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Dominique Desseigne opposite Rachida Dati: "I will not let go"

Dominique Desseigne, owner of Fouquet's and friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, is he the father of Rachida Dati's child? The tribunal de grande instance of Versailles should decide on November 6th.

The World | 02.11.2012 at 14:39 • Updated on 03.11.2012 at 21h01 | By Stéphanie Marteau

INSTALLED IN A SURNYED DECO OFFICE, he is waiting for the question that finally no one dares to ask him. Dominique Desseigne, the owner of Fouquet's, who had welcomed Nicolas Sarkozy the night of his victory on May 6, 2007, is he the father of Zohra Dati, 3 years and a half? He himself swears he does not know it. However, on November 6, the CEO of Groupe Lucien Barrière (GLB), 68, will be assigned to the civil chamber of the tribunal de grande instance of Versailles by Rachida Dati for recognition in paternity. Dismayed, the businessman with legendary phlegm does not want to evoke "the case" and calls the ex-minister "the Lady", proof that the blow is rough. The connection he had with her was, in his eyes, an adventure. Dominique Desseigne will present "a legitimate interest in challenging the demand for expertise". Clearly, to refuse a paternity test, which no court can compel. "I will not let anything go, because I have been right and I have nothing to reproach myself", he told friends.

In particular, he claims that at the time, according to the press, "the Lady" intertwined the bonds. His lawyer lists eight, including a TV host, a minister, a CEO, a Spanish prime minister, one of Nicolas Sarkozy's brothers, a Qatari public prosecutor and the heir to a luxury empire. For her part, Marie-Christine Guillot-Bouhours, who defends Rachida Dati, refuses to comment on the case but, according to a judicial source, the former keeper of the seals "will invoke the attitudes of Dominique Desseigne, who rented him an apartment and will produce testimonials from his staff that he often came to see the girl." A version of the facts he refutes. "He never talked about her", says film producer Alain Terzian, one of his best friends.

Case Zohra Dati: Dominique Desseigne refuses to carry out a paternity test

Présent9eacute; as the presumed father; Rachida Dati's daughter, Dominique Desseigne came back on this "story" in an interview with magazine M, published this weekend in the supplement of the newspaper Le Monde. If he confirmed having had a relationship with the former keeper of the seals, he affirmed however his refusal to submit to a paternity test in the coming days ...

Dominique Desseigne, the CEO of the group Lucien Barrière, confirmed to the magazine M appeared the weekend of November 3 to 4, having had an affair with Rachida Dati but "Swear he does not know" whether or not he is the father of little Zohra, today aged 3 years and a half.

According to the weekly, he is summoned to appear next Tuesday in front of the civil court of Versailles paternity recognition by Rachida Dati herself. The billionaire has already begun; déclar9eacute; thathe would not do a paternity test, a procedure that French law can not impose on him.

Refusing to speak more about this "history9", this big boss of the CAC 40 concluded by saying that he had been elected; "Correct" and that he did not nothing to blame.

Facts denied by a judicial source close to Rachida Dati for whom the mayor of the 7th arrondissement should invoke "attitudes of Dominique Desseigne" during the trial. According to this same source, the businessman had rented an apartment to the old keeper of the seals and would have come regularly to visit him to see the girl.

An affirmation totally refuted by the main interest; who did not fail to point out that it is agrave; At the time, the press attributed intertwined relationships of "the lady" (as he likes to name Rachida Dati) with other partners.

The decision has just fallen, Dominique Desseigne was recognized by the courts as the father.

1265 days ago

It is a comic book that rekindles questions about the paternity of Rachida's daughter.

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Former guard Rachida Dati said today she wants to withdraw from primary school.

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Dominique Desseigne refuses to submit to the paternity test ordered by the Tribunal de Grande.

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It is a very incredible mystery that surrounds the birth of little Zohra, daughter of Rachida.

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The former minister of the previous government, Rachida Dati, had assigned Dominique Desseigne in.

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Dirty day for Rachida Dati since Le Point revealed the supposed identity of her daughter's father.

2000 days ago

Now that we seem to know the identity of the father, we can return to his statements to the.

Rachida Dati: Is Dominique Desseigne the father of his daughter?

The identity of Zohra's father, Rachida Dati's daughter born in 2009, has always remained a mystery. Le Point reveals today that it would be Dominique Desseigne, the CEO of the group of casinos and hotels Lucien Barrière.

Almost four years that Rachida Dati does not want to say anything about the identity of his daughter's father. But with the article published today by Point on its website, the mystery is likely to end or at least revive the case.

Mom since January 2, 2009 of a small Zohra, to whom she gave birth to the clinic of Muette in the 16th arrondissement, Rachida Dati has never confirmed any rumor about the identity of the father of his daughter. Alternately packed with big bosses of the CAC 40, stars, journalists or sportsmen, the current mayor of the 7th arrondissement had only let go "Yes, I have a man in my life and I preserve him more than anything", in an interviewee she had entrusted to our colleagues from the magazine SHE. Same speech a few months later in another interview, for the magazine Gala, on the occasion of the release of his autobiography. "For the moment, I wish to protect him and my daughter."

Point says today that this "homme9quot; is none other than Dominique Desseigne, the CEO of the group of casinos and hotels Lucien Barrière. According to the weekly's website, Rachida Dati allegedly summoned her to a civil court outside Paris for "paternity recognition".9quot; Information confirmed by Dominique Desseigne himself, that Point.fr has joined Monday evening by phone. 'I have no comment to make, otherwise justice would blame me'" publishes the website of Point this morning.

Contacted by the editorial staff of the weekly, Rachida denies the accuracy of this information.

Rachida Dati and Zohra: Dominique Desseigne, itinerary of the millionaire playboy

Who is Dominique Desseigne, the businessman that Rachida Dati would have designated as the father of his daughter Zohra? The CEO of the group of casinos and hotels Lucien Barrière confirmed to the writing of the Point that the current mayor of the 7th district of Paris had sued him for "paternity recognition"in a civil court outside the capital. Point, it is a proof that Rachida Dati designates him as the father of Zohra, born on January 2nd, 2009, in spite of the denial of the person concerned.

Beautiful, intelligent and lively

After the birth of the girl, at the clinic of La Muette, the wildest speculations about the identity of the father had made the headache of the press. Among the names mentioned, that of Dominique Desseigne. Paris Match has just exhumed a great interview of the businessman, published in 2009, in which he talks about Rachida Dati with whom he was lent a romance: "[She is] beautiful, intelligent and lively", he declared then, while stating:"And my kids love it. He is a competent and courageous minister."Asked about the identity of Zohra's father, Dominique Desseigne modestly declared:"No, and I never allowed myself to ask him."A statement that takes on a whole new flavor in the light of information from the Point.

The intimate story of Dominique Desseigne is inseparable from the great success of the Barrière family and its tragedy. The Barrière Group represents 37 casinos, 15 luxury hotels, nearly 130 restaurants and bars, including Fouquet's in Paris. Dominique Desseigne was the husband since 1984 of Diane Barrière, adopted daughter of Lucien Barrière and her heiress at the head of the group in 1990. Diane and Dominique have two children: Joy and Alexandre, promised to major studies and take over the company family. In 1995, Diane Barrière-Desseigne was the victim of a serious plane crash, between Saint-Tropez and La Baule, from which she emerged as a quadriplegic. She died in 2001.

60-year-old billionaire playboy-like

Eight years later, in the portrait that devotes to him Paris Match, Dominique Desseigne is described as a millionaire like a playboy, a personal friend of Nicolas Sarkozy (whom he welcomed at Fouquet's the night of his victory in 2007), who has never hidden from his love affairs since the death of his wife: "All those he loved have in common, he emphasizes, to be 'beautiful and intelligent'. There were many richly endowed, like Corinne Bouygues, a daughter Darty, an heiress Desmarets (the Canadian) or the Lebanese Mouna Ayoub, with whom his liaison lasted more than two years, wrote Paris Match. But some did not have a penny. Thus, an actress whose name he wants to silence, but which he says she has totally relooked."

Very annoyed by the media hype caused by the article of the Point this morning, Rachida Dati issued a statement on her official Facebook page: "Since 6am this morning, I have been harassed by journalists about my daughter and her private life, on the lookout for gossip or inappropriate details. (.) Today, too much is too much, as a woman and as a mother, I ask for my daughter, for her balance, that all this ceases!"

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