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Posted on July 10, 2012

Films belong to our daily lives: they are at the heart of contemporary, family or friendly culture. This book is betting that they are not just an object of entertainment or a matter of specialists. They deserve to enter fully into the field of general culture, because they are the privileged witnesses of the modern world and of our modes of representation or thought. To analyze a film is also perhaps to understand oneself.

The student or the curious will find here examples of films he often knows, to feed his reflection and allow him to develop a solid culture, but above all personal and original. Each film is indeed read in the light of a general reflection, led by specialists from different disciplines. Cinema is then the occasion of a meeting between different fields of modern knowledge.

• To the students in the framework of the contests (HEC, IEP, administrative competitions, ENS): they will find an original tool to prepare their glues, their oral or their dissertations

• To literary students or artistic sectors who want to discover through aesthetic analysis the challenges of the contemporary world, through various genres and directors

• To all the curious and passionate who think that cinema is more than an object of entertainment

General Culture - Movie List

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Here is a list of films originally intended for high school students who are keen to build a cinematographic culture, especially in view of the competition of Sc Po. It is by no means an exhaustive list and it is obviously subjective ... It includes high-budget American films as well as art and essay films, films that are very easy to see and others that are more delicate. They are not all necessarily high quality but the idea was to offer films that have made history in the history of cinema. The presence of some directors is finally the personality of the author of this article - which is also well aware of the somewhat unfinished aspect of this work and the shells that must remain ... Finally, some films include scenes that may shock some students.

60 quiz of general knowledge for all levels!

by Adrian · Published 25/09/2016 · Updated 28/11/2017

Quiz of general knowledge

Become unbeatable with these quizzes of general knowledge!

And pass the tests of general culture in the competitions!

You will find in this article the list of the 60 best trivia quizzes on the internet.

These quizzes are a great way to learn while having fun! For you, we have searched for the best questions to help you increase your knowledge.

All fields (or almost all) are treated in the quizzes of general knowledge In these quizzes you will find questions about history, geography, nature, literature, cinema, music, news, etc..

To help you know your level, we have chosen to create three levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. Each of these levels has 20 quiz!

Little by little, you will progress! Search the site well ... you can find some answers

Quiz of general culture: beginner level

These quizzes are easy ... for some!

General Culture Quiz: Intermediate Level

These quizzes of general culture are a little more full-bodied! Take up the challenge!

Quiz of general knowledge: expert level

These quizzes of general culture are difficult! Are you one of the truly cultured people?

You found errors? Feel free to post it in the comments

20 things to know to broaden your general knowledge

To shine in society some do not hesitate to display their general culture by placing sentences that they read to the right and left. Now it's your turn to fart it with these 20 little things that will surely expand your general knowledge.

Even if I can not see you, but tell me you know that our brain is insensitive to pain? On the other hand if you see a stuffed guy breaking his mouth you can say "HAHAHA he did like the ant, he fell on the right side".

Have fun with these 20 knowledge useless that will not change life but are always interesting to know when we like to learn.

01 An intoxicated ant always falls on its right side.

02 Over the past 3500 years, there has been about 230 years of peace throughout the civilized world.

03 A book is considered to have been corrected when it contains less than seven faults.

04 The kidneys filter about 1800 liters of blood a day.

05 In Germany, a pillow is considered a "passive weapon".

06 There are no clocks in casinos in Las Vegas.

07 Walt Disney himself gave his original voice to Mickey Mouse.

08 American Airlines saved $ 40,000 in 1987 by removing one olive from each salad served in first class.

09 In most pubs, the hands of the watches display 10:10 because it is more aesthetic.

10 There is more money spent each year on alcohol and cigarettes than on life insurance.

General Culture Competition - April 2008

Every month, the website Culture General organizes a contest open to all. The principle is quite simple, a series of clues allows you to find a real or imaginary character, a place, a city, a country, an expression and perhaps many other things. You may not find it right the first time and you will have to go back to the Web for information that can help you find it.

This month win 5 books "What Einstein never said to his tailor" offered by our partner "Les Editions Dunod".

I had the opportunity to read this book and I really recommend it, even if you do not win this month.

The winners of the month will be chosen from the correct answers and will be determined by their answer to the sub-question.

Science and computer science, economics, management and management, psychology and personal development, social action ... DUNOD is the reference editor in vocational and university training. Scientific culture, games and puzzles, technical hobbies, photography ... the DUNOD editions show their know-how because we often learn better by having fun! Find all these themes, all the titles and all the collections on

DUNOD, knowledge editor

This month we propose to find a character with the following clues:

  • I am a famous woman
  • I was born in the late nineteenth century but my design lasted more than 9 months
  • I live on an island surrounded by an ocean
  • I am one of the symbols of the country where I live
  • My administrative name is composed of a letter followed by the digits "11023"
  • I have seven twin sisters listed on both sides of the globe
  • I did amazing stunts in many sensational films
  • Paris Hilton could be jealous of the number of people who saw under my dress

The entries for this contest are over, see the results.

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