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Here you will find all the news slot machines available on different online casinos. We will provide you with access to each slot machine without downloading, and you will have the opportunity to test them as long as you want in demo mode. To play in real mode, simply click on the button below the selected casino game. Our guide ranks free online slots according to several criteria such as machines with bonuses, those with progressive jackpot or the latest games released on online casinos. In addition, you will easily access any slot machine game by entering his name in the search engine at the top of our site. We wish you a good visit and have fun on

Discover our slot machine guide:

We update the site daily by adding new ones online slot machines available for free, this guide aims to make you enjoy all these games easily without having to search on different online casinos. In addition, you will obtain different details about each of them, such as the manufacturer, the characteristics of each online slot machine with its game options, a detailed description about the universe and their features. You will also have the opportunity to share your opinion on multiple games, feel free to submit your comment, so that the next visitors have a quick overview of the slot machine in question. All slot machine games have a direct link to the casino offering the game in real version. We are trying to create the most complete guide for online slots lovers, so feel free to send us your questions and suggestions for us to improve our service.

The operation of slot machines and its gaming options:

Each slot machine is composed of different characteristics, number of rolls, number of rows and number of paylines. Game options and features may also vary from one casino games to another, this is why our slot machine ranking allows precise filtering with more than 40 different options, let's now discover the definition of each option that can include a casino games :

Slot machine: the palace of virtual free games

Slot machines are in some ways the stars of online casinos. One only has to see the proportion of these compared to other online casino games like blackjack, video poker, craps, baccarat or roulette games, for example, to quickly understand their supremacy. Their father and creator, Charles August Fey, would have been particularly proud to know that his first mechanical slot machine would instigate such a craze. After all, who has not heard of these mythical symbols, rolls, coins and jackpots?

Because it must be said that today, iGaming developers rely heavily on the energy efficiency of their online slot machines. Energy efficiency, what relationship with games? So, be aware that unlike the very first models that had a mechanical advantage, but also the second-generation models that operated according to the model of the electronic machines, the titles today made by the editors of software 2.0 are machines has under 3D. These products benefit from a reference "rating". So much to play there! If the lucky symbols and fruit symbols are still relevant, it is now to highlight exceptional digital environments, a bit like what do video game professionals for example. Today, we give you the opportunity to play free of charge a large number of latest generation slot machines on our free casino. It would be a shame not to enjoy it, right? And then, after all, when it comes to slot machines, there is always an opportunity to play and have fun.

Be aware that the best online casinos offer a mobile casino version of their platforms. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy your favorite slot machines in one click on your smartphone, which is very convenient. Many i-Slots publishers offer mobile versions of their games, such as Betsoft, Rival, NetEnt, NextGen, Playtech, Yggdrasil and Play'n GO. Some of them will even offer casino bonuses when they release a new slot machine. Most of the time they will offer free spins (also called free spins) that will allow you to play real money on the slot machine without having to deposit money, much like a no deposit bonus.

Privileging the tests on your slot machine for free fetish, it is to ensure you gains later!

Based on the tips and strategies that we highlight in our chapter dedicated to slot machines, you will already have the opportunity to unlock many secrets, including symbols, numbers of rolls (3 to 5 reels, even more) and jackpots. For example, one of the main advantages of Casino Legal is that our guide puts a ton of free video slot games at your disposal. They are also called demo HD version, where you do not earn money, but where you can learn bet tips and even learn how to play to win more euros or free spins thereafter without using your bankroll .

Source of energy and happiness, you will feel as strong as King Kong by trying many of our free slot machines! They will transport you to colorful worlds and allow you to rub shoulders with all kinds of characters from literature and the world of cinema: Iron Man, Ali Baba, Bruce Lee, you will make friends with us. And how about traveling to the biggest cities in the world, like Las Vegas for example? Or go on a safari to meet lions, rhinos or any other animal? Here, no coins to insert or tokens to bet! Our slot machines are once again free!

Each casino France is a temple of entertainment that allows you to significantly increase your fortune. As an amateur, it's great to be entertained without spending your money. Know that there are many other ways to be lucky in casino games, including progressive jackpot games, which is a slot machine game whose jackpot is pooled. But also play all the money games, you will not regret the turning! Lottery games, such as bingo, keno or scratch card games, table games, such as blackjack, which you can play with a real dealer in an online game in live casino mode , or the joker poker, or Texas Hold'em, all these games will be accessible and you can not imagine how easy it is to have fun!

You will need to choose your casino games to get the best games and enjoy all the new games. Among the best are Wild Sultan, Tropezia Palace, Spin Palace, or Majestic Slots casino!

Slots players who love fun mode are the most serious in their quest for fortune!

The votes are unanimous. Slot machine players love the fun mode. In this mode, no deposit is required if you want to have fun. You can enjoy a slot machine without downloading and without having to wager a dime of your pocket. So, no need to scream like an animal because you've lost everything, for example! With us, you will have absolutely nothing to pay to access all our free games without exception. This does not mean that your scale will not be loaded, quite the contrary. Indeed, Casino Legal allows users to benefit from record redistribution rates. Our online casino partners also offer free amounts, so much money to play and / or bet on electronic or 3D machines that you like, and why not win the big jackpot! So come play free slots games for fun! The free demo slots allow you to train for a tournament, for example, or to discover the winning combination that will make you touch the mega jackpot, which will make you discover a different type of graphics or even, will let you know if you can double the winnings you make through a special feature. You do not have to be a VIP to know how to play slot machines, but free casino games have many advantages!

You will also have the opportunity to test other publishers like Playtech, Rival Gaming, NextGen or Leander Games! On any casino slot machine, or almost, you will find a section where the one-armed bandit is not paying!

The guide to better 2018 slot machines

Do you know that Switzerland is known around the world thanks to many things, of which banks and chocolate are not the most important. One of the positive aspects of this country is its well thought-out policy on the issue of online gambling and the passion of Swiss players. It is true that online games and slot machines are legal and local players do not break any laws while playing. This is why online slot machines are very popular in Switzerland.

We propose you to get acquainted with the list of best slot machines presented on our site. Our team chose the best of the best. They have big winnings and interesting bonuses. You can also learn useful information about these games, types and versions, bonuses and many other features. We invite you to play on because our slots are a real pleasure.

Machines at sub: what is it?

Do you know that this is a game of chance that is actually a robot with several versions and variants. Yet they all work according to the same principle. The goal of the game is very simple and consists of collecting on the field of play the combination of symbols. Winnings depend directly on these combinations.

Slot machines today offer different types. They differ in the various aspects. There are those with 3, 5, 7 or 9 rolls, with the number of lines and combinations different. There are also many themes to choose from. You can play the game that suits your interests, travel, go on an expedition and do almost everything. Tales, books, movies and series, all this is presented in the modern slots.

Choose the game you like, play and win. We have slots that are hugely popular today.

How to play online slot machines

Learning the rules of the slot machine is very simple. They are not numerous and complicated. And what is very good, they are the same for all types of slots. When playing in the land house when you have questions or are not sure about the bets, you talk to the people who work there. You can find any information that interests you on our site.

To avoid problems, we advise you to follow the following steps to access the games:

  • register on the online casino
  • deposit in real money
  • choose the game that's right for you
  • choose the nominal value of currencies, the number of lines and rolls.
  • start the tour. With each winning combination you will receive money on your account.

Having learned the process you can already access the game. Choose to play slot machines on our site and spend the time!

Slot machines have some special aspects and if you want to win, it is advisable to be aware of these peculiarities in order to increase your chances. Everyone knows that online slot machines, unlike other games in online casinos, have reels. They stop by themselves or when the player has decided to stop them. The number of rolls is different. The popular games, such as Mega Fortune and Motorhead have 5 reels, the same number at the Book of Ra machine, which is one of the most requested. Play and you will understand why!

The working time of the rollers depends on the random number generator which is responsible for the combinations. If we have winning combinations, the winnings are put on the customer's account. Their amount depends on the bet amount and the type of combination. Modern games have different combinations, and the more combinations you have, the higher the chances of winning.

Playing live is very convenient and advantageous, since new technologies that offer many symbols, bonuses, extra lines, provide users with high chances. By betting on the Internet the player can play and win big and on a simple machine with three reels and on the complicated one with several lines and combinations.

The advantages and bonuses of online slots

Online gambling has a lot of advantages over the one in the land house. We are sure that you understand it yourself. Yet we must remember them again. First, it's of course the bonus system, real money tricks and training versions. The slot machines without money offer to play without risking anything for your pleasure or to learn the process of the game well. There are bonus symbols. With them you start the bonus game that can hold and jackpots, gifts and many more in order to win a lot.

The slot machine is always accompanied by different bonuses. And those proposed by our team do not do exceptin. It is worth mentioning that their type depends on the machine and the description must be carefully read. There are many gift tricks, rewards for regular players. Mega Moolah, for example, has the joker and even a scatter symbol. And of course you can access the real money slot machines.

Welcome to this site created for fans of slot machines. If the games of machines under you are passionate, interesting or challenging you, you are in the right place ... In general, the canvas is a real paradise for you. But that can quickly turn into hell if you come across bad sites.

Good to know: this is not only your first deposit but your first four payments will be thanked 400% with each time a maximum of 400 euros, a total of 1,600 euros bonus. We appreciate slot machines of excellent quality, many, varied, and the progressive jackpot that far exceeds 3 million euros!

Here, your first five payments are thanked at 300%, with each time a maximum of 300 euros for a total of 1,500 euros. Progressive jackpots are hitting a fourth million euros. And the machines compete with originality, like the "Reel Gangsters" that plunges us into the prohibition or "Bee Land" and its amusing honey bee world.

The welcome bonus is 1.000 euros but slot machine players are even more spoiled with a bonus just for them worth 3,000 euros with a special code (winslots). We take the opportunity to have fun, unlike forex trader, on the many and varied wonders both in terms of themes and variants. We love "Happy Golden Ox of Happiness", its Chinese New Year atmosphere and its jackpot of 15,000 euros.

Golden Cherry is the only one of its competitors that has managed to build a reputation based on its variety of games and its focus on customer service. Golden Cherry offers more than 110 games and should not miss the famous I-slots. To play the best slots, Golden Cherry offers for newcomers 300% up to 3000 € for your first deposit and 50% up to 444 € on your first deposit and the second for a total from 888 €.

Whether you enjoy a bonus of 200% with a maximum of 888 euros or just for fun, it is imperative that you take a look at the hallucinatory offer of this room: since the machine has under the most classic three reels until generous progressive versions through ultra-modern video versions, there is everything. Just for supreme pleasure.

The unimaginable comes to life before our eyes. Various machines, hyper modern, almost like mini-cartoons as they are licked. We had fun with "A Night in Paris" and all its clichés of Parisian life that come to life in three dimensions, or "True Illusions" and its magical atmosphere. We really advise you to go see, these machines are worth the movement of your mouse!

Welcome to Casino Titan, real experts in online casinos. In no time at all, Casino Titan has grown rapidly to become a driving force in the online casino industry. New players receive a grand welcome with a welcome bonus of 400% up to 1000 € on first deposits. Experience elegance and premium service at Casino Titan with weekly promotions at the exclusive VIP Club. If you have trouble choosing a reliable French online casino, read the reviews!

Are you about to take a mutelle? Consult beforehand a mutual comparator!

Free games to play Slots online and have fun immediately

Here is a selection of the best games free of online casino to have fun immediately by playing Slot machines online. Each game usually has variations in rules and / or winnings, for more details see the help (Help menu, or Pay Table or Payroll.) In these casino games.

We rank the games according to their rating, the most popular slot machines first.

The slot machines date from the end of the 19th century; they were initially completely mechanical, and were nicknamed at the time "bandits penguins", because of their lateral lever to actuate the rotation of the wheels and because they often left the penniless players. Then in the 60s developed electromechanical versions, equipped with electronics, but still with mechanical wheels, and finally in 1976 the first fully electronic video slot was inaugurated at Las Vegas. The big advantage of electronic machines for the casino is that the probability of each winning combination can be programmed in advance with different values, whereas with mechanical machines each combination has an identical exit probability.

Most machines have a game theme to make them more appealing to the player, often based on movies, cartoons, tv shows, real-life characters or fictional characters. They consist for the most part of 3 or 5 wheels containing symbols, which turn randomly when the player starts the machine. When the wheels stop, the machine pays the player different amounts according to the combination of symbols under the win line. In the 90s new machines say multiline were born, with more than one winning combination per turn, allowing players to have multiple winning combination opportunities.

The performance of each machine, that is to say the percentage of bets that is returned to players, is very variable, it can range from 82% to 98%, the minimum is usually set by legislation, but rarely indicated players.

Each machine has what is called a earnings table which clearly indicates the gains obtained for each possible combination of symbols; often some symbols behave like jokers (symbols "Wild") And can take the value of other symbols to complete a winning combination. You should know that some machines are connected to each other by putting some of the losses of the players in common in a pot, and thus allowing to offer huge progressive jackpots.

Because of their simplicity and their big jackpots, slot machines are now the most popular games in casinos.

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