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Since its launch by the Française des Jeux, the success of Keno has not stopped. Like its big brother Lotto, the Web is teeming with more or less advanced software designed to help players bet more effectively and, if luck is at the rendezvous, win the bet.

Coming from an advanced algorithmic study, the TEA (Advanced Deviation Sorting), Keno Expert calculates at very high speed the combinations of Keno, whatever the terms of your query. The software includes no less than 1786 reducing systems to cover all types of game combinations as well as ballot printing management.

You can generate any complete system, ie list all combinations from any given set of numbers. For example, you can list all number combinations from 1 to 70 and save them to files for custom reprocessing or bulletin printing.

Keno Expert is a good tool, complete and easy to use, to try to better understand the logic of chance.

Golden Logithic 2007!

(Many thanks to all of you who voted)

but also for the brand new BELGIAN KENO (70 numbers)!

You are a Swiss or Belgian user and you want to work on the basis of the results of your local keno.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

For any request to integrate the Swiss banco or the new Belgian keno with 70 numbers, write to: [email protected]

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Visit our Keno tools section where you will find a range of advanced tools to help you get the edge on the game.

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Keno is part-lottery, part-bingo, with some unique rules of its own in the mix, and this creates a game experience like no other.

With four games per day, it's also one of the most active lottery games in the world, and you can get as much as $ 100 per line.

It's also unusual in that the player decides how many numbers to pick - from just one, up to ten numbers per line, from a pot of 80 balls.

Depending on how many numbers you choose, your chances of matching with the world will change.

To play Keno, you will need to decide:

Together, they will determine your odds of a win, and how much you will get - it's also important to know when you have not won too much.

For instance, matching three numbers is a win if you only thing six. But choose seven to ten numbers, and you'll get nothing for matching three.

There is also a kind of 'bad beat' consolation prize if you do not have a match and do not match any of the 20 drawn balls, and you'll get $ 3 back for a $ 1 wager.

Draws take place daily at 10:00 am, 01:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 06:00 pm, and you can enter right now Keno has great option if you do not want to wait too long to find out if you've won.

Like in the hand Lotto game, Choose your numbers for random, and you can wager on multiple draws in this way too.

Again, your prize will depend on how much you play, and the table below shows how much you play, and how much

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