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Ticket Surf International Ticket (TSI), the French company which is also behind Ticket Surf vouchers, which are dedicated to teenagers. TSI operates with the authorization of the Banque de France to issue electronic money. It offers prepaid cards bearing up to € 150 (while Ticket Surf vouchers are limited to € 10 to € 30). Found in more than 35,000 retail partners in France and Belgium, it can also be purchased online by account holders.

Opening a Ticket Premium Account is needed only if you purchase online. If you decide to buy it, you'd better click on this link in your place. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase online, you will be able to create an account by the following link at the bottom of this page. You will be able to receive a valid code via Email. Once you get your account validated via your code, it will take you to the Ticket Premium team to certify it and make it fully operational. At this time, you are fully set up to buy voucher and use it at the cashier of a Premium Ticket casino. By the means of your account, you will also be able to view your ticket vouchers.

Whatever you need, you will find yourself in possession of an 11 or 16-digit Ticket Premium voucher code. This is the code which you will use at any Ticket Premium casinos or merchant online, thus avoiding the use of confidential banking data on the Internet.

Additional Ticket Premium Advantages

Since February 2014, Premium Ticket Services are integrated to TSI's eWallet called My E-money Purse. In addition, TSI also offers to purchase via Ticket Surf coupons which are allowed on websites visited by minors: therefore, if you want to encourage your kids to manage a budget for online spending, you might consider one of these vouchers as a safe option to do so.

The choice of the value of your voucher is not important: you can spend a part of it in one transaction and keep the code and its remaining balance for the next time. Being only a payment option, Ticket payment does not allow its users to withdraw money from a casino and therefore a different banking method must be chosen in order to cash out any winnings.

You can keep in touch with Premium Ticket through their Facebook page: or call them at + 33-1 82 97 05 01.

If you want to open a Ticket Premium account now, here is a convenient link for you:

8 questions on my Winamax account

1. I have a Winamax.COM account, I want to create an account Winamax.FR

If you already have it; a Winamax or, you can now create your account on the new version of

To do this, you must enter your identifiers (email address and password of your old Winamax account.COM) on the following page:

Make sure to enter the registration email address of your old account so that the migration proceeds properly.

2. I want to withdraw my money from via Ticket Premium

- Log in to your old account (with the email address and password of the account)

- Choose the Ticket Premium withdrawal method.

- Enter the amount of your bankroll and confirm.

You will receive an email containing a Ticket Premium code that you can use on

This will credit your account in real money of the indicated balance with a bonus of 10% cash, without any particular condition.

3. I want to deposit with my Premium Ticket

You can credit your account with your Ticket Premium now.

To do this, log in with your login details (e-mail address and password) on your account:

- Enter the amount and then the Ticket Premium code you received by email.

Warning, depending on the shipping limits you have chosen during registration, you may not be able to file the grievance; your premium ticket at once.

In this case, your Premium ticket remains valid, you can reuse it to credit your account in the future.

If you have not received your Ticket Premium, check in the SPAM / Junk Mail folder. Otherwise, contact support at [email protected]

4. I want to change my shipping limits

- Log in to your account on with your login details (email address and password).

If you want decrease your shipping limit, the change will be effective immediately.

If you wish increase, the modification will be taken into account 48 hours later.

5. I want to activate my real money account

Log onto our site with your username (email address and password), then click on "Access Freerolls" at the top right of the site page.

Follow steps 1 and 2. Your real money account is now activated. The number 9 dispatcher is optional.

6. I want the same benefits on (miles, tickets, bonuses)

To retrieve your miles and status, you must obtain a PIN. Path to follow :

- Log on to the website with your login details (email address and password).

- Under the menu " My account " click on the link " Transfer to ".

Once you have recovered you will have the code, follow these steps:

- Enter the code you just retrieved (remember to copy / paste to make it easy for you)

7. I want to validate my account finally

An account created; and activated on remains in the eyes of the law a provisional account.

It is essential to definitively validate your account, it is indeed the only step which allows you to withdraw your winnings from

For this, you will need to send us the documents listed below, in 30 days following your provisional registration.

- The copy of your identity card; national (front and back) OR your passport OR of your driver's license ; All these documents must be valid and the copies of very good quality.

- A RIB (Bank Statement) certifying that the bank account is in your name.

If you have not yet submitted your documents, you can send them to us in one of the following ways:

If you do not have a scanner, consider taking digital photos. Also, tobacconists and cybercafés near you usually have a scanner.

75342 Paris Cedex 07

Once the documents are received and analyzed, we will promptly send you a verification code by mail that you will have to enter on your account on the site in order to definitively validate your account.

8. I want to make a withdrawal on

To make a withdrawal, you must first have validated your account by sending us a copy of your identity document front and back and your RIB. See previous paragraph.

You will then be able to make withdrawals by logging into your account on (with the email address and password of your account).

Online Poker N ° 1 - The best odds on sports betting *

Winamax is approved by the regulatory authority of online games

* Study by Odoxa about 5635 games (football, tennis, rugby and basketball) of 01.01.2017 to 06.30.2017, No. 1 to 80% of the measured dimensions.

Please verify that you are human.

We're sorry but your use of this site resembles automated software. To protect our community we need to check that you are not a robot:

If you feel that you have reached this point, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Security and anonymity enthusiasts appreciate the Ticket Premium payment method. Indeed, this prepaid ticket (25, 50 and 100 euros) makes it possible to quickly make payments online. To get it, simply go to one of the many sales points.

First double deposit, up to 150 euros offered

Promo Code PMU: special offers in March 2018

Unlock all welcome bonuses and possible event promotions, over € 100 offered on sports, horse betting and poker. Discover the promotional codes of 2018:

Used by 38 players in the last 7 days

Used by 38 players in the last 7 days

To use your PMU promo code and unlock your sport bonus, follow these steps:

  • Click on the button at the top of the article to discover the promo code to fill in
  • The "Promotion Code" field will appear during the 4th step of your registration
  • Fill in the code displayed at the top of the article.
  • Enjoy your sports bonus: 100 € offered (the same as if you had not entered a promo code).

To help you complete your registration, watch our video tutorial:

(Duration of the video: 1:17)

PMU offers you to choose between 3 bonuses corresponding to the 3 universe of the site, with each one their dedicated promotional code:

  • Sport bets : 25% of your stakes per 15 days up to 100 €
  • Paris horse racing: 25% of your stakes per 15 days up to 100 €
  • Poker: 5 € offered + 5 € per 15 days up to 25 €

Warning : these bonuses are not cumulative, you choose the promotional code that corresponds to the universe that interests you the most!

Tracking matches or horse races in streaming and live is possible from the site at no additional cost and legally. There is no promotional code or optional sponsorship PMU specifically dedicated to one or the other game currently.

Promo code PMU Sport: up to 100 €

Here's all you need to know to get the € 100 PMU Sportsbook Bonus:

It is unlocked in increments of 25 € maximum corresponding to 25% of your sports stakes over a period of 15 days:

  • 25% of your sports stakes committed within 15 days of your registration, up to a limit of 25 €
  • 25% of your sports stakes committed between the 16th and the 30th day after your registration, within the limit of 25 €
  • 25% of your sports stakes engaged between the 31st and the 45th day after your registration, within the limit of 25 €
  • 25% of your sports stakes engaged between the 46th and the 60th day after your registration, within the limit of 25 €

If you want to unlock the full bonus, you must bet € 800 over a total period of 2 months.

PMU Paris promo code: up to 100 €

The horse paris bonus is similar to that of sports betting:

  • 25% of your horse bets entered in the 15 days following your registration, within the limit of 25 €
  • 25% of horse bets entered between the 16th and the 30th day after your registration, within the limit of 25 €
  • 25% of your horse bets entered between the 31st and the 45th day after your registration, within the limit of 25 €
  • 25% of your horse bets entered between the 46th and the 60th day after your registration, within the limit of 25 €

PMU Poker Promo Code: up to 25 €

The PMU Poker bonus breaks down as follows:

  • 5 € from the creation of your account
  • 5 € maximum per 15 days for 2 months provided you accumulate 5 PMU points for each period concerned.

To earn the PMU points required to earn the bonus, you will need to play cash games or real money tournaments. Freerolls and other free spins obtained via a promotion are not taken into account.

The sponsorship code PMU is another way to attract new players. Unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain sponsorship code without being co-opted by a sponsor.

We do not advise you to search for one on the Internet: often, the forums and sites dedicated to the good deals offer information obsolete, and you do not benefit from any offer.

Similarly, some are looking on Facebook to find a password for poker, which again is useless.

  • For the sponsor: 10 € by registered godson (5 per month maximum)
  • For the godson : no additional gift

My bet refund is slow, why?

Your account must first be validated before receiving your refund. The procedure is simple: you just have to connect to the site and then fill in the PIN that the operator sent you by mail in your personal space.

Can I use a promotional code or sponsorship with the PMU card?

For those who do not know, the PMU card allows you to play in the outlets without leaving cash or credit card. To obtain it, you have to create a traditional PMU account: as mentioned above, for now, you do not need a promo code to get the maximum bonus.

Are there special offers to bet on football?

Many of you want to bet on the favorite sport of the French, either during the championship season in France on the Ligue 1 or Ligue 2 teams or on the German Bundesliga. Whichever team you support, do not hesitate to take advantage of opportunities to win big thanks to the offers put in place by the bookmaker:

  • Second chance", Where the operator refunds your bets on certain matches if they end on a specific score (eg 0 - 0 on OM - PSG)
  • the "challenges" and other one-off competitions where your won bets can win you, in addition to money, jerseys, tickets to football games, or free gaming credits

Whatever the time of year, you will always find a good opportunity to place your stakes on the ball. Once you take advantage of the welcome offer, which is the most interesting, do not hesitate to check the "promotions" section of the site.

Below is an example of a second chance bet (which can become free under certain conditions):

What if there is no PMU benefit code available at this time?

The advantage code PMU does not need to be filled, the promotion is directly affected from the registration, without the need of any coupon code PMU sports, poker or horse.

The bonus PMU Paris sports and turf is one of the most interesting: it allows to touch 100 € or more at the occasion of major meetings. Poker players have access to a bonus that doubles their initial deposit, the offer of which is paid after having participated in several games.

Besides the bonus and promotional code, why choose PMU?

The historical bookmaker offers a clear interface, odd odds and diffuse many meetings in streaming. Few competitors can claim to offer all of these services with a high level of quality.

What are the payment methods accepted by the site?

Here are the means of payment accepted to credit your account on

For devices running iOS, you will find the apps on the Apple Store. For Android devices, go directly to the operator's site.

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