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Case Zohra Dati: Dominique Desseigne refuses to carry out a paternity test

Présent9eacute; as the presumed father; Rachida Dati's daughter, Dominique Desseigne came back on this "story" in an interview with magazine M, published this weekend in the supplement of the newspaper Le Monde. If he confirmed having had a relationship with the former keeper of the seals, he affirmed however his refusal to submit to a paternity test in the coming days ...

Dominique Desseigne, the CEO of the group Lucien Barrière, confirmed to the magazine M appeared the weekend of November 3 to 4, having had an affair with Rachida Dati but "Swear he does not know" whether or not he is the father of little Zohra, today aged 3 years and a half.

According to the weekly, he is summoned to appear next Tuesday in front of the civil court of Versailles paternity recognition by Rachida Dati herself. The billionaire has already begun; déclar9eacute; thathe would not do a paternity test, a procedure that French law can not impose on him.

Refusing to speak more about this "history9", this big boss of the CAC 40 concluded by saying that he had been elected; "Correct" and that he did not nothing to blame.

Facts denied by a judicial source close to Rachida Dati for whom the mayor of the 7th arrondissement should invoke "attitudes of Dominique Desseigne" during the trial. According to this same source, the businessman had rented an apartment to the old keeper of the seals and would have come regularly to visit him to see the girl.

An affirmation totally refuted by the main interest; who did not fail to point out that it is agrave; At the time, the press attributed intertwined relationships of "the lady" (as he likes to name Rachida Dati) with other partners.

Dominique Desseigne father of Zohra Dati? Back on the case.

It is an incredible mystery that surrounds the birth of little Zohra, daughter of Rachida Dati. melty.fr is back on a case worthy of the most surrealist Soap Operas. Who is Zohra's father? The mother already has her idea on the subject.

If the writers of the Dallas series struggle to find a sequel to the series since the death of JR Ewing, on the other side of the Atlantic, some could give them a masterful course of pitch aberrant unusual twists. It all started in January 2009. Rachida Dati then creates surprise by giving birth to a little girl baptized Zohra, as a tribute to his mother. On the identity of the father, we know absolutely nothing. Especially since five days after her delivery, Rachida Dati resumes the course of her activities and again, as an active and courageous woman, takes on the role of Minister. For its part, the tabloids are not stupid and the craziest rumors are running about the mysterious paternity of the baby. The name of Henri Proglio, CEO of EDF is a time evoked. Rachida Dati categorically refuses to address the subject that concerns only her and her family.

But three and a half years after the birth of little Zohra, the mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Paris decides to summon Dominique Desseigne, president of Lucien Barrière Casinos in court. What Rachida Dati demands is paternal recognition of the casino giant. Only, Dominique Desseigne, 118th fortune of France strongly asserts that it is not involved in the design of the little girl. The procedure launched by the former minister last November has just ended today. The civil chamber of Versailles tribunal de grande instance has ruled on the fate of Dominique Desseigne who will have to submit to a paternity test. Once the exam is done, the court will set a date for a future hearing. Do you think Dominique Desseigne is the father of Zohra Dati?

Dési9shy; gn9eacute; Zohra Dati's father, Dominique Desseigne explains why he is appealing

Posted on Friday October 24th, 2014 at 11:31 by La Rédaction

Dési9shy; gn9eacute; by justice as being the father of Zohra, the daughter of Rachida Dati, Dominique Desseigne defends herself. For the first time, he excuses himself on this affair.

On October 7, 2014, the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Versailles decided; : Dominique Desseigne is dési9shy; gn9eacute; as the father of Zohra, the daughter of Rachida Dati, born in January 2009. If no medical evidence has been found; contribution9e - the CEO of Groupe Lucien Barrière refusing to submit to a paternity test; - the court held that the evidence provided by the French Attorney General was sufficient, contrary to the evidence adduced by the opposing party.

The 70-year-old man does not believe that he is going to be here. "I decided; to appeal to this first justice that does not correspond to what I experienced ", did he assure in the columns of The Obs who devotes a long portrait to him. He will not say more, "The simple act of evoking this past relationship stiffens", note the journa9shy list.

The court in Versailles, however, sentenced him to pay child support, amounting to 2,500 euros per month, to Rachida Dati, retro9shy; ac9shy; tive since December 2013. A sum well below9shy what a9shy The mayor of the 7th arrondissment had been asked for the seventh of Paris: 6,000 euros a month from the birth of Zohra.

Dominique Desseigne may have lost a battle, he intends to win the war.

Rachida Dati: the list of her lovers, the weapon of Dominique Desseigne?

Dominique Desseigne was born; recognized by justice as the father of Zohra, the daughter of Rachida Dati. The businessman had an explosive weapon against the former minister.

[Last updated on January 8, 2016 at 6:47 pm] Rachida Dati finally won the case against Dominique Desseigne. The latter was established; legally recognized as the father of Zohra Dati on appeal at the beginning of 2016, seven years after the birth of the little girl and almost three years after the start of the proceedings of Rachida Dati. The multi-millionaire will pay a pension of 2500 euros per month to meet the needs of the daughter of the former Minister of Justice. A retroactive pension whose amount must be paid as of December 2013.

Dominique Desseigne, owner of the Barrière and Fouquet's casinos, at the head of a fortune estimated at several hundred million euros, has never directly reacted to the accusations and demands of Rachida Dati. But since the beginning of the procedure, relatives have been responsible for delivering his version of the case. With sometimes a sense of elegance very relative. Asked by VSD, one of them said a few years ago that Desseigne had "the disagreeable impression of being mistaken for a pigeon". The businessman, renowned guest of Fouquet's after the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, had also assured "that he would not let himself be plucked as a partridge of the year" according to confidences rev9eacutes little after the media coverage of the case, end of 2012.

Rachida Dati "interlaced the links" according to Desseigne

In "M" magazine du Monde, a portrait of Dominique Desseigne was drawn up in early November 2012, just before his summons before the civil chamber of the tribunal de grande instance of Versailles. Professional ascension, family ordeal with the loss of his ex-wife Diane, friendships on the right and in particular with Nicolas Sarkozy. Many confidences were revealed in this two-page article, which is obviously well-informed. But the main piece of information remained linked to the media whirlwind that surrounded the town; his affair with Rachida Dati. Dominique Desseigne is it the father of Zohra Dati, questioned in substance Le Monde? If it did not give an explicit answer, the newspaper delivered in any case two key elements, still relevant today: While recognizing an affair with Rachida Dati, Dominique Desseigne categorically denied being the father of her daughter and he seemed ready to do anything to win justice.

According to Dominique Desseigne, his affair with the former Keeper of the Seals would be an "adventure". "He formally told Rachida Dati that he did not want to have children," wrote Le Monde, citing "a loved one". It is for this reason that the couple would have broken. Above all, Dominique Desseigne suggested that Rachida Dati "intertwined the bonds". In other words, the minister would have accumulated the lovers between 2007 and 2008. His lawyer, Michèle Cahen, has already gone over; explicitly cited the multiplicity of relations of the former minister. Ms. Florence Rault, another lawyer of the businessman, reportedly said, in full hearing, that from 24 to 26 April 2008, date close to the supposed conception of Zohra Dati, the Minister of Justice was abroad , in Madrid then in Qatar. One way to say that she was away from Dominique Desseigne, but also to insinuate that she could be with another man during these trips.

In his 2012 article, Le Monde listed indeed, excluding quotation, "eight" supposed loves: "an animator tél9eacute;", "a minister", "a CEO", "one of the brothers of Nicolas Sarkozy", " the heir to a luxury empire ", but also" a Spanish Prime Minister "and" a general Qatari Attorney ". Among them, we recognized of course Dominique Desseigne, but also François Sarkozy, younger brother of the former head of state. He too had been settled; targeted by the so-called "in-the-media" after the birth of Zohra Dati in January 2009. The boss of EDF Henri Proglio, the animator Arthur and even the former Minister of Sports Bernard Laporte had also been established; quoted in the press, without anything ever being demonstrated.

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar had had to deny the paternity of Zohra Dati, as the rumors were insistent. The choice of Dominique Desseigne's lawyers to discuss in public Rachida Dati's official trips to Madrid and Qatar does not seem totally innocent in light of these rumors.

If she got a pension (albeit less expensive than the 6000 euros per month originally requested), Rachida Dati does not come out completely unscathed from this confrontation. It must be said that the case was settled; long to curl. The former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, became mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, began in October 2012 the procedure of recognition of paternity for the CEO of the Barrière group. The civil court of Versailles had pronounced a first time on December 4, 2012. The judges then ordered a general expert's report giving rise to an error; reason to the former justice minister who claimed a "paternity test", certain that Dominique Desseigne was the father of his daughter Zohra.

Dominique Desseigne was born; désign9eacute; as the biological father of Zohra Dati, the daughter of Rachida Dati, by the High Court of Versailles nearly two years later, in October 2014. The court ruled that the businessman's refusal to take a DNA test could be interpreted; as a confession of paternity. Dejagrave;, alimony was set at 2,500 euros. Based on the French law in which nothing prohibits a man to refuse a DNA test, even if the justice orders it, Dominique Desseigne had appealed this decision. An appeal that will have finally confirmed the initial verdict.

ON VIDEO - In 2004, Dominique Desseigne came back to the agony and deceit of his wife Diane Barrière, following an accident. This couple had two children: Joy and Alexandre, ages 18 and 21 today.

Dominique Desseigne is the father of Zohra

The court of appeal of Versailles has decided: it confirmed that Dominique Desseigne was indeed the father of Zohra, the daughter of the former Minister of Justice Rachida Dati.

Seven years after the birth of the girl, justice has settled. The Court of Appeal of Versailles confirmed the decision of the Tribunal de grande instance that Dominique Desseigne was indeed the father of Zohra, the daughter of Rachida Dati, born January 2, 2009, reports RTL. The CEO of the group Lucien Barrière had refused to submit, in October 2014, to a paternity test requested in 2012. This choice was considered an admission, which decision was confirmed on appeal. The septuagenarian must therefore pay alimony of 2,500 euros per month, and since the birth of the child, which the judgment already provided in the first instance. On the other hand, Zohra will have to keep the surname of his mother: the former Minister of Justice had asked that she could carry the name of Dominique Desseigne, which the court refused.

"In the interest of Zohra, it is a legally and humanly irreproachable decision," said Rachida Dati's lawyer, Christine Guillot-Bouhours, arguing that "the universal right to know one's affiliation".

Rachida Dati asked, for her daughter, the end of the media hype

Dominique Desseigne has always denied being the father of Zohra, who has just celebrated his seventh birthday. He had two children with his late wife Diane Barrière, Alexandre and Joy, who are now adults.

The rumor linked Rachida Dati and Dominique Desseigne as soon as the announcement of the pregnancy of the former Keeper of the Seals. Interviewed by Paris Match in 2009, the business leader was proud of the mayor of the VIIth arrondissement of Paris, which he found "beautiful, smart and lively". He had, in the same interview, said he did not know who was the father of the girl born in January 2009. At the time, the Minister of Justice had no official companion. In a statement, Rachida Dati was scandalized by the media hype at the time of the filing of her paternity suit: "Today, too much is too much, as a woman and as a mother, I ask for my daughter, for her balance, that all that stops! "

Dominique Desseigne has two months to file an appeal on points of law.

Any reproduction prohibited

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