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The titan mahjong is played with the mouse, the goal is to unite the accessible pairs relative to each other. You will meet pitches according to the levels and bonuses available at the bottom right.

Mahjong Solitaire Titan Android

Mahjong Solitaire Titan is an Android version of the original Chinese board game. Enjoy over 1,200 levels and relax playing

If you're wondering about mahjong, mah jong or mah-jongg, you should know that it's a board game of Chinese origin that comes to the west during the 20's of the last century. Even if the original version is for four players, you can download Mahjong Solitaire Titan and play the solo version.

One of the most popular board games in the world.

The rules are basic and very simple and you only need one or two parts to know them well. The goal of the game, if you do not know it, is to form pairs with the different tiles of the game, decorated with Chinese motifs.

The APK file of this version for Android that you can play on smartphones and tablets offers the following features:

  • More than 1,200 trays.
  • New Mahjong tray every day.
  • 5 different sets of tiles.
  • 8 different funds.
  • Optimization for vertical mode.
  • Objectives to learn to dominate the game
  • High resolution graphics.
  • Android 4.0 or higher system required.
  • Integrated in-app purchases.

Play Mahjong Blue - Mah Jong Titan Free Games: also written Majhong, Majong Majiang, Mahjong ng, Mahjongg, Mahjong, Majhong, Maijong, Titans

Mahjongg Blue - Mahjong Titans

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Mahjong Titans - Strategy and Tips

Mahjong Titans is a version of Mahjong that fits into the Mahjong Solitaire category. The popularization of this game around the world, in a way, because it was included as one of the games Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Mahjong Mahjong Solitaire games Mahjong Solitaire games Mahjong Solitaire games Mahjong Solitaire games Mahjong Solitaire games Mahjong Solitaire games Mahjong Solitaire games Although the rules of this game are very simple, Mah jongg Titans is a very complex game and using some strategies and tips. Check out some of this tips bellow:

Bonus and Extra Points

The points in Mahjong Titans are given to you at the correct time. However, there is a way for you. To ensure you get your extra points, after matching a pair of tiles, look for another pair with the same number or the same style. For example, if you 've just matched a pair of Bamboo number 3 tiles, look for another pair of bamboo tiles or another pair of numbers 3 tiles to match, that way you will win extra points.

If you match and eliminate peers of the same number and the same style, you will get even more points. So, always analyze the whole board, think of the next thing you think, that way you will get even more points. However, do not do these matches if they interfere on your original strategy for the game. Sometimes it is better to win the game and have more chances to win the game than to have the game because of a misplaced move, or thoughtless a matching of tiles.

Another way of wining extra points by eliminating tiles and eliminating tiles from the flowers.

Bush Obama and Clinton playing Mahjong Titans. Can you imagine that ?!

Some versions of Mahjong titan feature an "Undo" button. This tool allows you to revert your last move. This is very useful if you have made a bad choice on your last move, allowing you to go back to the position of the same mistake again.

To activate the "undo" feature, in some games, you must press CTRL + Z on your keyboard. On Mahjong Titans, there's no need for this feature.

The lack of limits on this feature may be extremely useful, and you may want to know more about it and make it easier. fix a seemingly lost game.

Tips for the Game

On the Windows version of Mahjong Titans, if you're in the mood for your keyboard, check out some of the games. In some other versions, you will see the button "Hint" (as the name suggests) that will work in the same way, offering you hints of tiles can be paired up.

You should pay close attention to this feature, because many times the combination is not possible at this time in your game. The hints are made randomly and with the intention of showing you the best possible match.

This tool can be very useful. Especially when you find yourself "stuck" and you can not find any more tiles to match. So, use it when you need it!

The Visual Aspect of the Tiles

Many versions of Mahjong Titans can make you feel like you're here. In the Windows version of Mahjong Titans, you can alter the design and colors of the tiles, as well as the background image of the game; to do so you only have to press "ALT + G" on your keyboard.

Although your goal is in this game, you should always be aware of it, so you can not get out of the game and end up stuck; Every time you run out of possible matches, the game is over (you can also use the tool "Undo" to revert your moves to a position where you can be able to fix your game). So, to make sure you do not run out of possibilities in the game and end up stuck, losing the game. Be careful and attentive while playing and reconsider every single move.

One good tip is to start matching the tiles which are at the most elevated position on the board, which means you to find other stacks of tiles, because by eliminating those tiles you are uncovering other tiles and finding them more game. Also, try to eliminate the tiles on the borders of the screen. After eliminating those tiles, start matching and eliminating the ones in the center of the screen.

Another good tip is to always pay attention to the fact that you are in a position to be matched (we call them triplets). Before you go up two of them, make sure that you will be able to play the game. Try to find the fourth tile, and if you can not see it yet, be very careful making this move, because the tile you would need to be at the bottom of a pile and it would take a long time to find it, You may be stuck at some point.

We hope this tips can help you get your Mahjong Titans games! Have fun, everybody!

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