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Bonus online poker contains information and analysis on a large number of French online poker rooms. Among the many bonuses available on the internet, you will find here the best of them. Because today it is easy to play poker in a for example, but it is much more difficult to be a winning player that's why the choice of a good poker bonus is essential.

On Bonus Poker Online you can study the rules of poker and then learn the different strategies to progress. We also give you some sites like where you will have additions to our articles. You will also find updated poker tournament schedules in real time as well as freeroll schedules for beginners in casinos. Find more information on the site

The guide to the perfect online poker player

We will tell you more about the basics of this legendary card game! You will be able to climb the ladder of player status in the blink of an eye! You will find a complete guide for all beginners to online poker, as well as tips to keep your bankroll a maximum during your games! Also, you will know in advance which method of payment to use, as well as your participation in the various online poker tournaments!

The best online poker sites

Reviews, tests and ranking of poker sites writing is based on evaluation criteria such as:

Confront your friends and thousands of players on our free Texas Hold'em poker software. Register now and visit our tables now.

Apo Chantzis, tournament organizer renowned throughout France, has just signed a new collaboration with the Sanremo Casino. From August 9 and every week, tournaments will be offered from Wednesday to Sunday.

A series of 74 tournaments with bracelets at the key.

Satellites from € 2 to leave this summer in Las Vegas.

From February 23 to March 6 no less than 90 tournaments on the program of this festival and € 1,250,000 guaranteed.

From the 13th of february the tables of the room with the red spade will be exclusively tricolor.

Top 3 Room Bonus

IPhone Top 3 Room

Top 3 Room Android

Pierre Milan wins the 2014 WSOP Event 29

Hugo Pingray wins the 2014 WSOP Event 51

Many media will allow you to play online poker - Find out which Mac compatible poker rooms are available on Apple or Android smartphones or tablets but also the software that allows you to play poker without downloading (directly from your internet browser)

Learn Texas Hold'em Poker

Rules, Tutorials, Tips, Videos ... - Learn to play Texas Hold'em Poker as well as Omaha through our various tutorial videos but also our lexicons, our strategic articles and our tips to start playing as well as possible.

Do you own a Mac and look for sites with compatible software? - This folder is for you since it brings together the best French Mac compatible poker sites. Discover also our installation tutorial of Windows on Mac which will allow you to play on all the rooms.

Android, Apple, Windows Phone or Tablet? Choose the best poker site based on the media you want to play on. Test, comments and opinions on the various mobile applications offered by the legal poker rooms in France.

Impossible for you to download a poker software? - Here you will find a list of all poker rooms available without downloading. Enjoy the best deals to play flash, directly from your internet browser.

In addition to our free poker software open to all -

Discover the best free poker deals. Start playing poker without depositing money with the bonuses that are not offered by online poker rooms.

No deposit required when registering on Pmu Poker, receive 20 € cash free

Use the bonus code "RONALDO" when registering to take advantage of this offer.

Download and install the Poker App on Android to play real money

Poker on Iphone is here: Review, test and installation tutorial Poker Poker

List of Poker Rooms compatible with your Windows Phone

Do you have a Blackberry and want to play mobile poker? It's this way

All you need to know to play Poker on tablet: apps, tutorials and bonuses.

Find the most beautiful circles in the capital to play Poker Live!

Find all the stages of the European Poker Tour

Discover all the news related to the World Poker Tour

Discover our poker player listing

Complete file on Poker trackers: installation, configuration, tips and tricks

Receive the exclusive bonuses offered by Poker sites and their free tournament calendars

We bring you independent expertise by comparing all poker rooms on the Internet. Of course, all these rooms are approved by the Regulatory Authority of online games.

Our detailed sheets provide you with information on the attendance, the quality of the software and the game offer of each poker room.

What is a Full House or a Color? What is a Three of a Kind?

Learn the rules in a simple way with our video tutorials. Starting with the ranking of hands from the strongest to the weakest combination.

List of poker rooms on the internet

You can access each individual card by clicking on the logo of each poker room.

* Note that the French legislation limits the bonus to 500 € maximum (see all conditions)

Poker rooms are pooling

Indeed, without legislation, the online rooms allowed all the players of the planet to meet and the tables were always full. The legalization of circle games in France requires French players, even those of Pokerstars, to play between them, and only between them.

In order to maintain a correct affluence, the French poker room pool, like the network of Partypoker pooling six rooms. They use networks of common players (PartyGaming, iPoker, MangasGaming, MircoGaming, OnGame) to have a few thousand players each night. In addition, online poker rooms in France can accommodate foreign players.

A very good site to start poker is Everestpoker. Go visit their tutorial section, it is very well done and the bonus is adapted to the beginners.

For the big players, the rate of rake almost doubled of the French rooms will trim their profits and can discourage them. For others, it will be painless and in any case all the rooms will line up.

Ultimately, it is the starter who benefits the most from the online circle games because he gains security, advice and quality infrastructure. The seasoned bluffer could regret the good old days to him but it preserves the satellites tournaments and can take advantage of numerous bonuses and notes of welcome adapted to the big deposits. We can also hope for a change of the regulation (already passed from 2 to 1.8% of rake) because, the more players there are in the official rooms, the more the tax revenues will be important.

Best Poker Sites of 2018

Safe and secure sites 100% reviewed by experts

Welcome to - the first guide to the best French online poker sites. was established in 2001 to allow players to search the best poker sites they can play. There are hundreds of online poker sites, rated from excellent to simply awful. We make your life easier by helping you find the perfect site, ranking major sites by category.

Despite its strong ties to the old American West, there is widespread belief that its origin is in France. Of course, the road has been long since then to the online poker sites we know and enjoy today. In fact, many of the games that we play on online poker sites are derived from the game of "poque", an old game that would have been developed by the French. Internet poker owes a lot to the French. It is also the French who created and developed the standard playing card game and the symbols found there. The next time we sit down to play poker online, maybe we should toast our favorite online card games with champagne! .

The best French online poker sites

  • Multiple deposit methods, especially for French people
  • A lot of tournaments
  • Up-to-date and easy-to-use software
  • Friendly poker rooms - available in French

We list the best poker sites according to their options, deposit methods, country of origin, games and software. Best online poker site in France - Each poker site has a rating of 1 to 10, allowing you to easily compare different sites and choose your favorite site to play poker online.

One way to improve your chances of winning more hands is to analyze your hands. has a free online poker calculator that helps you analyze the decisions you made and your chances of winning at every step of the way.

Best poker sites in France / French poker sites March 2018 - Read our detailed reviews of poker rooms to determine if an online poker site is the one you are looking for. All odds and ranks on this poker website are provided by our experts and the best online poker sites listed in each category must meet our strict criteria - they are secure, secure and legal (in jurisdictional function).

  • Exciting tournaments
  • A lot of Sit & Go as well as Freerolls
  • An incomparable player traffic
  • Renowned for the speed of payments
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7

French poker rooms - Best poker rooms in France - This poker site offers bonuses of the best online poker rooms including special tournaments, popular promotions and tips on where to find the easiest action. Each of the top rated and rated French online poker sites offers bonuses ranging from $ 50 to $ 1,000. was created to give you an accurate overview of all the poker sites in France and the best French poker sites that can be found on the Internet.

As in most countries, gambling online has not evolved without difficulty, in France, but the new laws relating to online gambling and the granting of licenses allow players to gamble. enjoy all the fun that internet poker can offer. Get started and take a look at the great sites we offer here for your amusement; you can start making big money during your free time. The creators of the early French card game probably had no idea what the 21st century would be like, nor how brand new their symbols would be transmitted by French online gambling, but you can perpetuate the great tradition of French gambling right here, wherever you are. You might even rub shoulders with some of the most famous French poker players. Online tournaments and card games are great places to develop your technique and strategy, and many of the big names in poker use online sites to hone their skills.

Is online poker legal in France?

All forms of online gambling, including online poker, have been legalized in 2010 and are regulated by the regulator ARJEL (Regulatory Authority for Online Gaming).

How old do I have to be to play?

You must be at least 18 years old to play online poker in France.

What do you recognize the best poker sites?

Online poker sites in France can only offer Texas Hold'em and Omaha, so the best poker site would be a site that offers the widest choice of tables for these games, including tournaments, cash tables game, and freerolls.

How can I start playing real money?

To play real money online poker you need to create an account on an online poker site. Once registered, you must make a deposit on this account and register to play at a poker table or real money tournament on this poker site.

How can I find interesting poker bonuses?

The vast majority of online poker sites offer exciting bonus offers and promotions. However, the best bonus is a matter of personal preference. You must compare each bonus you find and decide which bonus will be the most beneficial for you based on how often you play online poker and your preference for games.

Are there sites based in France?

There are some poker sites based in France such as Everest Poker and Winamax Poker. A number of major poker brands such as PokerStars, Party Poker, and BetVictor Poker also offer poker to players resident in France with French language sites.

Can I play on my mobile phone?

Online poker has already begun the next stage of its evolution with mobile gaming. A number of major poker brands offer mobile poker, and most often you can either download the software to your phone from the online poker site, or download the application.

What is the best way to win?

Poker is a game of patience and discipline. A lot of practice is needed before gaining the experience to earn regularly. You will need to understand the odds for your own hand and for the potential hands of your opponents, to learn when to lie down, when to bluff, when to follow and when to raise. The more you play, the better you will become, so the best way to win is to practice and never stop learning.

Is online poker rigged?

Online poker uses a random number generator to ensure that cards are not predetermined. Online poker sites make their money with buy-ins and re-buys during tournaments. That such player wins such hand has no impact on the profits of the poker site. The regulator for the jurisdiction in which the poker site operates ensures that no irregularities are in place and that sites are regularly tested by independent controllers.

Can I play for free?

There are many ways to play poker online for free. First of all, most online poker sites offer players the opportunity to play with fictitious money to enable them to train. Then there are free tournaments called freerolls for which no buy-in is necessary but where it is still possible to earn money or a ticket for a larger tournament, which allows players to play poker for free.

The best online poker games without downloading

Nov 23, 2011: Win your place at EPT Deauville

Nov 11, 2011: Christophe Lesage wins the France Poker Tour season 6

Sep 12, 2011: The map of online poker rooms will change

The poker sites presented on the site are all approved to operate in the French market, after having obtained their license issued by the ARJEL.

All the poker rooms we play on this site are in French. They also benefit from a French-speaking customer service, which can be reached by e-mail, chat or telephone 24 hours a day. They are all recognized for their overall quality and are particularly well-secured for the comfort of the game. users.

For those wishing to obtain more information on the generalities of the poker game

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