Open a neteller account

How to use the Neteller account to deposit online and get a Neteller bank card

Neteller is an online payment method created in 1999. Listed in the category of electronic coin gates, it allows bettors and poker players to make deposits on different online gaming platforms.

For the players, using Neteller makes it possible to distinguish between their current account and funds intended to deposit online.

In addition, a deposit made through Neteller has the advantage of not leaving a trace on your bank account. With Neteller, you will have access to a credit card Mastercard type called Net +. It will allow you to withdraw cash or directly pay for your purchases in the trade.

Open a Neteller account is completely free. To do this, go to and follow the procedure below which only takes a few minutes. You can then enjoy all these benefits like millions of users in 180 countries who have been convinced by the simplicity and speed of Neteller to manage their money on the internet.

Why use Neteller to make deposits?

First, using an electronic wallet is an effective way to manage your money online. Indeed, for players it is essential to know the sums invested on the various sites without being drowned in the daily expenses of your current account.

The second advantage of Neteller over a bank is the discretion. Many bettors want to transfer their money without having to justify it to their bank or even to the tax authorities. Neteller does not leave any direct traces of your online deposits on your bank account.

Neteller is a guarantee of security. In fact, unlike the so-called traditional banks that constantly invest their clients' money, Neteller holds all the funds deposited by its users and also has a state-of-the-art data encryption system.

If you open a Neteller account, you will have access to:

  • Optimal management of money spent on internet games
  • Discrete transactions
  • Secure transactions

Be aware that opening an account on Neteller is free. The same applies when you use it to deposit money online, but fees may be generated by other areas of use (see the "disadvantages" section later in this article). To begin the Neteller registration process, visit

In addition, for any questions or information Neteller benefits from a quality customer service easy to join, even if it is necessary to put a slight flat on the time of response of your e-mails.

To contact Neteller, you have several possibilities:

  • by phone at +33 1 709 50529 or at the toll free number 800 915 584
  • directly on the site through live chat or via email support

Neteller's customer service is very responsive and will guide you quickly in resolving any issues.

Which sports betting sites accept deposits with Neteller

Currently, 3 sports and poker-oriented websites allow their users to use Neteller to make their deposits (see all deposit methods on the Paris site). These platforms belong to the market leaders and alone constitute a significant game potential.

With your Neteller account you can deposit on:

  • BetClick : get a sport bonus of 100 euros on Discover the details of the offer here and consult the registration guide
  • bwin : double the amount of your first deposit up to 100 euros on (see here the conditions of this offer) and find in this article the registration procedure
  • Winamax : get the refund of your first bet if he loses up to 100 euros on (the details on this page)

In order to use Neteller to make your first deposit on one of these platforms, visit and see the steps below!

What are the disadvantages or scams encountered on Neteller?

If opening an account and depositing funds online does not generate any specific costs, you should know that Neteller makes withdrawals related to other uses of your account.

Among these levies, the main drawback lies in the fact of having to pay 4 euros each time you use your net + card to withdraw cash in a vending machine (see the payment card section at the bottom of this article)

The rates charged by Neteller prove to be somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, they are to be relativised considering the proposed benefits. Here is an overview of the fees applied when using your account.

To provision your Neteller account:

To make a withdrawal:

  • Bank transfer : 7.5 euros
  • Check: 7.5 euros
  • Withdrawal from the distributor if you have the Net + card: 4 euros
  • Payment with an electronic payment terminal (shops, restaurants ...): Free
  • Online payment : Free

Note that after an inactivity of the account greater than 13 months, 1.80 euros fee will be charged each month by Neteller.

With regard to the abusive account closures that can be read on different forums, it turns out that they are most often related to security issues. if you are connecting from abroad for example or if you have failed to provide proof, Neteller will be particularly intransigent to verify that you are the owner of your account.

You will most often have to contact Neteller by phone (on +33 1 709 50529 from France or Belgium). They will ask you security questions to verify that you are the account holder. This can be considered a disadvantage or advantage.

To begin the Neteller registration process, visit

Neteller registration: the procedure to open a free account

If you want to open a Neteller account, simply follow the steps below. This procedure is totally free and will only hang you a few minutes

Step 1: Register on Neteller

To do this, visit and click on "register for free" at the top right to access the registration form below.

Now fill in the different fields carefully, be careful to fill in your true coordinates in order to be sure to not encounter any problems afterwards.

  • E-mail adress : enter here a valid address.
  • Password : choose your Neteller password of at least 8 characters and must have at least 1 digit and 1 capital letter.
  • Currency of the account: simply choose your currency from the drop-down menu.
  • Personal informations : Enter your surname, first name, date of birth and your full address here.

After that, you just have to click on "join us now" to create your Neteller account. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you instantly.

Attention, at this point you can not use your account yet, it must be verified by Neteller's services. To do this, go through the following steps.

Step 2: Deposit funds into your Neteller account

To make your first Neteller deposit, first click on the "Deposit Funds" tab on your account homepage.

If you wish to deposit using your credit card, make sure to select credit card (not debit) in order to proceed to the next windows. Also note that a fee may be applied based on your deposit method as shown on the photo above.

Warning: for your Neteller account to be activated, your deposit must be at least 22.50 euros. The maximum amount is set at 300,000 euros.

Step 3: Create your security questions for opening a Neteller account

Once your deposit has been made, click now on the security issues tab to access the window below.

Neteller does not mess with security and will systematically ask you to answer these questions when you make contact with their services. Also be careful to keep these questions with their answers and not to enter the same answer twice.

Confirm by clicking on "save questions" and proceed to the last step.

Step 4: Send your document to validate your Neteller account

To validate your account, you must now send the document justifying your identity. First check that you have on your computer a digital image of your identity card, your driver's license or your passport.

Now select the type of proof and note its ID number (visible on your document). Finally enter, if applicable, its expiry date and click continue to proceed with the verification.

Download now the file containing the proof (scan or photo) and validate to send your document to the services of Neteller.

After that, all you have to do is wait until your account is validated by Neteller, count from a few hours to 2 days maximum. Your verified or unverified status will appear at the top of your homepage at

You are now in possession of your Neteller account and can make transactions to the sites of your choice safely!

The net + credit card independent of your checking account

By opening an account on, you have the option to apply for the Net + credit card. Extremely convenient, this card allows you to directly pay for your purchases in commerce and on the internet or to withdraw cash.

This card is free of charge (except for shipping costs) and does not generate any monthly fees. To receive it, simply request it on your Neteller homepage by clicking on "net + card" and then "get a plastic card".

By using the Neteller card, you will have access to online gaming site funds without going through your current account.

Be careful, however, if the payment via a digital terminal does not generate any additional costs, withdrawal at the vending machine will cost you 4 euros each time whatever the amount withdrawn.

With the Net + card you benefit:

  • From a "real" credit card for free
  • To be able to pay for your purchases in the shops
  • To remove liquid
  • Access funds from your gaming sites without going through your bank

Allow about 5 days on average to receive it, after which you will only have to activate it by clicking on "activate card" (always in the tab "net + card"). Then enter the number of the card and the cryptogram at the back of it.

Here are the details that can be generated by the Neteller card:

  • Processing and shipping (plastic card): 10 euros
  • Point of Sale Payment (POS): free
  • Fees for withdrawal at an ATM: 4 euros
  • Foreign exchange transactions (at ATMs or at points of sale): 2.95%
  • Cancellation and replacement of the card: 10 euros
  • Additional virtual card: 2.5 euros

Neteller is a payment method that first developed in England. Neteller Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neovia Financial PLC whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Like Moneybookers, Neteller is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is required to comply with all the standards imposed by the European Union. Its headquarters is based on the Isle of Man, a Celtic territory located between Ireland and Great Britain. This island is the exclusive property of the British Crown and enjoys many economic, fiscal and political freedoms.

The Neteller payment network was developed in 1999 and now processes millions of transactions daily in more than 160 states. Even if this method does not yet know a big progression in France, the system seems relatively promising since it can cover a rather broad range of activities in a large number of countries.

The services and means of payment offered by Neteller

Easy-to-use classic electronic wallet, Neteller stands out for its 2 additional services:

  1. a Net + Prepaid MasterCard: Mastercard International Credit Card
  2. a Net + Virtual Prepaid MasterCard Card: the virtual card is available in desktop version (small downloadable program virtual Mastercard card generator) and in web version (generation of e-numbers in a secure window of the web browser).

Neteller has received several awards for its innovation in prepaid payment cards.

Access and connection to the Neteller site meet the standard requirements for technological security. To ensure the financial security of your money, Neteller uses its partner companies to hold more than 100% of the funds that are being transferred to accounts that can be described as temporary. This is the technique of trust accounts. All money transferred from one account to another is thus entrusted to a third party. This principle enhances the security of the transaction and the guarantee for the merchant to be paid. Globally accepted, Neteller has also engaged in the fight against fraudulent financial practices, the use of false identities and money laundering.

Neteller offers a full range of products (e-wallet online, Neteller Mastercard and virtual card system) to pay online, which is an undeniable asset. The electronic wallet is easily used to pay on merchant sites. Other services such as the transfer of money from individual to individual are also quite useful.

Owner: Optimal Payments PLC

Slogan: No slogan known or put forward officially.

Logo: This one is represented by the letters neteller. At first, this word was yellow with a black outline and a white background. Then, the light green was put in the spotlight. From now on, the logo is declined on a light green square with in the middle of this last the letter "n" in capital letters. The black color remains present within the graphic charter since the MasterCard cards always have the background color black.

Number of clients : In 2012, Neteller had about 3 million customers.

Phone number: 01 709 50529

Why open a SKRILL ACCOUNT for troubleshooting your NETELLER account?

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You also need to have a skrill account in case there is a problem with Neteller!

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Forex brokers accepting deposits and withdrawals through Neteller in 2017

Now that we know more about the methods brokers use to collect deposits and make withdrawals using this electronic wallet, we can discuss the Forex Neteller brokers available on the market. You can also view a complete list of gambling site brokers and operators using Neteller services on their official website.

Forex accounts accepting Neteller in 2015:

Minimum Deposit: £ 100

Demo Account: No

Minimum Deposit: $ 500

Minimum Deposit: $ 100

Ava Financial Ltd., AvaFX's owner, was one of the first Forex brokers on the market allowing traders to trade on their platform using Neteller. What does using Neteller on AvaFX involve? First, it allows the trader to deposit a minimum of $ 100 on his account. The deposit is made within one business day. Neteller can not be used by US citizens on AvaFX.

Alpari is a UK-based Forex broker and regulated by the Financial Conduit Authority (FCA). Alpari began offering Neteller as a deposit option in June 2013. The firm is an international broker serving clients in more than 20 countries around the world. In addition to offering the Forex market, Alpari also offers CFDs, binary options and precious metals trading.

At Iron FX, transactions through Neteller are simple and do not cost anything. A maximum limit of $ 5,000 is imposed on deposits. Deposits are made within one hour if they are initiated during business hours and withdrawals are made within one business day of initiation.

CommexFX offers marketer services as well as the ECN model for Forex trading, and the broker has included Neteller as a deposit and withdrawal option. Deposits are instantly credited and withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.

Forex4you is a fast growing broker offering trading options through Neteller. To use Neteller in withdrawals or deposits, the trader must log into the online portal on the Forex4you website and fill in the appropriate forms. Deposits are usually processed within 24 hours, while withdrawals can take up to 3 business days.

eToro is another Forex broker offering Neteller as an option for withdrawals and financing accounts. To deposit funds using Neteller, traders must fill out a form on the eToro website and provide their Neteller ID number. Withdrawals through Neteller are usually processed within 3 days. Withdrawals through Neteller generally involve fees based on the amount withdrawn. The request must be started online using the form provided on the eToro website.

FXCast is another Forex broker that allows traders to trade using Neteller. For deposits, traders should expect to pay 5.5% of the deposit amount in fees. Deposits appear in the trader's Forex account within 24 hours. Withdrawals are made to the trader's bank account.

Some options are available for traders wishing to use Neteller to trade with a Forex broker.

About Neteller:

NETELLER is an electronic wallet system that was launched by Optimal Payments Ltd in 1999. Neteller has grown greatly since its humble beginnings and is now used in more than 200 countries by individuals and businesses to make fast online payments. . Neteller also offers a money transfer service in the United Kingdom and therefore has an electronic financial institution license issued by the Financial Conduct Authority. One of the practical aspects of Neteller is that the Traders using this service can withdraw their profits directly to their bank account.

Given the very easy-to-use service offered by Neteller, the service has gained popularity with betting and gaming companies, as well as with Forex brokers and binary options brokers. Brokers offering Neteller therefore allow traders to finance their accounts and make withdrawals using various methods.

Neteller Forex brokers allow traders to make deposits using:

a) Other online portfolios such as Ukash, iDeal, GiroPay, POLi, etc.

b) The local bank account of the trader.

c) A credit card accepted by the Neteller system.

Withdrawals through Neteller can be made using:

a) A direct transfer to the local bank account of the trader.

b) A transfer from the Forex account to the NETELLER electronic wallet.

c) The Net + MasterCard® prepaid card, which is the branded prepaid card offered by Neteller for the withdrawal of funds from the trader's Forex account. Traders may subsequently convert their funds into cash at the MasterCard Withdrawal Points. This option is available in 200 countries.

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