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The Sims 4 download free full version games! The fourth edition of the world's most popular virtual life series, simulator, created by an American group Maxis. The creators, as in any new part, have improved mechanisms known from previous editions and have added many new elements.

The Sims 4 Free Download

The Sims 4 is the next part of a series of popular life simulator. Just as in the case of previous visits for its production is the responsibility of the American studio Maxis. The first part of The Sims was released in 2000. It was an original idea of ​​Will Wright, the owner of Maxis and creator of SimCity and other games with the Sim card in the title.

The fourth part of The Sims, as in the previous part, avoids the revolutionary changes in the game model. During the game, continue to take care of yourself as the Sims family take care of all their needs, both spiritual and material, also provide a roof on the head, the design of the house and the garden.

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From the room, we create their Sims, in this section we have many more options to choose to form a family, is considerably more modification. In the editor, we can more accurately determine the appearance of the character. We also choose the nature of each of Sims, is a very important process as it affects the future conduct of SIMA. Through our characters behave naturally and in a lot more different ways to react to different situations.

In the game The Sims 4 as before, we select one of the several areas in which we will build our house shaped building has been revised and improved, thanks to the system is easier. We can thanks to the social networking site share created by our care homes with other players, as well as rates and comment on their work. Other novelty are the missions and achievements, for which we can get different furniture or costumes. Download a full version of the game to your computer The Sims 4 free!

The Sims 4 Download Full Version

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Build the house of your dreams by designing your plan, choosing your furniture and modifying the landscaping. You can even add a pool or a basement!

  • Easily build and decorate homes for your Sims using the new Build Mode based on a coin system.

    Customize different elements of your Sims' house, such as rooms, objects, furniture, garden and location.

    Find inspiration for your home through prefabricated homes and lots. Also look at the furnished rooms that will give you design ideas to make in the game.

    The Sims 4 Free Download PC

    Full Game - Cracked - French - RELOADED

    The Sims 4 Download Electronic Digital Arts Inc. The fourth of the leading bestseller of Life Simulation Circuit: The Sims. For deweloping Sims 4 Maxis is reliable installation also recognized for manufacturing, for example, SimCity as well as Spore. Players once again have a chance that they are on personal and family life. Character Editor Allows you to select is not only the actual physical characteristics of each of the Sims, but determine it is the personality, character and hope. Fun is primarily about meeting the needs of their particular customers - from your rooftop on the head and frequent meals, to start social answering as well as emotional life, it is this intellectual progress and vocation. Unlike information to provide before your cycle, The Sims 4 Download offers additional social features that help you interact with other players (for example, discussing house-related designs and furnishing popular virtual events). Create Sims with great personalities. Create and control new generation of your Sims! Featuring great personalities and even greater aspirations, Smart Sims are more interesting, they can do many things at once and come to life with new emotions and reliable animations. They offer unlimited possibilities to design complex, funny and weird story. Powerful tools of creation. Apps Create a Sim and Build Mode was designed from scratch, to become more efficient, more intuitive and more fun than ever. You can shape your Sims with extreme precision. Now you can easily create the house of your dreams through the way of building whole rooms. Ready styles and rooms will inspire you to dress proposals and projects that you can use on your Sims and residences in The Sims 4 Download Free. The Sims 4 downloads pre-publish your work. Gallery allows you to view, share, and download new content without leaving the game. Inspire yourself and enjoy rich content created by the community of The Sims 4 and enter their game of new items. The pleasure never ends.

    3. Run the .exe file to start the installation.

    4. Go through the game installation process according to the instructions on the screen.

    5. At the end of the installation, click Finish.

    Operating system : Windows 7 64 Bit / 8 64 Bit

    Processor : Core i5 2.33 GHz

    Graphic card : 1 GB (GeForce GTX 650 or later)

    Additional: Internet connection

    The Sims have loved millions of people around the world. Meet The Sims 4 Free also proves to be the love of the first kickoff. At first, the eyes focus on colorful and comical stylistics. Practically even, the sweetness escapes from the screen at any moment of pleasure. The decision to focus on exaggerated characters and simple but not simplistic graphics of objects or homes is a hit in the series. This can be seen especially in the behavior and animation of virtual people. Sims-themed games bring you a smile, even in moments of weakness. The creators paid a lot of attention to new motion animations and developed facial expressions. Watching high-powered sims has never been more exciting and fun - especially since there are even more dialogue options available. The system of life goals, named in this part aspirations, has been expanded and divided into several categories. For example, the tasks of the Fortuna section are mainly related to fundraising and career development. The Natura section encourages fishing, gardening and much more. In The Sims 4 Free, we get special points to accomplish the tasks that we can perform, which we can exchange for interesting and practical rewards. From hygiene potions, flirting, self-confidence, through the ability to read books faster, to the lack of need to sleep. Achieving all aspirations in a given category also provides a special feature - a prize that is not available in the game in any other way. Not only are the aspirations an interesting development of the ideas known from the previous parts of the game. The way to get promotions at work has also been made more appealing. Employers give us interesting requirements and more and more advanced tasks to perform, on which sim also works at home. Developing a career is not as linear as in previous games. Over time, we discover many chain reactions and new solutions implemented in the series. Example? If we decide on a writer's career, our first tasks will be to develop a literary workshop, then write simple books, then novels increasingly complex. Each publication can be initially published with your own funds, then the publishers start to get interested in us and we earn more and more money on our own work. The Sims 4 Free turns out to be a well thought out and developed title - to fully discover it, we have to spend a few dozen, even several hundred hours. Much faster, because almost immediately you can see another novelty - in the form of sim general well-being. The current mood is described by a specific color and a short note, and next to the characters there are quick tasks related to well-being. Although they are not mandatory, it is worthwhile to do them because, thanks to them, we are rewarded with additional points that are exchanged for the aforementioned rewards.

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    The Sims 4 PC Version Complete Download or Free Activation Games

    The Sims 4 is another part of the cult series, which in the world has sold more than 150 million copies!

    In terms of gameplay The Sims 4 Free is no different from his predecessors. This is the simulator of life in which we create your own Sim and the effect on his actions. We must ensure that the character controlled by us food, hygiene care, developed and acquired knowledge and went to work. In his free time, you can focus on reading books, watching TV, playing the console or doing physical activities. They are also important contacts with other Sims - making new friends or even starting a family.

    We can also build your own home or start 'career' to buy a small apartment. If your Sim earns a lot of money, we can buy pc game more and more possessions and take care of their decor, using a vast choice of subjects and objects.

    The authors provided some social features, but Sims 4 Download focuses primarily on the single-player mode.

    In this free game update, players will discover brand new career-related content with the addition of business and sports career. Each career branches in two new paths. Sims who dream of a life filled with power and wealth have the opportunity to become an angel investor or business Tycoon. Or Sims who aspire to live a life of health and fitness can strive to become a Hall of Famer or Mr. or Mrs. Solar System.

    With each career, Sims will be given specific outfits that change throughout their career and will unlock unique items and rewards for interaction. Sims seek to accelerate their career can also enjoy new cards of chance. Will Sims take the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder quickly or stay the course and show loyalty to their current employer? In addition, by playing in these careers, players will unlock four career loyalty chambers that can be found in the build mode.

    The Pitchoune is a house with modest dimensions but it contributes precisely to its charm. Your Sims will enjoy gardening, relaxing or having breakfast in the garden and especially flowers. The exterior is traditional, rustic but oh, surprise, the interior is bright, colorful and presents some furniture with modern lines. The Pitchoune will be perfect to welcome a couple in search of tranquility and comfort!

    • Additional discs, packs and play kits used: At Work, Living Together, Destination Nature, Patio Atmosphere, Romantic Garden, Relaxing at the Spa, Like at the Movies
    • File weight: 234 KB

    In the archive that you are downloading, there is a folder named "Installation files9quot ;. All files in this folder must be placed in the folder "Tray9quot; from the Sims 4 folder.

    To properly install the building, do not go through the world map mode, some voluntarily enlarged objects would end up at their original size. You must go to the land you have chosen, open it, and import the construction from the gallery.

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