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Invented in China, the game keno is millennial. It still attracts as many enthusiastic players, whether they are addicted and experienced or completely novice. This is undoubtedly the sign of a formula that works. The keno indeed offers real possibilities of gains and a game facility very appreciable for any novice player or not wishing to take part in more technical or strategic games.

The rule is simple. Eighty balls are marked with numbers (from one to eighty) and drawn one to one thanks to a bellows. The balls then go through a transparent tube to display the winning numbers. The player, him, will have selectively selected his favorite numbers or random numbers on a card. It wins if its numbers agree with the numbers released, according to some simple rules. The parts of keno games are extremely simple. Once the game is over, another start immediately in general, unlike the Lotto for example.

One of the key benefits of keno is its exciting and relaxing appearance. The game keno nvЂ ™ is nothing stressful in the background, it allows you to relax while enjoying the pleasure of playing, in all tranquility. Next to that, you still know some excitement at the exit of the winning figures, which pizzazzes into a relatively quiet game otherwise.

We recommend keno game to those who are interested in this kind of game atmosphere, or simply to those who want to pause a few minutes in poker games or crazy craps, while continuing to play .

If you want to go into keno but you do not know where to start, we advise you to take a look at our reference guide. We have selected a set of the best online casino sites offering the game of keno. Here you will find the most serious and fun places to play keno in complete safety. Do not hesitate to browse this list concocted by our team of experts.

Keno Rules and Keno Luck Tables

to have a game and comfort laid out as a game itself does not require any qualification of the players playing visual keno. The only participation of the player puts their bets on the video slots of Keno, chooses the numbers and the wait until the machine randomly selects all numbers of gain.

The game of the Keno video game is pure fun without the sweat at all. This is probably the reason why most casino players choose to play visual Keno after a stressful session with other casino games.

The keno game offers you incredible winning opportunities while enjoying a relaxing and unconstrained keno game. Test the best selection.

Keno Rules and Keno Luck Tables

Select as many numbers as you like on 20 numbers in the 80 standard keno game. Place your bets on a straight or split ticket and get the best chance using keno luck tables.

Free Online Games (French)

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Space dedicated to Keno.

Here are all the sections we offer to optimize your chances of win at Keno.

You can see the last draw of Keno and all the draws since the creation of the Keno.

A simple and effective way to know your earnings at Keno with the possibility to test your numbers on several prints.

Find a way to increase your chances of winning at Keno. The reducing systems are approached from A to Z, from the comprehension of the application. They all have a 100% certified warranty, and are probably the most optimistic you can find on the Internet.

A series of prognoses for the Keno synthesizing different statistics, probabilities, and other more subtle concepts.

Thanks to this table no more number of the Keno will have no secrets for you. You will be able to create your own prognosis by analyzing each number from every angle.

This is a ranking of the numbers of the Keno, from an original concept (based on the binomial law), according to their probability of appearance for the next draws.

Find our selection of software (free or trial version) to better play Keno.

This section will allow you to easily display (and free) on your website or personal page the latest results from the Keno. A good way to keep your visitors happy.

Q: When are prints published?

A: The results of the Keno are set daily as soon as the draw is made. The results are generally updated between 1:45 pm and 2:15 pm for the draw of midday and between 9 pm and 9:30 pm for the evening draw.

Q: When are the statistics updated?

A: The statistics are updated at the same time as the draws, so they are valid until the next draw.

Q: Can I run free software in the keno software section?

A: You can easily distribute free or trial software to your friends or acquaintances.

Welcome to Games! The Keno Games offers a wide range of high quality, including the most popular keno games, ie Platinum Play Casino, Prestige Casino and Ruby Fortune Casino with tips, strategies and free orientation games in detail .

Keno is a lottery type game similar to Bingo

golden rules of playing keno online

- Get the best number of positions. Regardless of the maximum number of seats you can play, you must play 50 percent - 75 percent of those positions. For each keno game, 20 balls are drawn from a round device, known as the gooseneck bubble. Players mark the numbers or special places on their keno tickets. The goal is to take these numbers in the extraction, mark your ticket and collect your wings.

The goal of online keno games is to cover all the numbers you have in your own file. Game records can range from 15 numbers to 20 digits under the rules applied by the online casino. The dealer has a bulletin board where all numbers are listed in the game and excerpts of a number at a time. When the player is able to fill all his numbers, the game ends and the lucky player removes the money from the prize.

Keno, you can apply the same rules that apply in a normal game of bingo or bingo. The player can buy an unlimited number of folders and can participate in most games simultaneously. You can not mark the numbers that are not extracted by the bench, only the numbers that are out will go to dial the dealer board.

The stages of the game

In the game we found keno three phases of play that the player must follow:

Purchase of all cards: the dealer gives records nominal, the player can decide, depending on his availability, the number of records that will be purchased. More folders are used for each lot and the more chances of winning Numbers: Completed the purchase of the game, the croupier begins to extract numbers and place them in his main Billboard Statement to win: as soon as a player has covered all the numbers of one or more files, must declare it. The Bank will execute 'verification and will pay the lucky winners with the prize the fund created early

Keno is a very fun game that can be done discreetly. Thanks to its inclusion in the best online casinos, keno can be considered as one of the leading online games. Totally unproven.

Most mistakes made by the poker player

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sometimes the way to inform the winners is to mature not to do. good way to be the health equivalent you have the honor of taking what foods are bad. That's why I'm urging the realization of the three bad cards vulgar newer mistakes (and sometimes more) piss salamander often the players. and these cost a lot of money and can rattling depreciation you are brave.

the most democratic salamander mistakes that make the most change

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you need to get as many chips in the pot when you point an appropriate end. it's a meaning in poker at the smallest plane.

Now, I wish you read that you become a writer informed of all the mistakes you make when changing your retirement and whenever you make these mistakes really. I am faithful you realize that if you had to see this article sooner than it would be similar to the soul would not have happened.

and that you have found a new sense of peculiarity and joy, and you guess near all the money you can act no later than from the nose, is that you can win, privation i you really think about the feeling Equal to you essential to get your guard on any possible substance, and read everything you can perfectly around the salamander. Because it is this notion that turns normal Joes into grandmaster cards.

so the minute near pointing you a chance to achieve both a new message on the salamander, similar poker tips, or alter contours of new poker mistakes of habit, satisfy acting on that risk and the kiss, because that's how you turn an extraordinary card player.

100,000 € per year for life (4) 2 draws per day

MIDDAY (13h) • EVENING (20h) (4) € 100,000 per year for life or € 2 million cash. For a bet of 10 € and 10 N ° checked (without the Multiplier option). Accessible lifetime gain for grids of 9 or 10 N ° checked.

All information about KENO Winner for life

With Keno Winner for life, create your own game and try to earn 100,000 euros a year for life *!

With Keno Winning for life, you can choose your winnings and your chances of winning according to:

Keno Winner for life is:

€ 1,000,000 a year for life or € 20 million cash * with the Multiplier option

If you do not have an account, we will invite you during the validation of your game to fill the registration form to open an account and validate your game.

This game mode allows you to choose your favorite numbers.

The FLASH System is accessible from the banner at the top of each grid by clicking on the "Flash" button.

Replay your last game

This entry allows you to replay identically your last Keno Winning lifetime game including the JOKER + ® options.

You have until 13h for the draw of noon and until 20h for the draw of the evening to participate in Keno Winner for life.

A reward will be given to you in exchange for the payment of the stake corresponding to your game. Keep it without folding it will be required for the payment of your winnings.

With the Simple Multiplier, your winnings are automatically multiplied by the Multiplier number drawn at random. Your bet per grid is multiplied by 2.

If you have the 10 winning numbers, you earn 10,000 euros per year for life (or 200,000 euros cash).

If the Multiplier number drawn is "x1": your winnings remain unchanged.

If the Multiplier "x10" is drawn: you multiply your winnings by 10 and you earn € 100,000 per year for life (or 2 million euros cash)!

If you have the 9 winning numbers, you earn 4,000 euros per year for life (or 80,000 euros cash).

If the Multiplier "x1" is drawn: with the Multiplier x3 Minimum, you multiply your winnings by 3 and you earn 12 000 euros per year for life (or 240 000 euros cash)!

Keno Winner for life is a matching game: winnings are determined in advance and are indicated on the back of the ballot.

At each draw, 20 winning numbers are drawn from among the 70 numbers proposed.

Your earnings (excluding Multiplier options) then depend on:

- the number of numbers you have checked,

- the number of correct numbers you found among the 20 winning numbers,

- and your bet (your winnings being proportional to your bet).

The gain in life is accessible for the grids of 9 or 10 numbers checked (9 numbers found among 9 cochs or 10 numbers found among 10 cochs). The gain in life is not accessible in case of co-winners.

A. If you played online:

With the exception of lots corresponding to 10 numbers found for 10 numbers checked and 9 numbers found for 9 numbers checked, if the total earnings is less than or equal to 2,000 euros, payment is made by credit to your account FDJ® . If the total earnings are greater than 2,000 euros, the payment is made by credit to your FDJ® account subject to the presentation of your identity documents.

When confirming your registration, you must enter an automatic transfer threshold between 50 euros and 9,999 euros (threshold set by default to 2,000 euros). If you win a win that exceeds this threshold, an automatic transfer is made to your bank account.

B. If you played at the point of sale:

Contact an authorized Keno Life Winner at La Française des Jeux.

Gains are payable to bearer upon presentation of income and are exempt from income taxes.

You have 60 days to collect your winnings after the last draw in which your rewrite participates.

C. Special provisions relating to the payment of a winner eligible for lifetime earnings:

The winner eligible for a lifetime win is the winner of a prize corresponding to 10 numbers found for 10 numbers checked or 9 numbers found for 9 numbers checked which has, for the payment of his gain, the choice between the payment of a annual annuity for life or payment in one go of the amount of his gain, also called cash gain. The option for the annual life annuity is not available in case of plurality of winners or when the total number of prizes due for a Keno Winner lifetime draw reaches € 74,500,000 (see "Capping" section) .

For each draw, the same combination of 8, 9 or 10 numbers can not be played more than 35 times (calculation per 1 euro bet) for all territories combined.

In accordance with the lottery decree, the total amount of winnings due to winners of the Keno Winner for Life draw, including the Multiplier, is capped (this cap is shared with French Polynesia).

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