How to play keno to win

100,000 € per year for life (4) 2 draws per day

MIDDAY (13h) • EVENING (20h) (4) € 100,000 per year for life or € 2 million cash. For a bet of 10 € and 10 N ° checked (without the Multiplier option). Accessible lifetime gain for grids of 9 or 10 N ° checked.

All information about KENO Winner for life

With Keno Win for life, create your own game and try to earn 100,000 euros a year for life *!

With Keno Winning for life, you can choose your winnings and your chances of winning according to:

Keno Winner for life is:

€ 1,000,000 a year for life or € 20 million cash * with the Multiplier option

If you do not have an account, we will invite you during the validation of your game to fill the registration form to open an account and validate your game.

This game mode allows you to choose your favorite numbers.

The FLASH System is accessible from the banner at the top of each grid by clicking on the "Flash" button.

Replay your last game

This entry allows you to replay identically your last Keno Winning lifetime game including the JOKER + ® options.

You have until 13h for the draw of noon and until 20h for the draw of the evening to participate in Keno Winner for life.

A reward will be given to you in exchange for the payment of the stake corresponding to your game. Keep it without folding it will be required for the payment of your winnings.

With the Simple Multiplier, your winnings are automatically multiplied by the Multiplier number drawn at random. Your bet per grid is multiplied by 2.

If you have the 10 winning numbers, you earn 10,000 euros per year for life (or 200,000 euros cash).

If the Multiplier number drawn is "x1": your winnings remain unchanged.

If the Multiplier "x10" is drawn: you multiply your winnings by 10 and you earn € 100,000 per year for life (or 2 million euros cash)!

If you have the 9 winning numbers, you earn 4,000 euros per year for life (or 80,000 euros cash).

If the Multiplier "x1" is drawn: with the Multiplier x3 Minimum, you multiply your winnings by 3 and you earn 12 000 euros per year for life (or 240 000 euros cash)!

Keno Winner for life is a matching game: winnings are determined in advance and are indicated on the back of the ballot.

At each draw, 20 winning numbers are drawn from among the 70 numbers proposed.

Your earnings (excluding Multiplier options) then depend on:

- the number of numbers you have checked,

- the number of correct numbers you found among the 20 winning numbers,

- and your bet (your winnings being proportional to your bet).

The gain in life is accessible for the grids of 9 or 10 numbers checked (9 numbers found among 9 cochs or 10 numbers found among 10 cochs). The gain in life is not accessible in case of co-winners.

A. If you played online:

With the exception of lots corresponding to 10 numbers found for 10 numbers checked and 9 numbers found for 9 numbers checked, if the total earnings is less than or equal to 2,000 euros, payment is made by credit to your account FDJ® . If the total earnings are greater than 2,000 euros, the payment is made by credit to your FDJ® account subject to the presentation of your identity documents.

When confirming your registration, you must enter an automatic transfer threshold between 50 euros and 9,999 euros (threshold set by default to 2,000 euros). If you win a win that exceeds this threshold, an automatic transfer is made to your bank account.

B. If you played at the point of sale:

Contact an authorized Keno Life Winner at La Française des Jeux.

Gains are payable to bearer upon presentation of income and are exempt from income taxes.

You have 60 days to collect your winnings after the last draw in which your rewrite participates.

C. Special provisions relating to the payment of a winner eligible for lifetime earnings:

The winner eligible for a lifetime win is the winner of a prize corresponding to 10 numbers found for 10 numbers checked or 9 numbers found for 9 numbers checked which has, for the payment of his gain, the choice between the payment of a annual annuity for life or payment in one go of the amount of his gain, also called cash gain. The option for the annual life annuity is not available in case of plurality of winners or when the total number of prizes due for a Keno Winner lifetime draw reaches € 74,500,000 (see "Capping" section) .

For each draw, the same combination of 8, 9 or 10 numbers can not be played more than 35 times (calculation per 1 euro bet) for all territories combined.

In accordance with the lottery decree, the total amount of winnings due to winners of the Keno Winner for Life draw, including the Multiplier, is capped (this cap is shared with French Polynesia).


LOTO system. How to win at Lotto or Euromillions? The system changes the probabilities of finding the winning numbers!

with the new SK3 OPEN SYSTEM

Like many players looking for a method, a technical see a trick or one thing to win more often at keno. If you want to find more easily the future winning numbers of the keno then we have an excellent System. You will have completely modified probabilities to find the winning numbers simply! (some of themis "lucky" but the texact word is "probabilities") And on a game of chance it's huge as an advantage!

The Principle of our SK 3 OPEN System

Chance does not control itself. Knowing the winning numbers in advance is impossible. But more often have much better probabilities of ticking it is possible! The Keno SK3 Open System is based on this principle. Just a good idea that works!

It is always chance that pulls the right numbers, so on this side nothing to do. But in the game there are other things that do not depend on chance. So you will always

  • a grid of 70 numbers.
  • you will need to check up to 10 numbers.
  • the FDJ still draws 20 winning numbers.

So we use these 3 parameters that have nothing to do with chance to improve your ability to find the right numbers. It's just a very good idea that we have been successful in making it work.

What are you offered?

With the SK3 system your means of finding the right keno numbers can be increased enormously.

We do not say that you will win because you have to choose your numbers again and chance will decide if you have the right numbers!

But we can still change the situation radically! Look, our System can get the 20 numbers of a draw on a choice of only 24 numbers! 20 winning numbers out of 24! Our current record is 13 good numbers out of 24! More than 1 in 2 were winners!

FABIEN WINS 2000 € (April 2016)

First of all I want to congratulate you for your work because there must be some.

I also want to tell you that thanks to your Keno system I won 2000 euros.

" This little word to tell you that I subscribed to your lotto system and Keno last night I used it playing Keno this Sunday (August 4). On the 3 grids of 10 numbers that I played I won on 2 grids with 5 numbers (6eurosx2) and 1 with 4 numbers (3 euros).

I additionally using your keno system, play 4 numbers on a draw of 20 numbers with the multiplier and I won 50 euros x 3, or 150 euros.

Simply to say that I love your system!

This is the first time I have 7 issues at Keno! I never had more than 5 numbers! By cons I regularly 5 numbers and it proves that it is really good your system 25. For the moment at Keno I am a beneficiary. Also I wanted to buy the software KenoLab3 on the site but to date no one answers and I already paid !! You will not have a contact by chance?

For the Loto and the Euromillions, it's crazy how I regularly have 3 good numbers! Otherwise I'm not far from the four numbers, I always check the number next!

All this to tell you that I really trust and hope that one day I hit the jackpot with your system.

Best regards Fabrice »

That's it I have a 5 out of 5. A photo is worth all the palaver of the world. (piece attached)

The system is really working. What joy . I JUST LOVE IT .

See you very soon for the moon.

I joined the group System 25 there is less than 1 less (registration around 28/12/2014)! I have 3 times a 8/8 a 7/7 a 6/6 is not bad at all.

But I'm aiming for the jackpot jackpot. Go, perseverance. Deep down.

Weena (note the ticket in Francs CFP, currency of Tahiti, already a whole trip!)

Testimony of Paulo and Madame

Hello Pierre Marie ... for keno I did the same and yesterday evening I won 200 euros with 7 numbers out of 9 because it was to multiply by 10 good day jacqueline

" In the month of March I won 1 time 6 numbers out of 6 (1000 €) and once 5 .. I dream again. thanks for your messages .. i love it"

"Hello Pierre Marie,

I received your email; I play with the help of your 25 system, and I play mainly

keno because it's the game with which I have today earned the most money, not millions of euros, but sums that I have never won with another game.

I use your series, but I prefer some numbers with which I associate yours. For example, in a series I take the finals 7 (17-27-37-47) and I associate numbers 51-52 61-62 and I make grids 7 and 8 numbers and I win 5 or 20 euros; I am waiting with conviction 3000 or 10.000 euros.

With the finals 7, I also play 11-12-13 or 20-21 or 63-65 these numbers come out quite often, so I marry them.

With your series I start playing euromillion and I think it will work and I will not fail to inform you of my earnings anonymity I do not care, happiness first and foremost and I want to thank you for what you do, so that the people who follow you can hope to win one day the gain that will change the life (for good).

The principle of the keno system is the same as that of lotto. See the results, 5 winners in just one year, and the unfortunate Marie-Thérèse who missed an 11 million € jackpot! The system will allow you very often to be able more easily check the right numbers! It works but you still have to find these numbers (otherwise everyone would win each draw!)

How does the SK3 Open System ?

When you play "normally" Keno you choose 10 numbers in your grid of 70 numbers. The FDJ draws 20 winning numbers.

the report to find the numbers is so to 70 divided by 20 = 3.5

With our system that we will explain below you could have according to the draws up to a ratio of 1.20 instead of 3.5 ! That is practically 3 times more probabilities (some of themisent " luck 'but the texact word is "probabilities").

Look at the detail of the very simple operation of our system.


With our SK3 system we suggest you bet differently.

Instead of betting on a grid of 70 numbers you bet on a "grid" of 24 numbers only! It is therefore much easier to check winning numbers in each draw!

Of course, our 24-number grid is simply a series of numbers. You are going to bet on official keno newsletters of course.

So, as we told you earlier, maybe we will have the right numbers in our series of 24 numbers! You see the advantage and the difference! But this case will be exceptional. By cons we regularly have excellent results that completely transform the way you tick the right numbers.

For our system to work we had to do 3 sets of 24 numbers (exactly 2 sets of 23 and one of 24)

With these 3 series instead of one, the possibilities of making a good shot are increased tenfold.

Our new SK3 Open system replaces the old SK3. The novelty is an optimization of the series thanks to a monthly update of the series.

Results of our SK3 System

At each draw, if you play the 3 grids as we recommend, at least one of our series contains 7 good numbers on the 23 or 24 it contains.

We frequently have either 8 or 9 numbers on a series, and up to 10.11 and 12 numbers for now at best.

That is to say that with 12 winning numbers contained in the series of 24 numbers for example, when you checked your numbers one in two was a winner! You see the advantage of our system. And of course nothing prevents you from having 15, 16 or even the 20 issues of the draw contained in one of our series! (current record 13 good numbers)

The difficulty of designing our system lies in the fact of defining the numbers of the series so that at least has as regularly as possible 8 or 9 and + good numbers. Because there are thousands of solutions to create series but very few that are regular! That's the value of our SK3 OPEN system!

Let's see now in real life on the official draws of KENO

Assessment of the use of our SK3 SYSTEM

Our SK3 SYSTEM has undeniable qualities of success.

Here for early April our best scores for our system ie one of our 3 series contained at least 7 good numbers but also ....

April 8th, 12 good numbers! 1 out of 2 !!

April 9th ​​12 good numbers! 1 out of 2 !!

How to play Keno Winner for life

The keno is a draw game similar to lotto and organized by the French Games since 1993, although its origin dates back to ancient China of the Hans dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. It is a very popular game in casinos because it gives a much higher advantage than in most other games. There are two ways to get your winnings: at once, or by year and for life, hence the name of Keno winning for life. You want to try your luck but do not know how to do it, keep reading this article on how to play keno win for life.

Rules of the game to play Keno Winner for life

To play you must first choose how many numbers you want to tick. You can tick from 2 to 10 numbers per grid (each grid consists of 70 numbers), but you must check at least 9 or 10 numbers for lifetime wins. You then decide on the bet, from 1 to 10 euros per grid. The more numbers you choose and the more you bet, the higher your winnings will be if these numbers are drawn. Keno's potential winnings are therefore determined in advance based on what you ticked on the grid. They can rise to 100,000 € per year for life or 2 million 9euro; cash.

You then validate your grid for the draws of your choice, the one of noon, the one of the evening or both, and until 9rave; 7 consecutive days

Keno options for life

  • Multipliers: you can choose the Simple Multiplier option (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10) and and multiply your winnings by the drawn number, You can also choose the Minimum x3 Multiplier to multiply your winnings by a minimum of 3
  • Flash system If you play online, this system allows you to choose only the number of numbers you want to play and the bet, and it is by chance that you choose the numbers for you.

How to play Keno Winner for life

-You can play online, on the website of the French games. For this you will need to create an account and follow the instructions to play.

-You can also play Keno in any Tobacco Press acting as a French point of sale for the Games.

Where to see the results of the Keno winner for life

There are two draws of Keno a day, one around 13h and the other around 20h. You can consult the results:

  • On the site of the French games, in the category has "Result"
  • In the point of sale where you bought your rack
  • On TF1, at 2 pm for the noon draw and at 8:40 pm for the evening draw, or replay on
  • By phone, at 3256 or by SMS by sending "k1" for the morning draw and "k2" for the evening draw at 61113. (Attention these numbers are surcharged)

Contact Keno Customer Service Winner for Life

You can contact the Keno Service Department either:

  • By Mail, to Customer Service FDJ® TSA 36 707 95 905 CERGY PONTOISE Cedex 9
  • Either by online form at
  • Or by telephone on 09 69 36 60 60 (call not surcharged)

If you want to read more articles similar to How to play Keno Winner for life, we recommend our category Toys and games.

How to win at tiercé for sure ...

Let's start by recalling a fundamental basis of probabilities: on a large number of events, the probability of seeing one of them occur is equal to the total of events divided by the number of different possible events.

For example, if you play flip-flop 1000 times, stack will come out 500 times (1000 events / 2 different events).

For races, without following any method, if you play 1000 races, you will win 75% of your bets. Indeed, the PMU takes 25% (roughly).

Now, let's take a trifecta with 18 starters. The number of combinations is 816.

If you remove 25% of 816 combinations, there are 612 left.

So, if you play only 612 combinations with the certainty of winning for sure, you are at breakeven point (neither gain nor loss).

How many horses does it take to get this result?

Indeed, 16 horses represent only 560 combinations of tiercé.

You are even, in addition, profitable by almost 10% (better than at the bank). On average, you bet 560 to win 612.

Eliminate only 3 horses, and you are at 25% profitability.

What to dream more than a traitor.

Obviously you will talk to me about order and disorder, but, again, the probabilities are there. On a large number of races, you will win 5 times in the disorder, and once in the order.

And then, there is better: the trio!

Would you like confirmation of these numbers?

The average ratio of the trio on 3,500 Quinté races is about 420 euros (for 1 €), with an average of 17 starters, that is, by eliminating 3 horses, 14 horses to play, so 364 combinations.

Of course, you will tell me: you have to be able to play 364 euros per race.

That's right, but the same calculation is valid for the coupled.

I let you think.

hello, I just read your theory on the third.

Have you taken the time to simulate?

In the meantime, cordially,

That's not my method, but the one Mr. X used.

Which is therefore a track, more than a method.

I actually tested it for a few months.

The difficulty is, of course, to choose the horses to eliminate.

For example, it would be easy to eliminate an unpotted horse. They only arrive in 2.7% of the races, but these races pay 5 to 6 times more than the others.

We can not leave on this basis.

As I did not find any evidence for this choice, I left the track.

But I still think there is a track to dig ...

Drop the PMU, the game where there is the most chance of winning is the roulette or the ball in the casinos Pair or odd ==> Pass or miss ==> red or black ==== 1 chance out of two - the 0 only play that without touching the slots and other games that are offered and where it is very difficult to escape unscathed

really captivating as demonstration.

I would like to get some tricks to get 2 real bases to establish my game with the trio.

Indeed it's been a year to the day that I play PMU.

So I have little experience.

My balance sheet is completely in deficit after 1 year.

For me, it is impossible to win, even a bonus, so I play less and less at the quinté (only weekends) without believing.

Of course, I do not play big money but as I never win, I do not want to play more.

Good evening, I have the idea starting on the 8 favorites and play paired, I think it would come back my dear bet and winning couples are fairly rewarding, what is your opinion?

Fun ... I think I noticed that trotting the favorite is placed in - approximately - 40% of cases. That leaves 60% of the races where he is not at the finish. For simplicity, let's say it happens once in two. Make the combinations without the favorite and you will have a lower percentage of success but a better performance that would allow a slight rise (I understand that you were against the rising).

Congratulations for this site, I came by chance because I do not play - for now? - but I found a fair tone, far from the mercantile soliciting as distrust game.

As for Olive, do not play especially the eight favorites in winning matches except to face insurmountable gaps and / or ridiculous returns unable to compensate for losses.

Good luck to everyone.

Good evening Midan, and good evening to all,

Yes I have very poorly expressed what I want to say is that the winning pair is a very good performance, and that it is not found in the 8 favorites of the race it is not useful to decipher the arrival.

It is more precise as an explanation now many factors to study, to find it, I think that in the 4 there is a pair whatever it is to know a thing and this on the arrivals of QUINTE on 282 races the coupled winner (mixed) why are you going to tell me mixed simply mathematical, this famous pair winning and consisting of an even number and an odd number, out of 282 races there was:

* 57 coupled winning pairs, that is 20.21 / 100 of success

* 63 coupled odd winners or 22.34 / 100 of success

* 162 coupled mixed winners or 57.45 / 100 of success

There is no photo, I think more I was also interested in numbers component this coupled winner.

On these same races so on 282 there was:

* 82 coupled winners with 2 units (2 numbers between 1 and 9)

29/100 of success

* 54 coupled winners with 2 tens (2 issues beyond 10)

that is 19/100 of success.

* 146 coupled winners a unit a dozen (a number between 1 and 9 and a number beyond 9)

that is 52/100 of success

There is potential for this side despite the fact that some factors are still taken into account if someone wants to continue the study it will be with pleasure to share.

Alas Olive, 282 races this is not a valid sample for statistics.

Some time ago, I had fun developing roulette martingales. So I had to use statistics on hundreds of thousands of prints. Let's take odd and even par as you did for winning pairings and those 282 races. Well, even and odd (or red and black) what was my surprise to see amazing gaps on small series (about 100). Indeed it is not uncommon to see one of the two elements take a delay (or advantage) of more than 30% and therefore sometimes almost 50%. On more than 1000 draws the percentage is reduced and is still reduced to a million draws but it is a mass effect because it is none the less true that one of the two elements may show a delay of several tens of thousands on the other ...

Finally concerning precisely these 282 races, we should have 33.3% on each of the three possible combinations, even & even odd & odd, and even & odd. 57.45% is not such an extraordinary gap and could very well be reversed on the next hundred races.

Alas for this theory!

In the example below, the probabilities are actually 25%, 25% and 50%.

Indeed, there are 4 possibilities: even / even, even / odd, odd / even and odd / odd.

57% for 50%, and 20% for 25% do not surprise me.

When a result does not conform to the pure probabilities, one must ask a simple question: why?

If there is a reason valid, so the result is interesting. It can stay or grow.

Otherwise, we must forget. The following races will put the numbers back in good order.

Here, we see a percentage of abnormal success without any explanation. In the next 282 (or 2800) races, the results will be reversed.

On a very large number of races, you will arrive at 25, 25 and 50.

If you analyze the numbers of the horses, you have to separate the trotting races. The best ones have the biggest numbers, since they are ranked by their earnings.

Hello everyone, I come back to you by bringing you some clarification here I took my table with arrivals quintés and gaps ....... I just found that I archive 1014 quinté races which is not nothing and here is what I have returned, 1014 races, 558 paired winners formed by an even number and an odd number which give this I am not mistaken 55% of the quintés arrivals are formed by a coupled pair / odd which is not negligible I want to specify that one year on the other these data vary very little, now I will continue d To deepen on this side, and I noticed that the races all confused have a majorities of arrivals constituted thus. There is potential and also to know that every day a horse comes back regularly, I explain it is regular that we see a number of the quinté resort the next day (exp arrival quinté arrival tomorrow 10.3. 8.11.2) No matter the race the place the number of starters ...... we can see that the 3 is back and more in the first 3 I keep my table up to date the maximum gaps for the moment I I'm 50% on my number of horses raised and arrived, I'll say again soon, I remain convinced that there is a mathematical factor to all this.

You should read (or re-read) my patch, which I will complete.

The odd / even odds represent about 50% of the races, but there is, on average, every other race with an odd number of horses. Which favors, of a few percent (depending on the number of runners) this probability.

It is therefore NORMAL that you are 55% successful on this option.

And that will not win you anything, unfortunately.

For the postponement of a number overnight, I have already studied this option over 5 years, you waste your time.

hello, I'm discovering you today and read carefully ... let me tell you my disagreement

when you say that the probabilities for the tiercé are to touch once in the order, one time out of five .... I doubt it very much

There are 6 possible orders to the tiercé: 123 - 132 - 213 - 231 - 312 - 321

Statistically, you will have once the order, for 5 times the disorder (and not once in 5 as you think you read it).

In reality, most players bet in the logical order (123) that does not win one time out of 6, but ONCE ON 4

So the probabilities are 1 out of 6, the statistics from 1 to 4.

there is a draw every 5 minutes from 7 am to midnight

Fill the grid with a blue or black pen, checking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 numbers.

To get a random combination, check the "Flash" box or ask your retailer.

Check the bet of your choice: 2.5 dh, 5dh, 10dh or 25 dh.

Indicate the number of successive draws you wish to participate in: 2, 5, 10 or 20.

Every 5 minutes, you can follow KENO's draw live on the screen at your point of sale.

Winning numbers are drawn from among 80 numbers.

You win if you find, among the 20 numbers drawn, the numbers you played.

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