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Keno result - The last draws of the day

Keno is a lottery-type game of chance set up by the French Games since September 10, 1993. As a general rule, this Bingo-like drawing game is played in casinos, and more generally in groups. players coming together, for fun of the game, but also, and especially, for greed.

The whole point of this game is that the odds of winning are much wider than for other lotteries. Moreover since February 24, 2013 the FDJ has added a new rule to this game to attract a wider audience: the possibility of becoming a winner for life. Players who have ticked all the outgoing numbers on their grid can choose between a monthly gain for life, or all at once (in "cash"), corresponding to 20 years of earnings.

Keno results broadcast schedule

Unlike playable lotteries from France (Loto, Euromillions ..) which offer 2 to 3 draws per week, the Keno offers players 2 daily draws, and this every day of the week (Monday to Sunday). Thus the most greedy players can try their luck several times a day, and satisfy all their needs.

Since 2014, the distribution of the draws of the games organized by the French games is on the TF1 channel. For Keno there are two broadcasts that take place every day: lunch and dinner. These schedules fluctuate according to the days according to the grid of the programs, it is on a time slot that one must be based to hope to see the live television broadcast: between 13h and 14h for the noon draw, and between 21h30 and 22:30 for the evening draw. The best solution remaining replay replay on the TF1 platform.

In France, the Keno grid organized by the FDJ is composed of 70 numbers. To participate in a draw, the player must check on a grid of 2 to 10 numbers. Then the player chooses a starting bet. The amount of this bet will, in case of gain, to multiply these (for example 100,000 euros per year for life are available only in case of setting 10 euros for 10 numbers checked). For example a player can tick 10 numbers for a bet of 1 euro, like 2 numbers for a stake of 10 euros. Finally, the player can choose between the simple multiplier option, or the minimum x3 multiplier option. Indeed each draw of Keno is given a random multiplier, ranging from x2 to x10. By checking his grid, he then chooses whether he wishes to be advantaged by being sure to obtain a gain x3 minimum, or if he relies on chance.

Each Keno draw is made up of 20 winning numbers. The probabilities are therefore very interesting, since a gain is possible of the 2 good numbers checked out of 20 (the maximum being, remember, 10 numbers checked). To become a winner for life, you must have checked 10 numbers on its grid, and these 10 numbers are among the 20 winning numbers of the draw. Finally, the multiplier will calculate the exact earnings, multiplying them by the amount indicated, of course.

How to calculate your Keno winnings

To calculate his winnings for this draw game, simply follow the winnings chart. In contrast to the other lotteries offered by the FDJ, the Keno winnings do not follow the number of participants, and therefore the number of bets placed in the pot. It should also be noted that the FDJ never broadcasts Keno earnings reports, and that only the winners deciding to make themselves known are the subject of news.

The winnings are therefore fixed, and you just need to refer to the table below to calculate the exact amount for each draw, or simply go to our tool dedicated to the Keno Earnings Calculation.

The keno is actually a lottery variant, simple enough to understand. Quite popular in some casinos with online keno rooms, there are many versions of Keno. They all have the same principle, you choose numbers online, a bit like Bingo, and then the draw takes place.

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The principle of the game is quite simple, after choosing or receiving a card, you must choose numbers, then just see the draw and at the end check his winnings (which are often announced automatically at the same time as the draw) . You can also play keno online, or have all keno results.

there are actually few sites that offer pure keno games, keno games are often grouped under casino games, in the Bingo and Lottery category.

The player chooses between 1 and 20 numbers on his Keno grid, which usually contains up to 80 numbers. Kenoteur then draws the winning numbers. Attention, nothing to do with the Belgian Keno which is a Belgian National Lottery!

The player then receives his win based on the number of good numbers released. This game gives a significant advantage to the casino, up to 98% of payout on some sites. It seems that Keno comes from China during the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. AD

Chinese immigrants brought the game to the United States during the nineteenth century. (I was not there) We all find on the net about Keno, so-called infallible methods to increase its chances of winning.

»Find out how to increase your chances of winning at Keno. Reducing systems, they all have a 100% certified guarantee, and are probably the most optimized .... "

All this remains to prove ..., the best method is still to play for fun, or sites recognized for their reliability.

Keno - Play online slots

Keno is a game that enjoys very little recognition compared to its lotto cousin. Yet it is a very fun and entertaining game that delights the players who adventure. In reality, let's say that keno is much more relaxing and easy to play than lotto. This impression is due to the fact that the player pretends to create himself the game he will play.

This is where all the beauty of this game lies. But well before, it should be known that this game is a game practiced in France, and which is regulated as for most of the games of chance in France by the unit. called the French Games keno. It is therefore important to integrate this principle before considering to make parts of keno, because, it would be necessary to control all the regulation which surrounds this game and envisaged by FDJ keno.

To return to the game of keno, it is important to say beyond the fact that it is the player himself who makes his game that, the player has the cards in hand in this game. He is free himself of increase or decrease its earnings; he is free to choose the amount of his bet as he pleases. To better understand what it is, you must actually check grids that are arranged from 1 to 10 and from this moment, it is up to you to choose your bet between 1 and 5 euros. After that it's just a system of calculation of proportionality of the gains compared to its initial setting. Then you can opt for the number of draws chosen according to your willingness to participate in the game. All this is completed by the validation of your ticket or newsletter.

Let's say that keno is a game that offers countless calculation options based on the bets for a game that is made to the card.

What is even more remarkable in this game is that the comparative statistical result of all the draws that have been done from creation to date shows that it's a game that offers quite significant earnings opportunities. Often, it has even been a question of making some players millionaires just with the combinations of draws when they have been well arranged by the player. Even more incredible is that this game offers two draws per day, which in reality is a big advantage of daily gain for players. And even, in each draw, no less than 20 winning numbers are drawn ... It's almost an avalanche that falls on you! You can not dream better! You have the opportunity to become rich at least twice a day. So what are you waiting for?

For players looking exclusively for the taste of the game and not the gains, a version in demo mode is available to satisfy them. You will have no money to pay, no monetary contact with any bank, just your game and you, just the distraction, just the fun! You will have nothing to do with the bets and winnings, everything is totally free.

This very old game would be of Asian origin, more precisely of medieval China. Ancient China would be the cradle of this game to listen to certain sources. In reality, keno was born to be precise during the Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. The middle earth as it is called would be the base of the keno. In addition to being an entertainment game at that time, keno was also a way to collect money (taxes of the emperor). These taxes are believed to be behind the construction of the Great Wall of China for some other sources.

By the 19th century, the Chinese who immigrated to the United States of America would have exported keno to other countries. Over time, the Chinese writing characters known as sinograms will give way to the culture of world writing by the characters numbers and numbers. The total of these numbers was reduced to 80, and yet the Chinese went to 120 sinograms in order to make this easier. We can say nowadays that this goal has been achieved as keno has become a staple among the most popular casino games.

Its appropriation by the French Games will intervene only in 1990. France will adopt it among the chance that this structure responsible for games of chance must manage. The keno FDJ has become a real star in power on the gambling scene practiced in France. Which in a way helps to give back to this game its letters of nobility.

Bets during a game of keno

The rules applied to this game are a little more complex as a player increases the checked grids. To understand how the gains are distributed, we should first know that the more boxes are checked, the more you win; however, the more boxes are checked, the less each box wins. To put it simply, if during a draw, a player just ticks a number and that player wins, he wins more money, however if that player had ticked 4 boxes and it's just one that is winning, the winnings would be less important than if it were the case where only one was ticked. Payouts range around 30,000: 1 depending on the bet, and start at 1: 1.

The different forms of keno betting

The keno as the Baccarat has several variants of paris. In fact, there are five forms of betting for a keno game:

- bet checked boxes: here is the most simplified bet; it is a question here of choosing from one to fifteen boxes with the hope that they are drawn. If you have chosen to tick a ceiling of three boxes, the winnings are calculated from the first exact number. In the event that a player has checked 15 boxes, the winnings are possible if you have at least 6 boxes drawn.

- bet against: here it is question of predicting that all the boxes that we checked will not be drawn. It is therefore appropriate for this type of bet that you choose at least 8 boxes (gains of 80: 1 if we ticked fifteen boxes).

- wager any winner: for this eventuality, winnings are only possible if all numbers or ticked boxes are drawn. The rule then imposes to check between 8 and 13 boxes (gains of 28,000: 1 for thirteen checked boxes).

- bet lower / higher: This case is a bit more complex. Since it is a question of making a bet by predicting that only the numbers of the lower part or of the upper part will be drawn. This implies that the gains are a function of the probability ratio and the gap between the numbers of the upper or lower drawn part. If ten numbers are drawn in each game without any difference, the player wins 1: 1. On the other hand, if 13 balls are taken in one game and 7 in the other, the player who wagered this bet wins at 10 000: 1).

- wager combinations: here, it is possible to make combinations by checking boxes. So some numbers if they are drawn report more than others. It is also possible to mount several combinations and introduce a different bet on each of them.

All the magic of the keno is in what it has to propose to the players of the choices of stakes rather extensive. This game is obvious when you focus and can bring you big winnings.

The keno sometimes wrongly is considered by some players as a waste of time and a game with no particular interest. And yet when you look closely, keno wins more than most of these games for which these players are dedicated. Keno is as interesting as a game of roulette, it wins as much if not more than this game when we know how to do it.

We will just ask you to take a little of your time to watch this game more ready. You will realize that it is quite exciting and could make you fat. Because there are multiple combinations of bets for keno games that would win more if you know how to deal with the checkboxes, the put to do, the combinations available that would grant more winnings in case of draw ( in general from 1 to 10, sometimes up to 20 or 40). So do not turn away from the game that can change your life!

Calculate your winnings at Keno Winner for Life: it's easy with our free tool

Contrary to the fluid and understandable earnings ratios of other French lotteries, Keno is more complex in the analysis of these potential gains since different prices exist, that different numbers of numbers can be ticked and finally, that the multiplier of gains changing with each draw does not make calculating your Keno winnings the easiest in the world.

Within the team, we wanted to make it easier by offering you a free tool to calculate your winnings in a few seconds, simply by entering your numbers played, be notified of the result after the analysis of our database, nothing more, nothing less.

From 1 € to 10 €: 5 prices for a Loto grid and as many calculations as possible

While a Lotto Grid costs a fixed amount of € 2.20 (since March 6, 2017) and that a grid of the Euromillions will cost you € 2.50, the prices of the grids for the lottery Keno Gagnant à Vie are flexible, ranging from € 1 to € 10, an amount that you choose but which goes with maximum earnings being capped.

If you are an amateur and a Keno initiated player, you will be more easily attracted by the big potential gains by playing both a 5 € ticket and a 10 € ticket on your grids, allowing you to collect very large sums up to 50'000 € or 100'000 € for life per year (not to mention the opportunity to multiply your winnings with the multiplier).

On the other hand, if you do not know this lottery well, we invite you to play for less important bets from 1 € to 3 € to familiarize you slowly, but surely, with this particular style of play that is Keno Winner for Life.

Anyway, whatever the amount you choose to put into play, know that the potential winnings differ each time and to calculate your winnings, nothing like using our tool to not "take you" the head ".

Tick ​​2 numbers to 10 numbers, again the calculation of earnings will be different

You may already know, but Keno draws 20 numbers out of 70 that includes the whole game. Among these 20 numbers winning at lunch and in the evening (the two draws are different), you have the opportunity to check grids ranging from 2 N ° to 10 N ° checked, with differences of earnings that go with it.

Thus, the more numbers you tick off, the higher the potential gains, but obviously it will also be harder to attract you to chance. Beyond the prices that will allow you to double, triple or even earn more money than your bet, it is the number of numbers checked that will determine your final multiplier coefficient.

You have understood, with the Keno Winner for Life, each player can "customize" his game following the state of his finances with access from € 1 to € 10 and the dose of chance he wants to see in its draw by ticking from 2 to 10 numbers.

Multiplier option for Keno Winner for Life, the good idea

Keno Winner for Life, a so-called "multiplier" option offers you to multiply your winnings by a minimum of 2 and up to 10 for a single draw.

To do this, you will have to pay double the amount originally requested for your grid. If you checked a grid at 1 €, then you will have to pay € 2, if you checked a grid at € 10, this is € 20 that will be requested.

If the price can scare away a lot of people, be aware that most of the big winners at Keno so far where for the most part have seen their earnings be multiplied through this option. When you go from 10'000 € to 20'000 € gains for example on a grid with 8 numbers for a price of 2 € instead of 1 € asked, you think you had the flair to pay this option.

Note: you also have the option for € 1 more opt for a multiplier x3 minimum!

In our Keno earnings calculator, you have the option to select whether or not you have played with the multiplier option, our server will take care of you to give you your final payout.

How to use our Keno earnings calculator?

Turning now to serious things ... You have before you your Keno game receipt and you want to calculate your winnings quickly, you will be able to do it in less than 2 minutes after completing the few steps necessary and simply click on the button "calculate! ".

  1. First of all, it is advisable to choose the good draw for which you played, combining the day and the draw, either of midday or evening.
  2. Then check the numbers you played between 2 and 10 numbers per grid and the price of your grid between 1 and 10 €. If you want to calculate multiple wins of several grids at once, click on the "+" symbol to add infinitely.
  3. Once your date is set and your numbers checked, you can now select one of the options (if you chose one) between the base multiplier or the minimum x3 multiplier.
  4. It's over, you just have to click on the button "Calculate! " to see your win if you're lucky enough to have one, two or more good numbers for your Keno draw.

As a reminder, the use of our Keno earnings calculator is completely free and available to all. Be careful however, the posted winnings can not be substituted for the 60-day foreclosure date which will make you lose your win if you do not claim it within this time limit. It should be known that unclaimed winnings are numerous each year, either by the loss of a ticket or more often by forgetting to calculate his earnings accurately.

That's why with our Keno Winner for Life Winning Calculator, that kind of disappointment will not happen to you anymore!

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