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FOR YOUR OPERATIONS is a sales platform for neosurf codes in West and Central Africa. Sign up for free and start buying your neosurf codes to carry out your internet transactions safely.

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More and more customers around the world choose to pay online with Neosurf prepaid cards.

Buying and using Neosurf tickets is easy and fast.

You do not need registration or give your personal information and your Neosurf code is ready for immediate use.

We have produced this short video to help you buy and use Neosurf tickets, or follow the 3 steps below

You can pay with your Neosurf card on Neosurf partner websites. Visit the site to see some partners.

How can I exchange my Neosurf code?

Ask for a Neosurf code from our site. You will receive a ticket with your Neosurf code of 10 characters by e-mail and possibly by SMS. Keep the code confidential and in a safe place. After, go to your favorite site and choose payment by Neosurf code and please follow the following steps:

2. Choose the product or service you want to buy

3. Choose Neosurf as your payment method

4. Enter your code

How can I control the balance of my Neosurf code?

You can check the available balance of your ticket on the Neosurf website by entering your code.

What is the validity period of my Neosurf code?

All Neosurf cards have an end of validity date, which is mentioned on the card. In addition, if your card is partially debited, the balance of the card must be used within six months. It is therefore important to use your balance before the deadline.

Can I use my Neosurf code several times?

Yes, you can use your Transcash code as many times as you want, until the balance is exhausted. It is not possible to recharge your Neosurf card. However, the remaining balance of your card is still transferable to another card.

The NeoSurf cards are prepaid cards that can be used to make deposits in online poker rooms safely and anonymously.

Indeed, with a NeoSurf card, you can deposit money on your player account without having to communicate any bank details, which can reassure some of you a little chilly about leaving their card number banking on the internet.

See also our article How to make a deposit in a poker room that shows you all the solutions to deposit but also to withdraw your winnings.

Poker rooms accepting NeoSurf cards

last updated on the 25/07/2011 : There is no more poker site accepting NeoSurf!

Note that there are other prepaid cards for poker, 2 of which are accepted on many other poker sites including the largest and most famous:

Think about it if you want to use one of these cards, and if you already have a neosurf code, turn to Chilipoker which is a very attractive poker site.

To get a NeoSurf card, you have to go to a tobacconist who is the main reseller of these prepaid cards. There are also some newsagents who can get you the NeoSurf card you need, but it's more random here than all the tobacconists will offer.

You can pay your card anonymously to your tobacconist (with the means of payment you want) and then all you have to do is connect to the online poker site of your choice accepting NeoSurf to credit your account.

It exists in several forms:

  • A map as we imagine.
  • A ticket printed by the tobacconist with his machine, a bit like a lottery ticket.

Whatever its form, your NeoSurf card will carry a number, and it is this code that you will have to enter in the cashier of the poker software. Note that you do not have to use the full amount of the card to make a transaction, the card can be used in several times. Moreover, you can use this card to test several poker rooms for example, before choosing the one you like most definitely.

The neosurf cards are available in different values: 15, 30, 50 and 100 euros. However, we recommend you always take a 30 € card to make your first deposit, we explain why below.

Attention, there are also neosurf cards for minors, with a face value of 10 or 20 euros, but they are not accepted to play poker on the internet since gambling is not allowed under 18 years.

Warning on the use of NeoSurf prepaid cards at poker sites

To qualify for your welcome bonus, it is always imperative to make a first deposit of $ 20. Also, we recommend you to take a NeoSurf card of minimum 30 €, and possibly to deposit only 20 € if you wish, in order to obtain your bonus.

It would be a shame to put 15 € and only play poker with 15 € whereas you could have 40 € with the bonus by depositing 20 €, no?

To take into account also, if you win, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings on the neosurf card and you will have to use another system for the withdrawal.

The best rooms to play poker online.

  • For Windows, iPhone, iPad or Android. Enter promo code / benefit MAXBTCL at registration and participate in our private tournaments every Monday.

  • The room we recommend if you want to play on Mac. A sure value.

  • A historic operator in France who has created a real global offer in parallel with its horse offering.

  • A discreet alternative but very interesting if you already have accounts at the operators above.

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