Scratching games that wins most often

Which games are most likely to win?

RATHER (OR NOT) - If the Lotto remains an emblematic game despite its 40 years, it is not the one where we have the best chance of winning.

To celebrate the 40 years of the Lotto, the French Games (FDJ) has expected Friday a pot more important than usual: at least 15 million euros, something to salivate players. But how lucky are they to win something? And above all, would not it have been better to turn to other games of money? Europe 1 reviews the games according to the odds of winning.

These games where we are most likely to win. If the players cross their fingers when they buy a scratch game or fill a lotto grid, the FDJ leaves no room for chance. Probability to win a lot, to win the jackpot, average sum paid to the player, etc. : everything is calculated upstream, which allows to know which games offer the greatest chance of winning.

Those who do not like losing have an interest in favoring scratch games: on average, one ticket out of four is a winner. But each game has its own statistics: a cash ticket on 3.87 is a winner, while this is the case only one ticket on 4.24 for the Banco. However, playing Lotto is riskier: a player has a chance in six to win something. If he favors the Euromillions, his chances of winning are even lower: one in thirteen.

And those where we are most likely to win the jackpot. Here too, the FDJ leaves nothing to chance. Thus, a player in the Lotto has a 19 million chance of winning the jackpot, while a player in the Euromillions has only one in 116 million since this lottery is open to a good part of the European States from West.

Once again, the ratio is much more favorable on the side of scratching games. Playing Banco means having a 750,000 chance of winning the jackpot. The odds go to one chance on 1.125 million for the Astro and 1 chance on 5 million for the game Cash.

But less risky games pay less. Reading these figures, we could be tempted to no longer play the Lotto to favor only scratch games. Except that these different probabilities have a meaning: when the chances of winning increase, the amount of the jackpot decreases. We understand why we are six times more likely to win the maximum gain by playing the Banco than playing Cash: the jackpot of the Banco is only 1,000 euros, against 500,000 euros for cash. Each type of game therefore corresponds to a player profile: scratch games for those who like to win often but little, the Loto for those who are ready to win very rarely in the hope of winning a bigger bet. In all cases, for 10 euros wagered, a player does not recover average 6.60 euros.

Cash, the favorite game of the French

This is not the Loto or Euro Millions the game of the most sold FDJ. This is the Illiko Cash game.

This scratch game has already been sold more than a billion times since its inception just 4 years ago.

Who would have suspected at the launch of the game of scraping Cash in 2009 that it was going to be established as the best-selling game of the Française des Jeux. Indeed, he is ahead of Euro Millions, Lotto and Rapido.

Since its creation, more than one billion tickets have been sold. In 2012, the game even managed to represent about a third of the turnover of the FDJ, or 1.8 billion euros out of a total of 5.4 billion euros. But what makes the success of this scratching game?

One of the highlights of the Cash game is its name. Indeed, the rules are extremely simple. Just scratch the 20 stars. Each will reveal a number. Then you have to scratch the winning numbers. If one or more of your numbers matches the winning numbers you win the associated amount (s).

The other big plus is that Cash offers one of the biggest gains in scratch games. Indeed, you can earn up to 500 000 €. This is why, despite a high ticket price, € 5, the French are numerous to play regularly.

So far 260 players have had the chance to win the maximum 500 000 €.

How to win more with scratch lottery tickets

Whatever technique you use, you will lose more often than you earn on scratch tickets, but you may be able to win more often if you learn how to make the right choices. You will be able to create new opportunities and escape the frustration by avoiding the usual mistakes of the average player. It's still a money game, but you can make it much more interesting and increase your chances of winning scratch games!

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Scratch online and win money or gifts

Online scratch games are interactive cards with instant winnings. They are played via Internet according to the same rules as the classic scraping games available from the tobacconists. These games are realized and put on line by certain websites thanks to powerful software.

These powerful software can scratch virtual cards in order to gain money or substantial gifts. They are not only limited to winning offers, but also offer real ones security guarantees to players. The risks of cheating and fraud are thus reduced. For this purpose, the cards are marked by series numbers which make it possible to identify them as winning or losing. The amounts to be earned are also included.

First, you will find below a recommendable site, then we tell you more about the game of scratching on the internet.

We recommend this site of scratching games:

FDJ invites you to try your luck online at scratch tickets of the French Games.

If you want to know more

There are scratch tickets on different sites. These last ones present cards with the characteristics and varied designs going from the simplest to the most fantastic ones.

Online scratch games have some advantages over traditional scratch games. The first is perceptible through the multipliers which make it possible to increase the gains considerably. The second is the fact that this game is easily accessible. Indeed unlike the traditional game that requires a move to the place of sale to participate, online scratching game is hand-carried. Just turn on your computer and connect to one of the specialized sites.

You too, scratch to win

The third advantage lies in the fact that the virtual scratch card often costs less than the physical scratch card. The price of the latter is a function of printing, transportation and distribution costs. On the web, it is possible to obtain free tickets.

As for the gains, it should be noted that they rest, as in the case of real games, on the luck factor. Thus, a player could earn considerable sums of money at his first attempt at play. On the other hand, another could make money after several unsuccessful attempts. The amounts of the gains sometimes amount to more than one hundred thousand euros.

Finally we must remember that the principle of the game is simple. The player must scratch the boxes of his virtual card and discover the hidden symbols. To win, he will have to align three identical signs on the same card. Access to this game nevertheless implies a preliminary registration online, knowing that the candidate must also be of age.

How to ensure the credibility of an online scratch site?

To win money easily, the scratch site appears as a completely adapted solution. However, all platforms are not necessarily honest: before you start, check the conditions of the game you are preparing to play.

First of all, a lot of games work with a deposit system: you buy scratch tickets to have chances to get gifts on the internet. So if you spend a lot of money in order to give you a few minutes of rest and increase your chances, do you still miss the page on which you transmit your bank details: it must be on © curisГ © e.

Note that some sites attract players by offering a bonus without deposit: as soon as you register, you have the opportunity to try your luck without having to pay. Often, the use of these benefits is limited in time †"but is still ideal for testing a site to make money on the internet.

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