How to cash a paysafecard

Mollie allows you to easily and quickly accept each payment made via paysafecard. Paysafecard is a payment method that consists of a prepaid card and is used across 43 countries. In just 10 minutes, you can start collecting payments made via Paysafecard. There is no hidden fee and only successful transactions are charged.

Accept payments from customers around the world.

Mainly used by shops specializing in games and technology.

Payments are 100% guaranteed as soon as they are authorized by the customer.

Your customers can pay a single purchase with multiple paysafecards.

paysafecard is a payment method allowing buyers to use a prepaid card to pay for their purchases online. They do not need to fill in their personal banking information.

Its use does not require the possession of a credit card or even a bank account. paysafecard is the European leader in prepaid payment cards and paysafecard cards can be purchased from over 500,000 distributors. The available amounts are 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 euro. It is possible to buy other currencies. paysafecard is a preferred method of payment for young consumers or consumers who do not have a bank account. These prepaid cards are often used for online purchases of games, movies, books or software. Other services include spending on social networks, dating sites, VoIP services, web hosting providers and online travel agencies.

How does paysafecard work?

When a customer chooses to pay with paysafecard, he must already be in possession of a prepaid card or use his paysafecard online account. At the time of payment, he will be asked to enter a code on the back of the prepaid card or his paysafecard account. The amount paid will then be deducted from the card. It is possible to use multiple cards to pay for a single purchase.

Why use paysafecard with Mollie?

Using paysafecard with Mollie allows you to make available to your customers an essential method of payment, thanks to a single integration. With our streamlined integration process, you can quickly start accepting payments without having to go through lengthy administrative procedures when you install a connection yourself. Simple and intelligent, our API makes it possible to develop a solid integration, even in the event of heavy influxes on your site. Our API and Dashboard allow you to make direct payments and export your data in a variety of formats to make your accounting work easier. Our offer is competitive and contains no hidden costs. With Mollie, it's very easy to integrate paysafecard on your site. You will not waste time registering, and we provide you with all the necessary data and tools for the easy integration of this method of payment. Our prices are transparent, and we charge only a small percentage for each transaction. In addition, we provide you with a Dashboard giving you access to various data and statistics related to your transactions. Mollie is undeniably the simplest platform for effectively integrating paysafecard as a payment method.

This payment method is available with Payments. Learn how to integrate these different payment methods and accept payments and donations online with Mollie.

Paysafecard: Buy for free-this is possible thanks to a code generator

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And if you were told that you can now buy anything you bet on any prognosis, bet your winnings on any poker game and pay the video game you want everything is free without spending your money . Thanks to this tool you can now do all your online transactions free of charge without spending a single penny. This revolutionary tool is based on a brand new technology and especially a security; flawlessly that generates paysafecard codes of different amounts so that you will be able to carry out all your activities online.

Paysafecard is a new payment method that has the distinction of being very easy to use and above all very secure. As a result, it protects you from possible hackers and suspicious transactions. In addition, you can easily use it to bet on your bets, play poker and buy everything you want through online stores. By cons, being a prepaid card paysafecard pin free code which requires that you reload with cash and enjoy a good with a paysafecard code relative to the amount recharged. The paysafecard code generator can then be used to generate codes without needing to recharge your card with your money. In this way, you will not be able to draw on your budget and you will get everything you want.

How it works?

The paysafecard code generator allows you to generate paysafecard codes in order to easily and securely perform; all the transactions you do online. Indeed, all codes are 16 digits must be filled if an online store offering this method of payment. Indeed, the generator uses a vulnerability; in the paysafecard database and creates codes of different amounts that you could use. Very often a computer program that must be downloaded and decompressed. In addition, once installed, it is necessary to download the program, choose a country, the currency and necessarily the amount. Finally, it is necessary to wait for the program to generate the desired code.

If he is reliable?

The code generator paysafecard functional codes and remains virus free in the does not manifest itself. In addition, it has a proxy server and current updates to generate different codes at any time. In addition, these codes can be used in all online stores that take paysafecard payment method.

It's so simple to use paysafecard

With paysafecard, you pay on online stores from a wide variety of domains such as games, social media and community sites, music, movies and entertainment. To do this, no bank account or credit card is required. Everything is so simple with paysafecard:

You find the nearest point of sale thanks to the point of sale search tool.

You buy paysafecard. You can then choose from PIN codes of different values 10, 25, 50 or EUR 100.

  • You pay on thousands of online shops: Just enter the 16-digit paysafecard PIN.

    Buy paysafecard among others at these traders

    my paysafecard - the account for your paysafecard PINs

    my paysafecard is your personal payment account: You upload your paysafecard PINs into the account and you always keep an eye on all your PINs. Thanks to my paysafecard, you pay online with ease using a username and password.

    • All PINs grouped in one place:

    Optimal visibility and absolute control of expenses

  • Online payment using username and password
  • Exclusive Rewards with my PLUS

    the loyalty program of my paysafecard

  • paysafecard is synonymous with maximum security. Here you will find useful information to pay securely on the Internet and protect yourself from fraud attempts.

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    Copyright © Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. All rights reserved. Prepaid Services Company Limited is authorized to issue electronic money and payment tools by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK in accordance with the UK "Electronic Money Regulations 2011" (registration number: 900021). paysafecard is a registered trademark of Wertkarten GmbH. paysafecard Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Services Company Limited under a license from Mastercard International Inc. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Inc.

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    Stop the scams on the Internet: 5 examples not to be fooled

    On the Internet, you are never safe from malicious people. How to spot them? 5 examples of current scams and some tips to guard against them.

    Attention to financial transactions

    According to the Ministry of the Interior, fraudulent financial transactions are among the most common scams on the Internet.

    The PaySafeCard is a European prepaid card system dedicated to the Internet. No need for a bank account or credit card to pay online, just buy a PaySafeCard with values ​​ranging from 10 to 100 euros.

    The scammer simply asks you to buy PaysafeCards, which you can find at your tobacconist, to settle it. You simply will not see the color of the item or service you paid for and will not have many opportunities to find your hustler.

    For scammers, it's blessed bread. Indeed, unlike secure transactions of different payment cards or Paypal, PaySafe does not handle disputes.

    We learned of a scam by PaySafeCard in the case of a puppy donation. The scammer wanted the person to pay for the delivery of the puppy through PaySafeCard. Once the money was transferred, she had no news of either the person or the puppy.

    Advice : do not buy services or goods without having met the person before (or without having seen, tested the property) and do not agree to pay in advance, or only by means of payments which guarantee you rights in case of dispute.

    2) Rental of apartments: the cash commission scam

    We find the scam with cash mandates in apartment rentals. The pitch: a "very selfless property" rent a property in a popular district of any city at a bargain price. All under the guise of "he does not want to leave it empty, he does not need this source of income and more ..."

    Generally, he insists heavily on his honesty and asks you to use a cash mandate to reserve the property, even without having seen it. His reasons? He is generally handicapped or at home and can not move around and points out that the money order "serves as a guarantee" of your seriousness.

    Of course, he asks you for a photo for proof of the mandate and specifying you to hide the code ... except that the number remained visible enough to withdraw the money.

    Beware, the scammer can also send you on an alleged site of the Bank Postale (Phishing) on ​​which you will return information about the mandate. Whatever the way, once the money is cashed, you will not hear about him anymore.

    Advice : as soon as someone tells you about Money order and in particular Mandat Cash Urgent, report the announcement. The cash mandate is only to send money to a loved one in difficulty.

    3) Enveloping: the trendy scam

    The person offers you a golden job: you just have to send mails or put in brochures. All for an attractive salary of course.

    "The employeur9quot; then try to lull suspicion by quoting so-called law articles insisting on legality; of the procedure and even steps to declare if you exceed a revenue threshold.

    The only thing she asks you in exchange: send a sum, often small for the starter kit. After a mail exchange more or less long, we will tell you that you must pay by cash mandate.

    As soon as the person has relieved you; of your money, you can be sure that it will disappear in nature.

    To know : all activity must be declared at the first penny earned. There is no threshold and no status "activit9eacute; occasional".

    4) "Scam9quot; : gifts and inheritances falling from the sky

    The gift disinterested, the inheritance, the services to place funds, are common scams.

    In fact, a person very kindly offers you to do a very small service and in exchange, it will offer you a percentage or all of an inheritance.

    But of course, to receive your share, you have to pay some fees ... This is of course a scam. We promise you 200 000 euros but for that you have to pay 1500, 2000 euros ... you can be sure that you will not see the color of the money.

    Advice : Beware of the enticing ads that promise you wonders for almost anything.

    This offense is on the rise, it would reach the 2nd place of the global crimes behind the car theft according to Christophe Naudin, criminologist at l # 3; universit9eacute; Paris-II, in an interview with Direct Matin.

    According to the Ministry of the Economy, in 2011, the "document fraud" or usurpation of identity; observed increased by 5%. It can take many forms (employment, housing ...), but every time invariably you are asked to send your identity papers.

    In this announcement, you are required, before you even meet, color copies of your vital card, identity card; driver's license and photocopy of proof of address.

    Ask all these pieces by mail should you put the chip in your ear. The coast; "color copy" must finish convincing you of a scam.

    This is a blatant case of attempted identity theft. With these papers in hand, scammers can:

    • Open a bank account,
    • Empty your bank account,
    • Realize frauds with health insurance,
    • Counterfeit a driver's license and you will receive the fines.

    Advice : If you sent photocopies of identity papers; and you realize that you were scammed, report it to the police immediately.

    You will probably have to make new paperwork and take steps with your bank to secure your accounts.

    Facing a scam: the good reflexes

    An ad looks suspicious, report it to webmasters. On Jemepropose, if you have a doubt about an ad, you have a link "report the # 3; ad9quot; bottom right of each ad.

    Beware of good deals that look too good and any unknown people who ask you for identity documents or pay through a non-secure system.

    If you pay for a good or service online, make sure the site is securis9eacute; with the presence of the small padlock and the presence of the "https9quot; in your navigation bar.

    If you have been scammed, you can fill out a form on the dedicated government portal; Internet fraud.

    The scam, what the law says

    According to article L313-1 of the Penal Code, "fraud is the [...] act of deceiving a natural or legal person and thus determining to the prejudice or injury of a third party, to remit funds, securities or any other good, to provide a service or to to consenitr an act operating obligation or discharge.9quot;

    And with regard to the penalties incurred: "The scam is punishable by 5 years of imprisonment and 375,000 euros of fines9quot ;.

    Other examples of scams to share? N # 3; h9acute; do not site!

    66 comments on "Stop Internet scams: 5 examples to avoid being fooled"

    another example of a scam: the animal care offered by an individual.

    L # 03; activit9eacute; pet care is regulated by Article L214-6 IV of the Rural Code and Sea Fisheries. The person who takes care of pets must: be the subject of a declaration of activity; from the prefectural services, must declare its facilities to the veterinary services of the DDCSPP, hold a certificate of capacity issued; by the prefecture in correspondence of a training followed and recognized by the State, to be registered with the Center of Formality of the Companies of the ICC on which it depends.

    The scam is well constituted in this fact to present a false skill or quality yet required by a regulatory context in exchange for compensation.

    Moreover, pet care is not included in the scope of the services to the person, only the walk and care of animals for the benefit of dependents.

    A complaint will be lodged against the website in the coming days if fraudulent ads are still found.

    Thank you for the good advice.

    I have already received an offer of donations to see many. Well on it can only be grabbing nigauds.a t already seen people offering their fortune.

    Once a gentleman offered me a car he wanted my coordinates ......... not crazy! .

    I received 5 emails scams

    two from the post office (I do not have a postal account)

    one of edf (we are subscribed to birseg switzerland)

    What worried me the most are the seniors who start learning the courses to surf!

    ZAMPEIRI attention scam, more than doubtful work proposal based on a known scam system of transient packages. or you are asked to send them back for a salary of 800 euros. do not give it a photocopy of identity; nor RIB., scam from African regions

    I was contacted by a person I was looking for only a few days, by launching the search notice on the site "I seek you". I reached the end on my family roots, I had just found trace of my grandparents, deceased, but the act of interment with was signed by a person: Mrs. Prado, information that had given me the town hall of the place of the death ,. I was warned by a surfer, that this person who has been asking for me for 2 years, it is via the site "I seek you" that I had the information, with of course the name of Mrs. Prado, and his email

    Contact by email, then arrives, an inheritance is said to come back to me, then that my grandmother died and that she had only one daughter, (in this case my mother, also deceased, which it came back to me, then she puts me in contact with a notary, this one sends me an email, with an attachment: notice of research, he had the elements, since this Mrs Prado, had them in his possession, this notary is based in Côte d ' Ivory and claim my civil status, identity card.I want to call for more information, I am told that I am not allowed to call this number, new mail, tells me a story that seems to me more and more false, to confirm that I am the heir and asks me a check for 600 euros to open the file, suspicious, I will see my bank, before the mail of this notary, which does not exist, I sent an email to this person who was looking for me (Monique Prado) living in the USA, him saying my doubts, she does not understand and, even invites me to come to Ivory Coast, I reported to the service, and to the official service of the notaries of Côte d'Ivoire,

    this false notary, it was easy for him to put the names of my grandparents and my mother, since I had given all the information, on the site "Géanet" family tree, and on the site "I seek you", so it was easy for him by registering on these sites, to see that I was looking for someone who was still alive in my family. I am unsubscribed from these 2 sites and I also sent an alert to the notaries, of the city where my grandparents died, as well as those of Côte d'Ivoire

    I hope that my testimony will serve more caution


    On the online candidate site, an ad has appeared in the name of SANOTE (SANOPE OR SANOPA), to work with Ms. Yvonne Levasseur.

    Here after a copy / paste responses received, and in addition, they have the nerve to raise. be careful and especially pass around you.

    May 17 (6 days ago)

    I just read your email and I admit that your profile interests me a lot because apparently you have a lot of experience. I think you will be welcome but unfortunately it is not for me to study your file. I will transmit your file to the Director in charge of Career Management and he will thoroughly study your file; he must be somewhere in the African continent. For what I can blow you, you must know that you will be motionless and therefore dynamic to the task because there will be many trips to perform in the exercise of your function, itself must be somewhere in Africa now. I will send him your email and attachments and he will contact you if you have been elected; retained because you have only one contender until then.

    Send him the same email and I will send it to him too.

    I would really like it to be you because you're really interested in me but I leave it to him.

    13:07 (17 minutes ago)

    Following your request, we have sent you an email but we note that you have not manifested yourself or be delayed in doing so. We remind you that within 48 hours of receiving this email, if you are still silent, you will simply be replaced by one of your alternates.

    Hello Madam XXXXXI, you are selected for the post ofAssistant Executive Assistant within the Society; SANOPA S.A of Madam LEVASSEUR. It will also be necessary to complete your file: Copy of Birth Certificate Extract, Copy of National Identity Card, Copy of Passport, Copy of Diplomas or Certifications) and we will then send you an engagement form to fill out. In case you do not have a passport, SANOPA will take care of establishing you a professional passport, a green card, a badge. Please scan your pieces to send them to me.

    Also beware of ads published by companies who claim to be creative to explain their absence Siret number.


    A lot of people are looking to make money on the internet. However, there are a lot of scams (according to a survey of 1,200 sites, only 0.4% were reliable).

    The main purpose of his people is to make money on your back. Do not get scammed by these. Before embarking on a purchase, conduct your own investigations by researching forums, contacting people, etc.

    And if you pay, be sure that you can recover your money in case of dispute by inquiring at your bank. MAKE ME OF PAYPAL. It is more difficult to be reimbursed via Paypal than through his bank (especially for a non-physical product). If you want to be reimbursed via Paypal and their response does not meet your expectations, you can still call on the European Consumer Course.

    It revels me to see so many scammers on the internet. These people are dishonest and have no dignity.

    It is quite possible to fight those leeches who are thirsty for money if you feel that your claim is legitimate. Do not let yourself go and give up because there are so many solutions that many people do not suspect.

    PS: All those who have been attacked victim of scams of a certain "Nicolas Picard" and wishing to be reimbursed, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] We have solutions!

    Thank you for your attention.

    I denounce 2 merchant sites .."dr discount 'and, in front of all my swim at home, I bought in January 2013, for 680th furniture to one and 20th (table) 9agrave; the other. Everything was in promo..debit9eacute; Immediately, I have never received anything. With Dr. discount I have phoneme; , sent mails then registered letter (accepted9eacute; e) but never nobody answered. I lodged a complaint with the court of Nanterre.with ameublia, I had them at the phone, I always had to receive my check and I l still waiting..I had lost my money..and these days I received a letter from the court saying that on 7: 11: 2013, dr discount was going to court and I should be reimbursed (hum), we'll see ..I especially wanted to say, do not buy on these sites that have attractive promos but it's scam pure and simple.I had not filed a complaint against ameublia., I had paid by paypal ameublia but he did not want to this time again.

    If you have been scammed in Ivory Coast or elsewhere, we offer our services to locate your cybercriminals and stop them for any procedure.

    For any information, please contact us at the following address: [email protected]

    Hello I am happy to find this site

    Here I met a gentleman on the net who offers financial loans to any individual or other not having access to the bank. I thought of an anarch but I said: I am going to sit down; .

    1) I send it to you; a request and he sent me; a form to fill out that I completed.

    2) After he asks me for my information on my bank account to make the transfer.

    3) I found that it was normal for a transfer but being cautious I started to inquire at my bank and sites like yours to see if there is any danger. Being in this ca he sends me a message to tell me that I must subscribe to a credit insurance by paying 250 euros to their insurance company to obtain the loan. I told him to take this sum in charge and give me the rate to repay. Since the day he has answered me the most.

    NB: - so I ask you is what an anarch?

    - give your RIB and your IBAN to a stranger can he empty your account?

    - Was it normal to pay the 250 euros to his insurance company?

    Good evening, I would like to know if you have already gone; heard about Aldaniti? And if it is an anarch site?

    my comment is very simple and hopefully no one will be fooled ...

    In almost all cases, when you are asked to pay money to open any file it is a scam. The loan offers are part of these scams and we refuse several tens of ads of this type every week on jemepropose.

    alert to a person who by a false logo of the gendarmerie blocks your pc and asks you to pay 200 euro I pay once because I did not know then he came back 6 times since June 2013 the rale bole of that find himself blocked by of such individual who benefits from others who makes money over others

    The article does not cover all the details but it is a minimum to understand how it happens on the internet.

    does anyone know he's threading pearls to qatar

    I think it's a scam but I do not know I'm waiting for a reply thank you

    We searched for references. Apparently the company respects its commitment.

    On the other hand, the final hourly price offered for the work requested is very low because the time required to make the necklaces and bracelets is very important.

    In general, it is strongly discouraged to pay anything to work or get a mission, it protects many disappointments.

    I just read the story of the false message of the gendarmerie, it happened to me at the beginning of 2013 .I have dismounted; my hard drive and I brought it to my convenience store cost 50 euros. information taken the gendarmerie has received hundreds of complaints. all that to say that it did not have my money. this comes from a toad in a country of thugs and I am polite. make your purchases on the net by check with name and address of the seller if not agree go your way. hello to all bernard

    I am in the case of a scam for a puppy as measured above, and this one being in london, I had to pay 210 euros in paysafecard for his rappattriment.I paid with these tickets, and then he told me that there was a problem of cash damaged for the trip and that I had to give them 900 euros !! Not crazy, I smell the scam with a little delay, but what I did, I went away appropriate payment codes, and I have validated them to counter the scammer, and I lost 35 euros out of 210, it's better than nothing, I was pretty fast !! Here's what you need to do if it happens to you, but the inscription on is long, so one must not wait too long !!

    I wanted to make a loan to a private individual but she paid me a fee ...

    I got fed up with it, but I got really well.

    We advise you never to make a loan with an individual. Many scams. We receive many announcements of this type every day that we refuse.

    Beware of 3% loan promises by individuals on facebook, with fake profiles. it's a cash commission scam

    Hello and congratulations for your article.

    The solicitations of the crooks are very numerous and the fragile people are ripped off in large numbers.

    I create a community on google + called personal finance, you would be welcome (e)

    However, I am an old road net and purchases or sales leboncoin or ebay.Je have yet to be made by a seller who acts on leboncoin, it has more than 200 ads to date in the sections "These motorcycle pi9egrave" and auto parts; .After looking for a lot of time a carburetor ramp for my bike, I stumble upon his ad that describes the object I'm looking for and where appears 2 photos that without any is the piece that I need, I know well because I mine mine for cleaning, so for the sake of concern, I send an email to know which motorcycle it came from and the compatibility, the price including shipping. it suits me and we conclude the sale, I receive the package a few days after payment by check and it was not my surprise that the object does not corresmondait not at all to the announcement, a dirt that It said a lot about the storage of an old room that was spinning in a corner. I phoned back. Immediately to the seller, expressing my dissatisfaction, he hung up and dared to spend several days. I sent emails and attached photos that left no doubt about the deception. This guy does not want to know anything, I learned by mistake by typing his name on google, which he had already read; ét9eacute; convicted for scams and full of site, the city!, something that I will have to do before.

    I ordered him to pay me the price and the ramp and take the postage at my expense, he did not want to know.

    His email address for the contact of his ads: [email protected] and his vendor name: nico.

    Even if the sum is modest, I will do everything to grill it, but I am trying to find ways to punish it by law.

    as I already told you we are all entitled to have a very heavy past

    As for the ramp I did not rip you off because the ramp comes from a cbr f like yours

    Good fund article, I feel less lost

    I was scammed via facebook a loan offer to 2% I have spent 1276 euros between manda urgent cash and western union my bank does not want to know anything is shameful

    Hello, in this type of announcement and more generally, you must flee anyone who asks you for money before any service whatsoever.

    Every day we receive multiple announcements of loan proposals between individuals who are obviously never published.

    I sent a copy of my passport and raised an account and I realized that it was a scam that I must do and if I risk something thank you in advance

    Royal this moment pass in your company, a huge compliment and congratulation. Thank you so much for this reading.

    on the right corner, while I'm looking for a house to buy, I was offered a beautiful property in a very sought after location, for a price more than reasonable.

    feeling the scam (because impossible considering the price too low) I wanted to play the game.

    and I found myself in front of a person who offers me an appointment to visit, until all is well. we get OK for the date ... but the person lives far and to be sure that it will not come for nothing (which has already happened to him several times ...) she asks me 1800 € in two money orders of 900 € to send to his notary LARCHER LAURENT LOIC, not found of course ...

    how to prevent this kind of scam. Is there a way to prevent them from using this mandate?

    actually this kind of arnauqe is legions especially since internet

    hello I would like to know if these normal than when depositing a check 21/04 22/04 Discount Check

    and that I had his impayer 29/04 29/04 Impaye

    Check No: 3445690

    they are not the same number what these normal?

    for me now with his I am debtor of 1740 euro

    because in fact I replied to an announcement to have a 4-month-old female malted bichon the person has to pay some spawn to bring me back but paramed the person to ask me money I told him that I am not

    so she told me that she asks her lawyer uncle

    ask him my address to send me the check he send it and so I had to return the money by casch warrant and keep 250 euro to buy the croquette for the bitch thing I did

    I deposited the check the next day I was able to withdraw the money and I send them the check number are not the same of the so-called unpaid so I would like to know if these normal or if these a scam or if these my bank because j have never seen a check number change

    If in doubt, you should immediately contact your bank and the police.

    On the Internet, it is better to be wary of people sending you checks and asking for cash back.

    I would like to draw your attention also to job sites between particular, particular employer etc ...

    CAUTION: Take precautions

    Talk about the ad that interests you to loved ones (They may be warning you about sites, people, etc.)

    Never send administrative documents by mail

    Check the spelling on your level or ask a friend.

    When you do not trust go your way

    WARNING URGENT TERM, do not rush, the announcement may go under your nose or not. In any case there will be more and better for you.

    Be supportive and warn at least your loved ones.

    to report scam on site parcel carriage, some courier hastens to take the goods but do not book, I have 90 years small retreat, and I believed in Santa Claus ......... .. the cost of transport 4 times less expensive, but tempting, so beware you do not like me

    A few days ago I applied for a position posted on a job site. A young lady (UK trainee) m-contacted me by email saying she is interested in chatting with me (whereas since I look for a job, no one has retained my application for an interview). She called me (with a hidden number - but you have to take into account that she called me from abroad) and offered me to go to the headquarters of the company (interim) for an interview. As I was abroad, I offered him a first interview on Skype. She confirms to me by email the date and time of the interview, but she also asks me to send by fax or email administrative documents (identity card, diploma, recent salary slip) to complete my file. I'm not quite sure that this is a scam, but I could not be sure either that it is not one. I tried to find traces that could "betray" the scam, but the site of the company appears in good standing, the email address is on the domain of the company (type @ What to do?

    Hello, all the clues you mention indicate a scam:

    - request for documents even before speaking with you

    I advise you to ... run away

    Thank you for your reply.

    - by "foreigner" I mean Luxembourg,

    - for the hidden number, it often happens that a fixed number does not appear on a mobile if it comes from abroad (it happened to me before); in addition, they gave me their tel number to call them (the same as the one marked on the site),

    - the domain name is correct (I mean [email protected]),

    - the website of the company has a lot of information (it is trilingual), except that the copyright is from 2015 ...

    - they have facebook pages (created in 2010, with pictures of team bealding and conferences), twitter page, instagram, google +,

    - I even checked whether it is a disposable email address (it is not), the email was sent from the address marked without being "wrapped",

    - I also checked the IP (it comes from a local host based in Brussels, but again, they have seats in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg - I think they could use the same operator).

    I think they asked me for the identity card and the diploma to prove my nationality and my training, and to convince myself that I have the legal right to work in Luxembourg, but still, I could not be sure . I know that these kinds of documents are required when you have to make the contract, after interviews and after you decide to hire me. But again, because they are an agency, they do not have an exact position to offer me, they just want to check my profile, my identity, my training and my skills (as we are going to have an online interview next week ...), to then be able to look for a job for me.

    Is it me who thinks too much and who cares for nothing, or the scammers have become smart enough to hide their tracks?

    The blog Sosconso spoke at length about the scams of photovoltaic panels. Undecided installers promised mirific returns to customers who were seduced by the prospect of receiving a tax credit.

    A certain barrister contacts me for a so-called inheritance to claim but with fees. I say no and I do not think it's legal. This central afriye man asks me name, surname, addressbberf my personal info but without success. Now he tells me that he has made investments in India and that they have been successful. He wants to send me a red visa debit credit card and has my name he just misses my personal info kind address and phone number. Is it a scam? /

    Micheline, this is probably a scam. Never share your bank details or personal information. And do not send money.

    I sold a phone (350 E) via an ad on the right corner. I did not use Paypal because too many scams so I wanted to be paid by check, I waited to cash the check that the buyer sent me to send back the package. 2 days after sending the phone I received a letter from my bank announcing that the check was rejected because the person objected to being told for loss. Yet all names (mail, address, check bears the same name and first name of the buyer ... Is there a way to get me back?

    Hello, It's a pretty classic scam. When you receive a check it is better to wait for the final collection of the latter. You can file a complaint at the police station and possibly try to find the person to return your property.

    Hello everyone here is a man contacted by mail to take care of his home 3 hours per week or € 240 per month only downside those sir is abroad and my offer to send me a check of 3500 to have my entire pay and return the rest to his plumber it's not too weird his.

    It's a scam. Do not cash this check and pay no plumber.

    Hello a lady sent me a message for a dog guard but his story does not inspire me confidence is it a scam? Can we access a bank account via the first name phone number address and name of the bank (cic, lcl ..) somebody? Thank you

    here is the mail in question

    I booked my flight and I would be in Paris

    January 15 with Merry, but well before

    take my flight from Manhattan to Paris (Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle)

    to join your region

    owner confirms me the lease of

    the apartment that I rent with him in your area

    seeing that I come

    for a training.

    This making my former Employer living in Gironde has

    Bordeaux must me

    pay a sum of 2500 € so I have

    recorded with him that I should have paid the custody of my bitch and my

    residence once I would be in France so he can

    send the sub a who I

    told him to send.

    So I go through this bargain to pay you the 105 € a

    guard week of

    Merry, and after sending the rest of the Via a Cash Mandate

    Urgent Postale has my

    new owner once the check that my ex employer is going to

    send you received and cash.

    I would be very happy if you take very good care of Merry and

    May she be happy when I leave because she is

    wonderful you will see and that you also help me for that

    my new owner receives the sous and confirms me the lease so

    that I can take the flight to France and come with Merry.

    Please send me your complete home address

    so that my former employer can send you the

    check by mail your first and last name phone number

    name of your bank so that it can write the check on your behalf.

    If you give me good on your consent

    check and cash it and help me send the sub to my

    new owner for my lease to be confirmed.

    You do not risk anything with the information you have provided.

    This person was waiting for you to send him money for a check that you could not cash because stolen or in opposition.

    On Facebook we offered a loan of 3000 € I filled the form but I did not sign the contract by cons they have my rib and my identity card What I risk this gentleman is called Rene bean I am old and I'm scared thanks for your answer

    The best is to go to the police station or gendarmerie as soon as possible.

    I am an African student at the end of training in the social, and as I am unemployed a friend suggested me the site so that I pass an advertisement of request of purse. After 3 players I received an email from a person suggesting to me to address an agency that can help me to continue my studies, which I did. After I was sent a form that I completed and I sent my national card, my diploma and my CV by scanning. After I received a message I have to send 123 € for the fees of papers and obtaining the visa.

    I would like to know if it's a scam or not?

    Hello, I ask you for help because I do not know what to make as a decision following a job offer.

    I have not received this offer in my mailbox, it is an offer that has been published on many professional sites job offers (but hey it is not a pledge of serious when you see that even at pole job there are scams!). In short, it is a corrector position for a company based in Madagascar that undertreat. I took online correction tests and was selected. However, I do not know what to think. The company has almost the same name as another known throughout the internet unlike this one (I contacted the one known in the US and they have no connection). They told me that they were under treatment so they do not have a site and do not communicate. They say they have 20 years of experience but they can not be found on the net. Suspicious anyway I asked for legal information about the company (N Siret for example) that did not appear on the agreement (they are looking for auto entrepreneurs). They looked for excuses at the beginning and made me wait 2 months. I had turned the page and now another person in the company answers me this week and sends me official documents from the General Directorate of Taxes there, mentioning the company, the n. RCS, and the name of the manager (whom I knew). Yes except that when I search with these data on the official website of companies in Madagascar, still nothing ... maybe it is a false document? but I zoomed in on the document that was scanned and it looks authentic (with hologram, official stamp, etc.). I do not know what to do this post really interests me ... They asked me to sign the agreement and provide them with an ID (did not specify which) in color, and a Kbis or official document attesting that I am on my account. That's it, nothing else as a document and no money. I do not know if I risk something by sending them my identity card and I do not understand why even with documents that seem authentic I can not find them anywhere (even the manager). If you could enlighten me it would be great because on one side I would like to sign and on the other I'm afraid to regret it when I see all these scams. Thank you

    Beyond the verification of the official documents and the doubts that you can have on them, the only economic logic should alert you. The average monthly salary in Madagascar is $ 36 (source World Bank). Why would a Malagasy company outsource to France?

    In short, as a precaution, we advise you to go your way.

    Hello, I have a problem:

    I bought shoes on a site that has its industries in China. This is not the first time I order a fake article on the internet. In all my purchases on the internet even with some risks, I always received my parcels. In general I pay and I receive my package.

    I validated the payment of my pair of shoes, second email confirmation (1st payment amount, 2nd what item on which site etc ...) OK.

    I answer in English it's perfect thank you.

    Here's my problem:

    Just after paying and validating the order they asked me this by mail: can you provide a document with your name and photo on it?

    In no case must I give this document we agree? Or can I give a photocopy of my vital card taking care to black tape my numbers and other information, and I just leave my photo and my name? ca risk something?

    I paid with my credit card, and during the payment there was NOT the green cadena top left nor https: // which means the connection is secure. So they can have the number of my card since I have typed it by hand. (without the last 3d numbers on the back of the map that are blurred)

    I told them that I never had to give a document especially after the payment and they said this in English:

    because we have been scammed before by who we are so much so that we remember their face, so we just need to check your name and make sure that you are not. hope you can understand. sorry for the convenience and trouble.

    Legally they can not do that? Yes?

    I thank you =)

    I received a job offer by email for the secretariat at home where I am offered to give me money for a suitable pc and asking me the following information (without copy): name, first name, full address and bank name. Is this a scam? I must confess that at first I asked myself the question but apart from that, he asks me nothing else ... thank you for your answers.

    Hello, Typically you will receive a check of a higher amount and they will ask you to repay the overpayment. The check will be "wooden".

    I was scammed by phone. Thinking of answering a survey, my contact managed to obtain my following information: name, first name, year of birth, family situation (married and number of children), occupation and salary bracket and my postal code. What do you think about it because it really worries me, what can this person do with my personal information. thank you for your reply

    At first you risk being in commercial databases and be frequently asked.

    I thank you for answering Julien, you have no idea how your answer helps to calm me down.

    In fact, at the end of our conversation, this lady seemed very interested in my professional and financial situation.

    So I started to doubt, so I typed his number on Google and I found several reports for scam. Then I typed my last name, first name and postcode and when I saw my full address on the yellow pages, I started to panic. She may also have access to my address. This story has become an obsession, I am suspicious of everyone today. And I ask myself the same question every day: what will this lady do with my personal information? I hope she will not use it to make a false identity card and open an account or an online bank loan or something else by usurping my identity ... Of course, I went to see the gendarmerie but I could only put down a handrail. I feel terribly guilty of being so naive, confiding to a stranger and thus endangering my family. I thank you for having read and answered me, it relieves me a little to express myself here and I hope that I will succeed in quickly forgetting this event and that it will have no consequences on anybody.

    I posted an ad a few days ago on your site offering my services to clean with individuals. The "duerious" profile contacted me and the more we exchange messages, the more it leads me to believe that it is a scam. This man, a certain Gautier Durance according to his email, a man who does not exist in the white pages of my city and its surroundings, offered me a paid job in advance (with paid leave also) and twice the price that I proposed at I was asked several times for my exact address and the name of my bank, and wanted to pay me by check a very large sum on which I apparently had to withdraw my first salary in advance and pay the rest to his plumber. If you want to check for yourself I can send you all the messages. There was certainly no scam and no "concrete" evidence of a scam attempt but the man being more than suspicious I preferred to warn you to avoid any risk to other users of your site.

    (P.S: I searched several times in the evening to send you this in message without getting there so I do it here)

    Hello, we have received your messages.

    This is a very classic scam, sending a fake check.

    This profile has been removed.

    Hello, I was contacted following a baby sitting announcement. I contacted the person by email and noticed that the account had been deleted. I would have liked to know if it was a scam or not

    Subtle scam: a buyer is interested in the object and sends through a fake website imitating the site PayPal the proof of sending the object. Once the tracking number is communicated, he / she indicates that your PayPal account is not validated and that Paypal has asked him to buy paysafecards worth 300 Euros and send a scanned copy to an email "servicefinancier @ ». If you do not respond immediately emails are multiplying, indicating where to buy the cards and are more urgent because the buyer claims that the funds he or she has already paid will be lost ...

    Very famous commercial companies prefer the finalization of online orders on unsecured websites (eg camping car rentals) by making information ranges mandatory such as:

    -number, place, date of issue, identity card or passport

    -date and place of birth

    -number, date and place of obtaining a driving license

    -proof of address

    By subordinating the surplus the conclusion of the order to

    imperative transmission of copies of the same documents by mail

    Such uses offer great opportunities for unscrupulous activists and how to stop these uses?

    Doubtful accounts are removed by our moderation team.

    Pay and receive money online from and to Tunisia:

    Many young people work in Freelance (for example on the site) and most of them are stuck in the payment process. That's it, I'm going to share with you my personal experience and the solutions that I tested and that proved to be safe and valid.

    NB: I will not go into the details of each solution, I leave you with the search engines for a detailed presentation of each of them. On the other hand, I will present the how to make each solution in this article and I will take Neteller as a reference. That said, I will present all aspects that concern us on Neteller and I will only talk about the differences between Neteller and the other solutions that I will discuss later. That is, every aspect of Neteller is valid for other solutions at least if I modify it in a specific solution.

    Neteller is an online bank offered by Optimal Payments that accepts Tunisian members on its monetary platform with a variety of currencies. All Tunisians who want to register on the Neteller site must check their account by sending a scanned or photographed copy of their ID or passport or driver's license. This check is called KYC (Know Your Costumer) and is essential. Neteller in 2015 has added another verification step which involves depositing at least 4 € on the new account not verified, then go to the KYC step then hopefully the account will be verified.

    Account verification is mandatory for clear transactions and especially to increase transaction limits.

    Tunisians can make deposits on the Neteller website via:

    * - MasterCard / Visa Card and Maestro:

    This is impossible for Tunisians, since we do not have access to bank cards with a foreign currency. And the new CTI card is not valid on Neteller because the Neteller site is not on the list of authorized sites of the CTI card. So, forget about this deposit solution.

    * - Paysafecard coupons:

    These coupons are similar to the recharge coupons of our telephone operators. Paysafecard coupons are available for € 5, € 10, € 25, € 50 and € 100. Each coupon has a long number that will be put on Neteller to deposit money. These coupons are in Europe and can be used on a European and Tunisian Neteller account. It should also be noted that to date, Neteller imposes a 7% tax on each paysafecard coupon used on their platform. Hence, if I have a coupon of 100 € Paysafecard and I want to deposit it on my Neteller account, my final balance will be equal to 3 € hence 7 € less (less 7% of the sum of my coupon). So this solution is valid and secure but you have to consider the high tax rates.

    * - Astropay cards:

    These cards are prepaid and capped Mastercard cards. That is, there are Astropay cards of $ 25, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100, $ 200 and $ 1000. It should be noted here that Astropay cards are Dollar MasterCard (while Paysafecard supports European currencies only). We also note that Neteller imposes a 5% tax on each deposit via Astropay cards and can only deposit an amount that varies between $ 5 and $ 500 per transaction per day and maximum $ 5,000 per month.

    These cards are found in Tunisia at Only, it must be taken into consideration that the latter imposes an exchange rate that is clearly higher than Dollar / Dinar exchange rates. This exchange rate may affect the $ 1

    = 2.8 TND while in Tunisian banks the $ 1

    = 2.2 TND. So, this solution is valid but must also take into account the multiple exchange rates I just mentioned.

    * - Direct bank transfer to our Neteller account:

    This feature is, unfortunately, disabled for Tunisians since we do not have access to a convertible bank account. So, forget about this deposit method.

    It's an electronic money and it can only exist on the web. Neteller, added in mid 2015 this deposit method with a tax of 1% (reasonable as tax, in my opinion of course) Edit : 5% from 25 January 2016. And the deposit is almost instantaneous (just have to wait about 15 minutes for verification of the transaction by the Bitcoin nodes).

    It should also be noted, that Neteller imposes restrictions on the use of Bitcoins funds and a deposit limit:

    * Bitcoin deposits can not be used for purchases or withdrawals using your Net + card.

    * Minumum deposit 4,5 €, maximum 1170 € per transaction, 1170 € per day and 2385 € per month.

    Currently, many people around the world use Bitcoins as a means of payment on the net. For more information please visit my old articles on Bitcoin.

    In my opinion, with a 1% tax and reliable transactions, Bitcoin is the safest and most plausible choice for Tunisians who want to feed their Neteller accounts.

    Members can transfer their Neteller balance between them. Transfers do not depend on the currency used on the accounts but a conversion of the amount sent according to the bank exchange rate is necessary. That is to say if someone wants to send me $ 100 to my account which is in euro, the $ 100 will be converted according to the exchange rate of the moment of the transfer and the final balance will be in euro on my Neteller account.

    Edit: Neteller added a tax of 1% of the total amount of the transaction on each money transfer between its members.

    Neteller offers virtual MasterCard for net use only and a Net + plastic card that will be delivered by post in Tunisia or anywhere in the world where the settlement of the Neteller company allows it.

    Neteller also offers an enterprise service with an API for developers. These Neteller accounts are different from neteller accounts of simple users. (For more information, please contact the Neteller service or contact me by email).

    Neteller allows three ways to withdraw funds from user accounts and those who use a Merchant Neteller account: Withdraw by Net + card (except for funds in Bitcoin), by transfer to a bank account (Tunisians can not recheck their funds Neteller on the Tunisian bank accounts seen that a verification by micro transfer is necessary to validate the bank account on which one will accept Neteller funds, from where it is impossible for the Tunisians) and by check (I do not have tried this method, it's up to you to try it.).

    Skrill is an online bank offered by Optimal Payments, newly purchased by Optimal Payments, it is similar to Neteller but with some differences.

    I will mention the points of difference (the other points not mentioned here are points of similarity or necessary):

    * - Skrill only supports two deposit modes: By credit card and / or by transfer of money between members / merchants of Skrill.

    * - Tunisians who use Skrill can not play with their money on online gaming sites, unlike Neteller who allows it to its customers.

    * - Skrill's Mastercard cards can feed the Neteller account and vice-versa, however I did not try to use the Skrill MasterCard on neteller and then send this fund to a gaming site. I do not know if this method is allowed by Skrill or not. It's up to you to test it. All comments will be welcome :)

    Payoneer is an online bank similar to Neteller and Skrill but with one major difference:

    * - Payoneer deposits can only be made to companies that work with the Payoneer service. I quote Odesk, for example, who is a freelance company / website that transfers money only to Payoneer (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Okpay is an online bank, similar to Neteller and Skrill, but it usually targets residents of Eastern Europe and Asia.

    Okpay has several payment methods but is not accessible to Tunisians, except a Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dodgecoin wallet service. Like Neteller, these funds can not be withdrawn by Okpay MasterCard. Hence this service is very limited for Tunisian residents. I also note that the Okpay MasterCard can not be delivered in Tunisia (Okpay rules).

    On the other hand, Okpay offers a service of exchange of electronic money (Third Party Exchanger). Failure to take into account the exchange rates imposed by Okpay and its reliable exchangers.

    * - Advcash offers the possibility to withdraw / use Bitcoin funds in cash via its MasterCard from ATMs and on sites that support MasterCard.

    Paysafecard bought Ukash and it no longer exists. Only Paysafecard coupons are in circulation in Europe.

    This online bank is similar to Skrill and Neteller but it does not accept Tunisian users. A KYC verification is required for account verification. That said, avoid this bank. for the time being.

    Finally, if you have questions do not hesitate to comment or send me emails. I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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