Random draw software

Tirage-au-sort.com gives you access to a certain number of parameters that will allow you to make prints best suited to your needs.

The settings are divided into two categories: settings and post-pull searches. The parameters allow you to enter the different information needed for your prints. Post-pull searches are useful when you draw a lot of prints at once, so you can easily access important data.

How to use the settings?

In the first field you must enter the number of prints to make, if you enter 20 in this field, when you try to make a twenty-first draw the software will warn you that you have reached the number of prints desired.

In the second field you enter the maximum number that the software will be able to draw, if you enter 35, each draw will be between 1 and 35.

The third field is a check box if you wish that in one click on the button "Pull", all your draws is carried out. This option is very practical, even essential if you make a large number of draws.

How to use searches?

This category is only accessible once all your prints are done.

The first field allows you to search on a number. For example, you made 100 prints of numbers between 1 and 30 and you want to know if the number 27 was drawn. You enter 27 in this field and all the prints whose result is 27 will be highlighted in green. A line informs you below the field of how many times the requested number has been drawn in all.

The second category allows you to know the result of a draw especially among all your draws. For example, you have drawn 300 numbers between 1 and 100. You want to know the result of the draw number 134. You enter 134 in the field and a line just below informs you of the result for this draw.

The "Pull" button allows you to draw. If the box "Perform one-click draws" is unchecked, each time the "Pull" button is clicked, a number will be drawn until the maximum number of draws is reached. If the box is checked, all the draws will be done at once.

The "Reset" button allows you to reset the print and restart other prints with the same or by changing the settings.

To save a print, just click at the end of your prints on the floppy disk to the right of the "Reset" button. You will then have to click on the "Copy" button. Your prints will be saved in your clipboard, you just have to paste it into the document where you want to save it (a word document for example).

Once your prints are saved, simply click on the arrow to return to the original configuration.

Tirage-au-sort.com, allows you to make a series of draws random which you control some parameters. This can be useful for a raffle, replace a die, get a long number sequence random and many other uses.

Thetool is worked as well for a small number of prints, 2 to 30 prints, only for long series 40 to 10,000 prints. For large numbers of prints, the execution may take a little time and if the number is too big put your browser in trouble; that's why we recommend you do not make too many prints at a time.

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Download Random

When you're bored, it's always nice to have a program to pass the time like Hazard.

Hazard works perfectly with Windows. Hazard is available in French as a language of use.

Install Hazard Is simple. Retrieve the installation file on your PC and start the installation, as soon as the installation is finished launch the program.

Virtual dice application and draw

How about an app that can draw lots among the first names of the class? You could also enter your own lists, so that the app could make a draw on any theme, either in purely random mode, or in distributive mode so that each item in the list is chosen once.

Do you prefer to rely on a dice draw? How many dice do you want?

Downloading and launching the application

Download and unzip the archive in ".zip" format via the link below the article.

Double-click on one of the files named "draw-by-sort" depending on your configuration so that the application starts without having to install anything. Flashplayer must still be present on your computer.

How the application works

The principle of the application is particularly simple because it allows for random draws, either by clicking the "Draw" button, or by using the spacebar on your keyboard.

The draws cover three distinct parts to choose from in the app's options: dice, the numbers where the lists. Each of these components then has their own options.

This is a virtual dice game where each draw brings up a new combination. It is possible to choose the number of dice as well as their minimum and maximum values ​​between 1 and 10.

The option "Total" simply display the numerical value of the combination.

This time, the draw deals with numbers whose scope you define by completing the fields "min" and "max".

You also have two draw modes:

  • "Distribution" choose each of the numbers and distribute them once randomly. Each number will be drawn once at random.
  • " Random " allows a purely random draw. Which means that the same number can be chosen several times in a row.

This option will allow you to draw lots among lists you have established in advance. You are free to imagine your own lists. The classic example is a list of students in the class and randomly distributing first names during your activities. Here, for example, what to determine the order of participation during the course of a game.

The lists are created using the file "Draw-at-the-lot.xml". You will find it in the folder "Resources" of the application.

Open it with an editor like Notepad ++ and modify the existing lists, or create new ones respecting the syntax used.

Then save this file ".xml" without changing its name and restart the application. The drop-down menu in the options will give you access to your new lists.

Update 12/10/2016: It is now possible to make a draw among a series of images.

- A new title "images" appears in the options.

- A drop-down menu allows you to choose the image folder to use.

The process of integrating images is identical to "The Mystery Image", "The Puzzle" and other apps that use images. You can watch their video tutorial if necessary.

Here is the procedure to integrate the images into the app:

1. Open the "resources" folder of the app.

2. Edit the file "draw-au-sort.xml". Copy / paste the elements of an existing folder and specify the new values: the name of the folder which contains the images (no special characters or space), then the number of images that it contains. Save the document.

3. Return to the "resources" folder of the app and open the "images" folder.

4. Place the folder containing the images.

5. Check that the images are well renamed "1.jpg", "2.jpg", "3.jpg" etc ... (necessary for the operation of the app!)

Random random draw according to a list [Solved / Ferm9eacute;]

I would have liked to find a small software where to do it myself answering this criterion (for a game):

Enter a list of names and make a small program so that by pressing a button the program chooses a first name at random from the list that will be pre-filled, and so on ^^ '

Unfortunately I have no knowledge in the field of programming and it seems to me more than impossible to achieve this, and I look in vain on the internet without finding my happiness: P

Could you help me to do this please, I would be very grateful to you.

Hoping for a positive response from you, thank you in advance.

it lacks explanations.

For example, I would like to associate someone's name with a city.

I have 16 names, and 17 cities available. Is it possible?

to do what you need I advise you to do it with excel

but before you have to associate a person name with a number

so then you open an excel sheet

and in any cell you click on insert function

you click on everything you are looking for ALEA

in the square formula on the right, you enter this formula the according to the number of person

(ex: = 10 * ALEA ()) and after you replace 10 by the number of people

if you want it on several columns you go in the cell or there is the random number and you stretch

if you want a new random number you right click and you make by default

I forgot to prescribe right click format cell numbers and you chose 1234

it will allow you to have only whole numbers

on this I'm going to bed

tell me if you succeeded or if you still need help ++

small correction on the formula of newmen, it is necessary to write (ALEA () * 9) +1 to have a value included between 1 and 10

However, those who have tried this method are surely aware that the draw is not very fair, it is more likely if the associated value is between 3 and 7, the extremes come out less often than others.

1) we want everyone to participate in each draw

just assign the names to the values ​​between 3 and 13 and modify the formula by (ALEA () * 15) +1

when the value is between 1 and 3, and, 14 and 16 we restart the draw

2) we want the person drawn to no longer participate in the next draw

To solve this problem, it is necessary to generate unique random data, the method of lhemer is simple to implement. Each person drawn is systematically and mathematically excluded from the next draw

I let the Excel pros create the formula

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