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100,000 € per year for life (4) 2 draws per day

MIDDAY (13h) • EVENING (20h) (4) € 100,000 per year for life or € 2 million cash. For a bet of 10 € and 10 N ° checked (without the Multiplier option). Accessible lifetime gain for grids of 9 or 10 N ° checked.

All information about KENO Winner for life

With Keno Winner for life, create your own game and try to earn 100,000 euros a year for life *!

With Keno Winning for life, you can choose your winnings and your chances of winning according to:

Keno Winner for life is:

€ 1,000,000 a year for life or € 20 million cash * with the Multiplier option

If you do not have an account, we will invite you during the validation of your game to fill the registration form to open an account and validate your game.

This game mode allows you to choose your favorite numbers.

The FLASH System is accessible from the banner at the top of each grid by clicking on the "Flash" button.

Replay your last game

This entry allows you to replay identically your last Keno Winning lifetime game including the JOKER + ® options.

You have until 13h for the draw of noon and until 20h for the draw of the evening to participate in Keno Winner for life.

A reward will be given to you in exchange for the payment of the stake corresponding to your game. Keep it without folding it will be required for the payment of your winnings.

With the Simple Multiplier, your winnings are automatically multiplied by the Multiplier number drawn at random. Your bet per grid is multiplied by 2.

If you have the 10 winning numbers, you earn 10,000 euros per year for life (or 200,000 euros cash).

If the Multiplier number drawn is "x1": your winnings remain unchanged.

If the Multiplier "x10" is drawn: you multiply your winnings by 10 and you earn € 100,000 per year for life (or 2 million euros cash)!

If you have the 9 winning numbers, you earn 4,000 euros per year for life (or 80,000 euros cash).

If the Multiplier "x1" is drawn: with the Multiplier x3 Minimum, you multiply your winnings by 3 and you earn 12 000 euros per year for life (or 240 000 euros cash)!

Keno Winner for life is a matching game: winnings are determined in advance and are indicated on the back of the ballot.

At each draw, 20 winning numbers are drawn from among the 70 numbers proposed.

Your earnings (excluding Multiplier options) then depend on:

- the number of numbers you have checked,

- the number of correct numbers you found among the 20 winning numbers,

- and your bet (your winnings being proportional to your bet).

The gain in life is accessible for the grids of 9 or 10 numbers checked (9 numbers found among 9 cochs or 10 numbers found among 10 cochs). The gain in life is not accessible in case of co-winners.

A. If you played online:

With the exception of lots corresponding to 10 numbers found for 10 numbers checked and 9 numbers found for 9 numbers checked, if the total earnings is less than or equal to 2,000 euros, payment is made by credit to your account FDJ® . If the total earnings are greater than 2,000 euros, the payment is made by credit to your FDJ® account subject to the presentation of your identity documents.

When confirming your registration, you must enter an automatic transfer threshold between 50 euros and 9,999 euros (threshold set by default to 2,000 euros). If you win a win that exceeds this threshold, an automatic transfer is made to your bank account.

B. If you played at the point of sale:

Contact an authorized Keno Life Winner at La Française des Jeux.

Gains are payable to bearer upon presentation of income and are exempt from income taxes.

You have 60 days to collect your winnings after the last draw in which your rewrite participates.

C. Special provisions relating to the payment of a winner eligible for lifetime earnings:

The winner eligible for a lifetime win is the winner of a prize corresponding to 10 numbers found for 10 numbers checked or 9 numbers found for 9 numbers checked which has, for the payment of his gain, the choice between the payment of a annual annuity for life or payment in one go of the amount of his gain, also called cash gain. The option for the annual life annuity is not available in case of plurality of winners or when the total number of prizes due for a Keno Winner lifetime draw reaches € 74,500,000 (see "Capping" section) .

For each draw, the same combination of 8, 9 or 10 numbers can not be played more than 35 times (calculation per 1 euro bet) for all territories combined.

In accordance with the lottery decree, the total amount of winnings due to winners of the Keno Winner for Life draw, including the Multiplier, is capped (this cap is shared with French Polynesia).


LOTO system. How to win at Lotto or Euromillions? The system changes the probabilities of finding the winning numbers!

with the new SK3 OPEN SYSTEM

Like many players looking for a method, a technical see a trick or one thing to win more often at keno. If you want to find more easily the future winning numbers of the keno then we have an excellent System. You will have completely modified probabilities to find the winning numbers simply! (some of themis "lucky" but the texact word is "probabilities") And on a game of chance it's huge as an advantage!

The Principle of our SK 3 OPEN System

Chance does not control itself. Knowing the winning numbers in advance is impossible. But more often have much better probabilities of ticking it is possible! The Keno SK3 Open System is based on this principle. Just a good idea that works!

It is always chance that pulls the right numbers, so on this side nothing to do. But in the game there are other things that do not depend on chance. So you will always

  • a grid of 70 numbers.
  • you will need to check up to 10 numbers.
  • the FDJ still draws 20 winning numbers.

So we use these 3 parameters that have nothing to do with chance to improve your ability to find the right numbers. It's just a very good idea that we have been successful in making it work.

What are you offered?

With the SK3 system your means of finding the right keno numbers can be increased enormously.

We do not say that you will win because you have to choose your numbers again and chance will decide if you have the right numbers!

But we can still change the situation radically! Look, our System can get the 20 numbers of a draw on a choice of only 24 numbers! 20 winning numbers out of 24! Our current record is 13 good numbers out of 24! More than 1 in 2 were winners!

FABIEN WINS 2000 € (April 2016)

First of all I want to congratulate you for your work because there must be some.

I also want to tell you that thanks to your Keno system I won 2000 euros.

" This little word to tell you that I subscribed to your lotto system and Keno last night I used it playing Keno this Sunday (August 4). On the 3 grids of 10 numbers that I played I won on 2 grids with 5 numbers (6eurosx2) and 1 with 4 numbers (3 euros).

I additionally using your keno system, play 4 numbers on a draw of 20 numbers with the multiplier and I won 50 euros x 3, or 150 euros.

Simply to say that I love your system!

This is the first time I have 7 issues at Keno! I never had more than 5 numbers! By cons I regularly 5 numbers and it proves that it is really good your system 25. For the moment at Keno I am a beneficiary. Also I wanted to buy the software KenoLab3 on the site but to date no one answers and I already paid !! You will not have a contact by chance?

For the Loto and the Euromillions, it's crazy how I regularly have 3 good numbers! Otherwise I'm not far from the four numbers, I always check the number next!

All this to tell you that I really trust and hope that one day I hit the jackpot with your system.

Best regards Fabrice »

That's it I have a 5 out of 5. A photo is worth all the palaver of the world. (piece attached)

The system is really working. What joy . I JUST LOVE IT .

See you very soon for the moon.

I joined the group System 25 there is less than 1 less (registration around 28/12/2014)! I have 3 times a 8/8 a 7/7 a 6/6 is not bad at all.

But I'm aiming for the jackpot jackpot. Go, perseverance. Deep down.

Weena (note the ticket in Francs CFP, currency of Tahiti, already a whole trip!)

Testimony of Paulo and Madame

Hello Pierre Marie ... for keno I did the same and yesterday evening I won 200 euros with 7 numbers out of 9 because it was to multiply by 10 good day jacqueline

" In the month of March I won 1 time 6 numbers out of 6 (1000 €) and once 5 .. I dream again. thanks for your messages .. i love it"

"Hello Pierre Marie,

I received your email; I play with the help of your 25 system, and I play mainly

keno because it's the game with which I have today earned the most money, not millions of euros, but sums that I have never won with another game.

I use your series, but I prefer some numbers with which I associate yours. For example, in a series I take the finals 7 (17-27-37-47) and I associate numbers 51-52 61-62 and I make grids 7 and 8 numbers and I win 5 or 20 euros; I am waiting with conviction 3000 or 10.000 euros.

With the finals 7, I also play 11-12-13 or 20-21 or 63-65 these numbers come out quite often, so I marry them.

With your series I start playing euromillion and I think it will work and I will not fail to inform you of my earnings anonymity I do not care, happiness first and foremost and I want to thank you for what you do, so that the people who follow you can hope to win one day the gain that will change the life (for good).

The principle of the keno system is the same as that of lotto. See the results, 5 winners in just one year, and the unfortunate Marie-Thérèse who missed an 11 million € jackpot! The system will allow you very often to be able more easily check the right numbers! It works but you still have to find these numbers (otherwise everyone would win each draw!)

How does the SK3 Open System ?

When you play "normally" Keno you choose 10 numbers in your grid of 70 numbers. The FDJ draws 20 winning numbers.

the report to find the numbers is so to 70 divided by 20 = 3.5

With our system that we will explain below you could have according to the draws up to a ratio of 1.20 instead of 3.5 ! That is practically 3 times more probabilities (some of themisent " luck 'but the texact word is "probabilities").

Look at the detail of the very simple operation of our system.


With our SK3 system we suggest you bet differently.

Instead of betting on a grid of 70 numbers you bet on a "grid" of 24 numbers only! It is therefore much easier to check winning numbers in each draw!

Of course, our 24-number grid is simply a series of numbers. You are going to bet on official keno newsletters of course.

So, as we told you earlier, maybe we will have the right numbers in our series of 24 numbers! You see the advantage and the difference! But this case will be exceptional. By cons we regularly have excellent results that completely transform the way you tick the right numbers.

For our system to work we had to do 3 sets of 24 numbers (exactly 2 sets of 23 and one of 24)

With these 3 series instead of one, the possibilities of making a good shot are increased tenfold.

Our new SK3 Open system replaces the old SK3. The novelty is an optimization of the series thanks to a monthly update of the series.

Results of our SK3 System

At each draw, if you play the 3 grids as we recommend, at least one of our series contains 7 good numbers on the 23 or 24 it contains.

We frequently have either 8 or 9 numbers on a series, and up to 10.11 and 12 numbers for now at best.

That is to say that with 12 winning numbers contained in the series of 24 numbers for example, when you checked your numbers one in two was a winner! You see the advantage of our system. And of course nothing prevents you from having 15, 16 or even the 20 issues of the draw contained in one of our series! (current record 13 good numbers)

The difficulty of designing our system lies in the fact of defining the numbers of the series so that at least has as regularly as possible 8 or 9 and + good numbers. Because there are thousands of solutions to create series but very few that are regular! That's the value of our SK3 OPEN system!

Let's see now in real life on the official draws of KENO

Assessment of the use of our SK3 SYSTEM

Our SK3 SYSTEM has undeniable qualities of success.

Here for early April our best scores for our system ie one of our 3 series contained at least 7 good numbers but also ....

April 8th, 12 good numbers! 1 out of 2 !!

April 9th ​​12 good numbers! 1 out of 2 !!

Online Keno: this game finds its place on virtual casinos!

A Chinese game, Keno is more than 2000 years old. This is a game that looks very much like the lottery for example. Developed in France by the French Games, the national company that manages gambling in France such as LOTO or Euromillions, he had already made followers in the United States, when he arrived with the wave of Chinese immigration of the 19th century.

Knowing at your fingertips all the basics of online keno, this is already the beginning of your fortune!

To play, you need a cardboard or sometimes called "Keno leaf". On this carton, there are 80 numbers listed, from 1 to 80. Then you need as many numbered balls and a wheel or a simple container in which will be arranged the balls (you will have a better idea of ​​the material if you play for free at

The goal of the game is as follows: on your Keno card, you will have to tick between 1 and 15 or 1 and 20 numbers, as you wish knowing that the more you tick, the more chances you will get these numbers in the draw but the more these numbers will lose "value" for the winnings. You'll understand, this is a game of pure luck. Choose your numbers and hope they are chosen by the machine. It's really a simple game and that's probably what makes the success of today's Keno. People play more for entertainment than for profit. This allows you to spend a good afternoon with your friends for example, and this at a lower cost because you can play hours, without spending more than 10 or 15 euros and that legally.

On a free casino, the offer of keno games is comparable to free slot machines, at least that's what John claims In Canada for example and more specifically on some online casinos based in Quebec, there are more games of keno than blackjack, this is what our partner reports us, a the best online casino guides in the region. In the same way as a slot machine enthusiast who takes his information on flash games, demo mode, number of reels, level of graphics, redistribution rate, free spin option, the combination who will win the mega jackpot, the meaning of the English words in the game like "treasure" or "lucky", the general atmosphere of the machine games, the possibility of competing in a tournament thanks to free bonuses offered by their online casino , Nothing is left to chance.

If you really like a game, you will be sure not to waste your time and increase the probability of making money or finding the method that suits you best. Entertainment is essential in our lives, and the world of French online casino perfectly fulfills this need through its specialty in the game of chance. Our advice? Baccarat, scratch games, online poker, or black jack, you have to test and play online to realize all your options! Not to mention the casino bonuses (or bonus casino) that will allow you to win a maximum of money!

Online keno beats record popularity among casino players, but for what reasons?

Keno does not have the popularity of bingo or poker in online casinos, but it is still more and more popular. Whether in land-based casinos or online casinos, it's not uncommon to see spaces reserved for this game now. There are even game publishers such as Sheriff Gaming, one of the new players in the casino scene, who has launched a Keno game with 3D animations for internet casinos, which makes the game even more fun. So we decided to make your life easier by giving you simple advice on where to play keno, you will love this section.

On this website, you will have a lot of information about keno, in our section to get started, starting with the precise rules of the game so that you can join a game by mastering all the associated notions. You will also find a tips section so you can put all the chances on your side during parties with friends or on the Internet. Then finally, we wanted, as a complete guide to the game of Keno, help you find the best rooms on the net so you can play with confidence, with the best actors of the web. Then if you did not find the information you were looking for we recommend the site keno on of our confers. There are a multitude of casinos today that offer this game but sometimes it is difficult to navigate between offers with sign-up bonus and other hanging techniques. So trust us, and if you want to play Keno, let yourself be tempted by this game that will bring you a lot of satisfaction, as it has already done to millions of players around the world and especially in Finland as the underlines the site

How to win online keno? Hard to know for a beginner, we are here to help!

If we put at your disposal a heading keno tip, we must touch you a few words in this general introduction. The biggest questions for beginners are " how to win at keno regularly »And« how to win keno easily ". The answer is not simple (otherwise you suspect that we would find much more keno gain grid!), But some tactics will help you out more easily than others. The keno stats will open the way for you and the prognosis keno will undoubtedly be a best friend!

Of all the online casino games, keno is an exception in the middle of games of chance such as craps, slots, blackjack, video poker or poker video (wild poker or deuces wild), roulette games online or live casino (live dealer), baccarat, scratch cards and many others like card games or like all poker games (texas hold em or caribbean stud). Indeed, among all these free games, developed by major publishers such as Rival Gaming, Playtech or Play n Go, are available on most of the best online casinos.

To make a fortune at the casino, you have to bet on caution. When it comes to online money, or gambling in general, our best advice is to try to master any deposit. On a mobile casino, without a license or in Vegas, the rules will be the same. If you want to be a winning VIP, remember that tokens are your money. Playing at the casino is fun for the win. Moreover, you will find that betting on a French casino online, it is to enjoy benefits that you will not find anywhere else. You may have the chance to receive a welcome bonus, or a no-deposit bonus, promotion is not uncommon! Each online gaming site is unique and allows you to enjoy all the games in fun mode or in real mode and establish a strategy to challenge chance on each online slot machine offering a progressive jackpot!

As a beginner, it's hard to rely on randomness to choose the best casinos. Here is a list of gambling establishments that are reliable, secure and regularly offer new games. So play on Tropezia Palace, Majestic Slots, Wild Sultan, Casino, or Cresus and Casino La Riviera. Impossible to be wrong, the best games and the biggest bonuses can be found on these sites!

How to easily win money with lotto?

Everyone would like to know the future winning numbers of the lotto. Not only is it a surefire way to get rich quickly, but moreover, without having to work for it!

After all, we all need money, whether to take a trip, offer money to loved ones, repay a debt, ... we all need the jackpot. But how to win millions of euros in lotto easily?

Studies show that French people do more combinations than others. Indeed, there are numbers that stand out more than others on all numbers played lotto.

As we know, in each draw the winnings are distributed to the winning players. This means that if a person indicates a combination that is little played, she may be alone or with few people to win.

Therefore, if the lotto jackpot is divided between fewer participants, the person will win a larger amount of money by playing odd numbers.

Let's take a concrete example with the November 25th lottery draw. The five numbers allowed to win € 255 while in the draw of June 12, the five winning numbers allowed them to win € 2110!

Thus, in making the calculation, we notice that we can earn ten times more money by playing numbers played little lotto. Well still it is necessary that these numbers are drawn!

Take the case of the euro million. An average player can easily win several months over his initial bets.

Indeed, for three winning numbers, we can hope to win between 25 and 50 €, four or five winning numbers, we win more than the average and with five numbers of two stars, we are almost sure to win only the entire jackpot.

How to become rich? Simply playing unplayed numbers. Indeed, it is useless to establish strategies on the frequency of the numbers released to the lotto.

The draw of the numbers is random and there is therefore no reason for a number to go out at another time. It's just a story of luck. On the other hand, what is certain is that French players play certain numbers compared to others.

As the winnings are divided between the different winners, the player who has a combination that no one else has played, earns more money.

Thus, it is enough to arrange so that, if one gains, few people have played the same numbers as us. For that, it is enough to study the most played numbers at lotto and avoid them.

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