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It's been a while since you've been thinking about it, you're a little fed up with your land-based casino, you've never been able to find the emotions you felt during your dream stay in Las Vegas. today, you have clearly decided to embark on the adventure! We welcome you to the world of online casino games on the Internet. In addition to our site, you have big names like who is a guide in Switzerland and who is super popular, to visit obligatorily!

Because you've read an article in a magazine, because a player's testimony has made you blink or because someone in your family has convinced you, you know that it's possible to win Money on the Internet with cash games, especially online casinos.

So you are comfortably installed in your office chair, you have hand-carried your bank card or a prepaid ticket: you are therefore fully ready to start - and there, by typing your search on the engines For example, В «Online casino France В» is the disaster, you have more than 200 institutions that appear in your search results. How to find out which casino you will start playing on? You are not going to try them all? This can be quite inconvenient for players, according to the testimonials posted on

No rest assured! We,, have conducted for you the test of several dozen casinos in order to be able today to offer you only the most efficient online gambling establishments. We have decided to offer you these reviews because we too have gone there, we too had to make a choice when we started playing on the Internet and without a guide, it was not necessary Was not obvious. At our disposal, we only had the site which has improved a lot since time. But now with, you will no longer need to ask yourself so much question, you only have to follow the guide вЂ| Moreover, you will find that it is not always need to download the casino software to play, to check if the casinos of your choice allow you to play in flash mode, you can go to the partner site https: //www.casinofrancaisanseloading. com /.

Our critics have been realized by enthusiasts of the online game as well as our friends of the website So you can be certain that our results are all objective and are based only on essential criteria when we are discovering online money games in the world. These criteria, you will be able to find them clicking on each casino that we present, there is obviously the quality of the games proposed, the methods of deposit and withdrawal put at the disposal, the rigor of the customer service, the frequency of free bonuses, the conditions of entry into the VIP club вЂ| To register in a casino today, that is to trust his staff, that is to play his money so to win winnings! So do it with a respectable casino! It is our job to tell you where to go to have fun playing and be sure to win your winnings!

In addition, you will have access to all the information about the games that you can find in the casinos such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, machines, on our site In and many others. You find the rules of the game and explanations of our experts, then the tips and strategies to improve your chances of winnings!

You are now aware of it, we are your number 1 help for all topics concerning online money games and especially online casinos. If you want to try betting, we invite you to visit the site of our friend Julien. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need specific advice on a game, a casino or if you have a question in general, we are here to assist you and our team. professionals will be happy to answer you!

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Jeux d' offers information, news, online gaming sites and many offers from the best online casino gambling sites on the web!

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With Jeux d' you will be informed of the best odds of the largest online betting and sports betting sites on the web!

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You are passionate about the one-armed bandit, can not do without the clatter of slot machines and are constantly on the lookout for the jackpot?

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The turf is your hobby? You will not have any excuses to miss any horse race. Tiercé, quinté, PMU and FDJ, all are on Jeux d'!

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Want to be in the shoes of Elki or Patrick Bruel time for a game of poker? Jeux d' opens the doors to the best online poker sites!

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Paris Online Switzerland: How to become a good online bettor?

Mar 14, 2018 | Sports betting | 1 Comment

Online sports betting has become a hobby accessible to all bettors in Switzerland. With the advent of sites that specialize in the field, you can now bet as much as you want on the disciplines of your choice.

Who is Maxence Rigottier, professional bettor who makes a living online?

Feb 26, 2018 | Sports betting | 1 Comment

Nowadays, online sports betting is attracting more and more people. This type of game can save you a lot of money if you know how to do it. This is for example the case of Maxence Rigottier, an entrepreneur who has experienced a real one.

The blog of gambling, a must-have online guide!

Welcome to, the online gambling blog. You will find on this site everything related to the online game with winnings at the key, whether for bet football or rugby, all sports competitions, tennis, formula 1 ... Games of the fdj (french games), with its inevitable loto, but also euromillion, keno...

Your passion is the casino on line ? The adrenaline that rises every time you're close to winning the jackpot? Find bonus casinos without deposit. Maybe playing on free slot machines it's your hobby? Speaking of dada, the bet turf is your passion, the love of the tiercé, the quarté. The pmu turf is your luxury stable, regular or occasional earnings based on your luck and analysis done on statistics, performance.

Gambling is also the online poker, adversity does not scare you, but do you have the right cards in hand?

Record gain in France (Euromillion)

The game of chance is the darling of the French. They buy their newspaper and take 1,2 or 3 scratch cards. You can even find in birthday gifts, Christmas, scratch game pouches. The French games offer a full range of paper scratching games and Illiko games online like The Voice, Goal Euro 2016, themes that are news.

The popular ones: those who have seniority and who do not cost much, we think in particular: Banco, Fetish Number, Morpion, Astro, Solitaire, Goal. These scratch games to 1 or 2 euros that can win from 1,000 to 30,000 euros or up to 200,000 euros for Pactole scratch 2 euros!

There are millions to play FDJ games regularly or occasionally. These scratch games are part of our lives, they rarely disappoint because 1 euros lost is not that bad, because there was still the pleasure of playing. The important thing is not to participate in the first concept of the game?

The slogans summarize well what proposes the French of the games, let us retain this one: The good mood it is scratching.

This blog can show you how to play the best sites to bet online, gambling where you can win big or small. The results of the lotto draws and other formats of the fdj. The list odds and match, as well as articles regularly published on the very closed world of millionaires. Here you have a 100% chance of winning ... in useful information about gambling, casino, sports betting, horse racing, card games (Poker, Rummy, Belote).

Directional arrows = driving Thanks to your donations of driver, will deliver these bags of money while passing by a dangerously rocky road.

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On, there are entertaining games for the whole family! Hundreds of free games are at your fingertips whether you're a child or grandparent, beginner or expert. Try our action games for adventure seekers, our cooking games for gourmets, our creative games for artists or the favorite games of the whole family such as bubble shooter, bingo or 3-in-a-row games. ! If you like challenges, get your brains on with our complicated puzzle games like mahjong or invite your friends to fight against you in one of our online multiplayer games. Play games that are simple to understand but subtle to solve. With a lot of games for kids, games for girls and sports games everyone will find happiness. Discover the countless free online games on GamesGame! offers the largest collection of free online games. New games are added every day!

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Hello and welcome to our site, you will find on this site tons of information about gambling on the internet, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, mini games flash, bingo, Winning moments, online betting, turf, scratch tickets and all other ways to make money on the internet. The games presented on the site are games allowing you to win money or gifts with or without initial bet. Part of the site will be devoted to the different game strategies allowing you to increase your earnings. You will also find a list of the best gaming sites. What games do the French enjoy?

Women are formidable opponents in poker because their game is unreadable! Beware of you gentlemen, they are more and more numerous.

It is with great pleasure that offers the best gambling site on the net, that is, the site should not be missed! inaugurates its brand new section dedicated to gambling news, starting with: The study on the growth of gambling.

New forms of gambling appear such as binary options, which have become fashionable in these times of crisis, so why not take a closer look ?!

Why are gambling so popular?

Gambling in casinos is extremely beneficial. Online casino bonuses help you play more with a significant increase in your bankroll.

Gambling has always aroused a lot of interest among the population. But this interest continues to grow and the craze has never been stronger than in recent years. The first to have launched the concept at the national level in France is the "National Lottery" in 1933, then taken over by the "French Games" in 1976. What a long way since then! The rise of the Internet in homes has multiplied the sites specialized in the game, an infinite variety of different models for all tastes. Games can be classified into two distinct categories: games of chance and games of reflection. These two sectors, including a greater predilection for puzzle games, successfully attract players and build loyalty over the long term. Why are gambling so attractive?

The attraction of money ... but not only!

What is the primary motivation for a player to register on a gaming site? The first idea that comes to mind is certainly the opportunity to earn a few euros to supplement his income, to make small gifts or to please his family. This answer seems the most obvious, but this explanation is not as clear as it seems. In addition to the possibility of winning, another element fascinates and excites the player: the frenzy and the fever of the game The excitement lies in bet, bet, scrape a coupon, draw cards ... and especially supreme pleasure, waiting for the result! The adrenaline rush is huge for the few seconds between the moment the result and the gain appear. or the loss! The association between the risk taken and the expected reward is the engine of gambling.

But beware of the other side of the coin, because the state of dependence can quickly be reached. To be appreciated, gambling must remain a controlled pleasure, which you must surrender to the supreme master. The control of the game, your attractions and your desires will be the guarantee of the balance between pleasure and expenses in euros. To play does not turn into a nightmare!

If we can win, we can also lose, it is the law of the game and chance!

Online gambling allowed in Belgium by the Gambling Commission

Prognosis winner 2018 World Cup in Russia

Winner World Cup 2018: Sunday, July 15, 2018 at 16:00 [ World Cup ]

Germany is always at the rendezvous The Mannschaft is often in trouble in the friendly matches, but she always knows how to answer present in the big meetings. Since the last World Cup, Captain Philip Lahm has drawn his reverence. Bastian Schweinsteiger followed him two years later. Joachim Löw is facing a renewal of genera ration. Even though Germany was established; in the semifinals of Euro 2016, there are still many questions, especially in defense. France will try to capitalize on Euro 2016 Les Bleus, vice-champions of Europe in.

Moneyback on Vettel if he finishes in second place of the Australian GP

Get paid back 100% After a subdued 2017 season, Sebastian Vettel returns with a more competitive car than ever before. This year, he intends to take the lead over his rival, Lewis Hamilton. For this, he will have to hit a big shot from the first GP. If you want to support the talented German driver, go quickly to and bet on his victory in the Melbourne race. Note also that you can enjoy a special offer for this evègragration. To do this, simply sign up for the Moneyback promotion on Vettel. Cel.

Casino 777 March Madness Tournament: $ 1,000 cash and over 1,200 Free Spins

Receive up to 500 euros cash! The March Madness tournament starts today at 1 pm and ends on Sunday, March 25 at 11:59 pm. To participate, all you have to do is play on the eligible slots namely "Fish Tank", "Gold Rush" and "Inspector". Your goal is to collect points by chaining the winning games. Each euro won on the eligible games allows you to pocket 100 points for the tournament. If you win 10 euros on a spin on Fish Tank for example, you will receive 1,000 points. Note that you.

The Constitutional Court cancels VAT on games of chance @ksc_cjh

Good news Following the abolition of the VAT exemption for gambling and sports betting, several casinos and gambling companies have brought an action for annulment before the Constitutional Court. The Walloon government has also followed suit. It should be noted that the latter had already been disturbed; In his opinion, such an action could have affected the sector and reduced revenues from the gambling and betting tax. He had also denounced9acute; the preferred treatment; of the National Lottery. Cell.

Win a VIP trip to Monaco during the Grand Prix at Casino777

35,500 euros at stake! Like every Friday, casino777 offers you a new promotional offer. This time she is showing herself to be the most extravagant. It takes the form of a tournament with a VIP trip to Monaco as a first prize. To participate in this exceptional competition, visit the casino777. Then play on the eligible slots namely "Ancient Egypt", "Chilli Heat", "Gold Rush", "Diamond Strike" and "7 Piggies". V.

The stadiums of the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium The first match of the competition will be played in the legendary Luzhniki Olympic Stadium. Located in Moscow and built in 1955, it can accommodate up to 80,000 spectators. In total, 7 games will be played in this temple of the game. Note that it was etaceacute; rénov9eacute; for the occasion. The athletics track was also established; deleted and the galleries were established; closer to the field. Moscow Spartak Stadium Built in 2014, this second stadium located in the city of Moscow is also called Otkrytie Arena. He has a capacity.

100 € with 10 € if Germany and England score (Friendly matches)

Deposit, play and win! To take advantage of this new offer, open an account with between March 21st and March 23rd at 8:45 pm. Then make a deposit on your account. Finally, place a bet of 10 euros on the market "Special Offer for new players" matches between the Netherlands to England and Germany to Spain. Note that bets made with a bonus will not be taken into account. If your bet is over, the winner will change to 10.0. In other words, you will win 10 times your bet. You can a.

Prediction France x Colombia 23 March 2018 (Friendly Match)

France x Colombia: Friday 23 March 2018 at 20:45 [ Friendly ]

France is slowly renewing Didier Deschamps continues to rely on the framework that has been est9eacute; in the final of Euro 2016. Giroud, Griezmann and Pogba are now executives. To this list, add new heads like Dembél9eacute; Rabiot, Mbappé, Pavard or Hernandez. There are still uncertainties at all levels, especially in the middle and on the sides of the defense. Nobody has really imposed itself on the position of left side for example. Hope this match allows the coach to see more clearly. Colombia has serious assets offe.

Bet live and win a live bet of 5 € free

Get a bet of 5 euro for Belgium x Saudi Arabia To take advantage of this new offer, go to then sign up. Then place a single live bet worth 10 euros or more on one of the friendlies played between 23 and 26 March. Note that the minimum eligible score is 1.70. Canceled, cash-out, combined, system or bonus bets will not be considered. Once your bet is placed and validated, you will unlock a free bet of 5 euros. It will be credit9eacute; on your account on March 27 and he will have to.

Benecute 25% Profit Boost on friendly matches

Receive up to 1,000 euros! This new promotional offer is for all real money players. To enjoy it, go to and choose 4 bets on the international friendly matches. Then activate the Profit Boost on your coupon and validate your bet. Finally, all you have to do is enjoy the games and wait for the result. Note that the maximum bid for this offer is € 50. Be aware that your bets must be on friendlies played between March 21st and 24th. If your handset is over, the winner will benefit you.

Watch live matches with betFirst TV

How to watch the matches on betFirst TV? To access betFirst TV, first go to and sign in to your account. Then make sure you have at least 5 euros on your account. Note that you can also access betFirst TV if you have placed a bet of 1 euro or more in the last 48 hours. Once you are eligible for the service, simply browse through the catalog of live events. The matches available on betFirst TV are indicated by a specific icon. Just click on it to access.

Davy V. earns € 225,971.99 on betFirst

The most important gain in the history of betFIRST and the history of sports betting in Belgium Davy V. is among those players who trust their instincts to make their bet. Last week, he placed a system bet of 19 euros on 19 games. This bet allowed him to win a nice sum even if one of his selections turned out to be losing. Earlier this week, he managed to secure a gain of 15,600 euros before the last game of his coupon. During the final match between Manchester City and Stoke, the player e.

Win a Segway with the monthly tournaments

The monthly tournament This competition takes place throughout the month. To participate, you only need to pay the buy-in, which amounts to 5 euros. Note that you are entitled to two re-buys at the same rate to maximize your chances. If you manage to finish at the top of the rankings, you will win a Gyropoed Inmotion SCV R1EX with a 2000 W engine and a range of 25 km. If, unfortunately, you fail in your quest, you can always console yourself with a bonus. This can range from 25 to 500 euros. Weekly tournaments Every week, take pa.

3 casinos blacklisted by the Gambling Commission in March @ksc_cjh

The Gaming Commission has added to its blacklist of illegal sites in Belgium three casinos:, and These three sites were established; sanctioned because they accepted Belgian players, whereas only sites licensed in Belgium can offer online casino games. The sanction is final,, and, will not be accessible after the publication of the decision of the CJH in the Moniteur belge. If you are one of the players registered on one of these casinos, we advise reti.

Belgian Cup Final: Win a free live bet of € 15 on Ladbrokes

Receive up to 15 euros To take advantage of this new offer, simply place a bet in pre-match on the final of the Belgian Cup. Your coupon must have a rating of 1.80 or higher in order to be eligible. Cash out bets or systems will not be taken into account. Bets made with a bonus will also be excluded. Once your bet is validated, you will receive a bonus. This will take the form of a free live bet of up to € 15 to be used in the final of the Belgian Cup. You know what you have left to do. Good luck and enjoy this.

All to choose The online casino

All to choose The online poker room

Our predictions and the best odds to bet

Blacklist of the Commission of the Games of Chance

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