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The popularity of online bingo seems to increase every year in the United Kingdom, Canada but also in France. Internet bingo knows some minor differences with the bingo lotto in the room but the basics of the game are the same.

The game of bingo on the web is fully automated which makes the parties more dynamic and discussions on the chat more numerous. the advantages of playing internet bingo are many (freedom to play where you want, when you want, no problem to smoke in front of your screen, possibility to make friends with chat, etc etc).

"Playing Bingo like a pro" is the slogan of this site because it will allow you to choose the best free bingo sites that exist on the internet and will make you enjoy a large number of exclusive bonuses to have fun on the bingo sites.

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The game of online bingo is highly appreciated by the players because of its good-natured and community side. Several sites allow you to play bingo while chatting with the players present.

Free bingo is now more and more popular in the United Kingdom but unfortunately it is not yet very developed in France, however every French bingo site offers a welcome bonus, generally between 5 and 10 euros, without any prior deposit of money.

Our site compares the many bingo sites with their positives and negatives and gives you the keys to making the best choice when you sign up for a bingo site.

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Both entertaining and rewarding, bingo is great for de-stressing and zen at home.

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Latest Player Comments on Online Bingo

It's always a pleasure to play on OnlineBingo, I enjoy it a lot and especially I like the chat room on the site!

After a big day of taff, I just want to laugh at playing bingo !!

Since I discovered the bingoooooooooooo, I stopped watching the dumb show on TV!

Discover the pleasure of playing online bingo with Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance where the numbers are drawn one after the other. Players write these numbers on their Bingo cards. The first player to get a game model (symbol to complete) on one of his cards is a winner. Bingo!

In 2009, La Française des Jeux added online bingo to its game panel: BINGO LIVE! В®. Several bingo games, very well done, are available: BINGO CHANCE®, BINGO EXPRESS®, BINGO 5000®, BINGO SHOW®, BINGO MIDI®, BINGO WEEK END®, BINGO MAX®, BINGO HAPPY HOURS, BINGO FIESTA.

The goal of the game is to make a winning figure on your Bingo card. That is, complete an entire line of your grid with the outgoing numbers of the draw. Bingo cards have 1 to 3 grids of 25 squares. These boxes contain numbers ranging from 1 to 75. As you draw, the numbers on your card are checked.

To win you must get a full line horizontally, vertically, diagonally or get the four corners of the grid following the games.

Two modes are offered, the single player mode and the multiplayer mode. The single-player games are Bingo Chance, Express and 5000. The multi-player games are BINGO SHOWB®, BINGO MIDI®, BINGO WEEK END® and BINGO MAX®.

BINGO CHANCEВ® : Max Gain > € 600. updates > € 0.50, € 1 or € 2. You win if you make a line or 4 corners in less than 36 balls.

BINGO EXPRESSВ® : Max Gain > 2000 €. updates > € 0.50, € 1 or € 2. You win if you make a line in less than 35 balls.

BINGO 5000В® : Max Gain > € 5000. updates > € 1 or € 2. You must make a horizontal line in less than 36 balls.

This mode allows you to chat with other players while playing.

BINGO SHOWВ® : Mises > 1 € per grid. BINGO SHOWВ® gives you two chances to win: You win the amount in play if you are the first player to make a horizontal or vertical line. You win the jackpot at stake if you are the first to make a horizontal or vertical line in less than 12 balls.

BINGO MAXВ® : Mises > 2 € the map of 3 grids. You win the jackpot if you are the first to complete a complete grid in less than 54 balls. You win the amount in play if you are the first player to make one, two, three, four horizontal lines or a complete grid.

NB: Currently, Bingo Live is the only authorized online bingo game in France.

Head Office: 126 rue Gallieni, 92643 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex, France

French online bingo on

Welcome to The referral website for French online bingo.

Internet offers many online bingo games of varying levels and quality. We have selected for you several online bingo halls where you can play bingo with confidence and peace of mind or play online casinos on the sites of our partners.

In addition we have found the best tips of bingo by finding offers of the best brands of bingo halls. Get several hundred euro and free dollar to play bingo by discovering special offers.

Online Bingo: Rules, Strategies and Tips

How to deposit money on a Bingo site for the first time?

Following your registration on one of the best bingo sites, you will be credited with your player account. We offer you some.

The benefits of online bingo versus casino games

Traditionally, we associate bingo with fair and old age. But the internet has challenged; this ster9eacute; otype by making it one of the lottery games.

How to choose the best bingo site?

Many online bingo sites exist. They all have peculiarities and offers of their own. Some are better than others.

Bingo is the new flagship game since 2009 thanks in part to the sites that offer more and more attractive offers.

Tips for Winning Bingo

Although bingo is a game of chance, you can improve your chances by applying various tips. In the first place, one must know how to observe.

What is the typical profile of the Bingo player?

For years, the stereotype of the grandma playing bingo, only at home in her dressing gown has long been illeacute; véhicul9eacute ;. Which are.

Who said that bingo was just a story of chance?

At first sight, Bingo appears as a game of chance par excellence. Indeed, the leader of the game is as lucky to shoot.

Bingo is a great creator of social bonds

The main goal of the bingo player, apart from winning money and relaxing. But on top of that, this game gives more.

There are several variants of Bingo. The principle remains the same and each version of Bingo, is always based on pure chance.

In family or with friends, often practiced during the holiday season, traditional bingo has the virtues of gathering that many other games him.

Bingo is one of the simplest and most popular games of chance. He lives a second youth thanks to its application in.

The Buzzword Bingo (Business Loto)

The Business Loto is more commonly known as Buzzword Bingo in the United States where it originates. What is it ?

In Belgium, "a coffee without bingo is like a beer without foam", extremely rare. The territory also has about 12,000 machines. What are.

The Bingo of the French games

Bingo created; in 2009 by the French games can come off in two parts: the bingo as a game.

Description of the history of this game of chance, arrived in France 4 centuries ago!

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