noun, adjective, verb, direct object adjective and adjective. There are also the sequences in the manner of the nursery rhyme Three little cats, where each new word begins with the syllable that ends the precept, and so on.

Enjoy the holiday party to initiate the "little new" (a new colleague, a new son-in-law ...) with a series of tests to be done during the meal. Make your imagination go! Ask the mouse pro to make a hilarious montage by matching the faces of new people to comic characters bodies.

We can also make this dinner an evening recognition of the good shots of teammates or relatives, or highlight special achievements, rather comical. As trophies, small statuettes found in holiday accessory stores.

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