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Actuados is mobilizing for SOSbenjamin: Read!

Hello to the youth,

I introduce myself I am Magali Duwelz, my son Benjamin died in

a school following a dangerous game, found hanged with the hand towel

manual in the toilet, he was a victim of "you're not cape of the

to do ": he was 10 years old, and no one even me taught him to say

NO. Because I did not know, I thought I had time to do it. Since

I am in combat, to discover the dangerous games and to pass a

message to you YOUNG, and make you aware that

the prevention of dangerous games is necessary, following the numerous

testimonials I receive every day. And unfortunately to the numbers of

young people who died as a result of this scourge.

To exist we need a chain of solidarity between you and

we know today that you are building your

But do not refuse the obvious, if you practice one or more games

school, out of school simply because you're in opposition to

someone or something we adults do not have your

logic that surrounds you, you have your truth, to guide your

behavior and you have not been taught to say NO and STOP.

To find yourself there are other ways, self-confidence. It is

a long way, but we can help you to work it.

At school we think about you, we decide for you

oriente in your place, at your parents' place it's the same, but you're

only responsible for your body and no one decides apart from you what

that you do, our association trusts youth, and

we have seen that you are mobilizing around great causes.

You have to help your friends, if you never play games said

dangerous, or conduct risky driving, but you know that

your surroundings practice these things, do not listen to the results

beneficial that these games are supposed to bring is the opposite effect because

the practice of these games leads to DEATH. Reinforce your attitude

taking charge and creating a chain of solidarity towards your

I'm a mother who cries for her son every day, but it gives me

the strength to tell you, whether your testimonies, whether you have practiced or

games, will help me advance prevention and extend it to

through France, so you will have participated with me in rescues

You can contact me either through the site at your disposal or by email [email protected]

By tel or by SMS at the same number, I will answer you and

your anonymity will be respected.

ONECR - National Observatory of Studies of Risky Conduct

Earn points by making S-O-S letters side by side, from top to bottom, and doing SOS. The game is being played with MOUSE. is preparing great games for you with all ages games. Good fun.

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After a forced landing on another planet, cross all vortices to get home.

Arrow keys or WASD = jump / move Mouse = aim and shoot Reach the vortex to exit each level. Shoot the blocks to make them disappear, avoid living organisms, and collect as much coins as possible.

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sos online game 2.3 APK for Android

The rules of the game as follows. even you can view it in the app too.

------- multiplayer and vs Android --------

1. at an empty location you have the option to put the "" or "o".

2. Each turn a player plays.

3. If a player makes sequence sos that player plays another round (sos sequences may be adjacent, hoirzontal

4. finally. player who makes his turn the most win.

1. you will have time slot of 60 sec.

2. Try to make the highest sequences sos in time.

1. 15 seconds for will be given for each session.

2. if his turn is done sos then 5 seconds will be added on time.

3. If the player does run in time, Android will play at the random position.

S.O.S. Ghosts: The Video Game on PC

  • Home
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  • Publisher (s) / Developer (s): Atari | Terminal Reality
  • Exit France: November 13, 2009
  • Genre (s):Action
  • Theme (s): Cinema
  • Classification: +12 years
  • Mode (s): Solo playable
  • Maximum number of players: No

Description: Embody a real Ghostbusters on PC in the video game of the same name. As a new hunt for the ghost hunter clan, you have to clean Manhattan of hordes of slimy and filthy species that terrorize the city. A dozen levels await you as well as mini-games to annihilate any ghost that threatens your fellow citizens.

  • Support (s): DVD
  • Release date (in USA): 4th quarter 2009
  • Language of the version available in France: Voice in French | Texts in French
  • Minimum configuration:

Core 2 Duo E4300, 2GB RAM, 512MB 3D Card, Win XP SP2 / Vista

Core 2 Duo E8400, 4GB RAM, 1GB 3D Card (Radeon HD 4800 / GTX 260)

  • S.O.S. Ghosts: The Video Game / PC - PS3 - 360 - DS - Wii - iOS - PS2 - PSP (June 24, 2009)

Ghostbusters: The Video Game on PC

News archive: S.O.S Ghosts sold 1 million copies

Gaming Live: S.O.S. Ghosts: The Video Game: Will be sport!

Trailer: S.O.S. Ghosts: The Video Game: Annie Potts at the Microphone

Trailer: S.O.S. Ghosts: The Video Game: Multiplayer

Dinowan test

We can say that the 80s were a long journey through the cultural desert, they produced a lot of good things. Between two conceptual hairstyles and neon mittens, they gave birth to Ghostbusters. Children, teens or young adults of the 80s, a fortiori of non-feminine sex, they are numerous to have been branded by the cult comedy that is SOS Ghosts. The simple fact of vibrating this sensitive chord of the nostalgic range more than 20 years ap.

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Maxou24000's review

17/20: That's it, the game of the famous Ghostbusters trilogy is out! The opportunity for me to take stock of this video game to advise hardcore fans of the series and other curious who want to buy the video game of the series. First, at the graphic level, this title.

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