More joker gain

JOKER + ®: put more chances on your side!

(1) For a stake of 2 euros, without the application of the option "+ or -1".

** With the option "+ or -1", you can add or remove 1, after the draw, to one of the 7 numbers of your game JOKER + ®.


You can play from 1 to 4 games. For each game:

This game mode allows you to choose your favorite numbers. But you can also let chance pick your numbers with FLASH.

You can play from 1 to 4 games. For each game:

Replay your last game

Play back identical to your last JOKER + ® game, including the option "+ or -1".

You can play 1 or 2 games JOKER + ®:

A reward will be given to you in exchange for the payment of the stake corresponding to your game. Keep it without folding it will be required for the payment of your winnings.

At each JOKER + ® draw, a combination of 7 numbers is drawn.

To find out if you have won and to know your winnings, consult the table below:

Earnings example without the option "+ or -1" :

If the winning combination JOKER + ® drawn is: 2 377 808

Example of gains with the application of the option "+ or -1" :

If the winning combination JOKER + ® drawn is: 1 357 298

Thanks to the '' + or-1 '' option, the player's game becomes after the draw: 1 357 058

If you played online:

For a game whose total winnings are less than or equal to 2,000 euros, the payment is made by credit to your FDJ® account. For a game whose total earnings are greater than 2 000 euros, the payment is made by credit to your FDJ® account subject to the presentation of your identity documents.

When confirming your registration, you must enter an automatic transfer threshold between 50 euros and 9,999 euros (threshold set by default to 2,000 euros). If you win a win that exceeds this threshold, an automatic transfer is made to your bank account.

If you played at the point of sale:

Contact an authorized JOKER + ® dealer in La Française des Jeux.

Gains are payable to bearer upon presentation of income and are exempt from income taxes.

You have 60 days to collect your winnings after the last draw in which your rewrite participates.

If your prize is less than 300 euros, you can get paid at the JOKER + ® authorized retail outlet of your choice. On the other hand, if your prize is higher than this sum, go to a payment center of La Franaise des Jeux.

Beware, lot payments worth more than 2,000 euros can only be made on presentation of identity document (s).

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