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Escape Game in Lille - 6 Establishments

The Live Escape Game, a concept from Asia, is a life-size escape game. After conquering the largest cities in Europe, he landed in France, Paris and the largest provincial cities. It is the physical decay of video games of type "Escape Game".

John Doe opened on November 17, 2015 in the heart of Lille, 6 rooms, 450m2 of play.

Puzzles: Black Rock Mine, Blue Castle Prison and Magnifico Casino.

Address: 6/8 Rue des Jardins, 59000 LILLE

TГ © s: 03 62 27 63 99

Prices: From 13,5 € / pers.

Opening: Monday to Sunday from 10am to midnight.

25% reduction

PROMO: 25% reduction for students from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

1 student per group is enough to apply the reduction to the whole group.

Getout is the first Escape Game in Lille, opened in November 2014, this game room offers 5 contemporary games on 6 rooms.

Puzzles: The Secrets of the Panic Room, the Cunningham Affair, the Tesla Workshop, The Fort, and the Horus Malediction.

Address: 128 rue Solferino, 59000 LILLE

TГ © s: 03 62 65 40 56

Prices: From 18 € / pers.

Opening: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 10.30pm.

X Scape opened on October 31, 2015 and offers 3 game rooms.

Enigma: Quarantine and Azilum.

Address: 115 National Street, 59800 LILLE

TГ © s: 06 95 43 47 74

Prices: From 16 € / pers.

Opening: Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

Team Break opened on November 13, 2015 and offers five game rooms.

Enigma: Impossible Mission, Walking Dead, Prison Break and Haunted Room.

Address: 7 Rue du Palais Rihour, 59800 LILLE

TГ © s: 06 61 87 70 37

Prices: From 25 € / pers.

Opening: Monday to Sunday from 10am to midnight.

Omega Agency opened on April 23, 2016 with 2 game rooms.

Enigma: the hideout of Ali and Polonium.

Address: 129 rue Nationale, 59000 Lille

TГ © s: 06 50 80 46 25

Prices: From 18 € / pers.

Opening: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm.

Escapers Lille opened on April 22, 2017 with a game room.

Enigma: Braking at Lille

Address: 25 rue LÃ © on Gambetta, 59000 LILLE

TГ © s: 03 20 02 41 11

Prices: From 18 € / pers.

Opening: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm.

Mission Evasion opened on December 4, 2015 and closed on September 23, 2016.

Address: 68 Boulevard de la Libertà ©, 59800 LILLE

An hour of suspense, reflection and pleasure

The game which gathers from 2 to 6 participants (although certain concepts like that of Singapore exist for a single person) consists in escaping of a closed room in less than one hour. By endorsing the role of expert investigators, you will need to find clues to solve the riddles and mysteries that will allow you to unlock the adventure and guide you to the exit key. This race against the clock keeps you going by immersing you in a real and exciting world.

A game master, member of the organizing team, gives the instructions to the players who will be observed during all the duration of the game from a control room. Precious support that puts them back on track when they are stuck or go wrong so they can find the exit on time.

A new mode of collective entertainment

Each game room is inspired by decors and different elements for the elaboration of its enigmas. Some put on a learned mixture of treasure hunting and Cluedo, others on historical tones, on logic etc. with a supported scenery, decorations more real than nature and thanks to technologies allowing to push ever further the limits of the realism.

The themes of the open rooms in France are numerous and varied. We immerse ourselves for example at the heart of police investigations, historical adventures, haunted manor, in prisons, catacombs, in a laboratory of mad scientist, in the basement of the Sorbonne, in the Alice in Wonderland or a world tour in 60 minutes to name a few.

The live Escape Game is a race against the clock and ideal activity to meet in family or among friends, to celebrate a particular event or for a friendly exit between colleagues.


Quickly access our contents by level of study:

September 2018: opening at Bachelor Campus BA Honors Business - Marketing - Hospitality Tourism, training in 1 year accessible after a bac + 2. The courses are entirely taught in English.

September 2018: opening to the Bachelor Campus alternately: Customer Care Insurance Bank, training in 1 year accessible after a Bac +2. Advantages for the student and for the company.

The School Ensemble La Salle Lille is happy to open its doors to you: the nursery and primary school, college, high school and Campus schools welcome you with pleasure.

The 2018-2019 registrations are open.

Victor entered second professional in the school set La Salle Lille. Thanks to the involvement of the professors and the supervising team, he was able to invest in it, pass his baccalaureate and pursue higher studies. The extracurricular activities that he followed (trip to Benin, trip to England, micro enterprise, internships in company ...) allowed him to discover the world as it is and mature his career project. As a Parent, I appreciate every day the accompaniment and the truly individualized follow-up of the teachers who accompany Victor in his approach since the second.

Mr. father father of Victor, 20 years old, BTS MUC2

The La Salle Lille School Ensemble welcomes our children from kindergarten to post-baccalaureate classes by offering general, technical or vocational teaching courses, in a pleasant working environment with modern educational tools. Teachers are invested and motivated and the excellent results obtained at the different pre-arranged examinations are indicative of the quality of the teaching provided.

Andrй TAVAN, President of the OGEC

The School Ensemble La Salle Lille allowed me to choose my future and to perform. After a rather hectic school career, I was relieved to meet teachers at the e-list. They have helped me to be aware of the importance of my future.

Betty D. 18, student of terminal L

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    The Lille Room

  • 2 rue Jean Levasseur 59000 Lille

    Rental of traditional wooden games, ancient games, and games of the world in Lille

    24th and 25th of March: Fun weekend

    A real fun weekend for the last of March

    First of all, more than 350 games tables will be accessible divided by theme:

    Always more role plays with the opening of a new room.

    Two escapes room will be proposed to you with their partners the Echappatoire and Get Out in 2 new unusual places.

    A multitude of outdoor animations

    - life-size (sword fight, trollball, ...)

    - wooden games by Ambiance games, wellouej and Dice bag

    - laser game, safe archery, inflatable games with Game'O Green

    they wanted players and single players to meet, that's why they organize a real Speed ​​Dating special players and players ... Gentlemen, ladies ...

    To find out more: here

    3rd edition of the Flipper's-week

    Fernand Ganne Gymnasium,

    near Troyes in the Aube (10) 150 km southeast of Paris (A5 - A26)

    90 gaming stations with free access on 800 m2

    Flippers, Foosball, Arcade Terminals

    Retro gaming and children's games

    Stands of spare parts of Flipper

    Repair of cards with "Doc Pinball"

    Restoration and refreshments on site

    Price: 4 € adult admission - 1 € for children under 10 years old

    2018 World's Top Festival Poster

    The Ferme Galamé, Museum of Traditional Games in Loon-Plage, is organizing for the second time the Festival of Top of the World, from 07 to 11 February 2018.

    For the second edition of this unique festival in the region, Ferme Galamé brings together Loon-Plage collectors, enthusiasts, artists and craftsmen, to reveal the variety of shapes and uses of the top around the world.

    During the four days of the Festival, a dense program of open-access activities and workshops will allow everyone to discover, make, and of course, to swirl this mythical object of childhood!

    Amateurs, whether you are new or experienced, come have fun at Loon-Plage and beat your record balances, bow down, face other tops ...!

    On stage, admire the mastery ofAttila Olah, guests of honor of the festival and finalist of the championship of Europe of acrobatic tops. As well as Quentin Godet champion of France and Europe Yo-yo!

    Scheduled meetings scheduled throughout the weekend will allow everyone to enjoy the demonstrations of these virtuosos of the discipline.

    With the presentation of unique collections of spinning tops, spinning tops, diabolos or yoyos, and discovering these games across all eras and latitudes, the Toupee Festival offers a unique opportunity to pass a festive, convivial and family moment around these fabulous twirling objects!

    The board of directors, the volunteers, and all the team of the association, present their best wishes for this new year that we hope rich in playful moment.

    Happy New Year everyone.

    All Hearts Festival 2017 - the Buisson Farm

    Of December 5th to 17th All Hearts Festival 2017 - Ferme du Buisson (77) With all the best of musical creation for young audiences, Tout'Ouïe parade in 7 communes with its playful shows and new concerts, for families and school children. A curious rhythmic and warm afternoon closes the festival at the Ferme du Buisson. Forward all!

    Musical rendezvous to be titillated ears since 2013, the festival has continued to grow and walk in 8 cities. With a co-branded program with the JM France, it offers for thirty-two days a thirty concerts and musical shows that bring together young and old, families or schools, to discover musical creation for young audiences in all its diversity.

    The festival ends at the Ferme du Buisson making a lot of noise! On Sunday, December 17, he invites families for a curious and warm afternoon.

    Wellouej will be present the 6,13 & December 17 at the village with its games on early childhood.

    Game day at Soisy sur Seine - 10th edition

    The Game Day in Soisy sur Seine honors its 10th edition November 24, 25 and 26 next. On the program "Teen Party", "Matinée pour le 0/6 ans" and two days of games for all ages!

    A must-see for the calendar of the city of Soisy sur Seine, the Fête du jeu offers to play, with family or friends, hundreds of games (society, dice, cards, old games, strategies, video games ...) actively involved local associations.

    with 1.2.3 sun associations, Soseium Ludi, Mulots de Soisy, Friendship Club & Wellouej and the City of Etiolles.


    Your child no longer plays with his board game. Come swap it Saturday and Sunday.

    On the various extracurricular sites, you will be able to deposit, with the animators, your game of society. Latecomers may come and drop it at the last minute Saturday, November 25 morning only at the Grand Veneur room. The game must be a "board game" (no video game, no toys), it must be clean, complete and in good condition. After checking your game, a ticket will be issued. This ticket will give your child the opportunity to choose another board game on Saturday and Sunday in the game collection barter. This transaction is a gift and has no market value.

    Friday, November 24, 20h / 23h:

    Special evening "Teen" Escape Game, board games, atmosphere games, board games, strategy games ...

    in the room of the Grand Veneur and at the Municipal Media Library

    Saturday, November 25th, 10h / 12h30:

    Early childhood morning for 0/6 years

    Special opening reserved for 0/6 year olds

    Reading with "toddlers", "motor skills" and "sensory" courses, adapted games ...

    in the room of the Grand Veneur

    Saturday 25 14h30 / 19h and Sunday 26th November 14h / 18h:

    Opening "Everyone"

    Games and games, for all ages!

    Role play, space "little childhood", board games, manipulative games, board games, giant games, skill, games from around the world, lego, exhibition, game books, simulator ...

    Solidarity Festival from November 17 to December 3, 2017

    The International Solidarity Week becomes the Festival of Solidarity!

    For 20 years, the Week of International Solidarity has allowed those who are committed to a more united world to meet, to create collective dynamics and to make themselves known to the general public, to encourage more citizens to act. for a just and sustainable world.

    We will be present this Saturday, November 18 from 18:00 to 22:00 at the Caullet Room of Loos-en-gohèlle with our games of brain teaser.

    Find the different programs of the region Hauts-de-France right here

    Fortnight of the game at the library L. Aragon de Lillers

    Fortnight of the game of October 10 to 21, 2017 at the municipal library of Lillers - 32 pl Roger Salengro (62190)

    on the program: Workshops, Tales, Conferences, Animations ...

    Info and reservations: 03 21 61 11 22.

    In the era of family video games

    from October 10 to 21, 3 different spaces, 3 game consoles will be at your disposal with a facilitator to guide you and introduce you.

    Makey-Makey Workshop: creation of the game "Dr Maboul"

    Wednesday 11th and 18th of October from 15h to 17h - how to make the game yourself with recovery equipment ... reservation essential.

    Wednesday 11 and 18 October - from 15h to 16h for 6-8 years and from 16h to 17h for 3-5 years. Animated stories on tablets and projected on the big screen, children become masters of history! reservation essential.

    Games animations from here and elsewhere

    Saturday, October 14 from 14h to 18h by us, we can play Bagh-chal, but also with snowball, power 4 giants, the quoridor, the elastic table ... and many others.

    Friday, October 20th at 7pm: Play together, a path to joy. Meeting with the author Pascal Deru.

    The big afternoon of afternoon tea-Games

    Saturday, October 21 from 14h to 18h: Fifteen large games tables are installed in the heart of the media library; Games for all ages and all tastes. Gourmet break at 16h.

    Photographic exhibition "Games, Holidays and Traditions"

    From September 30 to October 8, 2017, Entr'images offers you a collective exhibition of ten photo clubs of the Lille metropolis on the theme " Games, Holidays and Traditions of the North". This year the exhibition is installed at the passage of the International in the Hall of the International Hotel School of Lille Fives.

    Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 11h to 18h. Monday to Friday from 15h to 18h.

    The theme of the exhibition is the Games, Festivities and Traditions of the North, the "North" taking over the North of France. Two hundred photos will be presented to the public.

    Miniparty or the little party of Sainte-Helene

    Miniparty or the little party of Sainte-helene? Kézako.

    Place Haute, you know? It's rue Pasteur (in Saint Helena) and this is the place chosen by the city of Saint-André to offer you a nice party this Wednesday, September 27th!

    On the program of festivities, DJ Supagroovalistic collective will "ambiancera" the afternoon and will lead your children in the dance! Your children will also be free to participate in various stands where they can learn the art of cutting and mask making with Caroline from Wundertüte, the technique of screen printing with Olivier de Sabordage, or discover the traditional Flemish games of the world. 'association. To mark the memory of this day, the artist 4Letters and DOUBLEVA will come to paint a mural.

    Come and try your luck at the raffle and win many prizes for children. Free game open to all!

    Mini-Party Place Haute (rue Pasteur) on Wednesday 27 September 2017, from 14h to 18h

    Pumpkin Festival and Coloquintes 2017 in Marquillies

    Pumpkin Festival and coloquintes 2017, at the farm of Mottes de Marquillies 23 and 24 September.

    Local producers present their gastronomic products and, while the parents do their shopping, the children benefit from the various animations and our old games in the large space which is dedicated to them. A meal is also proposed Sunday afternoon to share a moment of conviviality between all participants in the event

    A site managed by Lille to offer you exceptional places at competitive prices

    Find a room by category

    The first Rooftop of Lille Métropole

    Capacity: 100 people

  • 40 people in a meeting

    150 people in a cocktail party

  • The new industrial and event space of Lille Métropole

  • A magnificent castle in the heart of the Belgian countryside

    Capacity: 350 people

  • 200 people for a gala dinner

    300 people in agreement with tray TV

    350 people speaking out and cocktail party

  • An art museum full of history

    Capacity: The pool: 300 people seated, 500 people in cocktail

    The auditorium: 100 seats

  • La Fabrik: an atypical and warm space

    150 people standing

    100 seated people

  • Inescapable place, its original animation has conquered the hearts of many inhabitants of Lille Metropolis

    Capacity: up to 125 people

  • An innovative coworking space

    Capacity from 10 to 80 people

  • 60 people in meeting and cocktail

    100 people for a prestigious evening

  • Cozy lounge bar, located in the heart of Lille

    Capacity: 30 people

  • A cozy office adapted to your desires

    Capacity: up to 150 people

  • Concept halfway between the youth hostel and the hotel industry

    Capacity: 98 rooms

  • An iconic musical space

    Capacity: 500 seats

  • A space for co-working design

    Capacity: up to 16 people

  • Futuristic youth hostel, unique building in Lille

    Capacity: up to 130 people

  • An innovative 360 ​​° space

    Capacity: 50 to 500 people

  • Capacity from 10 to 100 people

  • An innovative art gallery

    Capacity from 10 to 150 people

  • The most efficient digital ecosystem in France

    Capacity: 250 to 1500 people

  • A place all in one!

    Seminars, conventions, team building, sports events,.

    Plenary capacity: 300 people

  • An original loft on 2 levels completely renovated

    Capacity: 200 people

  • A majestic space where resounds the Orchester National de Lille.

    Capacity from 50 to 1500 people

  • A mythical villa

    Capacity: 300 people

  • A place breathing the textile universe.

    Capacity from 60 to 2000 people

  • The House: The private and trendy exhibition space in the heart of Lille

    400 people in a cocktail party

    200 seated people

  • Luxury 4 star hotel in the heart of Lille.

    Capacity: 50 to 300 people in cocktail and 60 to 200 people seated

  • Particular Hotel of the XVIIth century.

    Beautiful 19th century canopy in wrought iron.

  • A hive of fashion designers

    Capacity: 500 to 1000 people

  • A place of exchange with international dimension

    750 seat auditorium

    21 auditoriums with 95 seats

    3200 m2 of sports facilities

  • A space combining Art and Innovation

    Capacity: from 20 to 200 people

  • An atypical place for your events

    Capacity: 20 to 100 people

  • An original and festive place for your corporate parties

    Capacity: 50 to 200 people

  • A meeting place for your congresses, your general meetings or your conventions

    Capacity: from 50 to 4500 people

  • An atypical space in the heart of the Lille metropolis

    Capacity: 100 to 500 people

  • A historic place in the heart of Lille

    Capacity: 50 to 450 people

  • An exceptional place and historical monument

    Auditorium capacity: 200 people

    Cocktail capacity: from 50 to 1000 people

  • A 360 ° vessel

    Auditorium capacity: 230 seats

  • A prestigious site in the heart of a landscaped park

    Auditorium capacity: 100 seats

    Cocktail capacity: up to 300 people

    Capacity "Garden Party": up to 1000 people

  • An atypical complex with a green garden

    Capacity: 50 to 2700 people.

  • An artistic space

    Auditorium capacity: 206 seats

    8 spaces from 80 to 1500 people

  • A place with flexible spaces

    Cocktail capacity 1500

    Meeting capacity: 80

    Conference capacity: 1000

  • An ideal space for your conventions

    Capacity: up to 7,000 people

  • You want to organize an event or host a group? Let us know your request and we will answer you as soon as possible!

  • - A qualitative transport service on the metropolitan area

  • A concept Hostel / bar in the heart of Lille

    Capacity: 100 people

  • An atypical space to discover the flavors of the region

    Capacity: 50 to 150 people

  • Exceptional setting for a unique moment

    Capacity: 100 to 300 people

  • An original setting in the heart of Lille

    Capacity: 100 people

  • The University is located in the heart of the city in an exceptional architectural environment.

    Capacity: 50 to 800 people

  • Listed for more than 20 years in the top 5 of the best French management schools, the business school is a remarkable place.

    Capacity: 50 to 2000 people

  • Unique reception area located in the heart of Old Lille.

    Capacity: 80 to 300 people

  • Charming residence in the heart of nature

    Capacity: 20 to 250 people

  • In the heart of an area of ​​15 hectares of forest with pond and greenery

    Capacity: 10 to 400 people

  • An innovative 360 ​​° space

    Capacity from 50 to 500 people

  • An innovative 360 ​​° space

    Capacity from 50 to 500 people

  • An innovative 360 ​​° space

    Capacity from 50 to 500 people

  • An innovative 360 ​​° space

    Capacity from 50 to 500 people

  • An innovative 360 ​​° space

    Capacity from 50 to 500 people

  • Place combining the charm of the old and the contemporary

    Capacity: 10 to 50 people

  • Beautiful vaulted cellar in the heart of Lille

    Capacity: 330 people

  • Cozy setting, and relaxing atmosphere during the day

    Capacity: 120 people

  • Bar located in the heart of Lille

    Voted Best French Club of the Year at NRJ

    Capacity: 400 people

  • Located in the heart of the Flemish capital

    3 different moods

    Capacity: 400 people

  • Place of escape and prestige where reign the beauty, the calm and the historical charm of an old candy factory

    Capacity: 900 people

  • Prestigious and friendly reception place in the heart of a natural environment

    Capacity: 10 to 300 people

  • Located in the heart of Lille, the theater is listed as a Historic Monument

    Awesome architectural style

    Capacity: 1200 people

  • Place with stamp dating from the 19th century

    Capacity: 1000 people

  • In the heart of a 17th century cloister, alive to the rhythm of the lights

    Capacity: 10 to 300 people

  • Located in the heart of the Euralille business district, this business hotel combines modern architecture, design and comfort.

    Capacity: 10 to 250 people

  • A historic site having kept its original appearance of classical monastery, ordered around galleries.

    Capacity: 15 to 120 people

  • In the historic district of the city of Lille, this place offers a real architectural journey.

    Capacity: 15 to 100 people

  • At the edge of the biggest lake north of Paris, a change of scenery

    Capacity: 10 to 200 people

  • Serenity and balance, freedom and return to the sources of life

    Capacity: from 1 to 8 people per tent

  • Festive, elegant and multifunctional, the tent Octopus allows to create places of exchange and conviviality

    Capacity: 60 people seated

    80 to 100 people in cocktail

  • The elastic tent will appeal to fans of originality and innovative concepts

    Capacity: 60 people seated

    80 to 100 people in cocktail

  • Timeless, poetic in the colors of your childhood dreams

    Capacity: 50 to 1000 people

  • Exceptional product, refined in form and materials

    Capacity: 50 to 1000 people

  • Awesome, spacious, flexible and above all: different

    Capacity: 10 to 1000 people

  • Taste the calm of the city, imagine a restaurant nestled in the heart of one of the most beautiful park in France

    Capacity: 150 to 300 people

  • A place with unique architecture

    Capacity: 10 to 500 people

  • Location steeped in history and whose decor is breathtaking

    Capacity: 150 to 300 people

  • The conviviality and elegance of a restaurant

    Capacity: 10 to 50 people

  • In the middle of an equestrian center, in a country setting with a view of the quarry.

    Capacity: 400 guests standing or 160 in seating.

  • Place of conviviality, meetings and exchanges around multidisciplinary artistic projects.

    Capacity: 10 to 1500 people

  • In the middle of an equestrian center, in a country setting with a view on the quarry

    Capacity: 10 to 100 people

  • A new showroom that aims to welcome the biggest!

    Capacity: 1000 people

  • An alternative place between art and business in the heart of Lille.

    Capacity: 200 people

  • A prestigious and relaxing setting, completely renovated 10 minutes from Lille.

    Capacity: 10 to 200 people in banquet

    10 to 300 people in cocktail

  • Ideally located in the heart of Lille, you will enjoy welcoming your staff.

    150 people in banquet

    170 people in cocktail

  • A warm and flexible place just minutes from Lille.

    Capacity: from 10 to 980 people

  • An exceptional setting for meetings or seminars in Pévèle.

    Capacity: 110 people seated

    250 people in cocktail

  • A space designed on an old textile spinning mill

    Capacity: 50 to 2700 people

  • An atypical place where team spirit reigns!

    Capacity: 8 to 60 people

  • A space designed on an old textile spinning mill

    Capacity: up to 200 people.

  • Capacity: up to 120 people

  • Beautiful studio offering 200m2.

    Capacity: 10 to 200 people

  • Design loft in an old garage, ideal place to organize a seminar of proximity, an evening with your collaborators.

    Capacity: 130 people in cocktail

  • A loft with a zenith light

    Capacity: 10 to 100 people

  • Beautiful prospects in this loft on Ground floor

    Capacity: 10 to 100 people

  • A loft in a former depot

    Capacity: 10 to 100 people

  • Trendy loft in the heart of old Lille. For your events from 10 to 30 people.

  • It's the dynamic touch to bring to your event!

  • An animation that gives rendezvous to your creativity!

  • A rally that brings you serenity and well being at work!

  • An ideal activity for gourmets and gourmands of chocolate!

  • An animation in joy and good mood!

    Become a star seed with this karaoke

  • An activity for snow sports enthusiasts near you!

  • At the end of your event, Drive Angel will walk you safely!

  • Discover all the techniques and tips to create fabulous cocktails!

  • The Photocall is an ideal photo animation for your corporate events.

  • Animate your events thanks to the famous Flemish games of the region.

  • Draw the symbol of an action, a company, a date to immortalize, good mood guaranteed!

  • was imagined by a team passionate about events, in love with Lille and its region.

  • Our job : "Venue Finder". We are "your eyes" to identify spaces suitable for your events.

  • Our team offers a free selection of event spaces. We benefit from preferential rates at the different rooms of the Lille European Metropolis.

    At Quitterie, who was looking for new ideas to take his children to swing or slide in the area, many of you have come up with your best spots "Playgrounds" in Lille and surroundings. Here is the result of your suggestions that feel good holidays, the sun and moments to hang out in the open air ... without lightening the wallet. Attention, non-exhaustive list which only deserves to be completed. We're waiting for your comments !

    - The Jean-Baptiste Lebas Park in Lille with its lawns, games for all ages and the proximity of the Saint-Sauveur train station.

    - The Citadel Park in Lille with its two structures to trudge, the wood to walk around, the rides Chicks and the zoo close.

    - The urban park in Villeneuve d'Ascq with its large cobweb of the plain Saint-Jean, green spaces for lounging and ponies to caress.

    - The Garden of Giants at the Madeleine, no toboggan but lots of plants, water ... ducks, fish and if you're lucky a heron ... plus a small organic bar with a great terrace.

    - Dehaudt farm in Wasquehal with donkeys, chickens, sheep, goats, horses, geese, rabbits ... Presence of animators on Wednesdays and weekends (fee) and very nice playground.

    - The small acacia park of Mons-en-Baroeul, on Robert Schuman Avenue, for 1-5 years.

    - The François Mitterrand Park in Hellemmes with two slides (one of which turns!), The square, a path for cycling ... and ducks!

    - The park of the companions of the seasons, opposite the store in Wambrechies, not very big but it's free and it's always a pleasure because it is full of flowers, plants and shrubs. Very beautiful in the spring and he gives lots of ideas for his garden. Children always enjoy the animal enclosure (donkeys, goats, chickens, etc.) and feast with raspberries.

    - Gayant Park Douai with its magnificent playground of 600 m2 open all year free access.

    - The Burgundy Estate in Estaimbourg, Belgium: animals, playgrounds, a small labyrinth, fishing, boats, a walk among the trees ...

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