How to pay on amazon with paysafecard

It's so simple to use paysafecard

With paysafecard, you pay on online stores from a wide variety of domains such as games, social media and community sites, music, movies and entertainment. To do this, no bank account or credit card is required. Everything is so simple with paysafecard:

You find the nearest point of sale through the point of sale search tool.

You buy paysafecard. You can then choose from PIN codes of different values 10, 25, 50 or EUR 100.

  • You pay on thousands of online shops: Just enter the 16-digit paysafecard PIN.

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    my paysafecard - the account for your paysafecard PINs

    my paysafecard is your personal payment account: You upload your paysafecard PINs into the account and you always keep an eye on all your PINs. Thanks to my paysafecard, you pay online with ease using a username and password.

    • All PINs grouped in one place:

    Optimal visibility and absolute control of expenses

  • Online payment using username and password
  • Exclusive Rewards with my PLUS

    the loyalty program of my paysafecard

  • paysafecard is synonymous with maximum security. Here you will find useful information to pay securely on the Internet and protect yourself from fraud attempts.

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    Can we pay rp with paysafecard junior.

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    Pay with Paysafecard on the internet

    A free video tutorial to help you discover a method to pay without credit card on internet shopping sites.

    Today buy on the internet and become a simple act and returned to the customs. The most recurring problem remains the theft of blue card number on sellers sites. Then there is paypal but you have to create an account and enter your credit card number

    This is where I offer PaySafeCard a simple system, no need to enter your credit card data on the net and you can pay safely.

    [Tut] Pay easily online with PaySafeCard.

    Today I am going to show you how to buy things online quite easily with PaySafeCard.

    Excuse me for the bad quality it's a youtube bug.

    how to pay on the internet without a credit card - buy on the internet

    When making an online purchase, the question often arises of securing the settlement.

    The sites allowing to pay on line always more numerous do not offer the guarantees of security systematically; that a buyer can expect as well as the possibility of paying without a credit card.

    Set with a p cardinternet internet then becomes very practical to solve this problem.

    Neosurf, Ukash, Ticket Premium and Paysafecard offer on their sites or via tobacconists to buy cash cards. This payment in advance allows to pay on the internet without credit card, regardless of the site accepting cards. The balance of the prepaid card decreases with purchases.

    The purchase is therefore very safe; with an internet prepaid card like Ukash, Neosurf, Ticket Premium and Paysafecard.

    How to use a prepaid9eacute; e internet card?

    Paying on the internet without the usual personal bank card becomes possible. It will be enough, on the sites accepting the cards Neosurf, Ukash, Ticket Premium and Paysafecard, to pay by communicating a secret number communicated during the purchase of the card.

    It will not be necessary to give your bank details or a credit card number or visa when you have to pay on the internet. No account, likewise, will have to be opened on the sites on which you make your purchases.

    What are the different amounts of a prepaid9acute; e internet card?

    To pay online, a prepaid card, Ticket Premium, Neosurf, Ukash, or Paysafecard allows you to make your payment without credit card purchases from € 10 to € 100.

    Some ranges of cards also offer ranges specifically intended for the protection of minors with prepaid amounts of 10 € to 30 €.

    They will then be unable to pay for purchases in excess of what the card contains or to shop on sites that are sensitive to their sensitivity. Neosurf, in particular, offers this type of prepaid card.

    Paysafecard, Ukash, Ticket Premium and Neosurf prepaid cards can be purchased from the tobacconists or on the websites of these different cards. Paying online purchases is therefore extremely simple since the cards prove very easy to acquire.

    Which sites accept the prepay9eacute; e internet card?

    Online auction sites, online poker, private sales website, home equipment, etc., more and more sites accept prepaid9acute; e internet card payments.

    Paying for purchases without using your credit card secures the transaction, reassures buyers and avoids any attempt to scam or fraud with your bank details.

    How to pay online with a prepaid9acute; e internet card?

    To pay on the internet without credit card purchases with these cards, when choosing the means of payment, simply choose, in the menus proposed, for the prepaid card purchased, enter the secret code on the back of the card or ticket issued by the tobacconist to the purchase, to validate, and the purchase is paid online securely9eacute ;.

    No information will be transmitted to the site.

    In addition, these cards allow balances to be carried forward by transferring the remaining balance of a card to a new one, tracking the history of online purchases and viewing the balance of the card.

    Pay online with a prepaid card so the internet is one of the safest ways.

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