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Roulette: The Most Complete Guide To The Queen Of Casinos

Roulette is one of the most popular and popular table games on the web. If land-based casinos previously had the exclusivity of this table and chance game, several online gambling interfaces now have the right to offer the famous invention of Blaise Pascal (you will also find free games by clicking here.

On, you will learn absolutely everything about this game with ancestral origins and this regardless of your player profile. Indeed, is aimed at the entire community of gamblers and the best part of all this is that our casino roulette site is completely free! No competitor does better!

The best online casinos to select to play roulette on quality games

To begin, you will find below our ranking of the best online casinos offering roulette, in Flash or not. This ranking has been established taking into account different criteria and includes quality casinos, such as Tropezia Palace. At first, we made sure that the operators listed below offer a wide range of roulette games (European, American, French or Mexican).

Then, we analyzed and identified the rest of their entertainment and casino bonuses to guarantee you the best possible benefits. Please also note that these casinos are secured and regulated by a competent gambling commission. For more information about these casinos, you can read our magazines.

The rules of the roulette game detailed and all our tips to win a maximum of winnings

How to play roulette? Good question ! On, beginners will be delighted to be able to learn the rules of roulette (the casino game, by Russian roulette obviously) We explain everything they need to know about this, be it the unfolding of the game, its components as well as the various varieties of roulettes that currently exist.You will be able to learn a lot of things about the game of table, as for example, the material to be used to be able to start a game, to know a table of play, a numbered cylinder and chips that will allow you to bet and place your bet.We will also explain all the steps you need to go through as players until the dealer says " games are made »And« nothing is okay ".

Also, we will take care to present you the different bets of roulette. There are many such as the bet red / black, odd / even, the dozen, the sixain, the column, the square, etc. We bet that after reading our article, roulette will no longer have any secrets for you!

Confirmed players will not be outdone on because we put at their disposal many tips and winning strategies to increase their chances of winning roulette on the internet. Among these, they will find explanations of the famous martingale, a revolutionary roulette tip that will win you the roulette! Do not forget that between two parts of roulette, if you want to distract you with another game of chance, you will find inspiration in our colleagues

Complete reviews and detailed explanations of the best roulette variants

Playing at the French online casino will allow you to test lots of variants of online roulette. Indeed, while most hard casinos offer players one or two variants of roulette, a virtual casino is much more generous! Thus, you will be able to enjoy English roulette, French roulette, American roulette or Mexican roulette!

If these versions of the online roulette are very interesting and will bring a good dose of adrenaline to your games, try to choose them! Indeed, some contain traps like the double zero box that will decrease your chances of winning. Play for free at first to test them and choose the one that will pay you big.

Also note that a free casino will also allow you to enjoy free roulette! Indeed, on this kind of top casino, you will be able to give it to your heart's content on lots of free roulette games developed by talented publishers such as Playtech, Rival, NetEnt, NextGen or Microgaming. Also note that on this kind of casino, you can also enjoy free other games of chance, such as slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, video poker or craps. So no more free bonuses to play cheaply!

Also be aware that you will be able to enjoy live casino platform to play on a virtual roulette table in front of a real dealer. Oh yes, this casino game is so popular that casinos have decided to offer this futuristic game mode that allows you to enjoy online roulette games in the same conditions as in a hard casino. The croupiers of the Monte Carlo casino have only to get dressed! We advise you not to miss to enjoy this experience!

The roulette is a game of chance in which each player, sitting around a gaming table, puts on one or more number, a color, the height or the parity of the number he hopes to be shot. The printing of the number is carried out using a ball thrown into a rotating circular container and provided with notches having numbers of different colors. This game is mostly played in casinos. The roulette is a game very close to the game of the ball (also called small roulette), which is played with a fixed cylindrical plate (but which was also sometimes mobile like the casino of Dieppe) including 9 numbers (from 1 to 9).

Roulette made its appearance in Italy at the beginning of the 17th century.

In 1842, the brothers François and Louis Blanc improved the game by adding an extra box to the roulette, the zero [1]. This box increases the advantage of the bank. But at that time, the game was illegal and you could play roulette only in illegal gambling dens in Paris.

At the beginning of the 19th century in Monte Carlo, roulette will become truly popular. Indeed, Charles III of Monaco legalizes gambling in his principality and asks the two brothers to open a casino. The game of roulette is present.

During the 19th century, French immigrants introduced the game to the other side of the Atlantic in the United States. The game quickly becomes popular especially with miners in the west. The Americans add a new box, that of double zero which increases the advantage of the house to 5.25%. This is the birth of American roulette. Some casinos will even roll a roulette to 31 numbers which gives them an advantage of 12.9%. These modifications make the popularity of the game decline in the USA.

After a period of illegality during the Prohibition in the USA (from 1919 to 1932), Nevada authorizes it again and introduces it in Las Vegas casinos. Since that day roulette is popular all over the world.

  • A turntable (solid brass or finely machined marine bronze) inserted in an inlaid wooden bowl. The bowl has brass baffles on its inside, designed to make the falling ball more unpredictable.
  • 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36 (forming part of the turntable) alternately red and black.
  • The zero is green.
  • The distribution of numbers is always the same, in all countries: it is the one indicated opposite.
  • In the American roulette, a double 0 (denoted "00") is inserted between the boxes 10 and 5.
  • The cylinder systematically alternates red and black boxes. It also minimizes the neighborhood of two even / odd numbers and two gaps / passes.
  • The total sum of the numbers is 666, reputed from the Apocalypse to be the number of the Beast.
  • An ivory ball (now in resin or Teflon) that the croupier launches in the opposite direction of the rotation of the roulette (the throwing of the ball, so it is called, alternates as well as the rotation of the board after each number released) and which will stop on a number of the roulette.

  • On the game table of the squares corresponding to the colors and the numbers of the roulette are drawn (here illustration of the table of roulette French also called European)
  • The dealer is an employee of the casino who is responsible for directing the game by manipulating the roulette and ball and announcing the phases of play by the following phrases:
    • Place your bets
    • Games are made
    • Nothing is okay
    • 14 red even and missing (gain output example)
  • The plates are tokens corresponding to a sum of money, which the players buy at the cash desk of the casino.
  • They deposit them on the squares of the game table to bet on a number.
  • If they win, the dealer gives them their winnings in the form of plaques and tokens

(This procedure is reserved for the operation of French roulette where the chips used at the table all have a face value)

  • Bet on a number (full) ⇒ 35 times the bet
  • Put on two numbers (horse: example: 7-10) ⇒ 17 times the setting
  • Put on three numbers (transverse: example: 7-8-9) ⇒ 11 times the setting
  • Put on four numbers (square: example:25-26-28-29) ⇒ 8 times the bet
  • Put on six numbers (sixain: example:13-14-15-16-17-18) ⇒ 5 times the bet
  • Put on twelve numbers (dozen or column: example: column 1-34 or dozens 1-12) ⇒ 2 times the setting
  • Put on a single chance (Black-Red - Even-Odd - Lack-Pass) ⇒ 1 time the bet
  • Zero drops bets on dozens and columns. The bets played on the simple odds:
    • with English and American wheels (the most played in French casinos) lose half of their value (the bank keeps half)
    • to French roulette are "Imprisoned" and the next draw determines whether the player recovers his bet (if his single chance is drawn), without payment, or if it is lost. If the next draw is a new 0, it will take two consecutive draws of the single chance concerned so that the player can recover his bet and so on.
  • In the case of American roulette (practiced in some French casinos), which include the 00, the exit of this one makes immediately lose all the simple chances!
  • These gains are noted off recovery of the initial bet. That is to say, for example, for a setting "horse", we gain 17 times the bet + the initial bet.

Another example: by betting 2 € in play on a number (bet a "full"), and this same number comes out, 70 € are won and the starting bet (2 €) is recovered. We thus obtain 72 € in total.

  • The casino gets all the losing bets.
  • At the French roulette, there are 37 boxes, but the casino redistributes 35 times the bet (plus the bet itself) for the payment of a "full".
  • The house advantage is the average amount of the loss of the players. If a player bet on a single number, there is a probability of 1/37 that the player wins at the European roulette and wins 35 times his bet, and 36 chances out of 37 that he loses his bet. The advantage of the house is therefore:


When exiting from zero to the so-called roulette French, the rule of put in jail allows players who have wagered on a single chance (black, red, even, odd, miss or pass) either to recover half of their stake, or to put their entire bet in jail for the next roulette round. This rule lowers the home advantage to half, or 1.35%. When exiting from zero to the so-called roulette English, there is no rule of the put in jail. Players who bet on simple chances get half of their stake directly. The advantage of the house is 1.35% for bets on simple chances.

  • In American Roulette, which includes one more box, the double-zero:

(ie 5.26%)

In fact this simple calculation of 2.7% only gives the ratio of the losses on the total of the stakes. We play 37 chips and we lose 1 in 37 moves. But it does not indicate the "speed of loss": in the extreme case where we play 35 numbers to win 1 chip, the bank has 2 chances out of 37 to win 35 chips and the player 35 chances on 37 of 1. The player loses 2.7% of his wagers, but the bank will win much faster than if the player had bet on a single number: if your starting capital is 35 bets and you play 1 number only It will take (on average) 35 games of 37 balls to lose everything. If you play 35 numbers it will take (always on average) only one game of 37 moves to lose everything. And yet in both cases you will have lost "only" 2.7% of all bets. In conclusion, the fewer numbers you play, the longer your capital lasts.

  • The so-called roulette French or European, with a cylinder with 37 numbers.
  • Roulette English, which is identical to the French roulette, but is exploited differently (limited number of players and each having its own color of token).
  • Roulette American, which differs from the other two by its cylinder whose numbers are distributed differently and which has a number in addition: the double zero.
  • Roulette Mexican, which is the replica of the American roulette, but with a triple 0 extra.

The winning odds ratios are the same for these 3 games, so it's clear that Mexican roulette is the most unfavorable roulette for the player.

Martingales, wagering systems and attacks

Mathematicians have explored different methods to beat the roulette wheel. These game methods have different names: Martingale, bet system, Hawks method, Labouchère method, D'Alembert method, attack. None of these methods can beat the roulette: all diverge or require (theoretically) an infinite fortune. Casinos have introduced betting limits (or maximum bet) to prevent the use of these systems that become inoperative. With a balanced roulette, the player's expectation of winning is always strictly negative [2].

Queen of casino games, game; played under Louis XIV but many times banned since, Roulette and the universe around it arouse a powerful attraction on all players.

The roulette consists of a fixed concave plate inside which turns a cylinder of 56 centimeters in diameter. The cylinder has 37 compartments separated by small copper partitions and numbered from 0 to 36.

Each number is associated with a color (black or red except for zero).

The cylinder is mounted on a very high precision ball bearing which ensures a perfect regularity; of movement. This device is inseparable from the "green carpet" where the players will place the chips and the plates showing the money (in all casinos a box is responsible for changing the money in chips and plates, coins, banknotes or checks not to appear on the carpet).

The game itself requires the presence of four croupiers. Each croupier "ball" for half an hour, then is relayed. The "ball" is how the blow is called to Roulette, begins with the famous announcement made by the croupier: "Gentlemen, play your games! ". When "games are made", the dealer turns the cylinder in one direction and throws the ball into the other. As soon as it is about to go down to the numbers, the dealer interrupts the stakes with the no less famous "nothing goes!" ".

The ivory ball ends its course in one of 37 boxes. The croupier-bouleur then stops the cylinder and announces the result, for example: the 7, red, odd and missing. One of the croupiers "makes the table" with his rake: he picks up the losing stakes. Another grows for help; of the same rake the gains obtained by the winning bets. The next ball can then begin. The rhythm of roulette is very strong. Players can bet on single chances or multiple chances. The simple chances are: black or red, even or odd, pass or miss. Zero is green and does not belong to any of the six simple chances mentioned above.

For additional information on the game of roulette, the website "Roulette Game" offers several complementary information, such as a description of the game or the case of the French roulette zero.

Several forms of roulette game namely, French roulette, also called european, English roulette and American roulette can be distinguished. The rules of roulette are practically the same for all these categories with the exception of some details.

At the base, the game of roulette is composed of a roulette as well as a playing carpet. The playing carpet comprises several boxes. We can first distinguish figures ranging from 1 to 36 on 3 columns and a 0 at the end of these columns.

The American roulette for its part has two 0 on the carpet. To bet, you can bet on any number of your choice, the gain in this case is more than your bet, this game is called the full number. Due to the double 0 in the American roulette, the chances to fall on a single figure is smaller compared to the other categories. In addition, other types of bets are allowed on the numbers. Like both numbers on horseback. If you place your horse on two numbers, set aside on the carpet, you will win 17 times the amount of your stake. In the same way, you will be able to bet on a transverse, 3 numbers in transversal and to win 11 times your stake. The square for its part makes it possible to win 8 times putting placing this last in the middle of 4 numbers on your carpet. The sixteen allows you to place your bet on 6 numbers on the carpet and placing your chip on two cross lines and you can win 5 times your stake.

Aside from the numbers, you will also be able to bet on single games, where odds are much higher and winnings are at 1 more times than your bet. Thus, simple ones are broken down, pass, even, odd, black or red. These boxes are located at the end of the game mat. Thus, you can play your bet on one of the simple game boxes. Numbers ranging from 1 to 18 are indicated as being missing digits and those going from 19 to 36 digits pass. In addition, the figures on the carpet have a red or black color.

Finally, you will also be able to play on the columns. The 36 digits are divided into 3 columns or 12 digits in each column. We then distinguish the column of the first 12, the middle 12 and 12 last. When you bet on a column, depending on whether the number falls in one of the numbers in your column, you will be able to win twice your stake. By the way, if you bet on a horse column, the winnings will be 0.5 times the bet.

Learn more about Roulette

Come and try your luck in Roulette and challenge chance to win the day!

Roulette is a game of chance practiced in casinos, in which each player is installed around a gaming table and must bet on a number, a color or the parity he wants to withdraw during the draw. The draw of the number is done with a ball that you have to throw in the circular container. Arrive in front of the casino and then return to the interior, change your money into gambling chips and get back in.

Best Roulette Games related to Roulette

You like the game Roulette, you will also like the following free games

. the part. The game table appears in front of you and you have to start making your calculations.

How to play Roulette?

Choose each time a bet among the 4 sums that are proposed to you, 500, 100, 25 and 5, then chose the number on the table that you wish that it comes out when you will turn the roulette wheel. Do not forget that the numbers whose numbers are even numbers are black, the numbers whose numbers are odd are red and the zero is neither red, nor black, nor even or odd, or missing, nor pass like the other numbers. Once your choice is made, turn the roulette by clicking in the very center of the roulette, the ball bounces on the pebbles of the fixed bowl and ended up falling in a box, at that moment you will know if you have won or if you have lost. You win if the ball stops at the number you have chosen! It is possible that you bet on one or more numbers at the same time!

The game is fun and exciting it's an opportunity for you, to gain some mastery or a good experience to face the game of roulette in real casinos. So do a good part!

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