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Free Poker: GoodGame Poker the free online poker game

Goodgame Poker joins the big family of free multiplayer poker sites, in flash. Thus, you do not need to register to play for free, even if you can still create an account to save your stats and evolve your character.

Play poker for free now!

But before you introduce this poker game in more detail, let's start with the technical characteristics of GoodGame Poker.

The game is made in flash and requires no download. The interface (entirely in English) is very simple and perfectly adapted to beginners. The graphics are very simple, not really elaborate and are reminiscent of those of the Wii. Players looking for a cool and relaxed atmosphere will be served.

The free poker variant offered here is Texas Hold'em, the significant advantage of this game is obviously that it can play for free. For these different reasons, the site is more reserved for a public of beginners and amateurs of free poker.

This is a great way to practice poker for free without being plucked! It is possible to attend the parties as a simple spectator.

More experienced poker players who are used to playing poker with money, may turn quickly in circles. Indeed, during our test, we had the opportunity to discover that the overall level of play is not very high: we no longer count the players who were carpet on the first flop, or even before. This type of practice can quickly make the game more difficult, there are tables where you play poker better but you will need many chips before you can participate.

The credo of GoodGame Poker is undoubtedly usability. And the site has deployed great means for poker lovers to meet in a friendly atmosphere. Players have access to a cat, can afford gifts with a simple click (drinks, food and even ... teddy bears and alarm clocks!) And even become "friends" virtually.

You will also be able to customize your avatar with a wide choice of outfits and accessories. Be careful, however, if you do not speak a word of German or English, you may have trouble building relationships with your gaming partners. Indeed, there are more players in these languages, although there are a lot of French players since Poker Team has made known the game in France.

But despite these points, GoodGame Poker remains an excellent poker game if you want to play poker for free. So why not try ? To convince you, the site even offers an exceptional offer: it offers 500 dollars fictitious in the first part! and renew this sum each day.

  • A free poker game in flash, so no download
  • Simplified interface at most
  • Ideal for beginners who can practice playing poker for free
  • A friendly and friendly game thanks to, among other things, a real-time chat
  • Many customization options for your character

>9gt; Click here to play poker for free

The WSOP or World Series Of Poker are among the largest poker tournaments in the world. Since 1970, they are held each year in Las Vegas with an entrance fee ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000. During these tournaments, the best poker players from around the world compete in several events including Omaha Pot Limit, Texas Hold'em, Hi / Lo 7 Card Stud in No Limit and Pot Limit and the Lowball and the Razz ending with the final World Championship Event with No Limit Texas Hold'em. At the end of these tournaments, the grand prize winner receives the prestigious multi-thousand dollar award as well as the golden bracelet with the image of the World Series of Poker. Owned by LLC Harra's License Company, the largest international provider of casino entertainment, the WSOP brand manages and controls the activities of this famous tournament.

How to participate in the WSOP?

To register for a WSOP tournament, head straight to Las Vegas for at least one day of the first tournament to help you get used to the city and the jet lag atmosphere. Feel free to walk around the poker rooms and enjoy this day to register. To play, each participant must be in possession of the Total Rewards Card, a kind of loyalty card, which is free and easy to obtain in the casino or in the casinos of the Caesars group. To pay for your registration, the WSOP only accepts personal checks and casino chips. But you are also allowed to bring in your briefcase the crazy amount of money you have planned although beyond $ 10,000, the law requires you to justify and declare this fund. Otherwise, the best way would be to ask your financial institution to transfer to the address of the hotel where you will be staying and in your name, the amount you wish to use.

Play WSOP through online poker sites

As the buy in these competitions seems so high for many people who yet want to sit on one of the tables of this famous tournament. Online casinos offer the opportunity to participate in tournaments to win a WSOP seat. For this, the player must first register for an online tournament and then take part in the satellite tournaments that are specified at the WSOP stages.

As a reward, the winner of these tournaments will be offered a ticket to the WSOP and in some cases, the casino will also cover the costs of travel and accommodation. Whoever arrives at the first receives the spot at the WSOP while for the second and the rest, their rewards depend on the casino.

As in any game of money, the addiction can very quickly "burn" a player, and drag him into an uncontrollable spiral. The pathological gambling syndrome averages 3% of the players. This will cause disturbances in their private lives and in their professional lives. Online poker is not left out, even if it's virtual, it's real money that you win, or lose. It even has greater disadvantages given the loneliness of the player facing his screen, which promotes even more addiction.

Poker addiction, how?

Dependence on online poker is easier despite the arrangements made by theRegulatory authority for online gambling or Arjel, the institution that regulates online gambling. Indeed, sites and online poker tables have multiplied very quickly, the software is downloaded for free, registrations are made in a few clicks, and tokens are even offered.

Once in the game, the winnings are attractive. Depending on the level and type of game, it is possible to win very quickly. Also, for novices, thousands of tutorials are available on the Internet. By dint of practicing, they spend very quickly amateurs.

Then, the succession of adrenaline, suspense, disappointments and gains excites the player, he will get used and quickly appreciate his feelings. Also, the virtual game provides a deep solitude, unlike real tables, where players are confronted with each other. Thus, the player facing his computer sees only him, his gains and losses, having no notion of those of others. He is then completely confronted with himself and alone with his behavior.

Avoid falling into dependence?

To find out if you are addicted to online poker, there is a very simple test offered by sites like Pokernews. After having sincerely answered about twenty questions, you will know if you really have something to reproach you for your passion of the game.

A technique allows you to control yourself against the game, yet it must be properly respected. Before playing, set yourself a budget that you would not go over without any pretense. It is obvious that this budget must be different from that allocated to any payment, such as rent, bills ... or savings. Also try to separate your checking account from your account for the game so you do not be tempted to inject money at any time, the constraints being less.

If you have problems with addiction, the Adictel website can help you get out of your addiction, and if necessary, put you in touch with a psychologist.

Playing poker should be a pleasure, as long as it brings you "problems" and affects your behavior, it is no longer responsible.

Become a poker professional

The game of poker is an exciting card game that relies on techniques, tips, but also luck. Many players play for pleasure and the taste of risk, but others have made a real job. They spend the majority of their time on the poker tables and they are called professional players. What makes these players real professionals? How to become a poker professional? These are the questions that often tickle enthusiasts. Here is the true nature of a poker professional and also some tips to get there.

Among poker professionals participating in the international tournament such as the WSOP or World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour WPT London, names like Mike Matusow or Joseph Hachem come to mind. These are professionals who spend their time on international poker circuits. Joseph Hachem was a chiropractor, but he had abandoned his profession for online poker. All this to tell you that high-level poker requires some sacrifice, in terms of time and especially a lot of money. Indeed, professionalism in poker is not won overnight.

It takes time, hundreds of hours, to identify mistakes to avoid and the game of other players on the circuit. Being a game that is played on a large sum of money, he is aware of remembering that it is better to have some amount (Bankroll) before considering becoming professional. For good reason, the number of major tournaments.which takes place over the course of a year and the amount of Blind.

For information, a poker professional usually holds in a year a bankroll of 500K dollars. He can win double his Bankroll, but can also lose up to $ 200K worth more. Thus, it is necessary to know how to calculate the yield of a part or an hour of play to avoid being put on the carpet too fast.

It is without reminding that poker is a game of chance. When luck turns, you may have a big win after game, but you may lose one after the other. A professional player must therefore have sufficient financial resources, because the case of professionals who collect a lot of money in a month and are broke the following month remains a reality in poker. To fill the annual budget, a professional must find a sponsor and be under contract with a big box, an online poker site for example. Being sponsored means being a professional.

But to become a poker professional, you must also have a morale of steel and be prepared to face all situations. A drop in motivation where a lack of self-confidence during a game especially as the game in general is ruthless and a small mistake can be heavy consequence. So, practice and become a good manager to arrive at the expected result: professional poker!

The principles of poker bluff

Bluffing is about making your opponents "lie down" especially when they have a stronger hand than yours. Thus, when you have to raise with a hand without any value, but which has a high probability of improvement, you apply the semi-bluff. On the other hand, when your hand is extremely weak and no possibility of improvement can be foreseen, in this case, you must apply the total bluff.

First, know that it is useless to bluff more than once, because your opponents will eventually understand your every move. Even if they seem to play very tightly, they may doubt that you do not have a strong hand at each game. To do this, avoid always bluffing the same players and do not try each time to win the little pots. Take advantage of certain opportunities to make your competitors believe that you are not a poker ace and book your future bluffs on more credible big pots. When playing, always try to behave as if you have good cards. Your opponents are so attentive that at the slightest unusual gesture on your part, they will discover the deception. Finally, never bluff unless the pot is well worth it. Professional players often choose a raise of 2/3 of the pot that just bluffing every other time for the bluff is really profitable.

First, as you must know, in poker the position is decisive. Thus, if no one has raised before the flop and just a few players start, you are free to steal the blinds if you are the last to take the hand. As for other players who sit in bad places, they may stall only with a solid game. In most cases, they are brought to bed and of course, you will win the game directly. In a tournament, such acts are often necessary to win.

On the flop, it is not recommended to apply the total bluff, because once you are called, you can be sure that you will lose the shot. In addition, it only takes a pair, an overcard, a draw or many other situations for the opponent to raise a call. Your bluff will have a low chance of success.

On the river, it is recommended to use the total bluff rather than the semi-bluff. If your game is execrable, you need to raise to win. Moreover, if you are re-raised after your raise, you know what is waiting for you and you can sleep easily. On the other hand, if your game is average, without doing anything, you have some chances to win. If you are called by raising again, you will lose everything.

Choose an online poker site

On the Internet, there are many poker sites that each offer its own benefits. But to recognize the best poker room, we must first consider the legality of the site. For this, the player must first be satisfied to check that the rooms he listed have a license from the Arjel or Regulatory Authority of Online Games for French sites.

Technical criteria to consider

Then, the choice of the player must be based on technical criteria. It must be assured of the stability and performance of the software by opting for online game designers known as Playtech or Microgaming. It is therefore recommended that you read the forums and reviews of the sites or test directly the ease of use and ease of handling of each room. Security guarantees, particularly on the random nature of the game, but also the security of financial transactions are also important criteria.

Essential parameters

In addition, certain parameters including the attendance rate are essential. It must be verified that many actions are done regularly otherwise the player may wait a long time for the tables to fill. The level of players who frequent the room is also an important factor, because the poker rooms most frequented by beginners ensure winning more easily. But be aware that playing with professionals makes it easier to improve the game.

Access to the different tournaments

The best online poker sites often offer interesting tournaments. Thus, the player will be able to take part in the tournaments organized by the room or internal tournaments. Thanks to this type of tournament, it is possible to evaluate the number of participants, which is already an interesting indicator, while taking into account the structure of the game. To highlight its game, the player must not register. too fast to blind tournaments. Of course, the endowment or the value of the payout is also to be considered. But there are also tournaments where the rewards are in financial gain. In this type of tournament, the winners win seats for more prestigious tournaments such as WSOP, WPT or EPT qualifiers.

Finally, the promotional offers that are offered by the sites are so many and varied. These are welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses, first deposit and registration bonuses, and of course other exciting promotions. However, first comply with the rules of these offers before you start, because the conditions of granting are not always easy.

Party Poker: 11 euros free offered without deposit to play poker for free

Receive free 11 euros to play poker at Party Poker

Party Poker offers 11 euros for any registration on the site between January 6, 2011 and January 24, 2011, to take advantage of this offer:

And here is exclusive video presentation of the offer 11 euros free with the Party Poker Ambassador: Bruno Solo

Free Online Poker Game: Very Funny Texas Hold'em

Have you ever heard of the free poker game Very Funny Texas Hold'em?

If this is not the case, do not panic, it's normal! This game of Texas Hold'em (as the name suggests) is still somewhat unknown, but begins to take off on the web. It is in the right lineage of the Governor of Poker, GoodGames Poker and other flash poker games. Flash games are those programs that do not require registration and no download.

And, icing on the cake, Very Funny Texas Hold'em is completely free. Another advantage: the loading of the game is very fast, just a few clicks to access the tables. The interface and the graphics (apple green and flashy blue) are simplified to the maximum, which allows a quick start, thanks to a very ergonomic gameplay.

This simplicity and this extremely easy handling make it an excellent "tutorial" for beginners who will find a rather nice atmosphere. Indeed, this is the best way to train: without registration, without real money. However, I must warn poker players confirmed: it is not on Very Funny Texas Hold'em that you will find opponents at your level.

Indeed, the site is really reserved for all beginners and despite the possibility of choosing the level of play, you will never reach the level that can be found on other sites. Another black spot of the site: it is not a multiplayer game. You will play against computers. Rather boring in the long run ... Even though the creators of the game did their best to personalize the players by adding "personality cards".

But we must still grant Very Funny Texas Hold'em that such simplistic games are generally rather disappointing, while it remains rather nice and successful ... As long as you speak English! Indeed, the interface is entirely in English and the language can not be modified.

  • An ideal game for beginners
  • Perfect for passing the time when you can not install software
  • A very simple interface
  • A level that leaves something to be desired

A superb Bluff at the World Poker Tour Aruba between Josh and Devin

Two players have the same starting hand, following the flop, one takes the advantage because a peak color is looming but the other player does not loose anything and switches the normal course of this hand in his favor, a bluff exceptional which there is a lot to learn. obtains the poker license of L'ARJEL

It was learned on Tuesday that had the approval of the ARJEL (Regulatory Authority of online games) to launch its offer of online poker in France.

BarrierePoker was created by the Française des Jeux and the Groupe Lucien Barrière to become one of the leaders of online poker in France, the poker room will open in early September.

BarrierePoker is the 28th operator to obtain the Arjel license.

Play poker without download

Why play online poker rooms without downloading?

You have an internet connection (of course) but you do not want (or can not) download software on your PC, Mac or computer with Linux?

The no download poker is the perfect solution for players who want to get into the action as quickly as possible, without waiting, without problems, without making headaches.

First advantage of no download poker: everything is in the title, so you do not need to download any software, the application launched will take no place on your hard drive or leave a trace of installation.

Playing free online poker without downloading will also be possible even with a limited internet connection, or if you just want to play a few games on your smartphone from time to time. No-download poker is perfect when you're on vacation, on your phone, in the bus, on the train, or anywhere with access to a wi-fi connection.

You will be able to play on any device that can operate a standard Internet browser, which includes mobiles and tablets.

Whatever your reasons, we help you by offering you our ranking of the best online poker rooms with a no download version. You will also more often access all the same features offered to players who use the software of the room!

How to play? Click on a room review to find out more, or click directly on "Play Now" below to instantly go to the venue website. All you have to do is register and start playing!

Free Money at No Deposit Poker: the best offers

The money offered free to poker players is a practice that tends to spread among French operators. But you have to know some tips and techniques to benefit from this amount on poker sites with no deposit bonus.

You want to get free money at a poker site without having to spend a single penny. Latest offers, conditions, tips, this page lists the best current offers.

Turbo Poker has a no deposit bonus offer of 5 euros to which you must add 10,000 € that you can potentially win during freerolls.

  • Once registered and without having deposited a dime, you receive 2 tickets for weekly freerolls with € 2,500.
  • When you have finalized your account, you will receive this gift again.

In all, it is therefore a cake of 10,000 € which you just have to take your share ...

To find out more about this offer, visit our article on Turbo Poker promos.

For all PMU Poker registration, the French operator puts the means: the site offers 20 € thanks to a code PMU without deposit obligation in addition to a bonus that doubles the first deposit made. His goal is to win on online poker after putting his hand on turf and online sports betting.

The offer Bwin 15 euros applied until June 26, 2010, so it is obsolete. The bonus Bwin remains valid.

The best offer is currently at PartyPoker: until April 26, 2012, free poker PartyPoker offers 11 euros to the first 10,000 players !

After downloading the software, you just have to register, no deposit is necessary to reach the 11 €! Be careful however to play them within 30 days: you can then immediately recover your winnings. This offer was launched for the first time between January 6 and January 24, 2011. Its success pushed PartyPoker to renew it.

In principle, all poker sites offer money to their players, but only some of them are completely free and guaranteed.

  • At the time of registration or first deposit, however, it is rare for an operator to offer you money directly for free.
  • After registration, depending on the operator, you will receive free money gifts (often in the form of free tickets for tournaments), without any deposit conditions.
  • For all the rooms, you must make a minimum deposit and the operator doubles or even triple your deposit over the poker games you play.

The principle of licensed poker sites is to offer paid poker games that generate revenue from the site. To encourage players to bet money, many offer to double the first deposit of new players. However it is not always easy to touch them, because to truly touch them the player must play several games to "unlock" the bonus.

The Bwin Poker bonus and the Pokerstars marketing code are some of the simplest 1st deposit doubling offers to hit.

Since the entry into force of the new legislation in France, the free money without deposit offered by the poker rooms is indeed very rare, because the rate of return to the players is capped.

If you want to play poker completely free, the best solution is to to play poker on Gametwist and get his new player bonus of 5000 Twists (virtual money that will serve as chips).

You will learn more about this platform by visiting our GameTwist page.

To go further, the o-poker poker guide also offers a dedicated section to play poker without money.

Free poker game without charging: Play for fun! has established a partnership with to offer you one of the best 100% free poker games. This software allows you to play poker online without having to disburse money: Just register on the site to access the free Texas Hold'em tables or participate in a tournament. Note that no downloading is necessary.

Click on the image to play Texas Hold'em for free

Play poker for free in 3 steps:

1. Register on the software in seconds

Just become a member of to play poker. CLICK HERE to access the registration page and create your member account (free and fast registration).

Once connected to the lobby, several free tables are available (Hold'em, SitNgo, Tournaments). Filters and information will help you find your table quickly.

Once your table is selected, click on "Play" in the right column of the lobby. The game window will open. Click on "Sit" to sit on the seat of your choice.

5 reasons to play on the free poker software:

1 - Just become a member of to access the free tables. In addition, the game is free of charge: you can play anytime, anywhere.

Presentation of the online poker software

Here are some indications that will allow you to get acquainted very quickly with the lobby:

  • "Connection" tab: This is the lobby access button. Look for your Texas Holdem, SitNgo and Tournament poker tables by scrolling through the list in the lobby. You can refine your search depending on the type of game you want.
  • "My Account" tab: Change your personal information (email, name, surname, password etc.)
  • "Help" tab: For any questions or other problems go to the "Help" tab of the lobby.

> At the game tables

  • Hand history: To see the results of the previous hands (who won, how many, with which cards, etc.), click on "Hand History" at the bottom right of the game window.
  • Chat: You can chat with other players by writing your messages in the left corner of the game window.
  • Sound and game options: Go to "Settings" at the bottom right of the game window to adjust the sound effects, hide the dealer or the cat.
  • Here is some time I spoke to you about the superb game of poker entirely in flash: Governor of Poker. This kind of easy game to implement, which starts in seconds or minutes depending on your Internet connection and is played without downloading or installing software. And if you particularly like poker games without downloading and often without registration, find in more than 20 available free on

    Let's do a small inventory of different flash poker games that exists.

    The O'room is a no-download flash poker room, which immediately launches into your browser, and you can play against other players. Try the O'room now, and receive your O'Dollars for free!

    Participate in tournaments like real money, and take your first steps on the O'room is a good idea for beginners.

    You can also try Omaha, in no download version.

    This list of poker games will increase when new games are discovered, if you know others, you can inform me.

    This Texas Hold'em poker Flash game Put yourself in the shoes of a poker player in the middle of the far west. You compete against the best poker players in the region in no limit Texas Hold'em games, and if you win you build a real empire made of different houses and villages.

    Blending clothing classic poker game and the management game, you will have the possibility to extend your acquisitions after your victories. Become the true king of Texas by controlling transportation routes, farms, homes, etc.

    The subtlety of this game is the integration of the concept of managing its bankoll which also serves to maintain and buy houses and other property ! Governor of poker is a flash poker game, ie without software or application download.

    We love the superb graphics and animations, ability to play without registration, game in French, free game without money, the ability to download it to play even if not connected.

    We do not like the complexity of the game.

    Other flash poker game, and less known than the first, Good game poker is a Texas Hold'em game which unlike Governor Of Poker is played against other users around the world!

    This game puts first and foremost the poker strategy side, here you have to know how to play and trick poker! Your goal will be to collect as many chips as possible at the poker tables of your choice. Fully flash, so without installation or download, this game is easily played from any computer, as long as you have access to the Internet.

    Ability to play without registering, if you choose to register, you can return to play later, and continue to accumulate chips. This game is very successful, you can also chat with other players, to make friends, and then offer them or receive chips !

    We like playing against real poker players, the simplicity of the game, no risk because it is played without money.

    We love less English poker game, mostly German poker players, so for the cat it's pretty restrictive!

    This Texas Hold'em poker game is before all a game for those who want to play more simply poker! No download, no registration, no money, ...! Strategic poker is everything!

    The atmosphere of the game is nice, the animations are simple, very good handling. Perfect for a small game of poker in the office!

    We like to play poker away without registration, very fast loading time of the game.

    We love less English poker game, unbearable music! Phew we can cut it down on the left.

    Here is a game of poker easier, edited by MaxGames, this No limit Texas Hold'em poker game allows you to play only face to face!

    Simple, fast, this game is perfect for beginners, and anyone who wants to train to play poker quickly, and especially improve their knowledge of poker odds.

    We like the simplicity and fluidity of this game.

    We love less the lack of options or the fact of play only face to face.

    In the series of free flash games to play poker, today ... a new little soft: Poker.

    Yet another Texas Hold'em poker game while in Flash. No download, no registration, and no money! This.

    Texas hold'em Poker Heads up is the name of this completely free poker game and flash. You can.

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